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  Top plays at KFJC
From December 11 2013 thru December 18 2013

Plays Artist Album
9 SantaFis Who Ate Santa Claus?
9 Schneider, Bret Model of a Garden Scene With Watering Can
8 Hecker, Tim Virgins
8 Various Artists Surf-Age Nuggets Trash and Twang Instrumentals 1959-1966
8 Boards of Canada Tomorrow's Harvest
8 Moe Oslo Janus
8 Darto In Difference
7 Friedman & Liebezeit Secret Rhythms 5
7 Multitudes Telepathic Libretto
6 Windhand Soma
6 Twilight Circus Dub From The Secret Vaults
6 Korzynski, Andrzej Diabel Soundtrack (1972)
6 Various Artists Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals
6 Meshuga Nutcracker Original Cast
6 Blanco, Juan Nuestro Tiempo / Our Time
6 Bleached Ride Your Heart
6 Sun Ra Arkestra Live At The Paradox
6 Larsen + Z'ev In V.tro
5 Sly and The Family Stone Sexy Situation/Mother Is a Hippie
5 Janel & Anthony Janel and Anthony - Fifth Anniversary Edition LP
5 Slushy Candy B/W Pocket
5 Pleasure Cross Demo 2013
5 Blurry Lulls
5 Orcutt, Bill Tic Fit
5 Micheline, Jack In Amsterdam
5 Sweet Talk Flash of Light
5 United Sacred Harp Convention Alan Lomax Recordings, 1959, The
5 Various Artists Simla Beat 71
5 Living Earth Show, The High Art
5 Melchior, Letha Rodman Handbook For Mortals
4 Vatican Shadow Remember Your Black Day
4 Various Artists 20 Jahre Kompakt: Kollektion 2
4 Hubris Base Desire
4 Pliant S/t
4 Various Artists Botanist/Palace of Worms
4 Careless Hearts Alum Rock
4 Hedberg, Mitch Mitch All Together
4 Kellar Four Square Cipher
4 Worship Book of Beasts
4 Pestova, Xenia Shadow Piano
4 Foster, Josephine I'm a Dreamer
4 Minderbinder No One Is Trying to Kill You, Sweetheart
4 Agnew, Spiro Speaks Out
4 Various Artists Short Fast & Loud
4 Old Komm Ventspils
4 Wau Y Los Arrrghs Todo Roto
4 New Weather New Weather
4 Bootsy's Rubber Band Ahh..The Name Is Bootsy, Baby!
4 Chan / Evans / Blancarte / Walter Cryptocrystalline
4 Darkstar News From Nowhere
4 VNDL Gahrena: Paysages Electriques
4 Witch We Intend to Cause Havoc!
4 Various Artists Gangster Soul Girlz Harmony Vol. 3
4 Division Four 1983 Demo Cassette
4 Hunters Hunters
4 Various Artists Shik Shak Shok! Psyhedelic Music For Belly Dance
4 Worst Case Scenario S/t
4 DEADPRESSURE Dead Side Story Vol 1
4 Bertucci, Lea Resonance Shapes
4 Super Onze Gao
4 Ballrogg Cabin Music
4 Quttinirpaaq Let's Hang Out
3 Marley, Bob Bob Marley & The Wailers In Dub Vol.1
3 Various Artists Anthony Rother Presents Electro Commando1 Welcome to Psicity
3 Various Artists Robag Wruhme - Olgamikks
3 Kuti, Fela Open & Close/Afrodisiac
3 El Mahdy Jr Spirit of Fucked Up Places, The
3 Lauderdale, Jim Old Time Angels
3 Various Artists Divided & United
3 Various Artists Wanderer's Swing: Texas Dance Hall Music
3 Truth About Frank, The Carrion EP, The
3 Ashley, Greg Death of a Ladies Man
3 Beat Broker My Way Or The Highway
3 Various Artists TV Sound and Image
3 Under 15 Seconds S/T
3 Kool and The Gang Wild and Peaceful
3 Raw Geronimo Dream Fever
3 D.Z. Lectric & Shield, Anton Lickin'
3 Artemiev, Eduard Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris
3 Column of Heaven Holy Things Are For The Holy
3 Sapphire Slows Allegoria
3 Gorilla Biscuits Gorilla Biscuits
3 Spits, The S/T
3 Dissipated Face With Daniel Carter Know With What Tint of Spectacles to Heighten The Depths and
3 Machinedrum Vapor City
3 Lotus Fucker Forever My Fighting Spirit
3 Mingus, Charles Mingus In Europe Volume 1
3 Crossing, The Christmas Daybreak
3 Axelrod, Lawrence Six Brandenburg Fantasias, The
3 McVea, Jack & His All Stars Open The Door, Richard!
3 Instruments of Science and Technology Library Catalog Music Series: Music For Paradise Armor
3 Dolphy, Eric Copenhagen Concert
3 Various Artists Kiss of The Damned
3 Souleyman, Omar Wenu Wenu
3 Ain Soph Aurora
3 Darkthrone Under a Funeral Moon
3 Pharmakon Abandon
3 Null, KK Vulcanoid
3 Robot By The River Birdsong Sayonara
3 Carter, Chris Disobedient
3 Dowd, Johnny Do The Gargon
3 Fuck Pretty...Slow
3 Janitors, The Drone Head
3 Featherbeard Incantations
3 Autodigest a Compressed History of Everything Ever Recorded, Vol. 2
3 Athanor Flashback
3 Molina, Juana Wed 21
3 Halasan Bazar Space Junk
3 Cold Showers Love and Regret
3 Various Artists Devil's Business, The
3 Pig Destroyer Book Burner
3 Numinous Eye Clockwork Moon
3 Coleman, Ornette Empty Foxhole, The
3 Terveet Kadet Piinaavanautinto
3 Far-Out Fangtooth Borrowed Time
3 Cosmin TRG Gordian
2 Timecrimes Soundtrack Timecrimes Soundtrack
2 Hysteria Ward From Breakfast to Madness
2 Ohio Players Skin Tight
2 Enbilulugugal Noizemongers For Goatserpent
2 Captain Sinbad Reggae Music Will Mad Unu!
2 Robair, Gino Solo Drums With Ebow
2 Whoridas High Times
2 Various Artists Speicher CD2
2 Cliff, Jimmy Rebirth
2 Jedi Scum Jedi Scum
2 Permanent Collection No Void EP
2 Ardillas Linda Nina
2 Namlook, Pete & Klaus Schulze Dark Side of The Moog, The
2 Tough Age Tough Age
2 Purling Hiss Paisley Montage
2 Monk, Thelonius / Coltrane, John Monk/Trane
2 Oxygen Destroyer Skate and Distort
2 Dancer S/T
2 Prince Far I and The Arabs Dub to Africa
2 VxGxLxSxCxDxVxZxNx Extrauterine Malformations of Vaginal Cadavera
2 Chrome Half Machine From The Sun
2 Plume Demo
2 Various Artists Radon/This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb/Vaginasore Jr/King Friday
2 Trembling Hands Trembling Hands
2 Coppice Big Wad Excisions
2 Toy Story Two Barrage of Bizarre Rocket Skulls
2 Corringham, Viv Walking
2 Circus Devils My Mind Has Seen The White Trick
2 Up Around The Sun Up Around The Sun
2 Odd Clouds Smells Like Trash
2 Sword Heaven Gone
2 Rushford, James & Talia, Joe Manhunter
2 Clouds USB Islands
2 Slow Walkers Slow Walkers
2 Fungal Abyss Bardo Abgrund Temple
2 Meteor Men, The Meteor Men 2013
2 Davis, John Ask The Dust
2 Corrections House Last City Zero
2 Stillsuit Stillsuit
2 Flavor Blue, The a Different Kind of Nervous
2 Crimson Scarlet Window, The
2 Trace Figures No Escape/Lucidity
2 Replica S/T
2 Rebel Set, The How to Make a Monster
2 Perry, Lee Aura Meets Lee Perry At Black Ark
2 1994! FKYRHED
2 Oranssi Pazuzu Valonielu
2 Gjerstad-Skaset-Tafjord-Molstad-Moe Deichman
2 Fuxa Dirty D
2 Various Artists Night Gallery 3: 21st Century Psycho Out, The
2 Lloyd Pack, The At Home With The Lloyd Pack
2 Various Artists Knock Out Blues: Early R&B Vol. II
2 Bailterspace Trinine
2 Vex Ruffin Vex Ruffin
2 Miss Chain & The Broken Heels Dawn, The
2 Brotzmann, Peter / Nilssen-love, Paal Woodcuts
2 Various Artists Voltaique Panoramique Volume 1: Popular Music In Ouagadougou
2 Sida Sida
2 Shahram S/T
2 Sephetho Lira Li Tjamme
2 Deathstench Massed In Black Shadow
2 Lunde, Eric Colorado Terrain Investigation
2 Carpenter, John & Howarth, Alan They Live
2 My Cat Is an Alien With Nels Cline Ocean Above Your Heads, The
2 Masacre Metal Medallo Attack
2 KVB, The Immaterial Visions
2 Various Artists Popofoni
2 Slaves, The Ocean On Ocean
2 Shirks, The Action Men
2 Merx 20000 Sq Ft Under The Sea
2 Bradley, Paul / Coleclough, Jonathan / Kojo, Hitomi / Potter Water Mountan
2 Sons of Intrepid Best of Luck B/w Tonight
2 Knotted Cord Heavy Minerals
1 Various Artists Denny, Martin/ Baxter, Les
1 Huon Hung Up Over Night
1 Bam Bams, The S/T
1 Buried At Birth S/T
1 Side Effects More to Fear
1 Thee J. Johanz E.P
1 Ellington, Duke Duke Ellington 1938
1 Crucible My Heart Is a Merciless Piece of Metal and Fire
1 Residual Echos Incredible Feets
1 Sujo Pia
1 Porcelain God Porcelain God
1 Mighty Diamonds, The Pass The Kouchie
1 Lord of The Abyss Lord of The Abyss
1 Dekker, Desmond King of Ska
1 Various Artists Hibachi Omnibus Vol. 1: Far East Meets Midwest
1 Stinkerbell S/t
1 Kalphat, Bobby and The Sunshot All Stars Zion Hill
1 Fictivision Vs. Phynn Escape
1 303 Committee Conquest
1 War World Is a Ghetto, The
1 Hamburger, Neil Hot February Night
1 Timofeev, Viktor Give Health999
1 Sensation's Fix Fragments of Light
1 Brown Chuck E. and The Soul Searchers Bustin' Loose
1 Monkey Power Trio, The Misreattached
1 Various Artists Head Cleaner: a Louisville Music Compilation
1 Iron Reagan Worse Than Dead
1 Siratori, Kenji Monster's Device
1 Hi Fi Honey Drops Hi Fi Honey Drops
1 Spray Paint Rodeo Songs
1 Run The Jewels Run The Jewels
1 Various Artists Through The Gate of The Silver Key
1 Judy Experience, The S/T
1 Various Artists Nova Scotia / Eye
1 Natural Snow Buildings Daughter of Darkness
1 Safewords Safewords
1 Pampers Pampers
1 Whore Paint Swallow My Bones
1 Jenssen, Geir Stromboli
1 Black Monk Flowstone
1 Rockey, Lee Music
1 Hellvete Sint - Denijs
1 Nuut, Maarja Soolo
1 Various Artists Bring'ng The Noise 4
1 Fronds Fronds
1 Various Artists Drug Dragons/ Static Eyes Split 7"
1 Circuit Des Yeux Overdue
1 Hable, Matthew S/T
1 Various Artists Noothgrush/Coffins
1 Shades of Deep Water Constant Pressure
1 Various Artists Tragedy / Totalitar
1 Artificial Memory Trace Vol 9. Distori (noah)
1 Oneohtrix Point Never R Plus Seven
1 Rh New Bedford Squall
1 Rubedo Massa Confusa
1 Meets, The It Happens Outside
1 ElSaffar, Amir Alchemy
1 O Paradis La Boca Del Infierno
1 Of The Wand & The Moon Lone Descent, The
1 Coph Nia Holy War E.P.
1 Mystifier Tormenting The Holy Trinity
1 Antaeus Blood Libels
1 Husere Grav You Are Transparent
1 Tarrakian Swarm, The
1 Bluiett, Hamiet Sextet Young Warrior, Old Warrior
1 Wet Hair Spill Into Atmosphere
1 Anti-Pop Consortium Fluorescent Black
1 Caffa Day of Disease
1 Repulski, Graham Over The Shit Rainbow / Universal Tourist
1 Quartet San Francisco Pacific Premieres
1 Lederer, Jeff Swing N' Dix
1 Sissy Spacek Harm
1 Iyer, Vijay & Mike Ladd Holding It Down: The Veterans' Dreams Project
1 Gary Wrong Group Knights of Misery
1 Lycus Tempest
1 Various Artists Your Suffering Will Be Legendary
1 Treetops Giant Earth
1 Horan, Eddie I'm Gonna Speak Out
1 Staer Daughters
1 Skullcaster Substrata
1 Novo Homo Private Hell
1 Religious Knives Smokescreen
1 Washerwoman Washerwoman
1 Various Artists 20 Guilders / We Have Heaven Split
1 Reizen, Atsushi Untitled
1 Various Artists District of Noise Vol. 6
1 Koner, Thomas Novaya Zemlya
1 Various Artists Intonarumori: 2013 NorCal NoiseFest Audio Comp
1 Bhattarcharya, Pandit Debashish Madeira


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