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  Top plays at KFJC
From July 25 2012 thru August 1 2012

Plays Artist Album
9 Shackleton Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ
9 Reiko, Ike You, Baby
9 Various Artists Ambient Not Not Ambient
8 MSG Songs From a Gated Community
8 Bronze Rouge Became B/w Wits, The
8 Various Artists Don't Trust Your Neighbors
8 Altar of Flies Let New Life Rise In The Face of Death
8 Riley, Terry Les Yeux Fermes & Lifespan
7 Black Swan (Mansell, Clint) Black Swan
7 Zs New Slaves Part II: Essence Implosion!
7 DJ Madskillz Down The Rabbit Hole
7 Sun Araw, M. Geddes Congos Frkwys Vol. 9
7 Ohno, Matsuo I Saw The Outer Limits
6 Megabusive 2012 Promo Sampler
6 Exusamwa Phase IV
6 Ursprung Ursprung
6 Man's Best Friend New Human Is Legal, The
6 Roy C. Sex & Soul
6 Various Artists Bulgarian Folk Dances
6 Brutal Truth End Time
6 Suum Cuique Ascetic Ideals
6 Pampers Guts
6 Ciani, Suzanne Voices of Packaged Souls
6 Broken Water Tempest
5 Tejada, John Parabolas
5 Esoteric Paragon of Dissonance
5 Mourner Still
5 Quiet Evenings Patience Folding Waters
5 Blackwell, Scrapper Virtuoso of Guitar of Scrapper Blackwell, The
5 Avarus IV
5 LFO Frequencies
5 Eicher, Stephan Spielt Noise Boys
5 Skoal Kodiak Kryptonym Bodliak
5 Royal Baths Better Luck Next Life
5 Hubbard, Ray Wylie Grifter's Hymnal, The
5 Peaking Lights Lucifer
5 MV & EE Space Homestead
5 Hickey Various States of Disrepair - Complete Works 1994-1996
5 Porter, Roly Aftertime
5 Medicine and Duty Scorps
5 Post-Materialists Love
4 Los Venturas Kaleydoskop
4 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & The Rita S/t
4 Dexter, Daniel Storm
4 David, Gareth * Uitti, Frances-marie Gramercy
4 Titan Titan
4 Haare Rautapilvi
4 Leaving Earth Ejecta
4 Dull Knife Dull Knife
4 Gangrene Odditorium
4 Wishart, Trevor Fanfare and Contrapunctus / Imago
4 Torsion Jackson's Private Zoo
4 Vesicus Magi: Within The Sigil of Kia
4 Woolen Men Hair of The Night, The
4 Tuusanuuskai Naaksaa Na Mun Kyyneleet
4 Timebombs, The Mumbling
4 Various Artists An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music
4 Various Artists WIRED Open Day 2009
4 Exile Radio Am/fm
4 Sagat Few Mysteries Solved In a Year of Contact
4 Various Artists Ides of Gemini/Vermapyre
4 Rainbow Lorikeet Fractures
4 Various Artists Sticks Over My Shoulder
4 Kacirek, Sven Scarlet Pitch Dreams
3 Ugly Winner Inside Your Wave
3 Apogee Sound Club Belligerent
3 Various Artists HAIL THE BLACK NOISE!!!!
3 Glass Coffin Haunted By The Ghosts of The Damned
3 Various Artists Redshape / Fudge Fingers
3 Big Youth Dread Locks Dread
3 Whitehorse Live Ritual July 25th 2011
3 Les Rideaux Clandestins Theatre Clandestins
3 Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band Very Best Of, The
3 Muller, Frank & Degiorgio, Kirk Emphasis
3 Spelling Mistakes Feels So Good
3 Husere Grav Myths
3 Long Distance Poison Bog Nebula, The
3 Various Artists Even More Songs of Route 66
3 Boar Hunter S/T
3 Kawaiietly Please a Moment of Silence
3 Gog In Our Architecture This Resounds
3 Aqualads, The Revenge
3 Liver Cancer Children of The Vortex
3 Sungod Laurentide & Cordilleron + Others
3 Anderson, Marisa Golden Hour, The
3 Mouthbreathers Anxiety/The Creeper
3 Desert Sessions Resurrection
3 Sex Church Growing Over
3 Palestine, Charlemagne & Schaefer, Janek Day of The Demons
3 Dagons, The Upon The Dull Earth
3 Vacuum Tree Head Discoteca MM2
3 Price, Seth Army Jacket
3 Moss Icon Moss Icon
3 Atomic Forest Obsession
3 Wildbirds & Peacedrums Retina
3 Radioinactive Akashic Record, The
3 Foster Care Bad Vibe City
3 Nurse With Wound & Blind Cave Salamander Cabbalisim
3 Various Artists Inertia / Resisting Routine
3 Lanox, Jason Burning Every Bridge That I Cross to Find
3 Life Life
3 Kaleidoscope Tangerine Dream
3 Shepp, Archie Magic of Ju-ju, The
3 Vulva Birdwatch
3 Leroux, Sylvain Quatuor Creole
2 Thin Air Orchestra Live At In The Flow Festival 2010
2 Slave Definitive Groove Collection, The
2 Drudkh Songs of Grief and Solitude
2 Darondo Listen to My Song: The Music City Sessions
2 Szczepanik, Nicholas Chiasmus, The
2 Pangea Living Dummy
2 Ether Island Season of Risk
2 Green, Pat Songs We Wish We'd Written II
2 Two Man Gentlemen Band, The Two at a Time
2 Hogan, Kelly I Like to Keep Myself in Pain
2 Soliday, J. Nonagon Knives
2 Conscious Summary Consious Summary
2 Hand to The Man Band, The You Are Always On Our Minds
2 Astromero Live In San Francisco
2 Can Lost Tapes: 1968-1975, The
2 Mekons, The Me-tunes
2 Various Artists Giant Gila Monster Vol 1.
2 Daughters S/T
2 Ak Laff, Pheeroan House of Spirit : Mirth
2 Heat Wave 20 Years
2 Electric Crush Dropouts In a Drug Haze
2 Bader, Philip Wishful Thinking
2 Various Artists Charts/Besties, The
2 Sad Horse Purple On Purple Makes Purple
2 Ptak, Carly Both
2 Caminiti, Evan Night Dust
2 Various Artists Dabke- Sounds of The Syrian Houran
2 Lehtisalo, Jussi Interludes For Prepared Beast
2 Premrock & Willie Green S/t
2 Zinn, Howard a People's History of The United States
2 First Dog to Visit The Center of The Earth Corecore
2 Drainolith Ain't No Sunshine
2 Koi Pond So Higher
2 Sadja, Doron Residuals
2 Jack of Heart In Yer Mouth
2 3 Moons Kult Ur O Man Cor
2 Various Artists Second Stop Is Jupiter: Doo Wop From Saturn and Beyond Vol2
2 Robotiks My Computer's Acting Strange
2 Vocoder Cuadro Sinoptico
2 Nice Face Horizon Fires
2 Grass Widow Internal Logic
2 Bola Volume 7
2 Dahlen, Erland Rolling Bomber
2 Sutherland, Randy Lee Lip Music Swamp
2 Helvacioglu, Erdem Eleven Short Stories
2 Various Artists Hip Hop For The Hill - Vol. 3
2 Molina, David Music For Installations and Performance Art
2 Transient Purgatories 2000 to 2008
2 Dolorvotre S/t
2 Happy Refugees Return to Last Chance Saloon
2 Natural Yogurt Band, The Away With Melancholy
2 House of Low Culture Poisoned Soil
2 Astral Social Club Astral Social Club
2 Joynes, C Congo
2 Brown, Dennis Wake Up
2 Elektro Guzzi Parquet
2 Masloboev, Evgeny / Masloboeva, Anastasia Russian Folksongs In The Key of Sadness
2 Usual Fake
2 Growlers, The Hot Tropics
2 Toure, Sidi Koima
1 Various Artists Trojan Roots Box Set
1 Fontana Fontana
1 Husky Dudes S/t
1 Various Artists Last Time Around
1 Plinth Collected Machine Music
1 Knot of Fire Tempest Over Refuge
1 Petit, Didier NOHC On The Road
1 Zulus Zulus
1 Voetsek EuroTour 2008
1 Father Befouled Rotting Godless Throne
1 Disforterror Impalement and Holocaust Stench
1 Williams, Don And So It Goes
1 Various Artists Borderlands: Music of Central Asia Vol. 10
1 Perret, Guillame & The Electric Epic Perret, Guillame & The Electric Epic
1 Indian Summer Science 1994
1 Various Artists Fucking Lesbian Bitches/ No/ho/mo
1 Surplus 1980 Relapse In Response
1 SCSI-9 Metamorphosis
1 Claro Intelecto Reform Club
1 Various Artists Kylesa / Victims
1 Lacy, Steve and Centazzo, Andrea Clangs
1 Twinkle Brothers, The All The Hits From 1970-1988
1 Various Artists BIPPP
1 Aloonaluna Bunny
1 Halvorson, Mary and Pavone, Jessica Departure of Reason
1 Love Dimension, The Dark Night of Your Soul, The
1 Montreal Symphony Orchestra Canada
1 Nervous Assistant Bastard Blues
1 Truth About Frank, The Cannibal Work Ethic
1 Pop. 1280 Thirteen Steps
1 Striations & Sharpwaist Markoff
1 Jakobsons, Marielle V. Glass Canyon
1 Rowe, Keith / Fennesz, Christian Live At The LU
1 Kandodo Kandodo
1 Inhalt Vehicle
1 McClellan, Robedeaux and Stoner Blessings
1 Mezei, Szilard Quintet Cerkno
1 Smith, Wadada Leo Ten Freedom Summers
1 Yves / Son / Ace Unsung
1 Bohren & Der Club of Gore Mitleid Lady
1 Boats, The Ballads of The Research Department
1 Various Artists Horaflora / Bromp Treb
1 Allerseelen Schwarzer Rab
1 Foot Village Anti-magic
1 Pedestrian Deposit Kithless
1 Thing, The ( Morricone, Ennio ) Thing, The
1 Deathprod Imaginary Songs From Tristan Da Cunha
1 Faravelli, Attila Underneath The Surface
1 T.I.T.S. Girls, The
1 Jay Lumen Groovy Stuff, The
1 Necks, The Mindset
1 Pousseur, Marianne Only
1 Second Approach Event Space
1 Alkibar Gignor La Paix
1 J.T. Meshes of the Afternoon


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