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  Top plays at KFJC
From January 20 2016 thru January 27 2016

Plays Artist Album
12 Various Artists Freestyle Candies Volume 2
12 Automat Plusminus
10 Rival Consoles Odyssey | Sonne
10 Florestano Noh
10 Various Artists Science Fiction Dancehall Classics
9 Walls Urals
9 Le Volume Courbe I wish Dee Dee Ramone was here with me
9 Solo Organ Atom Heart and Beyond the Infinite
8 Delt, Morgan Morgan Delt
7 Trimble, Bobb Secretly Canadian
7 Bowers, Graham Pilgrim
7 Cowley, Patrick Muscle Up
7 Dolls, The S/T
7 Blood Orange Cupid Deluxe
7 Various Artists Chebran: French Boogie 1980-1985
7 Tomaga Futura Grotesk
7 Beekeepers, The II
7 Professor Brian Oblivion Dissertation: Volume 1
6 Peaman War
6 Various Artists Funk Carioca
6 Indian Jewelry Doing Easy
6 Cortini, Alessandro Risveglio
6 Perry, Lee "Scratch" Back On The Controls
6 Collins, Bootsy Fresh Outta 'P' University
6 Zion Train Live As One
6 Osiris S/t
6 Atom TM Riding The Void
6 Hedersleben 3
6 Ambarchi, Oren Quixotism
6 Rival Consoles Howl
6 Germ Parrot
6 Terminal Lovers Flight Out
5 Jarman, Joseph & Leroy Jenkins Out of The Mist
5 Various Artists Tradisyon Ka: Gwo Ka Music of Guadeloupe, West Indies
5 Dubach, Petra & Mario Van Horrik Failing Humans/Failing Machines
5 Prurient Annihilationist
5 Tropikorps Listen to Seashell
5 Horoscope El Espejo Y El Mar
5 Hartman, Odetta 222
5 Art Vandelay Eye 8 The Crow
5 Reitzell, Brian Auto Music
5 Winer, Leslie Witch
5 Anika S/T
5 DJ Female Convict Scorpion Space Cadet
5 Various Artists La Morte Young / Drone Electric Lust
5 Fossil Aerosol Mining Project Day 1982 Contaminated 1971, The
5 Guerin, Jean Tacet
5 Jonwayne Cassette On Vinyl
5 When Black Death, The
5 Mel Burning Stones
5 Recondite Acid
4 Jordan, Dayne In Progress
4 Various Artists Shalimar
4 Seducer, The Dub Wise
4 Mastery Valis
4 Sun Machinery Sun Machinery
4 Test Always Coming From The Love Side
4 Dysnea Boys Find Water/ Mind Stories
4 Enemie 040615 & 042115
4 Various Artists Pekak! Indonesian Noise 1995-2015
4 Turman, Robert Macro
4 Ruhe Patriarchs
4 Bren't Lewiis Ensemble Hard Molt
4 Circa Tapes Kolektique
4 Shoc Corridor Experiments In Incest
4 Dechirico Kumamoto
4 Timmy's Organism Wild Humanoid
4 Stevedood Dooing
4 Clara Mondshine Luna Africana
4 Rata Negra s/t
4 Kostis, A. Jail's a Fine School, The
4 Esmerine Lost Voices
4 Held, Zeus B. Vinyl Collection
4 Acid Fast Rabid Moon
4 Eidetic Seeing Against Nature
3 SBSM Joy/Rage
3 Foxx, Redd Laff Your Head Off
3 Rings of Saturn Lugal Ki En
3 Various Artists Monsters of Surf
3 Hyde Park Hidden Nature
3 Hillfolk Noir Pop Songs For Elk
3 Blackshaw, James Fantomas: Le Faux Magistrat
3 Cross Die Forever
3 Spike & The Sweet Spots Strange Breed
3 Conda, Sasha Bronco
3 Dickinson, Luther Blues and Ballads
3 Radio Free Clear Light Matter, The
3 Cougar On a Meth Binge Light In You
3 Morricone, Ennio Il Serpente
3 Various Artists Sound Doctor, The
3 Ghostlimb Bearin & Distance
3 Lewis, Linda Gail Hard Rockin' Woman
3 Various Artists Frozen In Time
3 Guazzaloca, Nicola Tecniche Arcaiche Live At Angelica
3 High Anxiety Camo
3 Couches Slackin' Since The 80's
3 Lame Drivers Chosen Era
3 Various Artists KSPC: Basement Tapes
3 Ancient Sky Mosaic
3 Wainright Sisters, The Songs In The Dark
3 Cavalier Song Blezard
3 Orcutt, Bill & Heule, Jacob Felix Colonial Donuts
3 Black Bikini Black Bikini
3 Moggi (Piero Umiliani) Tra Scienza E Fantascienza
3 Black Wing Is Doomed
3 Various Artists Give America a Break: a Tribute to Jack Micheline
3 Joy Shallows
3 Various Artists Views of Saturn Vol.1
3 Snickers On The Hi-Fi
3 Blast Furnace Blast Furnace
3 Various Artists Stray Dog Compilation
2 Converse, Bill Meditations/ Industry
2 Canaries, The Songs of Canaries, The
2 Harper, Billy Quintet Live On Tour In The Far East Vol. 2
2 Jimbo Easter S/t
2 Youth Code Overture, The
2 Nass El Ghiwane Nass El Ghiwane
2 Death Monk Live On KFJC
2 Various Artists Endorphins Lost/ Flvx Capacitor
2 Skeppet Deluxe
2 Jesus Drop Out of School, Disobey Your Parents, Kill Everyone In S
2 Higgs, Joe Life of Contradiction
2 Brown, James Unbeatable, The
2 Insulter Blood Spits, Violences and Insults
2 Brobdingnagian TortureStainedDisaster
2 Israel Vibration Fighting Soldiers
2 Kuti, Femi Femi Kuti
2 Varathron Walpurgisnacht
2 Rudolph, Adam Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra Turning Towards The Light
2 Bussotti, Sylvano Brutto, Ignudo
2 Various Artists Bali 1928 - Volume V: Vocal Music In Dance Dramas
2 Geerken, Hartmut and His Rock and Free Jazz Group Kabul Insistency!
2 Various Artists Locked In to Surf & Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals Volume 2
2 Harper, Billy Quintet Live On Tour In The Far East
2 Boyle Land of The Lost
2 Westberg, Norman 13
2 Drive-By Truckers It's Great to Be Alive!
2 Menstruation Sisters Glass Walking
2 Severed Heads Petrol
2 Goatlord Sodomize The Goat
2 Encenathrakh Encenathrakh
2 Cooley gael-linn
2 Stillman, Mimi & Abramovic, Charles Freedom
2 Stallcop, Glenn Myths and Fairy Tales
2 Various Artists Dark Moon
2 Finis Africae El Secreto De Las 12
2 Creeping Pink Mirror Woods
1 Mouse Sluts Mouse Sluts
1 Crooked Mouth Crooked Mouth
1 Martin, Ray and His Orchestra Sound of Sight, The
1 Shit Metaphor Pit The Pressure, The
1 Trooper, Greg Live At The Rock Room
1 Tsekoa, Bolaere Boa No. 2 Lesoto Banna
1 Boss Fink R.P.M.
1 Shook, Sarah & Disarmers, The Sidelong
1 Jackson, Wanda Rockin' With Wanda
1 Le Flange Du Mal Carrion, My Wayward Son
1 X.Y.R. Mental Journey to B.C.
1 Various Artists Comadre / Trainwreck
1 Sadistik Exekution 30 Years of Agonizing The Dead
1 This Is a Robbery! Act 1: Southbound Train
1 Cirrhus Cirrhus
1 Nostalgia 77 and The Monster Measures
1 Mezzacappa, Lisa Comeuppance
1 Rabelais, Akira Little Glass, The
1 Swami Kriyananda Ananda Meditations
1 Trubee, John and the Ugly Janitors of America A Blind Man's Penis and Other Smash Hits
1 Black Panties Prophet of Hate
1 Tochigi Sleeping Cat
1 Bell, Olga Incitation
1 Blunt, Doug Hream My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt
1 Cardinal Wyrm Black Hole Gods
1 Slicing Grandpa Nevermind The Bullshit Here's Slicing Grandpa
1 Permanent Ruin Are You Ready to Sacrifice?
1 Chamberlain, Don San Francisco Earthquake!, The
1 Mazurek, Rob Exploding Star Orchestra Galactic Parables: Volume 1
1 Balustrade Ensemble, The Renewed Brilliance
1 Decades / Failures G00dby3
1 Toop, David Lost Shadows: In Defence of The Soul
1 Countdown to Oblivion Discography


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