KFJC tops for week ending 01/12/2005

9 Laswell, Bill Version 2 Version Dub Trans...
8 Onieda Nice/Splittin' Peaches
7 Various [coll]: Homework 101
7 Quantic Apricot Morning
7 Lesbians on Ecstacy S/T
7 Plaid Not for Threes
7 Pinback Summer in Abaddon
6 Various [coll]: Million Tongues Fest
6 El Buzzard Tranquilizante Del Elefante
6 Dungen Ta Det Lugnt
6 Abstractions, the Novo Navigatio
6 Space Machine 3
6 Bohren & Der Club of Gore Black Earth
6 Die Monitr Batss Girls of War
6 Craig Bevan Lester Bangs @ the Delinquents
6 Mtkj Quartet Making Room for Spaces
6 Circle Prospect
6 Janes, Liz Poison and Snakes
6 Bookmobile Keys
5 Cyann & Ben Happy Like An Autumn Tree
5 Various [coll]: Rubble 9
5 Various [coll]: Dfa Compilation #2
5 500 Mg Vertical Approach
5 Shesus Ruined It for You
5 Yoko Solo Forbidden Channel, the
5 Various [coll]: Teenline #101
4 Notekillers Notekillers
4 Lsd March Lsd March
4 Panta Rei Panta Rei
4 Burnside, R. L. A Bothered Mind
4 Science Fiction Walls Don't Exist
4 Hijokaidan Last Recording Album, the
4 Hayasaka, Sachi Minga
4 Various [coll]: Turntable Sessions V1
4 Vanishing, the Still Lifes Are Falling
4 Master Musicians of Bukkake Visible Sign O Invisible Order
4 Tough & Lovely, the Born of the Stars
4 Various [coll]: H.U.A.C. Volume 3
4 Ladyman Viagra Opus
4 Antony & the Johnsons Antony & the Johnsons
4 Dimuzio, Thomas Slew
4 Bright Eyes 10 Song Sampler Cd
4 Cale, John Ny in the 1960'S
4 Crack We Are Rock Animal Trap
4 Telephone Jim Jesus A Point Too Far to Astronaut
4 Cerberus Shoal Bastion of Itchey Preeves
3 Various [coll]: Secret Is Out, the
3 Stars, the Will
3 Fred J. Eaglesmith Dusty
3 Throw Rag Beast in Me/Race W/The Dev, th
3 Allen, Red Lonesome and Blue
3 Black Lung Grand Chessboard, the
3 Various [coll]: Handsome Boy Modeling
3 Connors,Loren/David Grubbs Arborvitae
3 Lugubrum De Vette Cuecken
3 Blood on the Wall Blood on the Wall
3 Whitman, Keith Fullerton Schoner Flussengel
3 Banyan Live at Perkins' Palace
3 Ellis Island Sound S/T
3 Various [coll]: Paranoia in Der Stass.
3 Man Man Man Man
3 Triosk Moment Returns
3 Maquiladora W/ Kawabata Makoto Kiss Over
3 Olsson, Bjorn Crab, the
3 Biafra, Jello W/ the Melvins Never Breathe What U Can't See
3 Zorn, John Circle Maker, the
3 Wobbly Multiple Peady
3 Safety Scissors Parts Water
3 Bathyscaphe 11034M
3 Lords of Outland Culture of Pain
3 Miller, Buddy Universal United House Of....
3 Functional Blackouts, the Functional Blackouts, the
3 Hint Hint Young Days
3 Hardman Shirts and Pistols
2 Radio Palestine Sounds of the East Mediterrane
2 Western Addiction Remember to Dismember
2 Eskelin, Ellery Ten
2 Sixes Organs
2 Ait Bou Guemmez Maroc:Musiquedelahautemontagne
2 Jojo ______________________________
2 Guitar Wolf Rock 'n' Roll Etiquette
2 Shepp, Archie Attica Blues
2 Knead This Melting Happiness I Wa...
2 Nav Katze Never Mind the Distortion
2 Elahi, Ostad Cascade
2 Apostle of Hustle Folkloric Feel
2 Fehlmann, Thomas Lowflow
2 Hafler Trio, the Kisses with Both Hands From...
2 Sakada Never Give Up on the Margins..
2 Various [coll]: Cambodian Rocks
2 Acme Rocket Quartet Sound Camera
2 Parkins, Zeena/Mori, Ikue Phantom Orchard
2 Art Ensemble of Chicago Sirius Calling
2 Hoahio Peek-Ara-Boo
2 Agata Spike
2 Avitabile, Enzo & Bottari Save the World
2 Chib Moco
2 Killer's Kiss Gotta Lotta Love
2 Chatham, Rhys Three Aspects of the Name
2 Gallagher, Larry An Endless Chain of Accidents
2 Fucked Up Madrid 1936
2 Ammoncontact One in An Infinity of Ways
2 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of Natural History
2 Kamiyama, Hoppy/Laswell, Bill A Navel City/No One Is there
2 Various [coll]: Spire
2 Gel: Dolce
2 Partch, Harry Harry Partch Collection
2 Fall, the Real New Fall Lp, the
2 Lateef and the Chief Ambush
2 Nomo Nomo
2 My Robot Friend Hot Action
2 Edible Woman Spare Me/Calf
2 Lamp Leaking Dead Flies Your Hand Is Twisting Fires
2 Yuma Nora Red Train Graphing the Sunset
2 Carter, Christina Bastard Wing
2 Build An Ark Peace with Every Step
2 So Percussion So Percussion
2 Diplo Florida
2 Vytear Breaks
2 99 Hooker's Generica
2 Various [coll]: Cul De Sac/Damo Suzuki
2 Various [coll]: Soloists of Bolshoi
2 Free Music Ensemble Underground
2 Bishop, Sir Richard Improvika
2 Fraction Moon Blood
2 Tomo Tomo
2 Pig Destroyer Terrifyer
2 Walls of Genius Before ... and After
2 Panicsville Imperfection of the Organism
2 Pumice Raft
2 No. 9 Micro Films
2 Swann, Bettye Bettye Swann
2 Avett Brothers, the Mignonette
2 Hope for a Golden Summer I Bought a Heart Made of Art
2 Aloha Here Comes Everyone
2 Nagl, Max Evil Garden, the
2 Wagon Christ Sorry I Make You Lush
2 Dub Narcotic Sabley Goodness
2 Soothwag Sagged Beneath the Weight
2 Indian Jewelry Health & Wellbeing
2 Kenton, S. Plays Graettinger,B City of Glass
1 Ransome Kuti, Fela & Africa 70 With Ginger Baker, Live!
1 Wives Erect the Youth Problem
1 Misty Roses Komodo Dragons
1 Dolorean Violence in the Snowy Fields
1 Phosphorescent A Hundred Times or More
1 Toyan How the West Was Won
1 Cut Chemist Litmus Test
1 Various [coll]: Age/ Dextah
1 Quintron Frog Tape, the
1 Merzbow Merzbird
1 Team Up S/T
1 Various [coll]: Shockout
1 Oyejide, Wale One Day... Everything Changed
1 Scruggs, Watson, & Skaggs Three Pickers, the
1 Domenico + 2 Sincerely Hot
1 Sumac, Yma Voice of the Xtabay
1 Mysticum In the Streams of Inferno
1 Sage Francis Slow Down Gandhi
1 Various [coll]: Heavy Metal Holocaust
1 Akiyama, Mitchell If Night Is a Weed and Day....
1 Doran, Christy's New Bag Perspectives
1 Volcano the Bear One Burned Ma, the
1 Scholastic Deth Killed By School
1 Oh no Disrupt, the
1 Dj Jester the Filipino Fist & Table for One
1 R.A. the Rugged Man Lessons B/W How Low
1 Giant Squid S/T
1 Hicks, Dan & His Hot Licks Selected Shorts
1 Keen, Robert Earl Live From Austin Tx
1 Wolves! (Of Greece) S/T
1 Naftule's Dream Job
1 Pedestrian Toss and Turn, the
1 Flat Earth Society Isms
1 Castanets Cathedral
1 Various [coll]: Setup, The/Serotonin
1 Herman Dune, David-Ivar Ya Ya
1 State River Widening Early Music
1 Stitcher, Alton I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling
1 Kid Dakota West Is the Future, the
1 Devl Mention of Monsters/Deathray
1 Kang, Eyvind & Martine, Tucker Orchestra Dim Bridges
1 Massemord Skogen Kaller
1 Tinariwen Amassakoul
1 Hat Melter Unknown
1 Hollis, Mark S/T
1 Kiln Sunbox
1 Seeger, Mike True Vine
1 Xingu El Combo Xingu
1 Aroah Last Laugh, the
1 Beans Shock City Maverick
1 Zdrastvootie S/T
1 Radio 4 Stealing of a Nation
1 Day, Carson/Ilet Apt Into the Night
1 Ilitch Hors Tempt/Out of Time
1 Revolutionary Ensemble And Now...
1 Raised By Wolves Ritalin Division, the
1 Homosexuals, the Astral Glamour
1 Malik, Raphe Quartet Last Set: Live at the Jazz...
1 Smith, Wadada Leo & Anthony Br Saturn Conjunct the Grand Cany
1 Various [coll]: Antologia De Musica...
1 Ex, the Turn
1 Hilsinger/ Beatty Taking Tiger Mtn (By Strategy)
1 Lost Goat Trapped on Earth
1 Kubisch,Christina Twelve Signals
1 Dj Rupture Special Gunpowder
1 Case, Neko Tigers Have Spoken
1 Leviathan Tentacles of Whorror
1 Controller.Controller History
1 Him Many in High Places R not Well
1 Banhart, Devendra Nino Rojo
1 Cosmosamatics Three Cosmosamatics Three
1 Vasen Keyed Up
1 Various [coll]: Avram,Dumitrescu, Ana-
1 Bettis, Chuck & Friends Community of Commotion
1 Various [coll]: Barrio Nuevo
1 Foghorn String Band Reap What You Sow
1 Tommy Lasorda ______________________________
1 Various [coll]: Praeface
1 Satan's Pilgrims Plymouth Rock [Disc 1]
1 Various [coll]: Devil's Triangle #7
1 Via Tania Dream Of...
1 Rapider than Horsepower Rapider than the World
1 Jandek Gone Wait, the
1 Wire Honi Soit...
1 Various [coll]: Keepintime 1/3
1 Bjorkenheim/Haker Flaten/Nilss Scorch Trio
1 Arnold Palmer

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