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  Top plays at KFJC
From March 22 2017 thru March 29 2017

Plays Artist Album
11 Swimming In Bengal Garden of Idle Hands
10 Trythall, Gil Nashville Gold
10 Isolat Pattern Post-Romantic
10 Uranium Club All of Them Naturals
10 Bongolian, The Moog Maximus
9 Soft Lions Xoxo
9 Amps For Christ Plains of Alluvial, The
9 Syna So Pro VOX
8 Druggles, The Spacegod Pills
8 Crystal Mooncone Listening Beam Five
8 Young, Nate Regression
8 Jeweled Snakes Jeweled Snakes
8 Der Plan Japlan
7 Various Artists Song of The Crooked Dance
7 Cute Heels Nepotism EP
7 Kingsley, Gershon God Is a Moog
6 Charlton-Davis, Mark K. Moxie
6 Cutler, Grant Self Portrait
6 Magnetizer Reality
6 Naaahhh Themes
6 Various Artists Falcon By Design
6 Escovedo, Alejandro Burn Something Beautiful
6 Various Artists Sensate Silk
6 Audion Alpha
6 Lucier, Alvin Clocker
6 Various Artists Microcosm: Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-86
6 Necks, The Silent Night
5 Parker, Maceo Maceo
5 Asylum Street Spankers Spanks For The Memories
5 Hepburns, The There's No Such Thing As The Hepburns
5 Earthen Sea An Act of Love
5 Courtis, Alan Los Galpones
5 Kleistwahr Music For Zeitgeist Fighters
5 Various Artists Synthesize The Soul
5 Pure Hell Noise Addiction
5 Color Humano Color Humano II
5 Burger\Ink Las Vegas
5 Trance to The Sun Via Subterranea
5 Lustmord Dark Matter
5 Schnitzler, Conrad & Schneider TM Con-Struct
5 Various Artists Musica Atipica Portuguesa Vol.1
5 Nurse With Wound Surveillance Lounge, The
5 RAC Double Jointed EP
5 Walker, Scott Childhood of a Leader, The
5 Van Wissem, Josef & Jarmusch, Jim Concerning The Entrance Into Eternity
5 Moth Eggs Adventures Away
5 Allen, Daevid Weird Quartet Eleveness
4 Snider, Todd Eastside Bulldog
4 Angel 2017
4 Holy Motors Descending/Sleeprydr
4 Various Artists Perpetual Dawn - Year One
4 De Brauw, Trevor Uptown
4 Susurrus Station Foxgloves
4 Dusters Bumps Here Tape
4 Kimura, Mari Voyage Apollonian
4 Zaimph Between the Infinite and the Finite
4 Nom Silencieux Eyes Are Clocks
4 Various Artists Karenni
4 Masaoka, Miya Compositions Improvisations
4 Ellen Allien Lism
4 Fevre, Bernard Suspense
4 Antediluvian Through the Cervix of Hawaah
4 CB-R Obstructed Transmission
4 Dos Santos Anti-beat Orchestra Dos Santos Anti-beat Orchestra
4 Hypnopazuzu Create Christ, Sailor Boy
4 Various Artists A*C*T*U*A*R*Y/Deathstench
4 Scott-Heron, Gil & Jackson, Brian 1980
4 Moran, Robert Open Veins
3 Fish, Samantha Chills & Fever
3 Mavericks, The Brand New Day
3 Old 97s Graveyard Whistling
3 Baylies Band Man Ray & Vague Knitting
3 Sepulveda, Ray Greatest Hits
3 English Teeth, The English Teeth, The
3 Montgolfier Brothers, The Montgolfier Brothers, The
3 Demdike Stare Wonderland
3 De-bons-en-pierre Crepes
3 Various Artists Cold Waves of Color - Volume 4
3 Fella, James Inactive Parts
3 Haynes, Jim Wires Cracked, The
3 Becker, Rashad Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II
3 Khan, Ali Akbar Two Ragas For Sarod
3 Various Artists Putting the Morr Back in Morrissey
3 On Fillmore Happiness of Living
3 Gibbs, Otis Mount Renraw
3 Prophet, Chuck Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins
3 Marta Mist Scavengers
3 Monochromie Colors In The Dark
3 Girnu Giesmes Rupus Miltai
3 Lacy, Steve/Carter, Kent/Centazzo, Andrea Lost In June
3 Williams, Jessica Songs for a New Century
3 Janover, Jamie & Michael Masley All Strings Considered
3 Murmer Songs For Forgetting
3 Various Artists Raymond Scott: Biography 1
3 Bertoia, Harry Clear Sounds
3 Nitsch, Hermann Das Orgien Mysterien Theater: 25 Aktion
3 Montez, Bobby Jungle Fantastique!
3 Various Artists Spiritual Jazz
3 Aube Blood-brain Barrier
3 Dr. Burtrum Techno Sh*t
3 Sarcofago I.N.R.I.
3 Electro-Haram Taharrush Gamea
3 Various Artists Circus Joy Vs. Novy Svet
2 Ibex Throne Ibex Throne
2 Giddens, Rhiannon Freedom Highway
2 Allerton & Alton Black, White and Bluegrass
2 Meirino, Francisco and Gerritt Wittmer Confidence of Being Lost, The
2 Wolfkind, Bain You're Surely Gonna Die
2 Genokeit Anti Human Terror Front
2 Death In June Peaceful Snow
2 Sutcliffe Jugend Offal
2 MNortham Porous
2 Louise, Gabrielle If The Static Clears
2 D.F.E.T. Secondouble
2 Tjolgtjar Under Command of Tjolgtjar & Witchcrafts
2 Various Artists Estheticks of Cruelty
2 Various Artists God's America/ Grin and Bear It
2 Various Artists Volti: San Francisco -This Is What Happened
2 Reutoff Unseen Rituals
2 Mikawa, T. and Wiese, John Oblique No Strategy
2 Canis Lupus Aqua Perspective
2 Palermo, Dario Difference Engines
2 Erkose Ensemble, The Gypsy Music of Turkey
2 Johnson, Ragnar & Jessica Mayer (Recorded By) Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea: Madang/windim Mambu
2 Sirene 1009 Sirene 1009
2 Eckemoff, Yelena Quintet Blooming Tall Phlox
2 Tyranny Tides of Awakening
2 Theoreme L'appel Du Midi a Midi Pile
2 Catholic Boys In Heavy Leather Nobody Urged You to Get Canonised
2 Haino, Keiji/ O'Rourke, Jim /Ambarchi, Oren I Wonder If You Noticed "I'm Sorry" Is Such a Lovely Sound
2 Various Artists Dore: L.A. Soul Sides
2 Bianchi, Maurizio Akoustikoriginem
2 Null, KK Material Darkness
2 Gremlins, The Funeral
1 Bastard Noise / Outermost Studies of Space and Sorrow
1 High Plains Cinderland
1 Applehead Applehead's Rache
1 Bataan, Joe Subway Joe
1 Various Artists Rough Guide to Latin Rare Groove Vol. 2, The
1 Various Artists Sin Origin / Velonnic Sin
1 Various Artists Five Man Army
1 Unto Ashes Burials Foretold
1 Basinski, William A Shadow In Time
1 Concern Caesarean
1 Various Artists Trance Atlantic
1 Dromez Sexsomnia Somnophilia
1 Basho-Junghans, Steffen Unknown Music V - O Som Naha - a Hardcore Meditation
1 Blevins, John Matterhorn
1 K'an Babel
1 Ssab Songs Ssab Songs
1 Leimer, K. Land of Look Behind
1 Gnosis Third-Eye Gate, The
1 Huber, Ryan Anabaptist
1 Price, Florence Oak, The, Mississippi River Suite, Symphony No. 3
1 Ades, Thomas Living Toys
1 Various Artists Mangiami
1 Bhavnain, E (Recorded By) Folk Music of Kashmir
1 Various Artists Ictus Records 35th Anniversary Collection
1 Alessandroni, Alessandro Industrial
1 Merzbow/Haino, Keiji/Pandi, Balazs An Untroublesome Defencelessness
1 Obsidian Sea Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions
1 Dragged Into Sunlight Widowmaker
1 Deathspell Omega Synarchy of Molten Bones, The
1 Demonomancy Rites of Barbaric Demons
1 Holy Smoke Holy Smoke
1 Various Artists Our Putrefacted Essence (Coldness/Irae)
1 Torturium Black Lunatic Chaos


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