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  Top plays at KFJC
From June 12 2013 thru June 19 2013

Plays Artist Album
9 DJ Frane Hi Dusty Stranger
9 Vertonen HACE / 26,250'/11 22.4'N 142 35.5'E
7 Various Artists Battery Davis
7 Grace, Jeff Trigger Man/The Roost
7 Date Palms Dusted Sessions, The
7 Libaek, Sven Inner Space (The Lost Film Music of Sven Libaek)
7 Curse of The Golden Vampire Curse of The Golden Vampire
6 Needles Desesperaction
6 King Woman Degrida / Sick Bed
6 Hey Colossus Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo
6 Dirty Beaches Drifters/Love Is The Devil
6 Various Artists Listen to The Music
6 Various Artists Hip Hop For The Hill-June 2013
6 Reatard, Jay Matador Singles '08
6 Spazz Sweatin' II Deported Live Dwarf
6 Various Artists Adventures In Modern Electronics
6 Various Artists Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 2
6 Man Or Astro-Man? Defcon 5...4...3...2...1
6 Sotho Sounds Junk Funk
6 Hunters Hands On Fire
6 Kitchen + The Plastic Spoons Screams to God
6 Ocoeur Light As a Feather
5 Ghostface Killah Twelve Reasons to Die
5 Necrobutcher Schizophrenic Noisy Torment
5 Davis, Miles Septet Live In Vienna 1973
5 Ridgley, Tommy Tommy Ridgley Collection, The
5 Fjellstrom, Marcus Epilogue -M-
5 WatchOut! Flashbacker
5 Brooks, JC & The Uptown Sound Howl
5 Frankie & The Pool Boys Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts, The
5 In The End It Biteth Like an Adder S/t
5 Deupree, Taylor Faint
5 Deadstring Brothers Cannery Row
5 Various Artists Dj Dubcuts
5 Carcinogenz Carcinogenz
5 Thunderbird Thunderbird
5 Xiu Xiu + Eugene S. Robinson Sal Mineo
5 Various Artists A389 Digital Recordings Mixtape MMXIII
5 Tan-Ru Sit On
5 Sourvein Black Fangs
5 Orchestre National De Mauritanie Orchestre National De Mauritanie
5 Los Vigilantes Me Siento Azul / Volvera
4 Various Artists Five Days Married & Other Laments: Northern Greece 1928-58
4 Fuxedos, The Fuxedos, The
4 Avarus Salon Des Amateurs
4 Ides of Gemini Hexagram 45
4 Various Artists Total Life / Deceh
4 Cops S/t
4 Cilia, Martin Surfersaurus
4 Boyle 2013disc2
4 Winslow-King, Luke Coming Tide, The
4 Hot Club of Cowtown Rendezvous In Rhythm
4 Stella! Sorry, Stella
4 Severin, Steven Unisexdreamsalon
4 Bootsy's Rubber Band Bootsy? Player of The Year
4 Phork Entertainment
4 Various Artists Badawi / Ladyman
4 Lunde, Eric Ootheka
4 Various Artists Cock E.s.p/ Actuary
4 Various Artists Classic Harmonica Blues
4 Sao Paulo Underground Beija Flors Velho E Sujo
4 Various Artists Harafinso
4 Sauvage, Tomoko Ombrophilia
4 Dieuf-Dieul De Thies Aw Sa Yone Vol. 1
4 Dead Neanderthals Polaris
4 Bone Sickness Alone In The Grave
4 Wyrm Divination Bones
4 NHK Unununium
4 Oxia Tides of Mind
4 Sirota, Nadia Baroque
4 Cooper, Mike White Shadows In The South Seas
4 Various Artists Sonic Protest 2006
4 Human Eye Into Unknown
4 Eight Miles High Katalog
4 Bazooka Bazooka
4 Mackrosoft S.E.M.E.
4 Nurse With Wound Huffin' Rag Blues
4 Beat 4 Habia Una Vez...
4 Ring Craft Posse, The St. Catherine In Dub 1972-1984
4 Penguin Feet & The Teardrop Kid S/t
3 Coltrane, John John Coltrane Quartet Live In France - July 27/28 1965
3 Various Artists Black Scorpio Underground, The/Werewolf Jerusalem
3 Liberez Sane Men Surround
3 Various Artists Landscape of Open Eyes
3 Rajkowski, Miroslaw Reference One
3 Various Artists Actuary/Juhyo
3 Black Hat Covalence
3 Belaboris Once Upon a Time ...
3 Landry, Yvette No Man's Land
3 Rush, Bobby Down In Louisiana
3 Smegma / Blood Stereo Guff Vout Mulch
3 Dauby, Yannick Wa Jie Meng Xun
3 Stratic Stratic
3 Dim Past Black Dolphin
3 Pride, Mike Drummer's Corpse
3 Various Artists Toy Bizarre/Lethe
3 Wells, Mary One Who Really Loves You/Two Lovers, The
3 Hermit of The Woods Land of The Lotus Eaters
3 Black Sun Roof 4 Black Suns & a Sinister Rainbow
3 Bitter Fruit It Gets Bitter
3 Non & Rice, Boyd Back to Mono
3 Gravetemple Ambient / Ruin
3 Botanist IV: Mandragora
3 Dreamdecay Fern
3 Herpes O Deluxe Tollerort Organisation Verfugt
3 Bola Fyuti
3 Magda From The Fallen Page
3 Grunt Europe After Storm
3 Function Incubation
3 3:33 In The Middle of Infinity
3 Northgate Liturgie Pour La Fin De La Patrie
3 Grenier Voids One
3 Koboku Senju Joining The Queue to Become One of Those Ordinary Ghosts
3 Various Artists Ripped From Death, Forced to Live, and Die Again
3 Moonrises Frozen Alters
3 New Birth, The Ain't No Big Thing/Comin' Together
3 Del The Funky Homosapien and Parallel Thought Attractive Sin
3 Gate a Republic of Sadness
3 Gerogerigegege, The All You Need Is an Audio Shock By Japanese Ultra Shit Band
3 Ruins Art Dance
3 Philippe Petit Hitch-hiking Thru Bronze Mirrors
3 Lower S/t
3 Lusine Waiting Room, The
3 Six Organs of Admittance Parsons' Blues
3 Fleshpress Pillars
3 Informatics Dance to a Dangerous Beat
3 His Divine Grace Reverse Aleph
3 Oneohtrix Point Never Returnal
3 Crystal Castles (III)
3 Various Artists Drop On Down In Florida
3 Androids of Mu Blood Robots
3 Controller 7 Left Handed Selections
3 Insane Warrior, The We Are The Doorways
3 Swans Seer, The
3 Z-man Dope Or Dog Food
2 Peoples Temple Looters Game 7"
2 Demonomancy Premonition, The
2 Actuary Reality Is, The Dream Is Dead, The
2 Nurse With Wound Automating Volume Two
2 U.S. Music With Funkadelic S/t
2 Brides of Funkenstein, The Funk Or Walk
2 Austin Lounge Lizards Home and Deranged
2 Q4U Q1 Deluxe Edition: 1980 - 1983
2 Cindytalk a Life Is Everywhere
2 Rico Jama Rico
2 Teeth Mountain Teeth Mountain
2 S.O.S Looking For The Next One
2 Cactus Night Is Rising On The World
2 Hersch, Michael Sudden Pianist, The
2 Various Artists Channel One Story, The
2 Aderlating Spear of Gold and Seraphim Bone Part One
2 Pan Gu Primeval Man Born of The Cosmic Egg
2 Reijonen, Jussi Un
2 Thunder Mountain EP
2 Higuchi, Keiko Ephemeral As Petals
2 Kuti, Fela & Africa 70 Everything Scatter / Noise For Vendor Mouth
2 Ancestors III
2 Howlround Ghosts of Bush, The
2 Various Artists Camping
2 Peals Walking Field
2 Clayton, Jace Julius Eastman Memory Depot, The
2 Elephant9 With Reine Fiske Atlantis
2 Jones, Glenn My Garden State
2 Blectum From Blechdom Messy Jesse Fiesta, The
2 Adorables, The Adorables, The
2 Aranos Every Bright Body Gleams Green
2 Little Women Lung
2 Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud, The Rest On Your Arms Reversed
2 Main Ablation
2 Barn Owl V
2 Crossing, The I Want to Live
2 Hot Sauce Featuring Rhonda Washington Good Woman Turning Bad
2 Hair Police Mercurial Rites
2 Rev, Martin S/T
2 Black Pus All My Relations
2 Corum Beguiling Isles: Born of Earth's Torments
2 Greenlief, Phillip Lines Combined
2 Various Artists Underground Praha
2 Fort Romeau Kingdoms
2 Cyrille, Andrew & Haitian Fascination Route De Freres
2 Villalobos, Ricardo / Lodenbauer, Max Re: ECM
2 Sao Paulo Underground Tres Cabecas Loucuras
2 Thompson, Lincoln & The Rasses Vortex Dub
2 Levy, Barrington Too Experienced: The Best Of...
2 Big Blood Radio Valkyrie 1905 - 1917
1 Cuntz Aloha
1 Gnaw Their Tongues Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus
1 Sult Harm
1 Seven Lies About Girls Process of Weeding Out, The
1 Vandaveer Oh, Willie, Please
1 Emperor X Western Teleport
1 Parker, Lewis, T.R.A.C., John Robinson Tic-Tac-Toe
1 Ol' Dirty Bastard Nigga Please
1 Clell Miller's Corpse Bill Chadwell Demo, The
1 Anderson, Marisa Mercury
1 Skyprojection Skyprojection
1 Pinhas, Richard Desolation Row
1 Stevens, Cedric Syncopated Elevators Legacy, The
1 Sienna Nanini Pants Down Time
1 Calle Della Morte Gente Di Malaffare
1 Meursault, Pali Offset
1 Maladie Maladie
1 Big Ship, The A Circle Is Forever
1 Various Artists Live From Festival Au Desert, Timbuktu
1 Folkeiis Hate Rebel Blood Stain
1 Violent Change Violent Change Lp
1 Cosey Fanni Tutti & Petit, Philippe Mist While Sleeping
1 Iron Lung White Glove Test
1 Various Artists I Drink Your Skin
1 Various Artists Mind of a Missile, The
1 T.D. Skatchit & Company Ear of The Storm
1 Nunn Crossman McGee Plastic Critters
1 Saltland I Thought It Was Us But It Was All of Us
1 Vulva Vulvic Yonification
1 Kyriakides, Yannis Resorts and Ruins
1 Sujo Ondan
1 Midday Veil Current, The
1 Sunken New Zealand Eels
1 Zomes Time Was
1 Seven That Spells Cosmoerotic Dialogue With Lucifer
1 Menche, Daniel Feral
1 Various Artists Harlem In Vogue: Poetry & Jazz of Langston Hughes
1 Hurley, Michael Back Home With Driting Woods
1 Clarinette Clarinette On DNA: Jazz Impressions of DNA On DNA/Retrospekt
1 Van Allen Belt, The Songs
1 Gnarboots A.L.B.U.M.
1 Karjalan Sissit Karjalan Sissit
1 Farthest South Omens & Talismans
1 Kellar Fulminant
1 Bubbly Mommy Gun Los Estados Amigos
1 Vaaska Ruido Hasta La Muerte
1 Lotus Eaters Wurmwulv
1 Martire Brutal Legions of The Apocalypse
1 Algiz Claire-Voie
1 Black Bug Reflecting The Light
1 49 Americans, The We Know Nonsense
1 Aardvarck Find The Cow
1 Irr. App. (ext.) & At Jennie Richie Apt. J(ext.)ie Irrchie - Night Wearing Feathers


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