KFJC tops for week ending 01/07/2004

10 Six Organs of Admittance Compathia
8 Surface of Eceyon Dragyyn
7 Sun Ra Arkestra, the A Song for the Sun
7 Lycia Empty Space
7 Ugly Duckling Taste the Secret
6 Nequaquam Vacuum 0
6 Phenomenological Boys, the Rainbow Record, the
6 Crescent By the Roads and the Fields
6 Aphex Twin Classics
6 Various [coll]: Wonder of Stevie, the
6 Cul De Sac Strangler's Wife, the
6 Extrakd Pure Liquid Bass Extrakd
6 Plastic Crimewave Sound Flashing Open
6 Gale, Eddie Ghetto Music
6 Knight, Boobie & the Soulciety Soul Ain't no New Thing
6 Cash, Johnny Man Comes Around, the
5 MC5 Motor City Is Burning
5 Sundowners Chicago Country Legends
5 Philosophy Major Hypnerotomachia
5 Tharpe, Sister Rosetta Gospel of the Blues, the
5 Mighty Casey Black Rapping School
5 Pal, Barun Kumar & Ray Spiegel Ragas on Slide Guitar
5 Trio S Trio S
5 Lyrics Born Later that Day
5 Hala Strana S/T
5 Vibert, Luke Yoseph
5 Various [coll]: Classic Blues Vol. 2
5 Romulus-Remus Zalmosis: Troth Part 2
5 Slumber Party 3
5 Angeli, Paolo Bucatio
5 Thompson, Malachi Blue Jazz
5 Dinosaur L Defunkt
5 Lederhosen Lucil Hosemusik
4 Mono Pause Neung Phak
4 Crack We Are Rock Cosmic Mind Flight
4 Asteroid No. 4 Honeyspot
4 Jean Grae Hater's Anthem
4 Muslimgauze Iranair Inflight Magazine
4 Lfo Sheath
4 A Grape Dope Missing Dragons [Ep]
4 Red Snapper Red Snapper
4 Maroney, Denman Fluxations
4 Schlammpeitziger Everything Without All...
4 Mummies, the Death By Unga Bunga!!
4 Jettatura Squadra Fantasma
4 Sole Bottle of Humans
4 Marley, Bob & the Wailers Soul Adventurer 1967-72 Part 5
4 Broker/Dealer Initial Public Offering
4 Watts, Alan Om: the Sound of Hinduism
4 Sick Lipstick, the Sting Sting Sting
4 Scientist with Forces of Music Internatinal Heroes Dub
4 Riders in the Sky Silver Jubilee
4 Stars Heart
4 Keystones Feat. M (soundtrack) Bloods Haul (Soundtrack)
4 Various [coll]: Carnival Jump-Up
4 Abdelli Among Brothers
4 Various [coll]: Rubble 5: Electric Cra
4 Cosmic Psychos Pel Mel
4 Willits, Christopher Folding and the Tea
4 Atlas, Natacha Something Dangerous
4 Dame Darcy Dame Darcy's Greatest Hits
4 Electrocute A Tribute to Your Taste
4 Richard H. Kirk War Against Terror V 4.0, the
4 Marty Stuart Country Music
3 Can Moonshake
3 U.M.A Ja-Ck
3 Sixtoo Antagonist Survival Kit
3 Chan, Jeff In Chicago
3 Niobe Tse Tse
3 Kowald/Masaoka/Robair Illuminations
3 Grails Burden of Hope, the
3 Sons and Daughters Love the Cup
3 Optic Nerd Early Noodlings
3 Long Live Death To Do More than God...To Die
3 Bradford/Wong/Roper Purple Gums
3 Caroliner Rise of the Common Woodpile
3 Greene, Jackie Gone Wanderin'
3 Zero Point Kashmere Stage Band 1971-72
3 Pigeon John Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sis
3 Dead C, the Damned, the
3 Magic Carpathians Project, the Euscorpius Carpathicus
3 Crooked Jades, the Unfortunate Rake VOL.2, the
3 Monolake Momentum
3 Palestine, Charlemange Negative Sound Study
3 Electrelane On Parade
3 Captain Beefheart Railroadism
3 Cooke, Eric Live 2002
3 Ektroverde Ukkossalama
3 Eaglesmith, Fred Falling Stars and Broken Heart
3 Haynie, Aubrey Bluegrass Fiddle Album, the
3 Sakamoto, Ryuichi Moto.Tronic
3 Aelters Ardchilds' Com.Undo
3 Simtec & Wylie Gettin' Over the Hump
3 Books on Tape Books on Tape Sings the Blues
3 Dub Congress Down in Santa Cruz
3 Senor Coconut& His Orchestra Fiesta Songs
3 Various [coll]: Trojan Ska Box Set
3 Movietone Sand and the Stars, Th
3 Decemberists, the Her Majesty the Decemberists
3 Creatures, the Hai
3 Flores, Rosie Single Rose
3 Brival, Roland Waka
3 Corpus Callosum Strange Fruit
3 Spokane Measurement
3 Manishevitz City Life
3 Chenier, Clifton Best of Clifton Chenier
3 Various [coll]: Wire Tapper 10, the
3 C Rayz Walz Ravipops (The Substance)
3 Crowell, Rodney Fate's Right Hand
3 People Like Us Recyclopaedia Britannica
3 Verboten Quick and Painful
3 Various [coll]: Ethiopian Modern Hits
3 Pope, Odean Almost Like Me
3 Rope Widow's First Dawn
3 Karl Shiflett & Big Country Worries on My Mind
3 Vert Small Pieces Loosely Joined
3 Clean, the Anthology
3 Sylvian, David Blemish
3 Acid Mother Temple & Melting P St. Capt. Freakout & Magic Bam
2 Joyce, James A Portrait of the Artist...
2 Various [coll]: Famous Poems that Tell
2 Various [coll]: Xmas Project
2 Guther I Know You Know
2 Sons of the Sun Heavenlamp
2 Municipal Waste Waste'em All
2 Plaid Spokes
2 Hospitals, the Hospitals, the
2 Ooioo Kila Kila Kila
2 Kickass, the Death Metal Is for Pussies
2 Books, the Thought for Food
2 E-Dot My All
2 Vertonen Ocean Is Gone..., the
2 Silver Mt Zion Memorial..., th This Is Our Punk-Rock, "Thee..
2 Ene Remixes
2 Deutsch Nepal City of Stone, the
2 Haco, Sakamoto Hiromichi Ash in the Rainbow
2 Campbell, Neil/Kneale,Campbell Feng Shui
2 Ove-Naxx Bullets From Habikino City Hc
2 Primordial Undermind Thin Shells of Revolution
2 Various [coll]: Banan Republic V3/MATA
2 Clark, Chris Ceramics Is the Bomb
2 Ghislain Porer Beats As Politics
2 Tommy Mccook Blazing Horns/Tenor in Roots
2 Okkervil River Down the River of Golden Dream
2 Slow Poisoners, the Days of the Soft Break
2 Troyer Rose De Shiraz
2 Grupo De Capoeira Angola Pelou CAPOEIRAANGOLA2: Brincando Na
2 Radio Vago Black&White Photo Enterprise
2 Usa Is a Monster, the Tasheyana Compost
2 Bischoff, John Aperture
2 Raines, Davis Parts Unknown
2 Pan American ______________________________
2 Parker, William Violin Trio Scrapbook
2 Legendary Pink Dots, the Traumstadt 1
2 Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Iridium Controversy, the
2 U.S. Maple Purple on Time
2 Sun Sun
2 Hiothoy, Kim Melke
2 Various [coll]: 33 Rpm
2 Various [coll]: Rock Action Presents 1
2 Cash, Johnny Fabulous, the
2 Berne, Tim Sublime And., the
2 Kalibas Product of Hard Living
2 Various [coll]: Child's View/Lullatone
2 Various [coll]: Lusine Icl/Buddy Systm
2 Various [coll]: Rubble 4: the 49 Minut
2 Art Ensemble of Chicago Tribute to Lester
2 Electric Turn to Me Clouds Move So Fast
2 Neurosis & Jarboe S/T
2 Alias Muted
2 Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home
2 Kool Keith Freaks
2 Various [coll]: Cinevox ( (soundtrack)
2 Various [coll]: Hot Women
2 Allerseelen Sturmlieder
2 Zodiac Killers Society's Offenders
2 Various [coll]: Garage Justice Vol. 1
2 Hemphill, Julius One Atmosphere
2 Various [coll]: Branches and Routes
2 Various [coll]: L.F.T.D.T. V.6 Disc 2
2 Various [coll]: L.F.T.D.T. V.6 Disc 1
2 King Tubby King Tubby's Special 1973-1976
2 Lowdown, the Y Is a Crooked Letter
2 Various [coll]: Double Overhead Disc 1
2 Biochemical Dread Bush Doctrine
2 Endrophobia 4 Song Ep
1 My Favorite Happiest Days of Our Lives
1 Ghost Orchids King Is Dead, the
1 Vonnegut, Kurt Jr. Welcome to the Monkey House
1 Poe, Edgar Allen Basil Rathbone Reads...
1 Conrad, Joseph Sir Ralph Richardson Reads...
1 Cummings, E E ...Reads His Poetry
1 Pound, Ezra Ezra Pound Reading His Poetry
1 Nomi, Klaus Za Bak Daz/Silent Night
1 Art Ensemble of Chicago A.A.C.M., Great Black Music
1 Rip Off Artist, the Little Tiny 1/8" Jack
1 Parmegiani, Bernard La Memoire Des Sons
1 Styles of Beyond Megadef
1 Various [coll]: Alvarius B/Dylan Nyoks
1 Various [coll]: Necro Presents: Bone..
1 Soil Bleeds Black, the Mirror of the Middle Ages
1 Various [coll]: Don't Touch My Car!!
1 Majumdar, Romnu & Abhijit Bane Lady Astride the Tiger
1 Various [coll]: Songs From the Entopti
1 Cinema Eye, the A Complete Arsenal
1 Black Cat #13 Experiment, Vol. 1, the
1 Russian Futurists, the Let's Get Ready to Crumble
1 Various [coll]: Nibble,Nibble/Yr Style
1 Sun City Girls Insignificanto
1 Cordier, Eric Digitalis Purpurea
1 Rother, Anthony Simulationszeitalter
1 Rother, Anthony Biomechanik
1 Spider Compass Good Crime Band Callispian Fallopian...
1 Dan Reeder Dan Reeder
1 400 Blows Biggest Hit Yet, the
1 Carter, Tom Root King
1 Afflux Bouquetot/Paris/Port-Jerome
1 Various [coll]: Tribryd
1 Ribot, Marc (soundtrack) Soundtracks I I
1 London, Frank Scientist at Work
1 Andersen, Steindor Rimur
1 Various [coll]: Witches of the West
1 Oyejide, Wale Kaya
1 Baghiri, Amir Yalda
1 Soul Junk SOUL-JUNK:1958
1 Phillip Sanderson ______________________________
1 Thelonious Moog Yes We Didn't
1 Various [coll]: Down in the Basement
1 Thompson, Linval Dub Story
1 Aphrodesia Shackrobeat Vol. 1
1 Broadcast Haha Sound
1 I Love You but I've Chosen I Love You but I've Chosen
1 Dolphy, Eric Iron Man
1 Leviathan Tenth Sub Level of Suicide, th
1 Dredd Foole and the Din Whys of Fire, the
1 Califone Quicksand/Cradlesnakes
1 Various [coll]: H.U.A.C.
1 Various [coll]: Lunar Probe
1 Encre Oblique Lu Nights
1 Battery Operated Chases Through Non-Place
1 Various [coll]: Music of the World's P
1 Various [coll]: Vgm Mix Tape #8
1 Various [coll]: Arktinen Hysteria
1 Various [coll]: Bananafish 17
1 Various [coll]: Orange Twin Sampler
1 Nobody Porpoise Song
1 Jaylib Champion Sound
1 Cybotron Clear
1 Paul Burch Fool for Love
1 Dosh Dosh
1 Deep Puddle Dynamics Taste of Rain...Why Kneel, the
1 Mac Mahon, Tony Mac Mahon, Tony
1 Atlantics, the Point Zero
1 Psychomania (soundtrack) Psychomania
1 Bare, Bobby Jr. "Ok-I'm Sorry..."
1 Willis, Wesley & the Dragnews Greatest Hits Volume 3
1 Various [coll]: Mr. Velcro Fastner...
1 Song of Zarathustra A Poisonous Movement
1 Apparat Organ Quartet Romantika
1 Various [coll]: Nice Up the Dance
1 Dj Wally Emulatory Whoredom
1 Party of One Caught the Blast
1 Cakekitchen, the How Can You Be So Blind?
1 Various [coll]: How's My Driving?
1 Carl the Barber Sun City Girls
1 Misty Dixon Iced to Mode
1 Trans Am T a
1 My Cat Is An Alien Il Segno
1 Belfour, Robert Pushin' My Luck
1 Summer at Shatter Creek Summer at Shatter Creek
1 Brotha Lynch Hung Season of Da Sickness
1 Northern Liberties Easter Island
1 !!! ("Chk Chk Chk") Me & Giuliani Down By the Scho
1 Peaches Fatherfucker
1 Omega Cinco ______________________________
1 Japanther Dump the Body in Rikki Lake

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