Sunday 11 August 1996 11:00pm to 2:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Moonshake   Aqualisa Dirty and Divine
Analogue   Avg. Luck Charm Avg. Luck Charm
Plastique   Xanax, Baby K-I-L-L, the
Secret Square   Means of Escape ______________________________
Sabalon Glitz   Forest Euphonic
Alpha Stone   Fall on Me Stereophonic Pop Art Music
Oval   Tonregie Systemich
Kluster   Klopfzeichen Part One Klopfzeichen
Chaurasia, Haripsarad   Marriage Song From Uttar Pra Rag Ahir Bhairav
Magic Hour   Sunset Two Secession 96
Can   Bel Air
Hiss   Storm Alien Bass Soundscapes
Olivia Tremor Control   The Ships [coll]: Succour
Spiny Anteaters, the   Scening Current
Bardo Pond   Limerick Amanita
2 Foot Flame   Cordoned Off S/T
Chandra, Sheila   Abonecronedrone 4 Abonecronedrone
Chemical   Our Golden Dawn ______________________________
Lubelski, Samara   Goodbye Sweetness [coll]: Magic Eye Singles:Gold
Mooch   Laser Sail Starship 3001
Love 666   Preparation for Combat American Revolution