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  Top plays at KFJC
From September 12 2012 thru September 19 2012

Plays Artist Album
9 Conet Project, The Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations
8 Anworth Kirk Shacklecross
7 Borghesia Clones
7 Phog Masheeen Survey of Brutality
7 Scarcity of Tanks Vulgar Defender
7 Trin Tran Dark Radar
6 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Mature Themes
6 Dave Dub Treatment, The
6 Bronze Copper
6 DJ Female Convict Scorpion Wizards
6 Plinth Collected Machine Music
6 Pyrolator Inland
5 Firewater International Orange!
5 Draugelates, Anka and Leonard, Cheryl E. Portholes
5 Robotiks, The Man and Machine
5 Mcgregor, Dion Further Somniloquies Of, The
5 Exotics, The Enchanted Interrogation Room
5 Zarigani$ Avocado
5 Driver, Jan Amatilda
5 DOG Fuck Faced Failures
5 Deep Magic Closed Eyes
5 No Neck Blues Band Aftypiclipse (For Jazzfinger)
5 Ptak, Carly Wonder Now
5 Watusi Zombie Buddha Mask Experience
5 Big Blood Big Blood & The Wicked Hex
5 Jah Shaka Happiness / Exile Dub
5 Flower Travellin' Band Make Up
5 Pod Blotz Swamp Command, The
5 Tronics Love Backed By Force
4 Flatlanders, The Odessa Tapes, The
4 Various Artists Radical Waves
4 Catera, Damian Bach: The Well Tempered Clavier Book 1
4 Various Artists OHM+: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music
4 Vigroux, Franck We (nous Autres)
4 Iibiis Rooge Hespherides
4 K-the-i??? Synesthesia
4 Woolen Men Woolen Men
4 Sleeping People Notruf
4 Luu, Elisa Un Giorno Sospeso
4 Liminanas, The Crystal Anis
4 Caminiti, Evan Dreamless Sleep
4 Valles, Damian Nonparallel In Four Movements
4 Ruins of Beverast Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite
4 Dark Knight Rises, The (Hans Zimmer) Dark Knight Rises, The
4 Wormrot Dirge
4 Pyramids With Wraiths Magpie & Raven
4 Audio Werner Rushograph E.P.
4 Preston, Don Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-75
4 Spectre Folk Ancient Storm, The
4 Fergus & Geronimo Funky Was The State of Affairs
4 Sal Solaris Outerpretation of Dreams
4 Medicine Cabinet Discordant Ovation
4 Various Artists Trojan Roots Box Set
4 Schaltkreis Wassermann Psychotron
4 Olekranon Barbarians
4 Segall, Ty Band Slaughterhouse
4 Various Artists Compact 7 - Alienloops EP
4 Art Abscons Der Verborgene Gott
4 Crash Normal Your Body Got a Land
3 Doe, John and Cervenka, Exene Singing and Playing
3 Lee, Bunny Version Master Presents The Roots of Dub, The
3 Sete Star Sept All Is Wrong
3 Cult of Daath Slit Throats and Ritual Nights
3 Winterblut Von Den Pflichten Schones Zu Vernichten
3 Various Artists Bamboo On The Mountains
3 Orsi, John a Room For The Night
3 Bang's, Billy Survival Ensemble Black Man's Blues
3 Full Blast & Friends Sketches and Ballads
3 Perkins, Philip Tool's Paint
3 Various Artists Hip Hop For The Hill - Vol. 5
3 Various Artists District of Noise Vol. 5
3 Various Artists Stones Throw 101
3 Eligh As They Pass
3 Dark Time Sunshine ANX
3 Various Artists Crown of Cerberus/ Miscreant
3 X Ray Pop Dream Machine, The
3 Population Reduction Each Birth a New Disaster
3 Fields, Lee My World
3 Various Artists Vahan Multaa Paalle
3 Yoni My Little Yoni
3 O'Brien Party of 7 Reincarnation: The Songs of Roger Miller
3 Negativland Dick Vaughn's Moribund Music of The 70's
3 Eidetic Seeing Drink The Sun
3 Kellar Cell Divides
3 Lundvall, Tor Shipyard, The
3 Gary War Jared's Lot
3 Burnette, Ranie Ranie Burnette's Hill Country Blues
3 Fehlmann, Thomas Visions of Blah
3 Comiskey Relays
3 Nabatov, Simon / Reijseger, Ernst / Schubert, Matthias Square Down
3 Pek Preaching Evil
3 elephant & castle transitions
3 Lesser / Matmos / Wobbly Simultaneous Quodlibet
3 Various Artists Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges
3 Claro Intelecto Reform Club
3 Williams, Larry Love Charms / Heeby Jeebies
3 Shanley, Scott No Title
3 Dreebs, The Bait an Orchard
3 Zorn, John Templars In Sacred Blood
3 Various Artists Musique Fragile 01
3 Odz Manouk Odz Manouk
3 Curtin, Dan Space Politics EP
3 EKG electricals
2 Lund, Corb Cabin Fever
2 Liguori, Gianmarco Duga-3: Musical Directions By Gianmarco Liguori
2 Axis:Sova Weight of a Color
2 Frustrations Negative Reflections
2 New Fumes Bump and Assassination
2 Blueprint Human Being Heaven Is All
2 Top.R Walking Contradiction / Bar Crawl
2 Terrible Twos Plunderball/Spitting Image
2 Various Artists Rake / Con Demek
2 Meelkop, Roel 1 (Veramente Morto)
2 Ombre Believe You Me
2 Particle Being Trio Post Terrestrial Volume One
2 Various Artists Bay Area Accordion Babes 2009
2 Mendoza, Ava With Tamburro, Nick Quit Your Unnatural Ways
2 Various Artists Family Curse/White Murder
2 Hauschka Salon Des Amateurs
2 Various Artists Asshole Parade/Slight Slappers
2 Plantain Fall of a Candy Empire
2 Muller, Frank Horizons Remixes
2 Gummihz Songs From The Continents
2 Various Artists Echocord Jubilee Comp.
2 Pablo, Agustus Message Music
2 San Francisco Street Music Defiant Ones
2 Slavic Soul Party Jackson / Gangster
2 Snider, Todd Time As We Know It
2 Shoot The Pier Low Hangs The Moon
2 Various Artists Monomen/Apemen
2 Carlton Melton Smoke Drip
2 Romus, Rent / Lords of Outland XV
2 Nazoranai Nazoranai
2 Dead Congregation Graves of The Archangels
2 Spray Paint Spock Fingers/Pink Pus
2 Various Artists Last Time Around
2 Rempis Percussion Quartet, The Montreal Parade
2 JK Flesh Posthuman
2 High Wolf Know Thyself
2 Sixtoo Almost a Dot On The Map. The Psyche Years
2 Rwake Rest
2 Gallhammer Dawn Of..., The
2 Various Artists Something Cold
2 Profanation Devastation of Purity
2 3 Leafs Canal Smarts
2 Jeans Wilder Totally
2 Jerusalem and The Starbaskets Dost
2 Crook, Brian Bathysphere
2 Gay Nineties Village (Eakins, Paul) Nickel Music
2 LA Vampires By Octo Octa Freedom 2K
2 Water Borders Harbored Mantras
2 Buttonhead 3D Opera Whale
2 Kunitaka, Sato Wander Shadow of Southern Streets
2 Mueran Humanos Mueran Humanos
2 Gluck, Jeremy & Friends I Knew Buffalo Bill
2 Elklink Rise of Elklink, The
2 Us Christmas Bad Heart Bull
2 Various Artists Rockers Vibration
1 Lucky Dragons Dream Island Laughing Language
1 Rodriguez Searching For Sugar Man
1 Lord Time Forgotten Future
1 Dead Man Dead Man
1 Amarok Amarok
1 Brown, Dennis Stage Coach Showcase
1 Funerary Call Damnation's Journey
1 Jarrett, Winston Children of The Ghetto
1 Montrose, Ronnie Open Fire
1 Ectoplasm Girls TXN
1 Four Freshmen, The Voices and Brass (conducted By Pete Rugolo)
1 Fitzgerald, Ella Jerome Kern Songbook, The
1 Troxler, Yvonne Brouhaha
1 Intoxicators, The Journey to The Center of The Earth
1 Zephyrs Order of The Arrow
1 Adams, John Harmonium
1 Berio, Luciano Sinfonia
1 Carney's Ralph Serious Jass Project Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project
1 Sabbath Assembly Restored to One
1 Jimmy Soul Best of Jimmy Soul, The
1 Padgett, Betty S/T
1 Francis Harold and The Holograms White Bull Weeps From Valhalla, The
1 Dragon Kalahen
1 Ondatropica Ondatropica
1 Los Caballos De Dusseldorf 3
1 White Shit Sculpted Beef
1 Marsen Jules Nostalgia
1 Deathspell Omega Drought
1 Aura Noir Black Thrash Attack
1 Gebbia Goodheart & Powell Zen Winter
1 Dreher, Toby Freiluft In Remix
1 Various Artists Thrift Store Find
1 Alewives, The Ghost Guitars/Moment of Truth
1 Winters In Osaka Back to The Grave
1 Prince Jammy Jammies In Lion Dub Style
1 King Dude Dungeon Doo-wop
1 Nu Sensae Sundowning
1 Vlatkovich Tryyo Pershing Woman
1 Cauchemar La Vierge Noire
1 Brutal Poodle Trichotillomania
1 Diatric Puds & The Blobbettes Weird Watusi Variations, The
1 7L & Esoteric Jealous Over Nothing
1 Son of Jor-El S/t
1 Turman, Robert Flux
1 Mosconi, Davide / Kloz, Inez / Bonora, Gustavo Archi
1 Holy Strays Enlightenment/Phrenesia
1 Debo Band S/t
1 Various Artists Dawn of The Dead: Unreleased Soundtrack Music
1 Fennesz, Christian AUN - The Beginning and The End of All Things
1 Ufomammut Oro: Opus Primum
1 Harnetty, Brian Sociophonic Key (from The Sun Ra / El Saturn Archives)
1 Giffoni, Carlos Evidence
1 Various Artists Bed of Pain
1 Mitchell, Nicole Sonic Projections Emerald Hills
1 Vedomir Vedomir
1 Ill Blu Clapper
1 Marshall, Owen Naked Truth, The
1 Conscious Summary Brown Jackets
1 Various Artists Nigeria 70 - Sweet Times: Afro-Funk, Highlife & Juju From 19
1 Funkees, The Dancing Time
1 Lame Drivers Cruisin' Classics
1 Clark, Roy Stringin' Along With The Blues
1 Various Artists Never Not Fresh
1 Orquesta El Macabeo El Sueno / Cogiendo Pon
1 White Shoes & The Couples Company , The S/T
1 Toilet Boys Broken Home
1 Sad Horse North Portland Music Series, Volume #2
1 Wrathprayer Sun of Moloch: The Sublimation of Sulphur???s Essence Whic,
1 Ruined Fortune Bulls Eye


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