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  Top plays at KFJC
From March 23 2011 thru March 30 2011

Plays Artist Album
11 Ex, The Catch My Shoe
9 Various Artists Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga: 1970-1983
8 Melvins Bride Screamed Murder, The
8 Pelican What We All Come to Need
7 Coathangers, The Hard Candy
7 Cline, Nels Singers Initiate
7 Chicks On Speed Re-Releases of The Un-Releases, The
7 Scott-Heron, Gil and Jamie XX We're New Here
6 Psyclones Different Thinking People
6 Various Artists Persian Underground
6 Vvaqrt Than On Eother and You Have 0 Answers
6 Zolar X X Marks The Spot
6 Various Artists Pakistan Folk and Pop Instrumentals '66-'76
6 Gibbs, Joe Majestic Dub
6 Day Creeper Problem At Hand
6 Coleman, Ornette Change of the Century
5 Expo 70 Blackout
5 Matmos Supreme Balloon
5 Washburn, Abigail City of Refuge
5 Mirah (a)spera
5 Various Artists Pop Ambient 2011
5 Max, David Simple Psychedelic Pleasures
5 Deerhunter Halcyon Digest
5 Forest Swords Dagger Paths E.P.
5 Bardo Pond Bardo Pond
5 Metal Rouge Trails
5 Lumerians Transmalinnia
5 Andy Human Toy Man
5 Various Artists Fly Girls! B-Boys Beware: Revenge of The Super Female Rappe
5 Deacon, Dan Crystal Cat, The
4 Kent, Julia Green and Grey
4 Naomi Elizabeth a Great Record of 2008
4 Stecher, Jody & Brislin, Kate Return
4 Bad Trips Open
4 Beachkrieg Beach Attack
4 Akron/Family S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT
4 Cervenka, Exene Excitement of Maybe, The
4 Monolake Silence
4 Triclops! Helpers On The Other Side
4 Brom, Marti Not For Nothin'
4 Israel Vibration Unconquered People Dub
4 Biosphere Patashnik
4 Bird Names Metabolism
4 Tyvek Nothing Fits
4 Them Slack Jawed Sons of Bitches Whiskey and Waffles
4 Honda, Yuka Heart Chamber Phantoms
4 Pushkin, A. Figure, The
4 Sperm Wails Lady Chatterly / Mr Wonderful
4 Los Llamarada Restless Light, The
4 Xeno & Oaklander Sentinelle
4 Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.
4 Wire Red Barked Tree
4 Autolux Bouncing Wall / Census, The
4 Various Artists Those Shocking Shaking Days
4 Shigeto Full Circle Remixes
4 Palestine, Charlemagne Relationship Studies
4 Various Artists Saucers & The Allies '78-'81, The
3 Various Artists Naomi Elizabeth / Tik///Tik
3 Fielded Lord Reigns, Let The People Tremble, The
3 Hull, Sierra Daybreak
3 Wahid Inside Silence
3 Stampfel, Peter & The Worm All-Stars A Sure Sign of Something
3 Lt. Caramel Method of Speech
3 Eleven Hundred Springs Eight The Hard Way
3 Groggs 3D
3 Hecker, Tim Ravedeath, 1972
3 Mira Calix One On One
3 El Michels Affair Enter The 37th Chamber
3 Grayceon All We Destroy
3 Starr, Thom & The Galaxies South Bay Surf Anthology 1963-1964
3 Yole Boys Megakut #1
3 My Solid Ground My Solid Ground
3 Guerrero, Tommy Lifeboats and Follies
3 Wright, Willie Telling The Truth
3 Trivalve Trixie
3 Sullivan, Jim U.F.O.
3 White Wires, The II
3 Thee Oh Sees Warm Slime
3 Evaporators, The Gassy Jack and Other Tales
3 Zimmer, Hans Inception
3 No Age Everything In Between
3 Various Artists Tipsy Remix Party
3 Yonkers, Michael Lovely Gold
3 Huan Vells
3 Soft Moon, The Soft Moon, The
3 Twinkranes Spektrum Theatre Snakes
3 Peanut Butter Wolf Straight to Tape (the 4-track Years 1990-1992)
3 Scientist Dub Landing
3 Yokota, Susumu Kaleidoscope
3 Various Artists Tags of The Times 3
3 Duo Jalal A Different World
3 Al Qaeda Econo
3 Gog Heavy Fierce Brightness: Spells of The Sun
3 Isolation Ward Point Final
3 Bell, Glenna Perfectly Legal: Songs of Sex, Love and Murder
3 Explode Into Colors Quilts
3 Freddi & Henchi & The Soulsetters Crown Princes of Funk: The Last Set
3 Ameer, Malik / Benedict, Loren Home Is Where The House Is
3 Kangding Ray Pruitt Igoe
3 Chain & The Gang Privilege
3 Congos, The Feast
3 Various Artists Brass Pins and Match Heads
3 Fell, Mark Multistability
3 Seefeel Seefeel
3 Shipp, Matthew 4D
3 Aethenor En Form For Bla
3 Various Artists Sound System Scratch: Lee Perry's Dub Plate Mixes 1973 to 19
3 Marclay, Christian Ghost ( I Don't Live Today )
3 On Your Naked Ghost Comes Back At Night
3 Youngs, Richard Beyond The Valley of Ultrahits
3 Cohran, Kelan Phil and Legacy African Skies
3 3D Vibes: Didjeridoo Music
3 Tino Corp Tino's Breaks VOL.5
3 Melchior, Dan Assemblage Blues
2 Carlton Melton Handling Snakes
2 Carll, Hayes KMAG YOYO
2 Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger
2 Asteroid #4, The Hail to The Clear Figurines
2 Bjorklund, Maggie Coming Home
2 Various Artists Atomic Platters disc 4
2 Son of P.M., The Hey Klong Yao! : Essential Collection of Thai Music...1960s
2 Various Artists Atomic Platters disc 3
2 Esben and The Witch Violet Cries
2 La Sera La Sera
2 Various Artists Atomic Platters disc 1
2 Landry, Yvette Should Have Known
2 Williams, Lucinda Blessed
2 Various Artists Congregation Fr Anti-Flirts Inc.:
2 Art Ensemble of Chicago Meeting, The
2 Les Aus Mitologia Natural
2 Juanito Wau! One Mouth Band Juanito Wau! One Mouth Band
2 3leafs Space Rock Tulip
2 Rodrigo, Joaquin Concierto De Aranjuez
2 Diamante, Herb & Friends A Spoonful of Yeast
2 Tazartes, Ghedalia Granny Awards
2 Various Artists FM- BX Society Tape
2 Hammerlock Best of Hammerlock 1995-2010, The
2 Jandek Chicago Wednesday
2 Bent Wind Lost Ryerson Tapes, The
2 Finches, The On Golden Hill
2 Centipede Eest Metal Moon
2 Rowan, Peter Bluegrass Band Legacy
2 Tiersen, Yann Dust Lane
2 Nine Fingered Thug Bitter Ballads
2 Solvent Subject to Shift
2 Segall, Ty Melted
2 Evans / Pluta / Altieri Sum and Difference
2 I.U.D. Proper Sex, The
2 Double Dagger More
2 I Was a King Old Friends
2 Chrome Wings Time Patterns
2 Archers By The Sea Sometimes We Should Dance
2 Bird Costumes Freedom & Weep
2 Chora Slates
2 Pollard, Robert Space City Kicks
2 Stevens, Sufjan Age of Adz, The
2 Rakaa Crown of Thorns
2 Growden, Mark Lose Me In The Sand
2 Crystal Visions True Believers
2 Vegetable C.f. / Sol
2 Big Blood Dark Country Magic
2 Deerhoof Deerhoof vs Evil
2 Zaimph Coast to Coast
2 Various Artists Mamiffer/House of Low Culture
2 Moon Duo Escape
2 Mueller, Jon Whole, The
2 Von Haze Von Haze
2 Ensemble Excerpts
2 Faun Fables Light of a Vaster Dark
2 Potage, Michel Occupe
2 Megaptera Staring Back At You
2 Recloose Early Works
2 Anderson's PAK, Ron Secret Curve
2 Albright, Charles I'm Happy, I'm a Genius
2 Alaric Alaric
2 White Fence ...is Growing Faith
2 Various Artists Docfeistr
2 Richter, Max Infra
2 Italian Instabile Orchestra Totally Gone
2 Beauclerk Beauclerk
2 Schmidt, Irmin & Kumo Axolotl Eyes
2 Holy Sons Criminal's Return
2 Squim Nazarearu
2 Woods, Peter J. Songs For Nothing
2 Setherial Ekpyrosis
2 Konono No. 1 Assume Crash Position
2 Hood, Robert Internal Empire
2 Toro Y Moi Underneath The Pine
1 Stateless Matilda
1 Centazzo, Andrea/Curran, Alvin/Parker, Evan Real Time One
1 Berger, Robin Euston Sampler, The
1 Butcher, John / Durrant, Phil Secret Measures
1 Pavan, Pooja Goswami How Shall I Say?
1 Ugly Husbands Dairy Belle, The
1 Decanter Soundtrack For Space
1 Rhys Chatham Outdoor Spell
1 Hella Church Gone Wild/ Chirpin Hard
1 Konntinent Down With Candy
1 Traore, Abdoulaye Abdoulaye Traore
1 No Statik Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed
1 Hagor Demo (2010)
1 Steffey, Daniel Chloros
1 Dispirit Rehearsal At Oboroten
1 Gaburo, Kenneth Tape Play
1 Agressor Rehearsal of Death
1 Moholo-Moholo, Louis Duets With Marilyn Crispell
1 Knights of The Roundtable, The Big Tears
1 Wiese, John Teenage Hallucination: 1992-1999
1 Ilionga, Rikki & Musi-O-Tunya Dark Sunrise
1 Divorce Divorce
1 Various Artists We Are Getting Bad: The Sound of Phase One
1 King Tubby Psalm of The Time Dub
1 Various Artists Death Sentence: Panda! / The Dreams
1 Tu Fawning Hearts On Hold
1 Canterbury, Jesse Vertigo
1 Kazee, Buell Sings & Plays
1 Dutz, Brad; Hay, Emily; Honda, Motoko and Peet, Wayne Polarity Taskmasters
1 Minott, Sugar Time Longer Than Rope
1 Stetson, Colin New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges
1 Various Artists Something Is Wrong: Vintage Recordings From East Africa
1 Carter, Tom Monument
1 Screw Banks Of The River/Devi's Hour
1 Zefras Zefras
1 Concessionaires Skyline
1 Luyas, The Too Beautiful to Work
1 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & Irr. App. (Ext.) Skeletal Copula Remains
1 Various Artists King Jammy's At Channel 1 1977-1979
1 Hoke, Russell Comet of Despair
1 Diamatregon Diamatregon III: Crossroad
1 High On Fire Snakes For The Divine
1 Strange Boys Be Brave
1 Debo Band Flamingoh (Pink Bird Dawn)
1 Rehnlund, Jeff Smoke From The Mirror
1 Jewell, Ryan Eschew Obfuscation; Espouse Elucidation
1 Various Artists No Victoria
1 John Wilkes Booze Five Pillars of Soul
1 Baby Dee Safe Inside The Day
1 Manzie / Ranking Barnabas King's Dub
1 Glasser Ring
1 Various Artists Wet Hair / Naked On The Vague
1 Burial Hex Bagirwa Hymn
1 Pains of Being Pure At Heart, The Heart In Your Heartbreak
1 Ulher, Birgit / Metzger, Heiner Blinzeln
1 Los Yetis Historia Verdad De Los Yetis
1 Musee Mecanique Zelinksy Collection, The
1 Reynolds, Graham Difference Engine, The
1 Jackal Fleece Fractal Shrieks
1 Super Minerals Hoax, The
1 Duchess of Saigon Duchess of Saigon
1 Code 13 Doomed Society
1 Shedding Tear In The Sun
1 Nihil Project Plough Plays
1 Fengxia, Xu / Niggli, Lucas Black Lotos
1 Nono, Luigi Quando Stanno Morendo
1 Vertical Slit Slit and Pre-Slit
1 Keffer, Leslie Give It Up/Dormant Torment
1 Roberts, Luke Big Bells and Dime Songs
1 Servile Sect Realms of The Queen
1 Dallapiccola, Luigi and Petrassi, Goffredo Musica Da Camera
1 Gol & Hayward, Charles Gol & Charles Hayward
1 Qa'a Chi'en
1 Mountain Man Sun Dog
1 Barwick, Julianna Magic Place, The
1 Overnight Lows Slit Wrist Rock N' Roll
1 Heritage Orchestra Feat. DJ Yoda G. Prokofiev Concerto For Turntables and Orchestra
1 Ensemble Economique Standing Still, Facing Forward
1 Emaciator Reflection
1 El'zabar, Kahil Ritual Trio Ancestors Are Amongst Us, The
1 Various Artists Primitive Calculators / Slug Guts
1 Bottesini Bottesini
1 Rossetto, Vanessa Mineral Orange
1 Ruth Polaroid/Roman/Photo


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