KFJC tops for week ending 01/13/1999

12 Biafra, Jello If Evolution Is Outlawed...
12 Vas Deferens Organization Queas and Art
12 Sleestak Mach 2
11 People Like Us Live at Cosmos
11 Various [coll]: Chicks with Sticks
10 Bianchi, Maurizio Colori
10 Hallucinator Hallucinator
10 Sinking Body Neurotic Habits of the Invis..
10 Third Sex, the No Heart 7", the
9 Silver Apples Garden, the
9 Mirra, Helen ______________________________
9 Mit Musik Von Tone Float
9 Mummy the Peep Show Mummy the Peep Show
9 Vacuum Tree Head Aum Carve Etude "H"
9 Part, Arvo Kanon Pokajanen
9 St 37 Secret Society, the
9 Chazam Des Acces De L'homme
8 Seagull Screaming Kiss Her K.. It's Brand New
8 Delusion Valley Co-Show Choo Ep
8 00-SOUL Solid Sounds Of..., the
8 Hurl We Are Quiet in this Room
7 Kaoru/Yoshizawa/Kondo/Bailey Aida's Call
7 Various Artists Various Artists
7 Golding Institute, the Sounds of Int'nl Airport Rstrm
7 Bobby Redbeet Ladies Love
7 Boredoms Super Ar
7 Headcoats, Thee Hendrix Was not the Only Music
7 Stratotanker Miracle of Flight, the
6 Caron, David David Caron
6 Elggren, Leif In Sleep the Knives Are ....
6 Frosty Liqour Drink
6 Air Traffic Controllers Women & Other Minority Groups
6 Blowtops,The Deep Thrust
6 Pineal Ventana Expel
6 Reid, Sharp, Torn Guitar Oblique
6 Manning, Barbara In New Zealand
6 Masada Yod (10)
6 Chicago Underground Duo 12 Degrees of Freedom
5 Karate Bed Is in the Ocean, the
5 Family of God We Are the World
5 Eskelin, Ellery Parkins, Andre Kulak 29 & 30
5 Clikatat Ikatowi River of Souls
5 Taylor (Brand Sound Structure) S/T
5 Gate Lavender Head, the
5 Brighter Death Now Greatest Death
5 Sakamoto, Ryuichi (soundtrack) Love Is the Devil
5 Various [coll]: Make-Up/Crainium
5 Bassholes When My Blue Moon Turns Red ..
5 Cline, Nels & Sarno, Devin Edible Flowers
5 Johnston, Daniel Dream Scream/Funeral Girl
5 Ferrella, Thomas/Schaefer, Kev Effigy
4 Bolt Thrower Mercenary
4 Naquil ______________________________
4 New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra Don Cherry/Penderecki
4 Landed Everything's Happening
4 Various [coll]: Sound of Music
4 Lumin Datura
4 Abu-Jamal, Mumia All Things Censored V1
4 Bola Soup
4 Various [coll]: Yoruba/Dahomean Coll.
4 Ka-Spel, Edward Down in the City of Heartbrk..
4 Hodgkinson, Tim Pragma
4 Various [coll]: Interstellar Fugitives
4 Schooley, John ______________________________
4 Quintron These Hands of Mine
4 Rother, Anthony Little Computer People
4 Harriet Tubman I Am a Man
4 Gazingo, Bingo Bingo Gazingo
4 Keen, Robert Earl Walking Distance
4 Various [coll]: Marvelous Sound Forms
4 You Fantastic! Homesickness
4 Dom + Roland Industry
4 Gadget Black Acura
4 Paris 1942 Paris 1942
4 Tri Mi Pi Eat Here
4 Various [coll]: Deeper Concentration
4 Various [coll]: Men's Recovery/Sinking
3 Subtract to Zero S/T
3 Badawi "Final Warning"
3 Assmen, the Burgerbreath
3 Prince Charming Fantastic Voyage
3 Victor Dimisich Band My Name Is K
3 Long Hind Legs Feb 4TH - 14TH 1998
3 Montgomery, Roy ______________________________
3 Hooker, William Hard Time
3 Death in June Kameradschaft
3 . Kalyanji, Anandji
3 Lothars, the Meet the Lothars
3 Buckminster Fuzeboard How to Make C60 BR24 in Under
3 Carl, Aaron Down
3 Various [coll]: 129 Beat Street
3 Fiends, the Gravedigger
3 Jedi Son of Spock Journey, the
3 Slackers, the Question, the
3 Unspoken Heard, the "Better"
3 Sutcliffe Jugend When Pornography Is no Longer
3 Bright Moments Return of the Lost Tribe
3 Black Cowboy Black Cowboy
3 Carlos, Wendy (Walter) Sonic Seasonings +
3 Boud Deun Stolen Bicycle, the
3 Thomas, Richard What My Ears Can See
3 Inoue, Tetsu Waterloo Terminal
3 Fahey, John Death Chants, Breakdowns And..
3 Knit Seperates, the S/T
3 Unexplained Transmissions +/-
3 Chazam & Monsieur Gadou Vivants
3 Ibarra,Susie/Charles, Denis Drum Talk
3 Wailers, the Tall Cool One
2 Small Black Pig Jolly Grim
2 Dominions S/T
2 CCM4 Construction, Deconstruction..
2 Decaer Pinga Two Lessons for Black Foot V1
2 Bedroom Productionz "S.E.L.F."
2 Transona Five Duffel Bag
2 Compomicro-Dexall S/T
2 Tribes of Neurot Markandeya/Origin & Destiny
2 Coil Autumn Equinox
2 Radiance S/T
2 His Hero Is Gone Fool's Gold
2 Raise Hell Holy Target
2 Ultramagnetic M.C.'s Four Horsemen
2 Virtuoso "Incinerator"
2 Freeek, the Martian Leaders O. E.
2 Crib She Is Church
2 Licht, Alan/Loren Mazzacane-Co Hoffman Estates
2 Germs, the Germicide
2 Duncan, John (soundtrack) John See Soundtracks
2 Oranj Symphonette Oranj Album
2 Lopez, Francisco Untitled Music for Geography
2 Si_Lo Si_Lo
2 Yid Vicious Klez, Kez, Goy Mit Fez
2 Boilermaker Jazz Band Linger Awhile
2 Damon Song of a Gypsy
2 Various [coll]: Spike's Choice
2 Gladiators, the Bongo Red
2 Johnston, Phillip Needless Kiss, the
2 Swift, Rob Ablist, the
2 Art Ensemble of Chicago Coming Home Jamaica
2 Borbetomagus L'atlas Des Galaxies Etranges
2 Brooks, Cedric 'im' United Africa
2 Boxhead Ensemble Last Place to Go, the
2 Emanon Acid Nine
2 Various [coll]: Africans in America
2 Josef K Endless Soul
2 Perry, Lee "Scratch" Fire in Dub
2 Jpp String Tease
2 Boards of Canada Music Has the Right to Childrn
2 To Rococo Rot She Understands
2 Ackley, Bruce Trio Hearing, the
1 New York Art Quartet New York Art Quartet
1 Various [coll]: 1ST Belgian Punk Conte
1 Victor Dimisich Band Native Waiter
1 Various [coll]: Taking Liberties
1 Kirlian Uninspired
1 Moebius/Plank/Thompson Ludwig's Law
1 Matmos West, the
1 Coche Bomba Poco O Nada/Jaust Another...
1 Scienz of Life "Doin' Our Thing"
1 Wee Bee Foolish "Tiger Boogs"
1 Shipp, Matthew & Horn Quartet Strata
1 Larz Moral Sewer
1 Chop Shop Smolder
1 Piazzolla, Astor Tango: Zero Hour
1 Eno, Roger Flatlands, the
1 Arovane Arovane Ep
1 Alberts, Arthur S. Collection, More Tribal, Folk, and Cafe Mu
1 Fluxion Lark
1 Coche Bomba Viva La Dereliccion
1 Rohr / Mc Bride / Mc Lennan They Sent Three Henchmen
1 Secret Chiefs 3 Theatrum of Suprasensory U, Th
1 Various [coll]: Cuban Gold 5
1 Experimental Audio Research Death of a Robot/Automatic....
1 Praxis Mold
1 Smith, George "Harmonica" Now You Can Talk About Me
1 Kent, Willie Make Room for the Blues
1 Cat Power Moon Pix
1 Various [coll]: Variations
1 Clodhopper Red's Recovery Room
1 Pin Group, the S/T
1 Ayers, Roy (soundtrack) Coffy
1 Various [coll]: Rat Music Fr Rat Peopl
1 Big Star #1 Record/Radio City
1 Haack, Bruce Electric Lucifer, the

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