Robert Emmett

Saturday 3 December 2016 9:01am to 12:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:08am Brian Tyler   Timeline
9:08am Trailer   Zombies of the Stratsosphere
9:08am Ankles Away   Heading for the Bottom
9:14am Love Unlimited Orchestra   Together Brothers - Getaway
9:17am Psychotronix   Yugo
9:17am Drawn Out Drama   DoD Andy Summer
9:19am TV Theme   Johnny Sokko and his Giant Robot
9:25am Anita Ellis   Toyland
9:29am Trailer   I Bury the Living
9:30am Psyshotronix   Crunchberries
9:29am Plan 9 from Outer Space   Main Theme
9:33am Basil Poledouris   Starship Troopers - They will Win
9:37am TV Theme   Munsters
9:37am Marco Beltrami   Mimic
9:45am Ennio Morricone   Space 1999 - Electronica #2
9:47am Psychotronix   Boris Karloff
9:47am Orobians   Godfather theme
9:56am Psychotronix   You Don't What You're Doing!
10:01am TV Theme   Hulk
10:01am Bob and Ray   Ace Willoby International Dectective
10:05am Funny Thing Happen on the Way to the Forum   Comedy Tonight
10:12am Danny Elfman   Desparate Housewives
10:12am Moana   You're Welcome
10:14am Akira Ifukube   Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo
10:18am Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol   Great to Be Back on Broadway
10:19am Stan Freberg   Holiday Jingles
10:20am TV Theme   Prisoner remix
10:30am Cool Secret Place   K&C Foods Wholesale in San Jose
10:31am Douglas Pipes   Krampus - End Theme
10:46am TV Mystery Theme   Beverly Hillbillies
10:46am Psychotronix   Betty Sings
10:50am Psychotronix   Blue Moon Scopitone
10:50am Psychotronix   Farmers Daughter promo
10:50am Psychotronix   Flying Nun promo
10:50am Psychotronix   Joanie Sommers Scopitone
10:50am Psychotronix   Under Paris Skies Scopitone
10:50am Psychotronix   Commando Cody
10:50am Psychotronix   Soundie Clothes On Polka
10:53am Psychotronix   Man from Glad
11:03am I Want to Live (soundtrack)   Main Title (Soundtrack) Rykodisc
11:05am Drawn Out Drama   Dod #41
11:06am Psychotronix   Joi Lansing - Silencers
11:11am Monolith Monsters   Opening
11:13am War of the Worlds   Introduction
11:16am Edward Shearmur   Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
11:19am Trailer   Mysterious Island
11:21am Ed Wood (soundtrack)   Ed Wood (Video) Ed Wood Hollywood Records
11:24am Berlin, Irving (soundtrack)   The Secret Service Mr. President Sony Music/Columbia
11:29am TV Theme   Dragnet medley
11:30am Art Fields   Can't Sleep at the Movies
11:34am Robie Lester   Litterbug song
11:35am Ted Cassidy   The Lurch
11:43am Cartoon   Skeleton Dance
11:51am TV Theme   Speed Racer
11:51am TV Theme   Rockford Files
11:54am Jerry Goldsmith   Chinatown
11:58am PDQ Bach   Good King Kong
11:58am Attn Deficit Rock   Time of Season