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Cy Thoth's Firebunker

Cy Thoth assaulted the airwaves from his bunker deep inside the bowels of the majic mountain for seven years from 2006 - 2013

"Let's ingest the pyromaniac mana of the under world hosts/and receive the unction of the narcotic carcasses of the ghosts/as we descend the spiral stairs and the circle of eternal return/to hear the voices of the damned & the possessed in the nether world...."

With these words Cy Thoth would prepare his audience for the assault to come, a non-stop violation of our consensual reality for four hours every "Thorsday" on kfjc. With his distinctive vocal delivery and super-impositions "a la William Burroughs and Gysin," Cy Thoth's Firebunker was required listening for anyone actively resisting the dominant paradigm during the dark years from 2006-2013.

2014-2020 - Hear voices from the void and echoes from the bardo plane every Thorsday at kfjc.org where we will re-stream seven years worth of the Firebunker. Starting with his earliest show we will stream one show a week starting every Thorsday at 2pm. The shows will be available here for two weeks from their posting date.

August 18, 2016 - Firebunker 128 (original air date August 14, 2008) Myths of the great deluge or flood. Myths form vast murals, which are the projections of the archetypes of the unconscious. In the case of the great flood myth, literally involving engulfment by the waters of the unconscious. Problems of what lie under, as in the unconscious or under conscious, lie perhaps in aspects of translation of Freud's term for the unconscious, the German unbewusste, connoting more awareness than consciousness, a problem of distinction between consciousness and awareness revealed in that one is always aware but not always conscious, as in dream. Thus, manifestations of the unconscious are violations of consensual reality.

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August 11, 2016 - Firebunker 127 (original air date August 7, 2008) In the bamboo garden on the magic mountain, visions. Super-impositions. Free skittles. "Decent involves transcendence as in Heraclitus for whom the upward and downward path were one. The celestial is complicit with the subterranean in the matter of what lies above and below, and under and over."

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August 4, 2016 - Firebunker 126 (original air date July 31, 2008) This week, ingest the pyromaniacal mana of the underworld host alongside Thoth and the legendary songster of ancient Greece, Orpheus. Starting with a mixture of Nadja's "Spahn," Soriah's "One" from the album Chao Organica in a Minor, and the track "Gruesome (chair et crochet)" from the project Propergol. Onto the sounds of Anakrid and Nalle, through the swelling cumulus of Stone Baby, the familiar faces of Aaron Dilloway and Burial Hex pass by swiftly. Finishing with feedback & moaning from Yellow Swans.

Druidous vocal incantations; sounds of sonars, gurgles, and chants; all ambiently ascending from the Underworld. Keep your eyes forward. Don't look back.

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