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  Top plays at KFJC
From April 9 2014 thru April 16 2014

Plays Artist Album
13 Pulse Emitter Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis
11 Various Artists Add N to X / Fridge
8 Lowe, Robert A. A. & Lazar, Rose Eclipses
8 Koo Koo Kangaroo Whoopty Whoop
8 Bene Gesserit Multilingual Sad Songs, Weird Jokes and Experimental Stuff
8 Little Ann Deep Shadows
8 Wittmer, Gerritt Making Real
7 Spacewurm Dargot Somori EP
7 Theatre of Eternal Music, The Theatre of Eternal Music, The
7 Uton Echoes In The Wonderland
7 Deadbeat Eight
7 Kink Gong Voices
7 Knox, Richard & Oberland, Frederic D. Rustle of The Stars, The
6 Melt Yourself Down Melt Yourself Down
6 Frahm, Nils Spaces
6 Sleeping Peonies Slowly Disappearing
6 Wilson, Gary Forgotten Lovers
6 Dog Party Lost Control
6 Counts, The Golden Classics
6 Huber, Ryan Abiff's Gaze
5 Tunabunny Kingdom Technology
5 Krokta Rum Tankar & Syner Del II
5 Lorelle Meets The Obsolete Chambers
5 Deca Ocean, The
5 Koudede Guitars From Agadez Vol 7
5 Fushitsusha (Gold Cover)
5 Cowley, Patrick School Daze
5 Foom Surface Noise and Imperfections
5 Dj Female Convict Scorpion Clash-ups IV
5 El Kinto Circa 1968
5 RP Boo Legacy
5 Blackhouse Blackhouse, The
5 Fountainpen Sunshine
5 Cetilia, Laura {Used, Broken & Unwanted}
5 Liles, Andrew Ninki Nanka, Yumboes & Monsters
5 Lamas and Monks of The Four Great Orders Tibetan Ritual Music
5 Bozulich, Carla Boy
4 Various Artists Ellen Allien- Remix Collection
4 Various Artists Theppabutr Productions
4 Bobsleigh Baby Improved
4 Various Artists Drid Machine
4 Mourning Cloak No Visible Light
4 Bates, Mason Stereo Is King
4 Loveless, Lydia Boy Crazy
4 Z'ev a Handful of Elements
4 Skorneg Foehn
4 Curtin, Dan Lifeblood
4 Various Artists Open Strings: Early Virtuoso Recordings From The Middle East
4 Decadence a Beheaded Winner and Fragrances of Happiness
4 Various Artists Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 1
4 Forest BBC Concert
4 Op Der Schmelz Op Der Schmelz Live
4 Various Artists End of Days
4 Hampson, Robert Signaux
4 Various Artists Ending/Returning
4 Atomic Ape Swarm
4 Death Relief B/w Story of The World
4 Hooker, William Heart of The Sun
4 Various Artists Miwak Twelve
3 Chrystal Oak Post Romanticism
3 Egg, Eggs Taste of Sundress
3 Various Artists 2:3 - Oswald Wiener Zum 65. Geburtstag
3 Cluck, Diane Boneset
3 Beast Nest Beast Nest
3 Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers A Short Visit to The City That Bleeds
3 Weiss, Dan Fourteen
3 Upsetters, The Return of The Super Ape
3 Kowalsky, Gregg Tape Chants
3 Haden Triplets, The Haden Triplets, The
3 Arsement, Ganey Le Forgeron
3 Esplendor Geometrico Ultraphoon
3 Kuti, Fela and Afrika 70 Opposite People/Sorrow, Tears and Blood
3 Casino, Johnny Live At The Hanging Tree
3 Taxpayers, The God Forgive These Bastards: Songs From The Forgotten Life of
3 Brown, James Prisoner of Love
3 Sec_ Outflow
3 Various Artists Radio Niger
3 Grex Monster Music
3 "A" Trio, The Live In Nickelsdorf
3 Illusion of Safety Surrender
3 Mastery Barbaric Usurpation of The Hypereonic Black Metal Throne
3 Brimstone Howl Magic Hour
3 Toys That Kill Fly
3 5 Cent Coffee Lost Parade, The
3 Dolphy, Eric Seven Classic Albums
3 Various Artists Cat Shit/Newtdick
3 Mockunas, Liudas & Guy, Barry Lava
3 Curators, The Thank You
3 Psyche Re-Membering Dwayne
3 Various Artists Confrontation At Harvard 1969 - Strike
3 Lightning Bolt Oblivion Hunter
3 Aliquid Kriegspiel
3 Space Dimension Controller Welcome to Mikrosector-50
3 National Wake Walk In Africa 1979-81
3 Homeboy Sandman Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent
3 Various Artists Worship Is The Cleansing of The Imagination
3 Corsano, Chris Cut
3 Atkins, Juan & Moritz Von Oswald Borderland
3 Vance Orchestra At Random Again
3 Slava Ranko Arctic Hysteria
3 Dhow Amara
3 Gosfield, Annie Almost Truths and Open Deceptions
2 Vermette, Bill Environ-mentals
2 Fiend Demo 2013
2 Frisbee, Emmett Sound Paintings: Soon to Be a Major Film
2 Heads, The Tilburg
2 Prizehog Re-unvent The Whool
2 Replica Demo Tape
2 Sixtoo & Matth He Did Glass Music
2 Various Artists Strategies For Failure / Zuckerkrieg (Part I)
2 McVinnie, James Cycles
2 Jah Thomas Stop Yu Loafin
2 Base 4 Axes of Symmetry
2 Burks, Michael Show of Strength
2 Looters Fall Alone
2 Hawg Jaw Believe Nothing
2 Sacred Product Wastex
2 Wormsblood Master of Creation Demos
2 Novy Svet Doce
2 Sugimoto, Taku Mienai Tenshi
2 Plack Blague Collection$
2 WLISPS Plurals
2 Rufus Rufus
2 Romweber, Dex Duo Images 13
2 Nichols-Rage, Cameron Michael Let's Play!
2 Morbosidad Muerte De Cristo En Golgota
2 L'ombre Letting Go At The Steering Wheel
2 Bryan and The Haggards Merles Just Want to Have Fun
2 Weisman, Chris Fresh Sip
2 Hurricanes of Love Quintorian Blues
2 Arbeit, Jochen and Huan Arbeit, Jochen and Huan
2 T.O.M.B. Third Wave Holocaust
2 Shock Frontier Mancuerda Confessions
2 Sleep Sleep's Holy Mountain
2 Various Artists Inside Llewyn Davis
2 Chatham Rise S/T
2 Primitive Motion Worlds Floating By
2 Drug Church Paul Walker
2 Kanaga, David Dyad OGST
2 Peter Peter & Peter Kyed Valhalla Rising
2 Death North St
2 Slothrust of Course You Do
2 La Belle Epoque Ensemble French Cafe Music of The Opulent Era
2 Various Artists Cheap Girls/Lemuria
2 Gengras, M. Geddes Collected Works Vol. 1
2 Sound & Fury Pulsacion
2 Santos, Moacir Maestro
2 Various Artists Carnacki, Thomas / Vulcanus 68
2 Bowery Electric Blow Up / Electro Sleep
2 Ildjarn Ildjarn
2 Overflo & Fat Headphones We Got Sound: an Afro-funkified Mix
2 General Johnson Best of The Arista Years
2 Cheap Time Exit Smiles
2 Howden, Matt Voyager
2 Three Thirds Buffalo Skinner: a Tribute to Woody Guthrie
2 Lace Curtain 3rd EP
2 Edelin, Michel Quartet Resurgence
2 Burial Rival Dealer
2 Bruta Non Calculant World In a Tear
2 Stephens, Tanya Gangsta Blues
2 Toupee Dinner Parties
2 Babs Johnson Gang, The ALive At The Press Club 2010
2 Breschand, Helene & Sylvain Kassap Double-Peine
2 Bankhead, Harrison Quartet Velvet Blue
2 Alex Nova Genesis of The Frog Rider, The
2 Xedh / Imbernon Anekkyy
2 Gog Ironworks
1 Off! Wasted Years
1 Mortuous Demo 2012
1 EEK Live At The Cairo High Cinema Institue
1 Various Artists Dancehall Volume Two
1 Dreamsalon Dreamsalon
1 a Fashionable Disease a Fashionable Disease
1 Crash Course In Science Signals From Pier Thirteen
1 Dead Raven Choir Cask Strength Black Metal
1 Sarcasm Crematory
1 Various Artists Rework_ Philip Glass
1 Earl Sixteen Reggae Sound
1 Ellis, Hunter Healing Power of Laughter, The
1 East-West Collective Humeurs
1 This Morn' Omina Momentum of Singular Clarity
1 Petrychor Effigies and Epitaphs/Dryad
1 World Domination Solar System Domination 2012
1 Noise Nomads Ernest Thrasher
1 DJ Nate Hatas Our Motivation
1 Due Process Combine XXIII-XXXV
1 Die Schacht Halber Selbstbetrug
1 Pyramido Saga
1 Vermette, Bill Katha Visions
1 First Communion Afterparty Earth Heat Sound
1 Neanderthals, The In Space
1 Guthrie, Anne Codiaeum Variegatum
1 Los Monjo La Vida Que Todos Envidian
1 Tapes & Tubes 27
1 Repulski, Graham Ballerina Arcade
1 Morgia, Ninni & William Parker Prism
1 GEZAn Katsute Uta Tolwaretasore
1 Wright's, Rik Fundamental Forces Blue
1 Lama Oneiros
1 Macronympha Metal
1 Nelson, Zac Charbroile
1 Hemphill, Julius Sextet At Dr. King's Table
1 Settles, Brian Trio Folk
1 Lamort Purge
1 Pow! Hi-Tech Boom
1 Von Hausswolff, Anna Ceremony
1 Gubaidulina, Sofia And: The Feast Is In Full Progress
1 Brotman & Short Distance Unknown
1 Various Artists Sanctity of Oil / M3A1 Sub-Machine Gun
1 Paul, Cameron Beats and Pieces Volume 6
1 Jaworzyn, Stefan Eaten Away By Shadows
1 Hilliat Fields Waiting, The
1 Various Artists Angelslaying Christ Beheading Black Fucking Metal
1 Reagan's Polyp Number Ones
1 Seers From The Beginning... Until The End
1 Grydeland, Ivar Bathymetric Modes
1 Grimm, Joe Brain Cloud
1 Reznicek Stube
1 Metzger, Paul Tombeaux


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