Robert Emmett

Saturday 29 July 2017 8:59am to 11:58am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:01am Alfred Newman   How the West Was Won
9:06am Psychotronix   Loaded with Soap
9:06am Howard Blake   Avengers - Super Secret Cyber Snatch
9:08am Roberto Pregadio   Kriminal
9:12am Hans Zimmer   Lone Ranger - Absurdity
9:18am Believe it or Not   Womens' Hats
9:18am Psychotronix   Time for Spring
9:25am Mark Mancina   Speed
9:25am Psychotronix   Halo Shampoo
9:26am John Williams   John Wayne and the Cowboys
9:29am June Foray   Trick or Treat for Halloween
9:31am Pinocchio   When You Wish Upon a Star
9:36am Sid Caesar   Little Me - Real Live Girl
9:36am Luis Bacalov   La Citta Delle Donne
9:40am Joan Morris Max Morath   Let's Begin
9:44am Randy Newman   Cars 3 - McQueen's Wild Ride
9:45am Stan Freberg   Freburg in Advertisingland
9:55am Edward Shearmur   Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
9:55am Brian Tyler   The Mummy - Chaos Mayhem & Destruction
9:59am Humor Commercial   Komon Knives
10:00am Earle Hagen   Mod Squad
10:01am Bob and Ray   Overstocked Warehouse
10:03am Rupert Gregson-Williams   Wonder Woman-Angel on the Wing
10:07am Alex North   Streetcar Named Desire - Stan and Stella
10:13am Danny Elfman   The Circle - Return to Wonderland
10:15am Trailer   The Running Man
10:16am Victor Reyes   Buried
10:18am Twilight Zone   Monsters on Maple on Street
10:20am Brian Tyler   Fate of the Furious - Grenade
10:33am Cool Secret Place   SS Admiral in St Louis
10:33am Erich Wolfgang Korngold   Captain Blood
11:01am TV Mystery Theme   Rocky and Bullwinkle
11:01am James Horner   The Amazing Spiderman
11:01am Hoyt Curtin   Jonny Quest
11:01am Paul Misraki   Brigid Bardot - Strip Tease
11:05am Nico Fidenco   Emmanuelle Around the World - Anguish
11:06am Psychotronix   Don Knotts for Gainsburger
11:07am Soundie   Sing You Sinners
11:10am Psychotronix   Tang
11:12am Joi Lansing   The Man I Love Belongs to Someone Else
11:18am Sabaka   Main Theme
11:22am June Foray Paul Frees   Goof Gas
11:24am Hoyt Curtin   Huckleberry Hound
11:27am Golden Age of Industrial Musicals   Tractor Driving Man
11:30am Psychotronix   Lost in Space
11:31am Psychotronix   Pillsbury
11:33am Psychotronix   Super Hombre
11:35am Psychotronix   Doublemint Gum
11:36am Susan Hayward   It's Just One of those Things
11:39am Barry Gray   Fireball XL-5
11:42am Lions Club   Love Boat
11:45am Trailer   I Walk With a Zombie
11:47am Trailer   Screaming Mimi
11:48am Fred Rich   Swinging Up the Volga
11:54am TV Theme   Bonanza
11:54am Commercial   Hamms Beer
11:55am TV Theme   Big Bang
11:56am The Baron
11:57am Universal theme
11:57am The Flash
11:58am Evil Touch