Monday 10 July 2000 10:00am to 2:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Spiderman   The Abominable Snow Man
Zyklon-B   Mental Orgasm(Total Warfare) Mental Orgasm...Remixes
Kool Keith   Wanna Be a Star 12"
Eddie Hazel   So Goes the Story Game.Dames
P. Rock/Cl Smooth   I Gotta Love 12"
Isley Brothers   The Blacker the Berry Brothers Isley
Mudkids   Eco System 12"
Mass Pyke   Gong Show 12"
Shanti/Louis Logic   Feel This! 12"
Ocean   The Usual 12"
Analog Brothers   2005 12"
Encore   The Situation 12"
A-Team, the   Rally Round the Home Team Rally Round the Home Team
Weldon Irvine   Walk that Walk, Talk that Talk Cosmic Vortex
Deckwrecka, the   23 Forever Deckwrecka 4
De La Soul   Potholes in My Lawn 12"
Eazy E   Eazy Duz It 12"
Ghostface Killa   Child's Play 12"
Reflection Eternal   Move Something 12"
Lone Catalyst/Showtime   Gotta Listen 12"
Natural Resource   Baseball 12"
De La Soul   Oooh. 12"
Ice Cube   Steady Mobbin' 12"
3RD Bass   The Gas Face 12"
Nextmen, the   Buck Foolish Buck Foolish
Dee Surreal   Beast Within 12"
Erule   The Real Me Real Me, the
Five Deez   Beat Dope
Jungle Brothers   J Beez Comin' 12"
Boogie Down Productions   Duck Down 12"
Blackalicious   Soul in Flesh Unbound Project
Jeru the Damaja   D. Original 12"
Necro   30 Days Clean Most Sadistic, the
Souls of Mischief   That's When Ya Lost 12"
Unsung Heroes   What Would U Do? 12"
Pep Love   Crooked Angles 12"
Fuse One   I Like Cussin & Butt Hurtin The Fcc Mix
Hugh Brodie   The Get Down Song
Marumari   Subwolfer Wolves Hollow, the