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  Top plays at KFJC
From August 7 2013 thru August 14 2013

Plays Artist Album
12 Monk, Thelonius Brilliance
12 Joplin, Scott Piano Rags
12 Various Artists Mystic Soundz of Afrika
10 Various Artists Double Mono
10 Photek Ku:Palm
9 Alienslang Hypercube Constellations
9 Full Moon Ensemble Crowded With Loneliness
9 Various Artists Ecstasy of Gold: Vol. 2, The
9 Various Artists Psychedelic Rock Mexican
8 Plotnick, Henry Fields
8 Bad Drumlin Grass Live At Timber Cove
8 Sky Burial Pas The Sarvering Gallack Seas and Flaming Nebyul Eye
7 Karel, Ernst Heard Laboratories
7 Pade, Else Marie & Kirkegaard, Jacob Svaevninger
7 Kid 606 Songs About Fucking Steve Albini
7 Vile, Kurt Wakin' On a Pretty Daze
7 Various Artists Met@musik
7 X-Ray Pop Pirate!
7 Bazooka I Want to Fuck All The Girls In My School
7 Bluiett, Hamiet Resolution
6 Kirchen, Bill Seeds and Stems
6 Sinatra, Frank Songs For Swingin' Lovers
6 Zomby With Love
6 Moore, R. Stevie I Missed July
6 Woolen Men Dog Years
6 Alchemist, The Rapper's Best Friend 2
6 Yximalloo Techno Shrine Choir
6 This Will Destroy You Tunnel Blanket
6 Wolfkind, Bain Music For Lovers & Gangsters
5 Various Artists &fate / The Rhythm (remix 2)
5 Sassetti, Bernardo Unreal: Sidewalk Cartoon
5 3 Balls of Fire Somewhere On The Deep Blue Pacific
5 Carchesio, Eugene Concert For One Person In a Small Room
5 Mingus, Charles At Town Hall With Eric Dolphy
5 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. In Search of The Lost Divine Arc
5 Palestine, Charlemagne + Z'Ev Rubhitbangklanghear Rubhitbangklangear
5 Eno, Roger/Plumbline Endless City/Concrete Garden
5 Los Venturas Paisley Beach
5 Los Piranas Toma Tu Jabon Kapax
5 Siouxsie Mantaray
5 Jasenka, Antanas an Artist and a Plane
5 Davignon, Matt 3am Music, The
5 Hopkins, Jon Immunity
5 Various Artists Origins of American Primitive Guitar
5 Gospel Truth a Lonely Man Does Foolish Things
5 C.O.T.A. Marches and Meditations
5 Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory Elements of Light
5 Lunde, Eric Music Is Meat
5 Nathan, Jesse and Janzen, Chris Dinner - a Record of Madness
5 Octo Octa Between Two Selves
5 Macchi, Egisto Voix
5 Cold Showers Love and Regret
5 Grenier Voids Two
5 Inzinzac Inzinzac
5 Violeta Vil Lapidas Y Cocoteros
5 Various Artists When The Sky Color Changes Ducks Automatically Escape
4 Lumerians High Frontier, The
4 Asc Nothing Is Certain
4 Perry, Lee Skanking With The Upsetter, Rare Dubs 1971-1974
4 Various Artists 19th Century French Poetry
4 Hudson, Keith Furnace
4 Gould, Thomas Soundz
4 Ink On Paper Ink On Paper
4 Xiphoid Dementia Secular Hymns
4 Momin, Ravish Trio Trana Miren (A Longing)
4 Prophet Hens, The Popular People Do Popular People
4 Reverend Bizarre In The Rectory of The Bizarre Reverend
4 Atari Teenage Riot Is This Hyperreal?
4 Demons That Drove Werk
4 Old Yeller & The Pigbites Songs For Nadine
4 Cotton Museum Pus Pustules
4 Haker Flaten, Ingebrigt Chicago Sextet Live At Jazz Festival Saalfelden 2011
4 Food Pyramid Ecstasy and Refreshment
4 Mohammad Roto Vildblomma
4 Souvenir's Young America an Ocean Without Water
4 Big City Orchestra Stanchenzza
4 Various Artists Psychic Constellation
4 Various Artists Hip Hop For The Hill - Vol. 7
4 Artemiev, Artemiy Time, Desert and a Sound
4 De Man, Roderik Electrified Music
4 Sounding The Deep Night
4 Bad Cop Light On EP, The
4 Sa, Joana & Luis Jose Martins Almost a Song
4 Xex Change
4 Fat History Month a Gorilla
4 Coleman, Rodger & Sam Byrd Indeterminate
4 Various Artists Blanc Et Rouge
4 Secret Colors Days Off
4 Runs, The Pretty Girls
4 Ascend & Beat Junkies, The Hard Jazz
4 Various Artists 14 Tracks From Planet Mu
4 Ex, The & Brass Unbound Enormous Door
4 Pride, Mike/From Bacteria to Boys Birthing Days
4 Queen Family, The Back Porch Music
4 Vomitchapel Damnatio Ad Bestias
3 Brobdingnagian Pretty Magoo Cancer
3 Synth Sense Tomorrow's World
3 Instra:mental Resolution 653
3 Various Artists Oral Anthology: Spanish-American Poetry of The 20th Century
3 Cilia, Martin Going to Kaleponi
3 Grex Second Marriage
3 Therefore Ocean
3 Jahrtal Reprisen Und Instrumentalstuecke
3 Voices Aporia
3 Karen Paranoid Times/ Gun Violence
3 Jah Shaka Commandments of Dub Chapter 7
3 Coyote Slim and Teurfs, Colin California Delta Blues
3 Sudden Infant / Grey Wolves / Macronympha Interzone 3
3 Rizzati, Walter House By The Cemetary
3 Cairo Pythian Unity Mitford
3 Various Artists I Kamp Til Doden (Blodfest / Wolfslair)
3 Mattin & Richard Francis Lisa Says
3 Korekyojinn With Tsuboy Akihisa Doldrums
3 Manson, Charles Hallways of The Always, The
3 Jakizawa, Jaki Can You Feel The Juices?
3 Pykrete Liber Novus
3 Various Artists 12th Annual Outsound New Music Summit
3 Bad Drumlin Grass All Night Long
3 Black Ace Black Ace
3 Ego Death 10 Ways to Go Emotionally Bankrupt
3 Neige Et Noirceur Natura Mortis Sonoris
3 Blu & Exile Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them.
3 RLLRBLL 4 Corners
3 Inspectah Deck, 7L & Esoteric Czarface
3 Turn Me On Dead Man We Are The Star People
3 Various Artists Haters/Styrofoam Sanchez/p.c.r.v./Crank Sturgeon
3 Beaulieau, Emil Abusing The Little Ones
3 Yney Antarctina
3 Nervous Gender Live At The Whiskey 1980
3 Various Artists Hands On
3 Funkadelic Standing On The Verge of Getting It On
3 We Drew Lightning Glitch
3 Lame Drivers flexi-book EP
3 Various Artists Super Vacations / The Ceiling Stares, The
3 Various Artists Les Geometries Souterraines
3 Chord GMaj7
3 Dreamdecay N V N V N V
3 Various Artists Mystery Triangle
3 Miguel, Sei Esfingico: Suite For a Jazz Combo
3 Behold The Arctopus Horrorscension
3 Sun Children Sun S/ T
3 Salon Kingsadore Anti-Borneo Magic
3 Fair, Jad and Naofumi Ishimaru Half Alien
3 Schonwald Mercurial/Gemini
3 Amalgamated Trudge/slap
3 Weird TV S/t
3 Carchesio, Eugene Circle Music II
3 Revolutionaries, The Drum Sound: More Gems From Channel One Dub Room 1974 to 1
3 Various Artists I Want The Beatles to Play At My Art Center!
3 O Paradis Reinos: El Invierno D Los Cuentos
3 Fight The Big Bull All Is Gladness In The Kingdom
3 Metal Rouge Soft Erase
2 Various Artists Bleeding Rectum / Man Is The Bastard AKA Charred Remains
2 Craig, Carl (as Psyche\BFC) Elements 1989-1990
2 Nagai, Seiji Electronic Noise Improvisation 1999
2 Hazzard's Cure Hazzard's Cure
2 Various Artists Marlo Eggplant / Narshe
2 Bren't Lewiis Ensemble Rapture Piles
2 Unholy Crucifix Ordo Servorum Satanae
2 Various Artists Reggae Goodies Vol. 2
2 Cold Electrics Y'Know For Charity
2 Derdiyoklar Ikilisi Coban Mamos
2 Kito Mizukumi Rouber Boseki Ni Tatazumu KMR
2 Vanhala, Jaakko Here Be Lions
2 Frizzi, Fabio Zombi 2
2 Riss Rissko Acid Catch
2 Winters In Osaka Pierced Ears Piercing Eyes
2 Boboso Life's a Gas
2 Boyce, RL Ain't The Man's Alright
2 Domus Mactibilus Rehearsal 2013
2 Blood of The Black Owl Light The Fires!
2 Seofon Zero Point
2 Morten Rasz Void Chimes
2 Welter In Thy Blood Todestrieb
2 Bovell, Dennis Mek It Run
2 Gnom I Snegovik Myzel
2 Ghosts of The Holy Ghost Spermic Brotherhood S/T
2 Oneirogen Kiasma
2 Fox's Billy Blackbirds & Bullets Dulces
2 Post-Materialists Moist Rita & Glyptique
2 Kullhammar, Jonas / Aalberg, Espen / Zetterberg, Torbjorn Basement Sessions Vol. 1
2 Picnic Weather's Fine, The
2 Various Artists Unjoy / Pagan Heritage
2 Chaos Destroy Lightning Strikes Twice
2 Ratos De Porao Colera
2 Keszler, Eli Oxtirn
2 Vlatkovich Lee Mclagen Succulence of Abstraction
2 Spazz La Revancha
2 Fistula Northern Aggression
2 Cellgraft Eternal Habitation
2 Drexciya Journey of The Deep Sea Dweller III
2 Servile Sect Glowing
2 Fox, Robin Handful of Automation
2 Dark Time Sunshine Vessel
2 Ogres, The Acrid and Misanthropic Sounds Of, The
2 Diabate, Cheick Hamala Prudence
2 Brooke, Nick Border Towns
2 Cum Stain Hurry Up and Kill Yourself, You Scumbag...
2 Nico Teen In The Eye of The Storm
2 Goldie, Tim / Beban, Daniel Slakes
1 Aswad Aswad
1 Polysick Under Construction
1 Beau, Julien Reflet
1 Rosenfeld, Marina Hard Love
1 Carlton Melton Four Eyes
1 Foodie Foodie
1 Trepaneringsritualen Totality of Death, The
1 Bits of Shit Meat Thump
1 Agnes S/t
1 History of Colour Tv, The Emerald Cures Chic Kills
1 Schmickler, Marcus Palace of Marvels
1 Various Artists Initiated In Impiety As Mysteries
1 Career Suicide Cherry Beach E.P.
1 ConSono Hymns of Deceased Deities
1 Never Presence Forever Disturbed Visceral Nociception
1 Tasuketekun Electrical Lessons
1 To The Lovers, Farewell Banister to The Throne Room
1 Endometrium Cuntplow Eclipse Blindness
1 Alto! Alto!
1 Take Up Serpents Early Documents - Live In 2005-6
1 Vertonen Le Coeur Mecanique
1 Bran(...)Pos Den of Ordure and Iridescence
1 Various Artists No Tmrw Mix
1 Various Artists Skullflower / Utarm
1 Various Artists Mons Veneris/Morte Incandescente
1 Various Artists Cremaster / Komora A
1 Extincion De Los Insectos Untitled
1 Bangas, Stu & Vanderslice Diggaz With Attitude
1 Sieben Line and The Hook, The
1 Revolutionaries, The Dial M For Murder
1 Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet + Tatsuya Oe Onjq+Oe
1 Bullion Love Me Oh Please Love Me
1 Various Artists Death Might Be Your Santa Claus
1 Arrowwood Beautiful Grave
1 Loachfillet Tatminsizlik Ve Olum
1 Obnox Corrupt Free Enterprise
1 Frozen Geese Geese On Ice
1 Black Neck Band of The Common Loon, The Fleshing Beam, The
1 Fucked Up Dangerous Fumes
1 Aranos Transfixiatio
1 AWOL ONE & Factor Landmark, The
1 Flaherty / Moloney / Moore / Janas / Shurdut Cosmic Hallways
1 Rice, Larry "Sunshine" Here's Sunshine
1 Hasegawa, Hiroshi Never Ending Story of Noise Forest


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