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  Top plays at KFJC
From June 6 2012 thru June 13 2012

Plays Artist Album
8 Villalobos Alcachofa
8 Music From The Film VI Kommer Til a Fa Deg
8 Mr. Chop Switched On
8 Lilacs & Champagne Lilacs & Champagne
7 9th Ward Marching Band Sneaking Up The Street
7 Various Artists Moon Duo - Mazes Remixed
7 Actress R.I.P.
7 Extrawelt In Aufruhr
6 Shig & Buzz Live Adventures of Shig and Buzz
6 Sete Star Sept Gero Me
6 Japanese Koto Orchestra Five Kotos, Hoteki, Shamisen and Shakuhachu
6 Led Er Est Diver, The
6 Various Artists Music Form Saharan Cellphones
6 Various Artists Audio Odditions Magazine CD Kompilation #1
6 DJ Female Convict Scorpion Clash-Ups III
6 Tenor, Jimi / Allen, Tony Inspiration Information
6 Bran (...) Pos Minus One
6 Various Artists Tension: Spanish Experimental Underground 1980-1985
5 White Manna White Manna
5 Ulaan Markhor Ulaan Markhor
5 Smith, Steven R. Old Skete
5 Edgar, Jimmy Color Strip
5 Attack Formation Somebody As Anybody
5 American Cloud Songs Aum
5 Blockhead Interludes After Midnight
5 U.X.X. instrumentals
5 Stilluppsteypa Reduce By Reducing
5 Bebey, Francis African Electronic Music 1975-1982
5 Hoopdreams Dark Summer
5 Lothars, The Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas
5 Plankton Wat Spirits
5 Cheap Freaks Bury Them All
5 Ill Mondo / Neal Rames Ill Mondo / Neal Rames
5 Hobo Sonn Wary The Mind
5 Panabrite Soft Terminal
5 Stetson, Colin Those Who Don't Run / The End of Your Suffering
5 Les Goths Reve De Silence
5 Various Artists Beat Frauleins : Female Pop In Germany 1964-1968
4 Gizmos, The Rock & Roll Don't Come From New York!
4 Various Artists 16 Bitch Pile-up/ Vertonen
4 Sun Ra Quartet New Steps
4 Peters, Steve + Roden, Steve Not a Leaf Remains As It Was
4 Baird, Bill Career
4 Gudnadottir, Hildur Leyfdu Ljosinu
4 Paperhead, The Focus In On The Looking Glass
4 Dreams, The Morbido
4 Marriages Kitsune
4 Various Artists Whitman, Keith Fullerton/Alien Radio
4 Nodolby Eggy 17
4 Willenbring, Wes Weapons Reference Manual
4 Droughts, The Mouth of Midnight
4 Teenburger Burgertime
4 Various Artists Woods/ Amps For Christ
4 Black Bananas Rad Times Express, IV
4 Rosenkopf Rosenkopf
4 Breuker, Willem Kollektief & Luca, Loes Hunger!
4 Dead Drums Fashion Defense / Human Hair
4 Various Artists 100% Pure - Various Artists
4 Tolouse Low Trax Jeidem Fall
4 Mazal Axerico En Selanik
4 Shit and Shine Le Grand Larance Prix
4 Various Artists Bonus Beast + Dental Work + Nerfbau
4 Starless & Bible Black Starless & Bible Black
4 Void No Sudden Movements
3 Rova Saxophone Quartet a Short History
3 Microwaves Psionic Impedance
3 White Suns Sinews
3 Williams, Hank 3 Long Gone Daddy
3 Threesome Adriatica
3 Akiyama, Tetuzi / Mueller, Gunther Points and Slashes
3 Aelab Riding
3 Demoncy Joined In Darkness
3 Rayon Beach This Looks Serious
3 Davis, Miles Live In Rome & Copenhagen 1969
3 Das Energi Recitations
3 Mucca Pazza Safety Fifth
3 Violence Conjugale Violence Conjugale
3 Innergaze Mutual Dreaming
3 Guantanamo Baywatch Chest Crawl
3 Hussy, The Hussy, The
3 Technicolor Skull Technicolor Skull
3 Hollywood Stunts Hollywood Stunts
3 McPherson, JD Signs & Signifiers
3 Sounds of North American Frogs Biological Significance of Voice In Frogs, The
3 Branko Onderliv
3 Various Artists Zelphabet-Volume L
3 Demdike Stare Elemental
3 Git Some Git Some
3 LAS Memories/Mental Judgement
3 Pateras, Anthony Errors of The Human Body
3 Mullins, Patrick Farewell, Friend and Helper
3 Buzz See You Sioux
3 G. Green Funny Valentine
3 Porras, Jon Black Mesa
3 Mount Carmel Real Women
3 Kaleidoscope Tangerine Dream
3 Pinhas, Richard Chronolyse
3 Eastley, Max Installation Recordings
3 Lost Domain, The Blondes Chew More Gum
2 D. Charles Speer & The Helix Leaving The Commonwealth
2 Death Grips Money Store, The
2 Mesa Ritual Voltaic Processions
2 Normal Love Survival Tricks
2 Locrian & Mamiffer Bless Them That Curse You
2 Snider, Todd Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables
2 Vialka Curiosities of Popular Customs
2 Father You See Queen 47
2 Janel & Anthony Where Is Home
2 Dimmer Ascent
2 Brooks, Roy & The Artistic Truth Black Survival
2 23 Skidoo Seven Songs
2 Isaacs, Gregory Soon Forward
2 Sizzla Stay Focus
2 Kuti, Fela Live In Detroit 1986
2 Dilloway, Aaron Modern Jester
2 Anderson, Fortner Solitary Pleasures
2 Lace Bows Pollen Futures
2 PA.RTS Greatest Hiss
2 Von Zippers Nothing Can Bring Me Down!
2 Golgotha Communications LTD. Diet'a z dobrej rodiny
2 Various Artists For Whom The Cowbell Tolls
2 Ostermeier, M. rules of another small world, the
2 Burbank International Warthog
2 Wylie & The Wild West Rocketbuster
2 Candie Hank Groucho Running
2 Various Artists Donna Summer Vs. Ove Naxx
2 PRE Third Album
2 Ethel Heavy
2 Allin, G.G. Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be
2 Parkins, Zeena Double Dupe Down
2 Vatican Shadow Kneel Before Religious Icons
2 Lepki, Lui Late Night Movie
2 Boothe, Ken Who Gets Your Love?
2 Heino, Keiji/O'Rourke, Jim/Ambarchi, Oren Imikuzushi
2 El Doom & The Born Electric El Doom & The Born Electric
2 Phog Masheen 23 Duets
2 Jolthrower Jolthrower II
2 Musette Drape Me In Velvet
2 Laurel Halo Hour Logic
2 Various Artists I'm Walkin' Babe! - Northwest Battle of The Bands Volume 3
2 No Ufo's Soft Coast
2 Mcbee, Cecil Sextet With Freeman, Chico Compassion
2 Orcutt, Bill A King Or Something
2 Szczepanik, Nicholas Truth of Transience, The
2 Inner Tube Witness The Reverie of a Mind Filtered Through The Tube...
2 Akchote, Noel Sonny II
2 Dalglish Benacah Drann Deachd
2 Morgan, Neal In The Yard
2 Vacuum Walking Slow
2 Deadfall Keep Teling Yourself It's Okay
2 Surizehi, Abdulrahman Rakhshani Love Songs and Trance Music From Balochristan
2 Evangelista In Animal Tongue
2 Little Queenie Blackout / SS Shipwreck
2 Megafortress Megafortress
1 Love Dimension, The Dark Night of Your Soul, The
1 Montreal Symphony Orchestra Canada
1 Concern Misfortune
1 Diaz-infante, Ernesto Civilian Life
1 Americans In France Crawling
1 Kuti, Fela Shuffering and Shmiling / No Agreement
1 Various Artists Second Stop Is Jupiter: Doo Wop From Saturn and Beyond Vol2
1 I Self Divine Sound of Low Class Amerika, The
1 Fraction & Fresh Kils Extra Science
1 Gangrene Vodka & Ayahuasca
1 Edwards, (Wilfred) Jackie I Do Love You
1 Positive Catastrophe Dibrujo, Dibrujo, Dibrujo
1 Bruckmann's, Kyle: Wrack Cracked Refraction
1 Nugent, Cian Grass Above My Head 7"
1 Gilbert / Hampson / Kendall Orr
1 Philippe Petit Una Symphonia Della Paura
1 Junzo, Suzuki Ode to a Blue Ghost
1 Tashi Wada Gradient
1 Bohren & Der Club of Gore Mitleid Lady
1 Aube Hydrophobia
1 Willie Isz Georgiavania
1 Silentist Nightingales
1 Various Artists Bacteria Cult/Actuary
1 Semya Golden Days
1 Various Artists Atriarch / Alaric
1 Masson, Nicolas Parallels Thirty Six Ghosts
1 Ex, Terrie / Nilssen-love, Paal Hurgu!
1 Les Swashbuckling Napoleons Fuck
1 Eckhardt, John Xylobiont
1 Vertonen At Jennie Richie Leaving Ocean For Land
1 Coltrane, Alice Transfiguration
1 Kuhn Brothers & The Mad Rockers, The Kuhn Brothers & The Mad Rockers, The
1 Fuck On The Beach Eat 'em All
1 Forward Energy Awakening, The
1 Ohno, Matsuo I Saw The Outer Limits
1 Sutekh Hexen Larvae
1 Various Artists Heaven Help The Child
1 Protomartyr Dreads 85 84
1 Black to Comm Earth
1 Rothenberg, Ned Inner Diaspora
1 Xiu Xiu Always
1 Various Artists Sagan Genesis / Waxy Tomb
1 Obnox III Masonic Reducer EP
1 Crushed Stars In The Bright Rain
1 Excavacations Object Permanence
1 Gastaldi, Nelson Symphony No. 3: Siddhartha Gautama O El Poder De La Nada
1 Kelvox 1 Grazed Red
1 Mass At Dawn Pyramid Nipple
1 Various Artists Le Rythme De La Parole II
1 Michihiro, Sato Rodan
1 Johnson, Bola Man No Die
1 Deathprod Imaginary Songs From Tristan Da Cunha
1 Nova Scotian Arms Cult Spectrum
1 Various Artists A Throne Without A King
1 Teichmann They Made Us Do It
1 GTC, The Columbus and His Robot Army
1 Ferraro, James Far Side Virtual
1 Lutoslawski, Witold Orchestral Music
1 Cellular Chaos Cellular Chaos EP


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