KFJC tops for week ending 01/16/2002

13 Dub Syndicate Acres of Space
10 Burning Spear Spear Burning
10 Various [coll]: Darker than Blue
9 Lokomotiv Ss Self-Titled
9 Mon, Franz Mon, Franz
9 Deltidseskapism Deltidseskapism
8 Various [coll]: Modulation & Tran... 2
8 Pelt/Rake United Supreme Council....
8 Greyboy Mastered the Art
8 Aphex Twin Drukqs
8 Various [coll]: 100% Dynamite!
7 Micranots Obelisk Movement
7 Belgum, Erik Strange Neonatal Cry
7 Burnside, R.L. Burnside on Burnside
7 Various [coll]: Electro-Organic VOL.1
7 Tied + Tickled Trio Electric Avenue Tapes
7 Intimate Fags ______________________________
6 Dj Flare Mic Doc & B-Style
6 Lithops Sequenced Twinset / Fi
6 Acid Mothers Temple &Melting.. In C / in E
6 Woozyhelmet ______________________________
6 Strobe Talbot 20 Pop Songs
6 Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash Walk Alone
6 Gibbs, Joe African Dub Allmighty CH.3
6 Blackalicious Make You Feel that Way
6 Phoenecia Brownout
6 Mulholland Drive (soundtrack) Mulholland Drive
6 Kosugi, Takehisa Catch Wave
5 Tarantula Hawk Desert Solitaire
5 Dolomites ______________________________
5 Buckley, Tim Dream Belongs to Me, the
5 Rydgren, John Silhouette Segments
5 Pattern, the Feverish
5 Various [coll]: Cairo Road
5 Centimeters Lifetime Achievement Awards
5 Circle Andexelt
5 Stuck-Ups, the Stuck-Ups, the
5 Various [coll]: Nigeria 70
4 Dap-Kings Got a Thing on My Mind
4 Su Ra Cosmos
4 Herman Dune Turn Off the Light
4 Front Porch Ministry Say Goodbye to the Way..
4 Various [coll]: Radon/T M R 2002 Tour
4 Hitch, the Prince of the Sawmill
4 Various [coll]: It's All Becoming...Cl
4 Various [coll]: Street Corner Essentia
4 Frost, Edith Wonder Wonder
4 Arford, Scott + R.H.Y. Yau Edit for Unconsciousness
4 Crowley, Aleister Satanic Verses
4 Lifesavas Headexercise
4 Romus, Rent/Lords of Outland Avatar in the Field
4 Various [coll]: Foetus
4 Jocque, Beau & the Zydeco... Best of Beau Jocque & The...
4 Dipsomaniacs Life You're Faking, the
4 Bug in (soundtrack) Bug in
4 Various [coll]: Live at the Bluebird
4 Ceramichobs Straight Outta Rampton
4 Ellis, Greg Kala Rupa
4 Gallo, Vincent When
4 Cex Role Model
4 Various [coll]: Compound
4 Electric Eels, the Eyeball of Hell, the
4 Ribot, Marc Saints
4 Choose Your Own Adventure La Mancha
4 Various [coll]: That's Al (soundtrack)
4 Calix, Mira Prickle
4 Voodoo Court Nuclear Vacation
3 Eskellin, Ellery Vanishing Point
3 Wright, Shannon Perishable Goods
3 International Noise Conspiracy New Morning
3 Sun Ra & His Myth Science Ark Cosmic Tone for Mental Therapy
3 Lambkin, Graham Poem
3 Littlejohn, John Slidin' Home
3 Stratford 4, the Revolt Against Tired Noises
3 Evans, Dave Hang Out a Lantern for Me
3 Truffaz, Erik Reviste
3 Ishii, Ken Green Times
3 Ishola, Haruna and His Apala G Apala Messenger
3 Judah Johnson ______________________________
3 Mellesse, Muluqen [Coll]: Ethiopiques
3 Isis SGNL>5
3 Gira, M. & Matz, D. What We Did
3 Lumen Man Felt An Iron Hand..., the
3 Hood Cold House
3 Gerbils, the Battle of Electricity, the
3 Hines, Earl At the Party
3 Bush, Johnny Green Snakes
3 Major Foce Re-Return of the Original Art-
3 Dougher, Sarah Bluff, the
3 Bad Form, the No More Neo New Wave
3 Nad Navillus Show Your Face
3 Morwell Unlimited Meets King T Select Cuts From Blood & Fire
3 Spiny Anteaters, the Well Laid Plans
3 Refrigerator Comedy Minus One
3 Contagious Orgasm Flow of Sound Without..., the
3 Band of Endless Noise, the S/T
3 Moth Wranglers Never Mind the Context
3 De Filippis, Alain Petites Musiques De Bruit
3 Thompson, Linval I Love Marijuana
3 Fair, Jad & Daniel Johnston Lucky Sperms:Somewhat..., the
3 Shankar, Anoushka Live at Carnegie Hall
3 Garcia, Jerry & David Grisman Grateful Dawg
3 Redmond, Eugene B. Blood Links and Sacred Places
3 Big Justoleum Plantation Rhymes
3 Rube Waddell Bound for the Gates of Hell
3 Safety Scissors Lost at
3 Null, K.K./Brown, David Terminal Hz
3 Amelie (Soundtrac (Soundtrack) Amelie
3 Marchetti, Walter Marchetti, Walter
3 Axelrod, David David Axelrod
3 Vitiello, Stephen Bright and Dusty Things
3 Kiki and Herb Do You Hear What We Hear?
3 Haskell, Jimmie Count Down!
3 Various [coll]: Better than the Beatls
3 Manatees, the Snackin' With...
3 Johnson, Robert & Punchdrunks Cinemascope-A-Dope
3 Various [coll]: Troubleman Mix-Tape
3 Fulks, Robbie 13 Hillbilly Giants
3 Bambi Molesters, the Intensity
2 I Found God Junkie Sex Monkey
2 American Nightmare Background Music
2 Davis, Larry Funny Stuff
2 Kataklysm Northern Hyper Blast Live
2 Hicks, Bill Philosophy
2 Now Time Delegation, the Watch for Today
2 Savage Republic Ceremonial Trudge
2 Melic ______________________________
2 Ensemble Abstract Stendahl's Syndrome
2 Schickele, Matt Cities Filled with Lights
2 Lilienthal Castor & Pollux
2 Throbbing Gristle Grief
2 Slight Slappers/Lebensreform ______________________________
2 Halifax Pier Put Your Gloves on and Wave
2 Yokota, Susumu Grinning Cat
2 Weird Little Boy Weird Little Boy
2 Low ______________________________
2 Bannister, Bob Dives and Lazarus
2 Various [coll]: Breakage Vol. 1
2 Wright, Jack Double Double
2 Sun Ra / Henry Dumas Ark and the Ankh, the
2 Various [coll]: Select Cuts Chapter 2
2 Mcgregor's, Chris Brotherhood Travelling Somewhere
2 Rich, Robert Bestiary
2 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Grow Fins Vol I I I
2 Primordial Undermind Beings of Game P-U
2 Galactica, Maurice "Fat Jon" Humanoid Erotica
2 Brainbombs Cheap
2 Targodie Against the Sky
2 Various [coll]: By Special Request
2 Mustafio Mustafio Has no Comment
2 Hopkins, Paul Something Old...Nothing New
2 Hartford, John Hamilton Ironworks
2 Hartford, John Rca Country Legends
2 Antipop Consortium Ends Against the Middle, the
2 Various [coll]: Afrika Bambaataa...
2 Myton, Cedric and Congo Image of Africa
2 Davis, Miles Complete Bitches Brew Sessions
2 Parker, William Quartet O'neal's Porch
2 Sudden, Nikki Nikki Sudden Compendium, the
2 Silver Mount Zion Memorial, th Born Into Troubles As the ...
2 Love As Laughter Sea to Shining Sea
2 Thingy To the Innocent
2 Louvin Brothers, the Satan Is Real
2 Harrison, Lou Rhymes with Silver
2 Faint, the Mote...
2 Mcphee, Joe & Trio X On Tour... Toronto / Rochester
2 Big Youth Progress
2 Frames, the For the Birds
2 Barbee, Ray Triumphant Procession
2 Downes, Graeme Hammers and Anvils
2 Planet Seven Tomorrow that Never Was, the
2 Zmrzlina Katastrophe Vol. 3
2 Hawtin, Richie DE9 Closer to the Edit
2 Robison, Bruce Country Sunshine
2 Various [coll]: Music for the Psych-Ey
2 Art Ensemble of Chicago Bap-Tizum
1 Adams, Tom Adams County Banjo
1 Mark Olson & the Creekdippers Pacific Coast Rambler
1 Bob Wills & His Tx. Playboys Boot Heel Drag: M.G.M. Years 2
1 John Hartford Steam Powered Aereo-Takes
1 Various [coll]: Godstomper/Fuck on Thh
1 Ricky Skaggs History of the Future
1 Hank Williams Jr. Almeria Club
1 Bob Wills & His Tx. Playboys Boot Heel Drag: M.G.M. Years 1
1 Bob Wills & His Tx. Playboys Stay a Little Longer
1 Doom Doomed From the Start
1 Iowaska Vine of Souls
1 Polemic Pickle Rum
1 Pavone, Jessica&Th String Army ______________________________
1 Unholy Grave Kill'em All for One
1 Avengers Avengers
1 Johnny Bush Green Snakes - Bonus Disc
1 Pocket Orchestra Pocket Orchestra
1 Pocket Orchestra Knebnagauge
1 Various [coll]: Surprise Package Vol 4
1 Sun-Ra Monorails and Satellites
1 Cage, John Cheap Imitation
1 Bang on a Can Renegade Heaven
1 Xbxrx Gop Ist Minee
1 Alvarez, Marcelo Marcelo Alvarez Sings Gardel
1 Rip-Off Artist, the Pump
1 Various [coll]: Tomorrow Will Be Worse
1 Kaito You've Seen Us...You Must Have
1 Mogwai My Father My King
1 Oath, the Transatlantic Thrash Terror
1 Waking Life (soundtrack) Waking Life
1 Yesterdays New Quintet Bomb Shlter Ep
1 Sonna We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight
1 Mr. Len Pity the Fool...
1 Viza-Noir Viza-Noir
1 Various [coll]: Wind
1 REV.99 Turn a Deaf Ear
1 Ground Zero Gig- Last Concert 3/8/98
1 Von Schirach, Otto Escalo Frio
1 Bees, the Punchbag
1 Mass Producers Performances for Large...
1 Weston, Matt Vacuums
1 Various [coll]: Nart Nibbles
1 Gobeil, Gilles Dans Le Silence De La Nuit
1 Pelt Ayahuasca
1 Various [coll]: Ethiopiques 5
1 Candy Muscle Harvesting the Jesus Trilogy
1 Double Leopards A Pebble in Thousands of ...
1 Wonder Obsession for Men
1 Various [coll]: Jean Ritchie:Fieldtrip
1 Up, Bustle and Out Master Sessions 2
1 Green, Bernie & Stero Madmen Musically Mad
1 Necro Morbid
1 Various [coll]: Three Angels, the
1 Old Sea Hag ...Terror Tales
1 Big Joe African Princess
1 Kevin Blechdom Inside Story, the
1 Sparo, Frankie Arena Hostile
1 Sherman, Bim & Dub Syndicate Keep You Dancing
1 Soul Seven, the South Side Funk
1 Cubby Creatures, the Make Your Own Song
1 Vas Deferens Organization Suspension
1 Original Salty Dogs, the New Orleans Shuffle
1 Stewart, Ron Time Stands Still
1 Traditional Music of Peru 6 Ayacucho Region, the
1 Bran ... Pos 3XX3
1 Alter Ego Betty Ford, Remix Pt. a
1 Sunn O))) 00 Void
1 Current 93 Imperium
1 American Astronau (soundtrack) American Astronaut
1 Various [coll]: Absolutely Kosher:It'
1 Hartmann, Karl Amadeus Funebre
1 Various [coll]: Toon Tune (soundtrack)
1 Schumann, Walter (soundtrack) Exploring the Unknown
1 Set Fire to Flames Sings Reign Rebuilder
1 Nonekned Skratch
1 Various [coll]: Rhythm Room Blues
1 Denio, Amy Tattoo
1 Akchote/Chadbourne/Ribot Lust Corner
1 Various [coll]: Rock and Roll Fever
1 Fall, the Mr. Pharmacist
1 Les Joyaux De La Princesse Croix De Bois
1 Various [coll]: Woodstock (soundtrack)

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