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  KFJC's 50th Anniversary is this year!!!!
We're 50 on 20 October 2009

As part of our 50th anniversary celebration at KFJC we will be asking DJ's of the past to come back, be on the air again, and relive their amazing shows from the past.

KFJC has been around for a long time with cool personalities, different styles, varied musical tastes, and unique shows have been part of what makes KFJC KFJC.

No other radio station has been quite like us.

Join us as we go back in time to the 80's and 90's.

Upcoming Featured DJs from the Past:

STAFF: Registration
The Summer quarter is ready for registration. Click here to register. Registration closes Friday July 27th, 2018. Parking pass link.

Wednesday June 27 at 10:20PM
The Prodigal DJ Female Convict Scorpion returns to the KFJC pit. Bringing his collages of insanity and absurdity for his turntable worship. Hosted by Honey Bear.

Thursday June 28 at 2:PM
Multimedia artist Morher (Ambrosia Bardos) and sound artist Kole Galbraith will fill the KFJC pit with swells, drones, and cosmic layers. Billie Joe Tolliver hosts.

Friday June 29 at 2PM
KFJC rebroadcasts highlights from the Thousand Incarnations of the Rose Festival, including performances not aired previously.

Saturday June 30 at 3:33PM
From the city of angels comes Yaawn to kick out the jams in the kfjc pit. Riot inducing hardcore punk will seep out of your speakers and get you diving off the couch! Hosted by Honey Bear

Monday July 2 at 2:22PM
Portland's finest booty shakin' noise punks infest the KFJC pit. Sea Moss taps into the oscillating innards of guts and synthesizes the throbbing rhythms from your brain. Then, The Social Stomach warp your senses with wild field recordings, dadaist poetry and blast drum bits! Join the Honey Bear as we travel through the body and wiggle it around.

All DJs from the Past:

Monday August 10 7PM to 10PM
Hairy Kari MP3 | Hairy Kari Playlist

Thursday August 13 7pm to 10pm
Tamerlane MP3 | Tamerlane Playlist

Saturday August 15 3pm to 6pm
Diana MP3 | Diana Playlist

Monday August 17 at 7PM
The Grinch MP3 | The Grinch Playlist

Tuesday August 18 at 7PM
Jack Soil MP3 | Jack Soil Playlist

Wednesday August 19 at 7PM
links coming soon
Danny Detroit MP3 | Danny Detroit Playlist

Tuesday August 25 at 7PM
Ransome Youth MP3 | Ransome Youth Playlist
On in the '80's and had his show in this very time slot. Hosted by Nancy Reagan

Saturday August 29 at 3PM
Reject Girl MP3 | Reject Girl Playlist
On in the '90's.

Monday August 31 at 7PM
Steve Bailey MP3 | Steve Bailey Playlist
On the air from 1977 to 1980.

Tuesday September 1 at 10PM
Angus Grimm MP3 | Angus Grimm Playlist
Pushed the music boundaries in the '90's.

Wednesday September 2 at 10PM
Leia Organa MP3 | Leia Organa Playlist
On the air in the mid 90s in this time slot. Specialized in heavy sounds.

Monday September 7 at 7PM
M.C. Christ MP3 | M.C. Christ Playlist
M.C. Christ challenged the listeners with experimental and ecclectic sounds in the late 1980's.

Tuesday September 8 at 10AM
Peggy O MP3 | Peggy O Playlist
Long running excellent bluegrass and old timey music.

Wednesday September 9 at 7:PM
JC Clone and Cory MP3 | JC Clone and Cory Playlist
from the early 80's morning show "The Chris & Cory Show". Plus a surprise guest.

Monday September 14 at 7:PM
Kevin Animal MP3
Kevin was a DJ in the 1980's.

Monday September 14 at 10:PM
Phineas Narco MP3
Co-hosted a show in the 1990's called Midnight Voice Jail which was a sound collage of speech, samples and sounds.

Wednesday September 16 at 7:PM
Nikki Teen and 97 MP3 | Nikki Teen and 97 Playlist
Playing 80's new wave music.

Saturday September 19 at 9:PM
Andrea Doria MP3 | Andrea Doria Playlist
She was first on in 1983-84 as Anastatia with Philoginist. A team morning show of mutli-musical proportions. He'd play Xray Spex every week, Andrea played Bauhaus. Then as Andrea Doria in 1991-92 her show was called Sinking Shipwreck of Fools Show.

Monday September 21 at 7:PM
Stretch MP3 | Stretch Playlist
Stretch was on in the 1980's and his show was called the Aboriginal Stomp. He was responsible for our Louie Louie marathon and will be playing the same stuff he played 25 years ago.

Friday September 25 at 2:PM
Screamin' Janie Freeman- DJ from the past
She was a DJ from 1972 to 1974. Janie played Classic and Progressive Rock with a little bit of punk thrown in.

Saturday October 17 at Noon
Gray Shades MP3 | Gray Shades Playlist
infected listeners eardrums with all manner of KFJC sounds from 1987-1989. Monday mornings and Wednesday mornings were his first two homes, before blasting Tuesday afternoons from 1-6pm for over a year. He was also likely to be found substituting on any open air shift possible and teaming up with other Wave of The West personalities in duos like: Smack 'N' Crack and The Two Daves. He also occasionally was the voice of Foothill Owls football and basketball games.

Monday October 19 at 7:PM
The Glovin Show MP3 | The Glovin Show Playlist
Join Dave Glovin with guests Nikki Teen and Elvis Pretzel as they reminisce about KFJC in the early to mid 1980's.

Saturday October 24 at 3:PM
Mr. Phil MP3 | Mr. Phil Playlist
Mind Rototill Show, a mirepoix of musical genres - punk to rap to jazz to classical to noise with a little comedy thrown in for flavor, was on from 1986- 1992.

Monday November 2 at 7:PM
Daryl Licht MP3 | Daryl Licht Playlist
The USDA Approved Rock Show, was on Tuesdays from 10P - 2A, during 1991-2, then on Fridays 10P - 2A, from 1992-3. It featured mostly current (67% - 80%) and was mainly rock/punk. In 1994 (through 1995), Daryl Licht moved to Tuesdays 7-10PM. At that point, he began to do two shows that alternated every other week in that time slot ? the ongoing USDA Approved Rock Show (which became a 100% current show and still featured mostly rock/punk) and ?the BORB System ?, a service of KFJC?, which featured extreme psychedelia of all types ? from classic 60?s psych, to modern Japanese heavy psych and free jazz to noisy, experimental soundscapes. In 2002-3 Daryl Licht did Sundays 12-3AM. The show was called, ?The Travels Of The Sonictroubadour? and, again, it featured only ?current? music, though this time around, it featured a more eclectic blend of sound - punk, rock, jazz, reggae, international, country.

Monday November 16 at 7:PM
Mona Lott MP3 | Mona Lott Playlist
Her show had two runs, the first from 1989-1990 (late at night), and eventually was on later in the 1990's from 10pm to 2am. Known for her delivery of industrial, goth, and a little noise scattered about. Don't be surprised to catch Front 242, Cat Rapes Dog, 16 Volt, and Einstuerzende Neubauten.

Wednesday November 25 at 7:PM
Maskatron MP3 | Maskatron Playlist
His show, Bionic Crisis, delivered post rock and more Sundays, 11p-2a, from '95-'98.

Monday December 21 at 7:PM
Crimson Retrospect MP3 | Crimson Retrospect Playlist
had a regular show in the 1990's and played industrial and gothic.

Sunday January 3 at 4:PM
Leah Lubin MP3 | Leah Lubin Playlist
British, Punk and NewWave on her show from 1982 through 1984, first as Leah Angel then Leah Raim. Interviewed The Specials in 1982.

Thursday January 7 at 10:AM
Keith Sparks MP3 | Keith Sparks Playlist
His affair with KFJC began in the 80's.

Monday January 25 at 7:PM
JP MP3 | JP Playlist
On and Off the air from 1974 through 1978, JP returns to KFJC

Saturday February 13 at 3:PM
Ras Babo MP3 | Ras Babo Playlist
Ras Babo hosted of the Mothership Connection from 1996-1997 that delivered a moebius strip of beat- oriented music that transported listeners through the time and space portal. Reggae, dub, trance, jungle, electronic, hip-hop, - heavy bass and drums the main prerequisite for the journey.

Wednesday February 17 at 7:PM
Boris Darling MP3 | Boris Darling Playlist
Originally on air at KFJC from 1978 through 1983. His show, Boris Darling's Radio London was a tribute to Brit pirate radio stations of the 1960s featuring mostly punk, new wave and power pop, while keeping things eclectic and diverse with a good amount of reggae, prog, motown, old school jazz and just plain noise thrown in for fun. Tune in for a rare on-air appearence as "Boris Darling 2010 - Now & Then" as he connects the dots of that era to what's going on now.

Saturday February 20 at 3:PM
Mr. Odd MP3 | Mr. Odd Playlist
In the 80's Mr. Odd delivered diverse selections of music from all over the world. Known to play music from Kluster, Liliental, Asthmus Tiechens, Achim Reichel and His Machines to Napoleon XIV's "They're Coming To Take Me Away" played in reverse.

Satday March 20 at 3:PM
Phil on the Hill MP3 | Phil on the Hill Playlist
On the air from Spring 73 to July 76, his air/show names was The PH Factor with Phil On The Hill. He also did the Centerhole Record Review for a year in '75-76 and played late 60s and early 70s stuff, lots of Little Feat, it seems in particular. Later he did alot of Kinks/Move British pop stuff, lots of the Manband related records, Patti Smith and early punk stuffuff."

Click here for more information about KFJC's upcoming anniversary activities.


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