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  Top plays at KFJC
From July 27 2011 thru August 3 2011

Plays Artist Album
11 Mist House
10 Various Artists Broken Robot
10 Midwest Beat, The Gone Not Lost
9 Scarcity of Tanks Sensational Grade
9 Jones, Booker T. Road From Memphis, The
8 Surfside Four, The Ballad of The TIki
7 Los Vigilantes Los Vigilantes
7 Kellies Kellies
7 Secret Samurai Zanshin
7 DJ Alf Vintage
7 Various Artists Circus Company Presents Snuggle & Slap
7 Swift, Rob Architect, The
6 Professionals, The Meet The Aggrovators At Joe Gibbs
6 Davis, Miles Isle of Wight Concert
6 Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers Live From Austin Texas
6 Men, The Leave Home
6 Johannsson, Johann Fordlandia
6 Ligeti, Lukas Pattern Time
6 Dickerson, Walt 1976
6 Cheer-accident No Ifs, and Or Dogs
6 Battles Gloss Drop
6 Sienkiewicz, Jacek On The Road
6 Grindlestone Tone
5 Badr Vogu Exitium
5 Sex Worker Labor of Love, The
5 Buried At Birth Smashed In The Face
5 Yek Koo Alone Together #3
5 Alvin, Dave Eleven Eleven
5 Prefab Messiahs Devolver
5 Various Artists Dancehall: Volume One
5 Pop. 1280 Grid, The
5 Various Artists Blowers From The Balkans
5 Matsunaga, Kouhei Self VA.
5 Gordon, Michael Feat. Ensemble Resonanz Weather
5 Gosta Berlings Saga Glue Works
5 Various Artists Al Qaeda / NRYY
5 Lake, Oliver Plan
5 Rebotini Music Components
5 Locrian Territories
5 Natural Yogurt Band, The Tuck In With...
5 Smith, Wadada Leo's Organic Heart's Reflections
5 Von Petrin, Pete Smoke & Mirrors
5 Various Artists an Alternate History of Popular Music
5 Pulse Emitter Spiritual Vistas
5 Wolfe, Chelsea Grime and The Glow, The
5 Pangaea Inna Daze / Won't Hurt
5 Witch Introduction
5 Hail Mary Mallon Are You Gonna Eat That?
4 Various Artists Horaflora / Mazawa, Julia
4 Liska, Zdenek Mala Morska Vila
4 Azalia Snail Celestial Respect
4 Plateaus Beach Coma
4 Prurient Bermuda Drain
4 Carter, Christina Alone Together #1
4 Brains Gristle and Skins
4 Destruction Unit Sonoran
4 Teenage Panzerkorps German Reggae
4 Necro Deathmort Music of Bleak Origin
4 Halo, Abdel Hadi & The El Gusto Orchestra of Algiers Abdel Hadi Halo & The El Gusto Orchestra of Algiers
4 Megaton Leviathan Repeating Patterns of Love
4 Garrincha and The Stolen Elk Void
4 Quilt We Have Layers of Skin
4 Wols Unframe
4 Massacre Killing Time
4 Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro
4 Iibiis Rooge Iibiis Rooge
4 Sun Araw Off Duty + The Boat Trip EP
4 Hauser, Fritz Solo Drumming
4 Rothenberg, David Why Birds Sing
4 Quintron Sucre Du Sauvage
4 Gould, David Solid Vs Laswell, Bill Dub of The Passover
4 Rale Some Kissed Charms That Would Not Protect Them
4 Pink Reason Shit In The Garden
3 Extraordinary Popular Delusions Apocryphal Fire In The Warehouse, and Other Explanations
3 Alborosie 2 Times Revolution
3 Scraps A Salty Sea
3 Mystifier Goetia
3 Black Pus Primordial Pus
3 Auer, Joseph East Village
3 Opponents Together We Will End The Future
3 Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds Tahitian Holiday
3 Ellis, Alton Continuation
3 Nicodemus Serious Nicodemus Volume Two
3 Pyramids, The Lalibela
3 Various Artists Egypt Noir
3 Ahnst Anders Home
3 Shanley, Scott Scott Shanley
3 Megacools, The Weird Dreams Are Crazy / You Don't Send Me No Flowers
3 Gould, Bill / Blum, Jared Talking Book, The
3 Myrmyr Fire Star
3 Diamond Catalog Magnified Palette
3 Alien Army End, The
3 Tobin, Amon Isam
3 Twenty Knives Royal We, The
3 Ghost Box Orchestra Spring Tour 2011
3 Medicine and Duty Connections Straight to Your Broken Face
3 O'rourke, Jim Old News No. 5
3 Blanck Mass Blanck Mass
3 Various Artists Liturgy / Oval
3 Hyetal Broadcast
3 Dehnert, Mike Framework
3 Various Artists Cicciolina Holocaust / Sermonizer
3 Beets, The Locomotion / God
3 Ensemble Economique Psychical
3 Grass Widow Milo Minute
3 Dj Sodeyama Abyss
3 Conqueror War.Cult.Supremacy
3 Masuko, Shinji Woven Music
3 Nacho Business Nacho Business
3 Cough Cool Cough Cool
3 Staccato Du Mal Sin Destino
3 Sun Araw Beach Head
3 Hobo Cubes Timeless / Mindless
3 Egypt Is The Magick Valentine Process, The
3 Pinch Croydon House
3 Leb Laze Music For Troubled Machinery
3 Dj Lord Ron Environmental Shapes Sounds of
3 K11 Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D.
3 Psychedelic Horseshit Laced
3 Black Jaspers Born In '77
3 Johannsson, Johann Miners' Hymns, The
3 Cult of Youth Cult of Youth
3 Knightmares, The Off The Record...
3 Excepter Debt Dept.
3 RM74 Before The End of June
3 Curious Mystery, The We Creeling
2 Wright, Peter Terrifying Realisation We Might Be Wrong, The
2 Arcane Device Interstices
2 Ithi Persistence of Meaning, The
2 Louie Culture Uprising, The
2 Chino Chino
2 Burmese Lun Yurn
2 No Balls Less
2 Harris, Emmylou Hard Bargain
2 Hubbard, Ray Wylie A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment (Hint: there is no C)
2 Ely, Joe Satisfied At Last
2 Drunjus Celestial Realms
2 Various Artists Sibelius: Violin Concerto / Beethoven: Romances For Violin
2 Thigpen, Benjamin Divide By Zero
2 Mono No Aware Kika No Sekai
2 Positive Knowledge Edgefest Edition
2 Croissants, The Braindead Airhead
2 King Dude My Beloved Ghost E.P.
2 Watson, Vince Renaissance
2 Pouffe Malll
2 Various Artists 10th Annual Outsound New Music Summit Sampler
2 Gaber, Harley In Memoriam 2010
2 Tricoli, Valerio/Thomas Ankersmit Forma II
2 Mercer, Bonnie & Hall, Tom MIDweekMID
2 Jatoma Jatoma
2 Mr. Chop and C.L. Smooth T.R.O.Y. The Resurrection
2 Lederer, Jeff Sunwatcher
2 Cloudland Canyon Mothlight Part 2 / In The Cold
2 Noise Nomads Nose Picker
2 U.S. Girls Go Grey
2 Hannan, Camilla More Songs About Factories
2 Zeitgeist Here and Now
2 Vertebrats, The Screaming Like a Mad Choir
2 Various Artists Amai #2/4
2 Easy & The Center of The Universe Pythagoras Falafel Calamity
2 Vultures Quartet & Philippe Petit Tourbillion D'obscurite
2 Kilgour, David and The Heavy Eights Left By Soft
2 Monument of Urns Old Man and Death, The
2 Cyclo Id
2 Sebadoh Bakesale
2 Paint and Copter More Trial, Less Error
2 Rubble Farewell Drugs, The
2 Black Swan Quiet Divide, The
2 Mcphee, Joe and Chris Corsano Under a Double Moon
2 Mbarga, Prince Nico & Rogafil Jazz International Cool Money
2 Master Musicians of Bukkake Elogia De La Sombra
2 Forma Forma
2 Smith, Wadada Leo / Dejohnette, Jack America
2 Dixon, Bill Orchestra Intents and Purposes
2 Krieger, Ulrich Fathom
2 Follakzoid Follakzoid
2 Tearist Tearist
2 Rochford, Sebastian / Kurstin, Pamelia Ouch Evil Slow Hop
2 Nerve City Sleepwalker
2 Goldmann, Stefan Grand Hemiola, The
2 Anarchitex Digital Dark Age
2 Beaver You Can Only Control Instincts When They Come
2 Carousell Black Swallow & Other Songs
1 Wizard Prison Early Years 1972-2005, The
1 Brain Oil Death of This Dry Season
1 Terrorama Omnipotence
1 Cut Hands Afro Noise 1
1 Messages After Before
1 Eno, Brian With Holland, Rick Drums Between The Bells
1 Shit and Shine SXSW Showcase
1 Auld, Audrey Come Find Me
1 Bronze One Night In Mexico
1 Butcher Cover Lemon Session Singles Club #4
1 Human Eye They Came From The Sky
1 Nova Scotian Arms Sacred Drift
1 Total Slacker Crystal Necklace
1 Gardens & Villa Gardens & Villa
1 Gary War Reality Protest
1 Grossman, Dottie & Vlatkovich, Michael Call & Response & Friends
1 Drugs Dragons Milorganight EP, The
1 Various Artists Wet Hair / Rene Hell
1 Fewell, Garrison / Variable Density Sound Orchestra Sound Particle 47
1 Biafra, Jello and The Guantanamo School of Medicine Enhanced Methods of Questioning
1 Jacks, The Vacant World
1 Nugent, Cian Doubles
1 Ito, Teiji Tenno
1 Pyne, Andy Naming Nothing
1 Girl From U.N.C.L.E. (soundtrack), The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., The
1 Unknown Mortal Orchestra Unknown Mortal Orchestra
1 Mako Sica Dual Horizon
1 Realicide Lifelong Exit
1 Cosmonauts Cosmonauts
1 Islaja Meritie
1 Emptyset Feat. Harris, Cornelius Altogether Lost
1 Rova : Zorn, John Receiving Surfaces, The
1 Zylo, Arvo 333
1 Prisoners Go Go Band Live At The Butchery With Special Guests On Fire
1 Pinhas, Richard & Merzbow Rhizome
1 Vee Dee Vee Dee
1 Tickley Feather Hors D'oeuvres
1 Village of Spaces Alchemy and Trust
1 Vacuum Kicks Shade Accident
1 Dubowsky Ensemble, Jack Curtis III
1 Moon Duo Mazes
1 Final Exit Det Egentliga Vasterbotten - Complete Discography 94-97
1 Various Artists In The Shrine of The Heart - Music of Central Asia Vol 7
1 Honig, Ezekiel Folding In On Itself
1 No Statik We All Die In The End
1 Art Lessing Lectures
1 Body, The All The Waters of The Earth Turn to Blood
1 Various Artists Worlds Lousy With Ideas # $ix, The
1 Schroeder, Phillip Passage Through a Dream
1 Jones, Rev. Johnny L. Hurricane That Hit Atlanta, The
1 Ema Past Life Martyred Saints
1 Various Artists Victrola Favorites
1 Cymerman, Jeremiah In Memory of The Labyrinth System
1 Prince Rama Shadow Temple
1 Dark Day Window
1 Acid Witch Stoned
1 Anderson, Judith Genesis: the Creation & Noah
1 Nowottny, Marianne Afraid of Me
1 Rockmore, Clara Art of the Theremin, the
1 Felt Ignite the Seven Canons
1 Delta 5 Six
1 Au Pairs Playing with a Different Sex


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