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  Top plays at KFJC
From February 27 2013 thru March 6 2013

Plays Artist Album
9 Various Artists ImpRec300
9 Various Artists Just a Little Bit of The Jumpin' Bean
8 Matmos Marriage of True Minds
7 Various Artists Turkish Freakout 2
7 Stereo Total Musiqu Automatique
7 Pere Ubu Lady From Shanghai
7 Perrey, Jean-Jacques & Countryman, Dana Destination Space
7 Monolake Ghosts
7 Chiffons, The Sweet Talkin Girls: Best of
6 Watson, Dale El Rancho Azul
6 Moby Grape Place and The Time, The
6 Various Artists Apocalypse Now
6 Soebardja, Benny Lizard Years, The
5 Adult. D.U.M.E.
5 Chris & Cosey Collectiv One
5 Mouse On Mars WOW
5 Von Himmel Rock N Roll Animal / Traum Esel
5 Spotnicks, The Rare French 60's Tapes
5 Various Artists Scattered Melodies: Korean Kayagum Sanjo From 78rpm Records
5 Various Artists Psych Funk A' La Turkish Vol 1
5 Akron Voyage of Exploration
5 Moon Duo Circles
5 Newcleus Jam On Revenge
5 Smersh Cassette Pets
5 Various Artists Final Testimony: Sekuencias De Culto
5 Various Artists Freude Am Tanzen 5zig
4 Various Artists Music of The Ottoman-American Disapora Vol II
4 Hunter, James Six, The Minute By Minute
4 Moira Scar Scarred For Life
4 Various Artists Panicsville / Rubber O Cement
4 Ohio Penitentiary 511 Jazz Ensemble Hard Luck Soul
4 Umberto Prophecy of The Black Widow
4 Spray Paint Spray Paint
4 Metaboman Ja/Noe
4 Chilton, Alex Free Again: The 1970 Sessions
4 Hayden, Bridget a Siren Blares In an Indifferent Ocean
4 Tongue and Teeth What Have We Done to Your Quiet?
4 Pinched Nerve 59 Highland Ave (Delusional)
4 Drcarlsonalbion & Hackney Lass Modern English Folklore Vol. 1: Hackney
4 Pretty Mustache In Your Face
4 Scorpion Violente Uberschleiss
4 Artificial Memory Trace Boto [Encantando]
4 Larsen Cool Cruel Mouth
4 Bambi Molesters, The a Night In Zagreb
4 Various Artists Afghanistan Untouched
4 Branes Perfection Condition
4 Redshape Square
4 Om Adavitic Songs
4 Toral, Rafael Space Elements Vol. 3
4 Cale, John and Riley, Terry Church of Anthrax
4 Battisti, Lucio S/T
3 Segall, Ty & Cronin, Mikal Reverse Shark Attack
3 Punks On Mars Bad Expectations
3 Mahan, Rich Blame Bobby Bare
3 Hancock, Wayne Ride
3 Destruction Unit Void
3 Various Artists Ecstatic Jazz Duos
3 Bastien, Pierre Machinations
3 Anatomia Decaying In Obscurity
3 Various Artists Mushroom's Patience + Outofsight
3 Colin L. Orchestra COL
3 Nothing People C'mon Girl / Walk On
3 Bluiett, Hamiet Endangered Species
3 Various Artists Wilt / Badr Vogu
3 Vassafor Obsidian Codex
3 Bay Blue S/T
3 Birds of Passage Winter Lady
3 Beggars Beggars
3 Find The Others Find The Others
3 Muennich / Esposito, Michael / GX Jupitter-Larsen Wraiths of Flying A
3 Airfix Kits Flex Time
3 Corner, Philip Gong / Ear : Dance-ing, 1 & 2
3 Xander Harris Urban Gothic
3 Brothers Unconnected Unrock The House
3 Kolovos, Peter New Bodies
3 Briefs, The Singles Only
3 Kesey, Ken and Babbs, Ken Acid Test Vol. 1
3 Oneohtrix Point Never Rifts
3 Villalobos, Ricardo Au Harem D'archimede, The
3 Rich, Robert Nest
3 Pistol Disko 2004-2011
3 Dial Western Front
3 Raime Quarter Turns Over a Living Line
3 Osuna, Paco Amigos Pt. 1
3 Walter, Weasel, Halvorson, Mary & Evans, Peter Mechanical Malfunction
3 Van Wissem, Josef & Jim Jarmusch Mystery Of Heaven, The
3 McPhee, Joe and Chris Corsano Scraps and Shadows
3 Dessa Castor The Twin
3 Human Teenager Animal Husbandry
3 Various Artists Civil War Naval Songs
3 Various Artists Big Blood / Smaldone, Micah Blue
2 Various Artists Surreal Estate
2 Boyd, Charles Douchebag Zombie
2 Cords, Nicholas Recursions
2 D'Bruzzi, Mama Mia Imperative, The
2 Various Artists Minimal Wave Tapes, The Volume Two
2 Alienslang Hazmat Cape
2 Bianchi, Maurizio & Lopez, Francisco KRMN
2 Hungry Cowboy Dance
2 Ulher, Birgit/Rodrigues, Ernesto/Santos, Carlos Doppelganger
2 Various Artists 50 Weapons of Choice
2 dEbruit From The Horizon
2 Lee Bannon Fantastic Plastic
2 Sujo Repent
2 Friel, Dan Total Folklore
2 Stillsuit Stillsuit
2 Phizmiz, Ergo Eleven Songs
2 Lust For Youth Growing Seeds
2 Sweet Talk Pickup Lines
2 Radio Free Clear Light Labyrinth of Ohgel, The
2 Drcarlsonalbion La Strega and The Cunning Man In The Smoke
2 Goat World Music
2 Impulse International, The Point of Action
2 Murderous Vision Black Hellebore - a Quiver of Arrows
2 Wall of Death Main Obsessions
2 Liver Cancer Adrenalflag Cirrosismantis Livormortis
2 Kaiser, Jeff and Skaller, Phil Endless Pie
2 Shadow Ring, The Remains Unchanged
2 Danny and The Darleans Don't Ask The Question
2 Vagusnerve Go Back to The Sirius
2 RM74 Two Angles of a Triangle
2 C-Horse Tongues / Enough
2 S.C.U.M. Again Into Eyes
2 Timmy's Organism Raw Sewage Roq
2 Gessesse, Tlahoun Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 4
2 Boredoms Super Roots 10 - Ant 10
2 Chatham, Rhys/Kane, Jonathan/DJ Elated System Septile
2 Various Artists L.I.E.S. Presents: American Noise Volume One
2 Vatican Shadow Ornamented Walls
2 Various Artists Soul Cal
2 Aluk Todolo Occult Rock
2 Kodama Turning Leaf Migrations
2 Robedoor Rancor Keeper
2 Various Artists Magnified Healing (TEF, Prurient, Richard Ramirez)
2 Nde Kampfbereit
2 Mutiilation Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn)
2 White Pee Trumpets Bring On Gallows
2 DJ Female Convict Scorpion Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs
2 Lamps Under The Water Under The Ground
2 Various Artists Tensions At The Vanguard: New Music From Peru (1948-1979)
2 Various Artists Diablos Del Ritmo - Part 1
2 Charlie Nothing Outside / Inside
2 Pinkish Black Pinkish Black
2 +DOG+ Family Music Book, Volume 1, The
2 Capleton Free Up
2 Lego Feet Lego Feet
2 Clyne, Anna Blue Moth
2 Mighty Diamonds Leaders of Black Countries
2 Sounding The Deep Glacier
2 Chalot, Veronique J'ai Vu Le Loup
2 Lives of Angels Elevator to Eden
2 Holley, Lonnie Just Before Music
2 Various Artists Crying Princess:78 rpm Records From Burma, The
1 Ultra Flat Black Ultra Flat Black
1 Foxdye Close Hearts Over Far Hills
1 Junko & Henritzi, Michel Fear of Music
1 Twins of El Dorado Portend The End
1 Guano Padano S/t
1 Af Ursin Murrille
1 Knelt Rote Trespass
1 Laye, Mordy and The Group Modular Mystery of Mordy Laye and The Group Modular, The
1 Mugstar Axis
1 Grand General Grand General
1 Fecalove Void Chaos and Cum
1 Trees Sickness In
1 Klarinette Path of Sisyphus, The
1 Plateaus S/t
1 Conscious Summary Hurtful Lover
1 Forward War Nuke and Death Sentence
1 Reality Crisis Not Bound By The Past, We Live In The Present
1 Altar Eagle If I Could Study The Future
1 Feeling of Love, The "la Peur Est Une Illusion" Singles 2006-2008
1 Useless Eaters Hypertension
1 Tsigoti Read Between The Lines... Think Outside Them
1 Various Artists Freak Hallucinations
1 Overstreet, Rev. Louis There's No Future In Gaining The World and Losing Your Soul
1 Contagious Orgasm Division and Combination
1 Lumerians Weaning and The Dreaming, The
1 Scolex Torn From Beyond
1 Undergang Indhentet Af Doden
1 Transhumans, The Sink
1 Bren't Lewiis Ensemble Refreshing Hemorrhage
1 Cherry Five Cherry Five
1 Drumm, Kevin Relief
1 Burial Truant
1 Carter/Tutti/Void Transverse
1 Various Artists Music of The Ottoman-American Disapora Vol I
1 Viktor Vaughn (MF Doom) Vaudeville Villain
1 Mellowhype Numbers
1 Various Artists Hummingbird of Death Meets Titanarum
1 Blood Axis Born Again
1 Leviathan True Traitor, True Whore
1 Zen Widow Screaming In Daytime (Makes Men Forget)
1 Bipolar Bear Total War: March to The Pacific
1 Candle Labra Live @ Katabatik
1 Cross Stitched Eyes Decomposition
1 Drug Problem Drug Problem
1 Lanham, Eric Sincere Interruption, The
1 Various Artists Those Who Dwell Beyond
1 Bondage Mini Album
1 Ultras S/C 1417 Roberts Ave
1 Lau Nau Valohiukkanen
1 NHK'Koyxen Dance Classics Vol. II
1 Babysitter Eye
1 Various Artists Son of Jor-El/Larson, Erik
1 Opposable Thumbs S/T
1 Anduin Abandoned In Sleep
1 Flint, Shelby Complete Valiant Singles, The
1 Dodsfalla Death Future
1 Various Artists Pebbles Vol. 12
1 Various Artists Put No Blame On The Master
1 There Will Be Blood ( Greenwood, Jonny ) There Will Be Blood
1 Akiyama, Tetuzi / Sugimoto, Taka / Wiget, Bo Spazieren Hokou / Periodic Drift
1 AIDS Wolf Ma Vie Banale Avant-garde
1 Various Artists Harder Shade of Black
1 Pitre, Duane / Pilotram Ensemble Organized Pitches Occurring In Time
1 Montgomery, Roy Music From The Film Hey Badfinger


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