Robert Emmett

Saturday 22 July 2017 9:02am to 12:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:04am John Williams   E.T. Far from Home
9:10am Satellite Singers   My Favorite Martian
9:11am John Williams   Lost in Space
9:14am Danny Elfman   The Circle - Wonderland
9:17am Commercial   Slinky jingle
9:18am Andre Previn   The Subterraneans
9:18am Alex North   The Bad Seed - No More Children
9:22am Pocahontas   Colores en el viento
9:25am Anne Lloyd   I'm Called Little Buttercup
9:30am Chris Young   Dream Lover - Green Palace
9:30am Hans Zimmer   Green Card
9:34am Henry Jackman & Matthew Margeson   Kingsman - Kentucky Christmas
9:38am Tom Glaser   Little Fireman
9:40am Peter Pan singers   Smokey Bear
9:43am Jimmie Rogers   The Long Hot Summer
9:49am Spencer Tracy   How the West Was Won - The West
9:49am Hershel Burke Gilbert   The Rifleman
9:54am John Williams   Raiders of the Lost Ark - Marion's Theme
9:58am Brian Tyler   The Mummy - Destiny
10:03am Bob and Ray   Thick Skin commercial
10:07am Hollywood Hotel   Hooray for Hollywood
10:11am Oliver Wallace   Darby O'Gill and the Little People
10:14am Bernard Herrmann   North by Northwest - Wild Ride
10:19am Lalo Schiffrin   Mission Impossible - The Plot
10:29am Cool Secret Place   Swan's Market in Oakland
10:29am Mark Mancina   Haunted Mansion
10:51am TV Mystery Theme   Lawrence Welk
10:51am Carl Davis   Loitering with Intent - Chaplin Mutual Films
10:51am Carl Davis   Big Parade
10:51am Thief of Bagdad
10:51am GREED!
11:03am John Barry   Chaplin
11:03am Burt Bacharach   Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid - Old Fun City
11:06am Hummie Mann   P T Barnum - Greatest Show on Earth
11:13am Howard Shore   Ed Wood
11:17am Psychotronix   Lawrence Welk Show promo
11:17am Sloppy Joes
11:18am Boris Karloff for Butternut Coffee
11:19am Sherpa Rice Krispies
11:19am Soundie   Hold It!
11:27am Trailer   Wicked Wicked Duovision
11:30am Albert Glasser   Giant from the Unknown
11:31am Betty Harris   I'm a little teapot
11:33am Trailer   Creepshow 2
11:35am Leonard Rosenman   Combat!
11:38am Archie and Edith   All in the Family - -the single
11:38am Commercial   Tower Records
11:39am Ed Ames   Hello Lyndon (johnson)
11:45am Alexander Courage   Judd for the Defense
11:45am Trailer   Dimension 5
11:48am John Barry   Hammett
11:58am Clint Mansell   The Fountain - Tree of Life
12:00pm Lalo Schiffrin   Mission Impossible
12:00pm Dan August