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  Top plays at KFJC
From February 26 2014 thru March 5 2014

Plays Artist Album
15 Space Lady, The Space Lady's Greatist Hits, The
10 Little Ann Deep Shadows
10 Metzger, Paul Tombeaux
8 Atomic Ape Swarm
8 Kink Gong Voices
7 Illusion of Safety Surrender
7 Dog Party Lost Control
7 Art of The Japanese Bamboo Flute Art of The Japanese Bamboo Flute
7 Various Artists Cosmic Machine
6 Various Artists Inside Llewyn Davis
6 Various Artists 50 Weapons of Choice #30-39
6 Nommo Ogo Sea of Night, The
6 Alva Noto Xerrox Vol 1
6 Fifty Foot Combo Go Hunting!
6 Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet
6 Various Artists California
6 Ssleeperhold Ruleth
6 Nobunny Secret Songs
6 Epicycle You're Not Gonna Get It: 1978-81
6 Ulaan Khol III
6 Toupee Dinner Parties
6 Hotel EP
5 Curtin, Dan Lifeblood
5 Peter Peter & Peter Kyed Valhalla Rising
5 Various Artists La Flute Indienne
5 Various Artists Hard Girls/Summer Vacation
5 Johnny Ill Band Post Office
5 Various Artists Pteradon/Shinobu
5 Potshot Til I Die
5 Various Artists Woolen Men/ Spookies
5 Gori, Lallo La Morte Scende Leggera
5 Southern Culture On The Skids Dig This
5 Biram, Scott H. Nothin' But Blood
5 Lee, Jason and The R.I.P. Tides Lee, Jason and The R.I.P. Tides
5 Villains Never Abandon The Slut Train
5 Francis, Roy Phase One Dubwise Vol. 1&2
5 Carey, Jeff [3:30]
5 Decadence a Beheaded Winner and Fragrances of Happiness
5 Big Ups Eighteen Hours of Static
5 Vexx Vexx
5 Deadbeat Vs. Beaupre, Stephen It's a Crackhaus Thing
5 Various Artists Peacefrog 10.100.02
5 Chris & Cosey Allotropy
5 Kwaidan Make All The Hell of Dark Metal Bright
5 Various Artists Mindrocker Volume 1
5 Perth What's Your Utopia?
5 Various Artists Angola Soundtrack 2
5 Holley, Lonnie Keeping a Record of It
5 Takamasa, Aoki RV8
5 Gosfield, Annie Almost Truths and Open Deceptions
4 Wilson, Gary Forgotten Lovers
4 Various Artists Surfer's Mood (Vol. IV)
4 Parhelion Pineapple City
4 Various Artists Tengir-Too: Music of Central Asia Vol. 1
4 Gilbert, Bruce and BAW Diluvial
4 Various Artists Fungus of Terror
4 Autechre L - Event
4 Cowley, Patrick School Daze
4 Various Artists Clinton, George Family Series Vol. 2 "P" Is The Funk
4 Map 71 Map 71
4 Various Artists I Heard The Angels Singing: Electrifying Black Gospel
4 Fuck Buttons Slow Focus
4 ARU ARU Dub Plate Vol 3.5
4 Spiegel, Laurie Expanding Universe, The
4 Bad Dudes Eat Drugs
4 Dealbreaker Pissed
4 Toxoplasmosis Toxoplasma
4 Maps and Diagrams In Circles
4 Flash Bang Grenada 10 Haters
4 Howden, Matt Voyager
4 Victrola Maritime Tatami/Game of Despair
4 Burial Rival Dealer
4 Soft Focus Soft Focus
4 Various Artists Godspunk Volume 13
4 Farthest South Spheres & Constellations
4 Botched Facelift Blood Sardine
4 Various Artists Untitled
4 Queers, The Munki Brain
4 Marching Dynamics Workers Party of Haiti, The
3 Vermette, Bill Katha Visions
3 First Communion Afterparty Earth Heat Sound
3 Grex Monster Music
3 Schumacher, Stanley and Taylor, David No Technique
3 Dust Collector Please Have This!
3 Ambarchi, Fennesz, Pimmon, Rehberg, Rowe Afternoon Tea
3 Black Twig Pickers Whompyjawed
3 Coltrane, Alice Divine Songs
3 Kuda-gitsume Cistern Hymns
3 Repulski, Graham Ballerina Arcade
3 Chinkees, The Karaoke With The Chinkees
3 Deviation Social Tempus/Deathwatch: From End to Beginning Vol. 2
3 Wanda Group a Slab About Being Held Captive
3 Keyboard Keyboard
3 Wylie and The Wild West Relic
3 Various Artists Freestyle Candies II
3 Clawed First Magic Number, The
3 Death Grips No Love Deep Web
3 Anderson, Thomas On Becoming Human
3 Royalty Bloody
3 Kool & The Gang Love & Undestanding
3 Various Artists Death Before Distemper 2
3 Carlton Melton Always Even
3 Royals, The Dubbing With The Royals
3 No Man's Slave Siege Mentalty
3 Davis, Miles Miles Davis
3 Coltrane, John Stardust
3 Sax Ruins Blimmgauss
3 Guerilla Toss Gay Disco
3 Idaho Joe Windslow Secret Fleas In The Dwarf Palace
3 Astor Inland
3 Brown, James Grits & Soul
3 White Mic Fighting Off Success
3 Life Stinks Life Stinks
3 Circus Devils When Machines Attack
3 Steamboat Switzerland Zeitschrei
3 Mesa Cosa Infernal Cakewalk
3 Residual Echoes Secret Museum of Kind Men - Vol. 3
3 Auris + Robair, Gino Rub
3 Dolor Misteria
3 Raczynski, Bogdan Samurai Math Beats
3 Fedai to Avenge Nizar
3 Various Artists Ongaku 90: Underground Music From Japan
3 Junzo, Suzuki Eight-Sided Infinity
2 Various Artists Dawning/---
2 Various Artists Cockroach/Mihoen!
2 Moccretro Moccretro
2 Niblock, Phill Touch Five
2 Drug Church Paul Walker
2 Wooden Stake At The Stroke of Midnight
2 Various Artists New Vocal Music
2 Ohio Players Fire
2 Father Murphy Pain Is On Our Side Now
2 Fox, Terry Ataraxia
2 Various Artists Undor / Ride For Revenge
2 Santos, Moacir Maestro
2 Allerseelen Knospe
2 Various Artists Live At The Bootleggers
2 Drug Honkey Ghost In The Fire
2 Graham, Larry and Graham Central Station My Radio Sure Sounds Good to Me
2 Cult of Youth Cult of Youth
2 Various Artists Erase Errata/numbers
2 Guardian Alien Spiritual Emergency
2 Sawhorse S/t
2 Zebu! Chill Wave
2 Sightings Sightings
2 I Burn Infraharmonies, Scald Cavities
2 Yolks, The Two Dollars Out The Door
2 Various Artists Roots Dancehall Party
2 Doses Doses
2 Flesh World Flesh World
2 Hard Place Get Your Hopes Up
2 Various Artists Hark! The Years!
2 More Humans Demon Station
2 Gutwrench Tax The Church
2 Sundials When I Couldn't Breathe
2 New Bums Slim Volume
2 Entrance Band, The Dans La Temptete EP
2 Draino, Bobby Brain Drain
2 Steve Ignorant With Paranoid Visions When...?
2 Mississippi Sheiks, The Complete Recorded Works Volume 3
2 Akrobatik Internet MC's
2 Papillon Papillon
2 Sani, Mammane La Musique Electronique Du Niger
2 Jones, Sharon and The Dap-Kings Give The People What They Want
2 Sea of Shit Sea of Shit
2 Olekranon Salus
2 Lamas and Monks of The Four Great Orders Tibetan Ritual Music
2 No Neck Blues Band Gitanjali
2 Dental Work K Chai Flan and Z Lysergic Supremas
2 Various Artists Skullflower / Mastery
2 Dhow Dhow
2 Morelli, Ron Spit
2 Various Artists Extracted Celluloid
2 Parker, Teddy Rankin and Daniel Pearce Companion Pieces Vol. 1 + 2
2 LQ Bucket Long Loneliness, The
1 Taxpayers, The God Forgive These Bastards: Songs From The Forgotten Life of
1 Sleep Holy Mountain
1 Chatham Rise S/T
1 Primitive Motion Worlds Floating By
1 Kanaga, David Dyad OGST
1 Nyodene D Caged Dog / Common Criminal
1 Guthrie, Anne Codiaeum Variegatum
1 Trio, The Trio, The
1 Various Artists Sword Heaven/Lambsbread
1 Van Tieghem, David X Ten Fits & Starts
1 Seven Lies About Girls/Rogers, Derek TAR031
1 Different Dentist / Waxy Tomb Gold 8
1 Midnite Nemozian Rasta
1 Various Artists No Faith / Vaccine
1 Boysen, Ben Lukas Gravity
1 Mr. Aeks & Opski Chan Pushers & Prophets
1 White Medal Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal
1 Galena Buried Finch
1 Plastic Boner Band Plastic Boner Band
1 Burr, Ellen and Unruh, Michael Where Am I From, Where Am I Going
1 Smith, E. Doctor Quantum
1 Gala Drop & Chasny, Ben Broda
1 Moonknight Toplov
1 Various Artists Nicaraguan Folk Music From Masaya
1 Brotzmann, Peter / Nilssen-love, Paal Sweet Sweat
1 Walker, Ryley West Wind, The
1 Birds of Maya Celebration
1 Smoke Het Laatste Oordeel
1 Starlite Coffins Starlite Meditation Cult
1 Various Artists Sap / Coward
1 Various Artists Beasts of No Nation/LTW
1 Sutcliffe Jugend Blue Rabbit
1 Rote Hexe Red Witch
1 Various Artists Mountains of Tongues
1 Ramirez, Richard Slowly Fading Into Perversions
1 Navicon Torture Technologies I Fucking Hate You All and I Hope You All Fucking Die.
1 Sect Pig Slave Destroyed
1 Amason, Michael Abandon Self
1 Various Artists Sixth KFJC Battle of The Surf Bands, The
1 Max + Mara Less Ness
1 Sete Star Sept Sacrifice
1 Yeh / Lee / Marhaug Wake Up Awesome
1 Phog Masheeen Shoutland
1 Behrman, David On The Other Ocean
1 Various Artists I.C.P.C.P. / DEMONSLEEPER
1 Sore Eros & Vile, Kurt Jamaica Plain EP
1 Various Artists 100 Moons
1 Dadamah Violet Stains Red B/w Absent and Erotic Lives
1 De Meester, Louis Alpha Recordings
1 Various Artists Theo Parrish's Black Jazz Signature
1 Lloyd, Justin Marc Your
1 Various Artists Kung-Fu USA - Shellshag - 50 Million - Creepy People - SHAT
1 Surface 10 Surface Tenstions
1 Hilliat Fields Waiting, The
1 Loss of Self Twelve Minutes
1 Various Artists Reload: Invasion and Friends 2009
1 Harisis Group Recordings of The Harisis Group From Northern Greece


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