Coastside Cavy

Thursday 4 January 2018 7:01pm to 10:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:01pm Rother, Anthony   Magic Diner Part II Magic Diner Fax
7:23pm Phillip Sollmann   Pyramid Drift Pyramid Drift Dial Records (2)
7:40pm Arovane   Tokyo Ghost Stories Lilies City Centre Offices
7:48pm Parc En Ciel   Path Integral Path Integral Lucky Me
7:53pm Eno, Moebius, Roedelius   Broken Head After the Heat Sky Records
7:58pm Ortmann, Andy   The Primal White Jelly Nightmania Nihilist Records
8:11pm People Like Us/ Wobbly/ Jet Black Hair Peopl   Pet Goldfish
8:23pm Fields, Steve   Cynthia Untitled Self Released
8:23pm Climax Golden Twins   Heavy Hippie Shit Climax Golden Twins (The Rock Album) Fire Breathing Turtle
8:31pm Squirmbo   Pillow Talk Happy Boy Margarine Unknown Label
8:37pm V/Vm   It's a Richjams World Helpaphextwin 4.0 V/Vm Test Records
8:42pm Mr/Mrs Frown   TELESCRAMMER MEGAMIX Mr/Mrs Frown Obfuscated Records
8:45pm McGregor, Dion   Food Roulette Further Somniloquies Of, The Torpor Vigil Industries
8:49pm Tammy Faye Bakker   Gods Not Dead
8:49pm NYC Loft Trax   Chaka's Dub Unreleased Vol. 5: Mysteries of Dub NYC Loft Trax
8:54pm Knifecream   In Your Head Pt 1 and 2 Victim Hanged Man
9:03pm Cauliflower Ass & Bob   Bottom of The Barrel Songs In The Key of Drunk... The Wretchedest Hits Menace to Sobriety Records
9:07pm Dog Faced Hermans/Honkies   Peace Warriors Dog Faced Hermans/Jone Compulsiv Records
9:22pm Rapoon   1977 Un Flic Klang Galerie
9:28pm Stereo Total   C'est La Mort Stereo Total Bobsled Records
9:30pm Psudoku   KATASTROFALEjusteringer Deep Space Psudokument Drid Machine Records
9:40pm Tinklers   Cats
9:45pm Hypnobeat   Splash! Buffalo Eats Brass Prototech Dark Entries
9:51pm Mira Calix   Nunu Nunu Warp Records, Ltd.