KFJC tops for freak week ending 01/03/2007

defreaks artist album_title
3 Leaves From Off The Tree Leaves From Off The Tree
3 Rickles, Don Don Rickles Speaks!
3 Newsom, Joanna Ys
3 Waits, Tom Orphans
3 Peter and The Wolf Lightness
3 Slaughter Joe Pied Piper of Feedback, The
3 Mullen, Geoff Air In Pieces, The
2 Chicken On a Raft Chicken On a Raft
2 Various Artists Silber Sounds of Christmas
2 Various Artists Messthetics #101
2 Rivulets You Are My Home
2 Various Artists Women Take Back The Noise
2 Oliveros, Pauline Lion's Eye / Lion's Tale
2 Electric President S/t
2 Delcloo, Claude / Jones, Arthur Africanasia
2 Noothgrush Erode The Person
2 Dosh Lost Take, The
2 Carlberg, Pelle Everything. Now!
2 Evens, The Get Evens
2 Marshmallow Staircase, The Planet Express
2 Deletist Relive
2 Isan Plans Drawn In Pencil
2 Guther Sundet
2 Toiling Midgets Dead Beats
1 Yau, R.h.y Yau, R.h.y./ Tralphaz
1 Bedemon Child of Darkness
1 Null, K. K. Earth / Null, KK
1 Eye Contact War Rug
1 Ill Ease All Systems A-Go-Go
1 Navies House Ties
1 Nobukazu Takemura (after Scanner) Trimix
1 Thompson, Linval Kingston Allstars Meet Downtown At King Tubby's
1 Levy, Barrington Skylarking
1 Hey Willpower Dance EP
1 Strategy Drumsolo's Delight
1 Fehlmann, Thomas Jukebox Buddha
1 Mountaineer When The Air Is Bright They Shine
1 Teeko My Sound Station
1 Nilsen, Bj & Stilluppsteypa Drykkjuvisur Ohljodanna
1 Dahinden, Roland (Klangforum Wien String Quartet) Flying White
1 Doyle and Debbie Show, The Doyle and Debbie Show, The
1 Sic Alps Pleasures and Treasures
1 Daturah Daturah
1 Buried At Sea Buried At Sea
1 Gaping Maw Two Improvisations
1 Selda Selda
1 Zorn, John Astronome
1 White Magic Dat Rosa Mel Apibus
1 Ozkent, Mustafa Genclik Ile Elele
1 Leandre, Joelle Joelle Leandre At The Le Mans Jazz Festival
1 Braindrill Parasites, The
1 Jazkamer Metal Music Machine
1 Vampire Can't Key Cutter
1 Rope Heresy, and Then Nothing But Tears
1 Chatham, Rhys Two Gongs
1 Grouper Wide
1 Murder Murder Saint Francis Murder Lords
1 Shit and Shine Jealous of Shit and Shine
1 Klondike & York Holy Book, The
1 Vrolok Emit / Vrolok
1 Mittens On Strings Look Up The Sky!!
1 Sonic Liberation Front Change Over Time
1 Phenomenological Boys, The Where's The Magic In The Music?
1 Battleship Hearts Addendum
1 Daylight's For The Birds Trouble Everywhere
1 Ooioo Taiga
1 Smegma Mad Excitement, The Barbaric Pulsations..., The
1 Burke, Solomon Nashville
1 Mochipet Disko Donkey
1 Skygreen Leopards, The Disciples of California
1 Dolina, Veronika Thirteen Diamonds
1 Plug Drum 'n' Bass For Papa + Plug Ep's 1, 2 & 3
1 Jamal, Khan Creative Arts Ensemble, The Drumdance to The Motherland
1 Kmillion Human Element : The World's First Human Beatbox Co...
1 Brown, Earle Selected Works : 1952-1965
1 Husbands, The There's Nothing I'd Like More Than to See You Dead
1 Sondheim, Alan Ski/nn
1   Rhythm Industry
1 Sunburned Hand of The Man Wedlock
1 Svalastog Woodwork
1 Sally Strobelight Starships In Silhouette
1 Kiki Kiki / Dowski, Lee Van
1 Yoshihide's, Otomo New Jazz Orchestra Out to Lunch
1 Deb Music Umoja - Love and Unity
1 Death Vessel Stay Close
1 Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet Happy As Pitch
1 Wzt Hearts Heat Chief
1 Grizzly Bear Yellow House
1 Mah Damba West Africa Unwired
1 Jucifer If Thine Enemy Hunger
1 Barbeau, Anton In The Village of The Apple Sun
1 Haino, Keiji & Sitaar Tah! Animamima
1 Colley, Joe Waste of Songs
1 Thunderclap Newman Hollywood Dream
1 Ogonjok 10 Inch
1 Black Vial, the Frozen Morning

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