Wednesday 6 October 2010 10:00pm to 2:03am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Alu   Halt Dich Fest Autismenschen
Noisegate   Solar Eclipse Towers Are Burning, the
Lotnicz, Murray   Arbeta Trident
AFCGT   Niche Korin/Niche
Nerfbau   Mechanical Camel Toe (Smell My DNA) Error Swarms
Jade Emperor   Scattered Glory Telegrams For Our Council Oak
Imminent Starvation   Dislocation 2 & 3 Human Dislocation
Fat Worm of Error   Tickles Ambivalence and The Beaker
Physical Demon   Ommatidia #1 Physical Demon / Al Qaeda Septet
Inade   Disconnecting States Crackling of the Anonymous, th
Phonophani   Duration-Happiness Phonophani
Thee Majesty   Thee Land Ov Do Do (A Cautionary Tail) Vitruvian Pan
Jane   Slipping Away Berserker
Phroq   Music For French Writings Collapse
Locrian   Triumph of Elimination Crystal World, The
Inanna   Sounds for Mental Un-Awarens Day Ov Torment
Chessa, Luciano   Uggug Tryptique Por Gerard
Vladislav Delay   Toive Tummaa
Nodolby   Response: Superfeedback Convoy Nodolby
Led Er Est   Something For The Children Dust On Common
Devillock   The Blood From These Graves
Von Hausswolf, C.M.   Side 2 Operations of Spirit Communication
Tietchens, Asmus & Obmana, Vid   Hydrophonie 13A.
Yellow Swans   Live in the Police State Live in the Police State...
Eno, Roger   Somewhere Above Flatlands, the
Clarinette   Green Neon Haloes Transmuting Fall
Sound   Cock-Eyed Hydra Screaming Zenith
Pulse Emitter   Eagle Nebula Cosmic Images
Headboggle   Live In The Pit 7/10/10 Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 13
Sissy Spacek   Live At The Smell In Los Angeles Glass
Bianchi, Maurizio   Aurea Aetas Das Platinzeitalter
Seven Lies About Girls   Look At His Dick It's So Cute Look At His Dick, It's So Cute
Kluster   Eruption 1 1970 - 1971