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  Top plays at KFJC
From October 7 2015 thru October 14 2015

Plays Artist Album
12 Porras, Jon Orilla Oscura
10 Guthrie, Will Sacree Obsession
10 Various Artists Carlton Melton/ Kandodo 3
9 Dunderhead Bee Cave Sounds
8 Hauschildt, Steve Where All Is Fled
8 Dub Syndicate Research & Development
8 DJ Sotofett Drippin' For a Tripp (Tripp-A-Dubb-Mix)
8 CFCF Radiance & Submission
7 Intrusion Seduction of Silence, The
7 Brown, Clifford and Max Roach Brown and Roach Incorporated
7 Onda, Aki / Loren Connors / Alan Licht Lost City
7 Various Artists Cumbia Beat Vol. 2: Tropical Sounds From Peru 1966-1983
7 Cole, Crys Sand / Layna
7 I-LP-O In Dub Communist Dub
6 Various Artists Modern Jazz Greats
6 Varg Ursviken
6 Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Plant With Many Faces, The
6 Sherwood, Adrian and Pinch Late Night Endless
6 Lakker Tundra
6 Kink Gong Tanzania
6 Normals, The So Bad So Sad
6 Dub Chieftain Peninsula Sessions
6 Chadbourne, Eugene Country Music In The World of Islam
5 Corum Beguiling Isles: Tales From The Vision Pit
5 Bell Witch Longing
5 HeCTA Diet, The
5 Beatty, Robert Soundtracks For Takeshi Murata
5 Voicehandler Song Cycle
5 Gudnadottir, Hildur Saman
5 Strategy Noise Tape Self
5 Ely, Joe Panhandle Rambler
5 Labfield Bucket of Songs
5 Forty Martyrs Armenian Chanting From Aleppo
5 Brown, James Fabulous, The
5 Legendary Shack Shakers Southern Surreal, The
5 Various Artists Swinging West
5 Tessier, Yves French Troubador Songs of The 12th and 13th Centuries
5 Dilloway, Aaron & Jason Lescalleet Popeth
5 Love Dimension, The Create and Consume
5 Various Artists Deadpressure/ Deathgrave
4 Rose, Whitney Heartbreaker of the Year
4 Various Artists Hunter Gracchus / Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau, The
4 Higuchi, Keiko / Morishige, Yasumune Awai
4 Mulligan, Gerry Sextet Mainstream of Jazz
4 Wolman, Gil J Wolman Et Son Double
4 Mezzacappa, Lisa What Is Known
4 Abdul-Rauf, Leila Cold and Cloud
4 Bottle Rockets, The South Broadway Athletic Club
4 Pablo, Augustus Born to Dub You
4 EEK Kahraba
4 P. Children P.Ch3
4 Natural Snow Buildings Terror's Horns
4 Bobb and The Kidds Take Me Home Vienna
4 Atlantic Thrills Atlantic Thrills
4 Souleyman, Omar Bahdeni Nami
4 Alvin, Dave and Alvin, Phil Lost Time
4 Ravi Shavi S/T
4 Negativland It's All In Your Head
4 Whitfield, Barrence & The Savages Under The Savage Sky
4 Oniki, Yuji Shonen Blue
4 Flying Saucer Attack Instrumentals 2015
4 Moon Pool & Dead Band Meq
4 Goddess Paradise
4 Evil Acidhead In The Name of All That Is Unholy
4 Falana, Shana Set Your Lightning Fire Free
4 Marhaug / Asheim Grand Mutation
4 Ildjarn Forest Poetry
4 Kaiser, Henry/ Noyes, Charles K. / Park, Sang-Won Invite The Spirit
3 Culture World Peace
3 Oki, Itaru & Axel Dorner Root of Bohemian
3 Dead Sea Apes Spectral Domain
3 White Out W/ Cline, Nels Accidental Sky
3 Shyu, Jen & Jade Tongue Sounds and Cries of The World
3 Tobias, Todd Tristes Tropiques
3 Necks, The Vertigo
3 Nenog, Ogoya and The Dodo Women's Group Rang'ala: New Recordings From Siaya County, Kenya
3 Damien Dubrovnik Vegas Fountain
3 Puce Mary Persona
3 Bosetti, Alessandro, Ielasi, Giuseppe & Rinaldi, Renato Oreledigneur
3 2814 Atarashi Ni~Tsu No Tanjo
3 Tetema Geocidal
3 Subotnick, Morton Wild Bull, The
3 Various Artists Noggin, Eric Boros, Crank Sturgeon & Id M Theft Able
3 Various Artists Sherwood at the Controls Volume 1
3 Wiss Mr. Sunshine
3 Fred Locks Black Star Liner/True Rastaman
3 Kyoto Nohgaku Kai, The Japanese Noh Music
3 Lord Time Drink My Tears
3 Los Cuchillos Isla Macabro
3 Jam Session Jam Session
3 Lingle, Paul Final Curtain!
3 Grimace Federation Measure In Mixture, The
3 Cuban Cigar Crisis #Hip5ter
3 Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto Dub de Gaita Volumes I & II
3 Goldendust S/T
3 Frak Alice In Acidland
3 ElSaffar, Amir Crisis
3 Koerner, Spider John Some American Folk Songs Like They Used to
3 Towers II
3 Gas Chamber Stained Hand
3 Voigt, Wolfgang Ruckverzauberung 9
3 Dowd, Johnny That's Your Wife on the Back of My Horse
2 Rust Worship Area
2 Rawlings, Dave Machine Nashville Obsolete
2 Wilder, Webb Mississippi Moderne
2 Ionophore Through Light Fractures
2 Kant Metaphysik
2 Levy, Barrington Run Come Ya!
2 Mitchells, The "Get Those Elephants Out'a Here"
2 Hey Mother Death Highway
2 Various Artists Another Evening At Logos 1974 79 81
2 Leandre, Joelle & Jean Luc Cappozzo Live Aux Instants Chavires
2 Fred Locks Never Give Up
2 Fred Locks Black Star Liner In Dub
2 M B (Maurizio Bianchi) Teban Slide Art
2 Negativland Over The Edge Vol. 1.5
2 Botched Facelift Living Wasteland, The
2 Rogers, Shorty and His Giants Martians Come Back!
2 Ellman, Liberty Radiate
2 Daniel, Ted Energy Module Innerconnection
2 Robertson, Joanne Black Moon Days
2 Various Artists K2/Constrain/Fenian
2 Hell S/T
2 Folivore Eve of Conception
2 Qa'a Sang
2 Thomas Carnacki, Jesse Quatro, Jesse Burson, Jon Brumit Far Voyage From a Placid Island
2 Pateras, Anthony Chasms
2 Kuhl, Tim 1982
2 Brycon E.C.U
2 Jones, Darius Quartet Le Bebe De Brigitte
2 Bichkraft Mascot
2 Hypercolor Hypercolor
2 Subliminal Coping
2 Qwanqwa Volume Two
2 Various Artists Authentic Indian Dances and Folklore
2 Vorontsova, Julia Over
2 Senga Etna Senga Etna
2 Ka-Spel, Edward Victoria Dimension, The
2 OU Scrambled!
2 Various Artists Cantors, Klezmorim and Crooners 1905-1953
2 Various Artists Love, Peace, & Poetry: Chilean Psychedelic Music
2 Kretzmer, Yoni 2Bass Quartet Book II
2 Minsk Crash and the Draw, The
2 Koo Koo Kangaroo Gross
2 Insect Ark Portal/Well
2 Various Artists Mortar Compilation
2 Monkey Puzzle Trio Pattern Familiar, The
2 NOISE DRONE MASS Maladjustment
1 Oneohtrix Point Never Commissions I
1 Lloyd, Justin Marc Elysium Cove Mirror
1 Lisson Calypso Sounds
1 Negativland / Chumbawamba ABCs of Anarchism, The
1 Herteman, Henry Roule Ta Salive
1 Junko & Henritzi, Michel Behind The Door
1 Braingrainhotspot Pompa
1 Blown Out Planetary Engineering
1 Climax Denial Dehumanizing Environments
1 Fisher, Eddie Quintet Third Cup, The
1 Baczkowski, Steve / Corsano, Chris / Nace, Bill stolen car
1 Lateef, Yusef A Flat, G Flat and C
1 Cop Warmth Trash Gods
1 Monuments of Urns Broken
1 Parker, William For Those Who Are, Still
1 Patterson, Don Four Dimensions
1 Styner, Jerry, Harley Hatcher and Mike Curb Golden Breed, The
1 Malfatti, Radu / Rowe, Keith No Title
1 Chomsky, Noam Free Market Fantasies: Capitalism In The Free World
1 Ossia Red X
1 Gnaw Their Tongues Abyss of Longing Throats
1 Dressed In Streams Azad Hind
1 Various Artists Babysitter /Hag Face (split)
1 Earland, Charles Black Talk!
1 Gangrene You Disgust Me
1 Electric Company, The Spidey Super Stories
1 Three Legged Race Rope Commercial, Vol. 1
1 Sun Ra Space Aura
1 Various Artists Strategies Against The Body: A Contemporary Survey
1 Crouch, Robert Organs
1 Smersh Super Heavy Solid Waste
1 Second Layer World of Rubber
1 Qual Sable
1 Parliament Up For The Down Stroke
1 Various Artists Martin: Donald Rubinstein
1 Various Artists Superlongevityfive
1 Ukiah Drag, The In The Reaper's Quarters
1 Grubbs, David / Howe, Susan Souls of The Labadie Tract
1 Secret Pyramid Silent March/ Movements of Night, The
1 Jones, Darius & Shipp, Matthew Cosmic Lieder: The Darkside Recital
1 Blasphemy Fallen Angel of Doom
1 Ill Bill Grimy Awards, The


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