Les Payne

Monday 20 November 2017 1:59am to 5:57am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01am 14 Bis   God Save The Queen Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas Tropicalia In Furs Records
2:04am Tunji Oyelana & the Benders   Ipasan Afro Baby Soundway Records
2:12am Agentss   Agentss Nao Wave Man Recordings
2:16am Bio Ritmo   Dina's Mambo 101 Things to Do In Bongolia Electric Cowbell
2:23am Throbbing Gristle   Tanith 20 Jazz Funk Greats Industrial Records
2:25am Coil   The Test Mutek 03 Mutek
2:30am Vatican Shadow   Intel War Luxor Necropolitics Hospital Productions
2:35am Roche   Building a Place of Surrender PT. 2 Sity to Sky Hobo Camp
2:45am CSC Funk Band   a Troll's Soiree Troll (Brooklyn Chimp Remix) 101 Things to Do In Bongolia Electric Cowbell
2:52am Karl Hector & The Malcouns   Followed Path Beyond Addis Vol. 2 Trikont
2:57am Hollow Ran   7/42 Thanks Your Welcome Pacific Nature
3:00am Porch   Heart Attack Walking Boss Self Released
3:08am Mouse & the Boys   Xcedrin Headace #69 Psych States: Florida Gear Fab Records
3:15am Toby Jug   Elastic Landlady Psychedelic Salvage Co. Vol. 1 & 2, The Past & Present Records
3:21am Los Siquicos Litoralenos   Cinta Planetaria (Planetary Ribbon) Sonido Chipadelico Sham Palace
3:26am Haack, Bruce   Play Me Your Album Haackula Telephone Explosion
3:30am Iron Crown   Valhalla Iron Crown Self Produced
3:34am Sam Gopal   Horse Psychedelic Salvage Co. Vol. 1 & 2, The Past & Present Records
3:37am Golden Boys, The   Dear Work Better Than Good Times 12XU (Austin, TX)
3:40am Dr. T & the Undertakers   Undertaker's Theme Psych States: Florida Gear Fab Records
3:46am Earth   a Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge, Part 1 Postgraduate Seminars: Eye Surgery Sub Pop Records
3:53am Colour Buk   Groove Inhibitor Cosmic Nightmare Wir Wollen Wulle
3:56am Fossil Aerosol Mining Project   Tar Prodigy Unlistening Place, The Afterdays Media
4:00am Spk   Palms Crossed in Sorrow Gold and Poison Nettwerk Productions
4:05am Werkbund   Brandschatzung Haithabu Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien
4:06am Makale   Salla As Far As... a DJ Mix Six Degrees Records
4:13am Siouxsie and the Banshees   Coal Mind Fireworks Polydor
4:16am Throwing Muses   Fall Down Hunkpapa Sire Records
4:23am Les Freres Smith   Zilzil Beyond Addis Vol. 2 Trikont
4:29am William Onyeabor   Body and Soul Booniay!! Afrodisiac Records
4:39am Illes   Bubajosok Best Of The Hungarian Rock Scene 1965-1971 Grey Past Recordings
4:47am Darto   Guiding Light Human Giving Aaagoo Records
4:50am Swans   Finally, Peace Glowing, Man, The Young God Records
4:57am Karolina and Laetitia Sadier   Hands of God Something About April II Linear Labs
5:00am JG Thirwell   Ham and Cheese Hero Venture Bros Vol.2, The Adult Swim
5:02am Doubleclick & Amon Tobin   Ownage Verbal Remixes & Colla Ninja Tune
5:08am Tourist Trap (Donaggio, Pino)   The Mannequins Come Forth Tourist Trap (Donaggio, Pino) Waxwork
5:11am Fireballs, the   Groovy Motions Soft Sounds for Gentle Pet Records
5:17am Tobacco   Constellation Dirt Bike Head Maniac Meat Anticon
5:33am Non Phixion   Illuminati Green Cd/Dvd, the Uncle Howie
5:34am Muslimgauze   Infidel Citadel Extreme Records
5:38am Yello   No More Words Kings Of Techno CD 2 Rapster
5:46am Earland, Charles   Aquarius Bobbito: Earthtones R2 Records
5:48am DJ Balani   Balani Sanga Balani Show Super Hits Sahelsounds
5:54am Cosby, Bill and Friends   Where You Lay Your Head Where You Lay Your Head Verve/Polygram