Jim Hunter

Sunday 26 November 2017 11:57am to 2:58pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
12:01pm Manon Meurt   These Eyes p Blue Bird S/T EP Label Obscura
12:14pm Closedown   Bliss 50 Years of Sunshine Silent Records
12:19pm Your Friends Polymers   On the Cloud CHUDESA SR
12:23pm Lycia   Pray Burning Circle & Then Dust, The Silber Records
12:29pm White Stains   Let It Be Thus 50 Years of Sunshine Silent Records
12:34pm Slowdive   Avalyn 1 Blue Day Creation
12:43pm Seafang   Stardust (B) Solid Gold/ Stardust Emotional Response Recordings
12:39pm Chapterhouse   Guilt Whirlpool Dedicated
12:49pm Timonium   Leave Me in Droves Resist Education Pehr
12:56pm Galaxie 500   Tugboat Today Aurora
1:00pm Damon and Naomi   E.T.A. More Sad Hits Shimmy Disc
1:04pm Ida   The Braille Night Braille Night, the Tiger Style
1:13pm Bethany Curve   Ann Illusion You Brought Us Here Unit Circle Rekkids
1:33pm Zaimph   Gold Chorus Glitch KFJC Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 20 Sampler KFJC
1:48pm White Hills   Putting on the Pressure Putting on the Pressure Valley King Records
1:41pm Pelican Daughters   Bicycle Ride 50 Years of Sunshine Silent Records
1:50pm Swans   The Glowing Man Glowing, Man, The Young God Records
2:18pm Caminiti, Evan   Near Dark Night Dust Immune Recordings
2:22pm Feral Ohms   The Glow KFJC Live From The Devil's Triangle Volume 20 Sampler KFJC
2:25pm Neon Piss   Peaceful Assembly Demo Self Produced
2:27pm Neon Piss   Bullet (In The Back) Demo Self Produced
2:29pm Fossil Aerosol Mining Project   Unlistening Place 1 Unlistening Place, The Afterdays Media
2:46pm Deathprod   Towboat Treetop Drive Smalltown Supersound