KFJC tops for week ending 01/18/2006

13 Various [coll]: Akron/Family & Angels.
8 Sexy Prison Italians Who Just Saw Rocky
8 Kenny Dorham Octet Freddie Hubbard
7 Gris Gris, the For the Season
7 Various [coll]: Jazzanova Blue Note Tr
7 Faith Healers, Th' Peel Sessions
6 Oxes E P
6 Various [coll]: Free Design/Now Sound
6 Mori, Ikue Labyrinth
6 Tarantella Esqueletos
6 Major Organ & the Adding Machi ______________________________
6 Various [coll]: Departure Lounge World
6 Tarantula A.D. Book of Sand
6 Lali Puna I Thought I Was Over that
6 Brown, Junior Austin Experience, the
5 Various [coll]: Cambodian Rocks I I
5 Schnauss, Ulrich Far Away Trains Passing By
5 Menche, Daniel/Mizutani,Kiyosh Garden
5 Moondog Moondog and His Friends
5 De Clive-Lowe, Mark Tide's Arising
5 Flanger Spirituals
5 Various [coll]: Nao Wave Revisited
5 Joe Mcphee Everything Happens for a Reaso
5 Edith Frost It's a Game
5 Psyche Origami Standard, the
5 Atmosphere You Can't Imagine How Much Fun
5 Tunnel of Love, the Fury Town
5 Blasters, the 4-11-44
5 Vanderslice, John Five Years
5 Hopewell & the Birds of Appetite
5 Dj Nuts Cultura Copia
5 Mophono I Cry
5 Various [coll]: Cult Cargo: Belize Cit
4 El Buzzard Gringa
4 Various [coll]: Women of Rembetica
4 Fog, the (soundtrack) Fog, the
4 Dissecting Table Tranquilizer
4 Dabrye Additional Productions Vol. 1
4 Various [coll]: Electric Institute, th
4 Supersystem Always Never Again
4 Olive Green Doo Bad Hustle, the
4 Barnes, Jamie Fallen Acrobat, the
4 Blaq Mummy Blaq Mummy
4 Various [coll]: Tails Are Gone..., the
4 Fragments S/T
4 Zip Code Rapists Here at Last Live!!!
4 Prince Far I Silver & Gold 1973-1979
4 Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Government Magic
4 Saws Saws
4 Curumin Aghados E Perdidos
4 Xiu Xiu La Foret
4 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Crime and Dissonance
4 10 Ft. Ganja Plant Bass Chalice
4 Junior Kelly Tough Life
4 Various [coll]: I Love Guitar Wolf
4 Lubelski, Samara Spectacular of Passages
4 Surf, the Sundried, the Surf, the Sundried, the
4 Sound Directions Funky Side of Life, the
4 Thought Criminals, the Chrono-Logical
4 Pererin Haul Ar Yr Eira
4 Galaxie 500 Peel Sessions
4 Hicks, Bill Satirist, Social Critic, Stand
4 Haggard, Merle Chicago Wind
4 Translator Different Time
4 El Organo, Loco !!! ______________________________
4 Vvv Resurrection River
4 Various [coll]: Why Do You Think They
4 Godflesh Godflesh
3 Circle Tulikoira
3 Bathtub Shitter Angels Save Us + Mark a Muck
3 Radigue, Eliane Adnos I-Iii
3 << O >> Numero 0
3 Dj Female Convict Scorpion Patience Cleveland
3 El'zabar, Kahil Our Time Is Now
3 Kinny & Horne Us on Fire
3 Biggs, Travis Challenge
3 Sill, Judee Heart Food
3 Kobi Dronesyndrome
3 Eight Frozen Modules Clinically Yours
3 (A) Pendics Shuffle Helicopter Hearts
3 Shalabi Effect Unfortunately
3 Kuwayama-Kijima/Thornton, Cart Shrine
3 Big City Orchestra Fresh Prezzies Exclusive Track
3 Langford, Choncey Enthusiast, the
3 New Salt ______________________________
3 Various [coll]: Tokyo Flash Back 5
3 Digable Planets Beyond the Spectrum:The Cre...
3 Minus Story Moebius Syndrone
3 Claudia Quintet Semi-Formal
3 Guaccero, Domenico Da Cantare: Opere Vocali 51-83
3 Mitchell,Roscoe Quintet Turn
3 Sailor Winter Owe
3 Marley, Bob and the Wailers Africa Unite: the Singles
3 Seishokki Organs of Blue Eclipse
3 Voice of Pakistan Vol 1 Voice of Pakistan Vol 1
3 Parker, William Luc's Lantern
3 Landing Brocade
3 Various [coll]: Imaginational Anthem
3 Blaktroniks This Is Your Drug on Brains
3 Alarm Will Sound Acoustica
3 Dirty Three Cinder
3 Lab Rat Xl Mice or Cyborg
3 Fay, Bill Bill Fay
3 El'zabar, Kahil Ritual Trio Live at the River East Art Ctr
3 Taylor, Otis Below the Fold
3 Zion I Temperature B/W the Bay
3 Various [coll]: 2K6
3 Saxon Shore Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore
3 Melt Banna Mxbx 1998/13000 Miles at Ligho
3 Sun Ra Arkestra Friendly Galaxy
3 Cerberus Shoal Land We All Believe In, the
3 Ramses Iii Jozepha
3 Edward Ka-Spel O Darkness! O Darkness!
3 Johannson, Johann Dis
3 Ocean Here Where Nothing Grows
3 Various [coll]: Back to Black
3 Orbital Orbital
3 Dead and Gone Beautician, the
3 Deerhoof S/T
3 Dame Darcy "Will O' the Wisp"
3 Charles Brown Superstar Days of Our Drive
2 Unsane Singles 89-92
2 Tarantula Hawk Tarantula Hawk
2 Harper, James "Twig" Intuitiveamericanesoteric VOL2
2 Die Todliche Doris Tabea Und Doris Durfen Doch Wo
2 Midget Handjob Midnight Snack Break at The...
2 Various [coll]: Welsh Rare Beat
2 Radar Easy Listening
2 Nerve Net Noise Radio Life
2 Baiyon .Nes that Sounds Like School R
2 Tsahar/Cooper-Moore/Drake Lost Brother
2 Daugherty, Michael Philadelphia Stories / U F O
2 Growing His Return
2 Pharaoh Overlord 3
2 Rollerball Long Walk for Ice Cream
2 Bomis Prendin Test/Phantom Limb
2 Industrial Jazz Group Star Chamber, the
2 Malagasy All Stars, the Introducing Vakoka
2 Rieman/Dalaba/Dempster, Eric Lung Tree
2 Kptmichigan Player, Player
2 Brunn, Benjamin Music Under Pin
2 Carter, Tom & Basset, Marcia Zaika
2 Funtional Blackouts Raw Dawg, Raw Deal
2 Beautiful New Born Children Do the Do
2 Ziegler, Harald Sack Punkt
2 Bey, Faruq Z. W/Northwoods Rwanda
2 Little Howlin Wolf Brave Nu World
2 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Madagas
2 Various [coll]: Cramped Quarters
2 Todd, Mia Doi Ewe and the Eye, the
2 Merzbow & Wiese, John Multiplication
2 Casual Presents: Smash Rockwell
2 Fatlip Loneliest Punk, the
2 Warrior King Hold the Faith
2 Catron, Jessica Five Violoncello Solos
2 Olneyville Sound System What Is True, What Is False
2 Induce Cycle
2 Various [coll]: Legendary Stardust
2 Black Keys Rubber Factory
2 Mouthus and Axolotl 12/25/04
2 Dolmen Orchestra Minotrauma
2 Kojima, Keiko S/T
2 Special Consensus Everything's Alright
2 Einsturzende Neubauten Grundstueck
2 Various [coll]: Ultrason
2 Dead Letters Spell Out Dead... 11 Instances of Dead Letters..
2 Various [coll]: Ult Nusrat Ali Khan V1
2 Various [coll]: Time Machine Tm Radio
2 Yoko Solo Beeps, the
2 Robinson, Wanda Me and a Friend
2 Bubonic Plague No Bosses no Bullshit
2 Necks Aquatic
2 Mi and L'au S/T
2 Pelican Fire in Our Throats Will, the
2 Rich, Robert & Boddy, Ian Lithosphere
2 Fursaxa Amulet
2 Higashi, Hiroshi Solo 3
2 Goodiepal Mort Aux Vaches
2 Mental Insect Drawings on Butcher Paper
2 Duvall, Al Coroner & Knives
2 Collins, Shirley False True Lovers
2 Tarantism Tarantismo
2 Jahcoozi Pure Breed Mongrel
2 Charalambides West Coast Live Vol. 1
2 Haino, Keiji Hikari Yami Uchitokeashi Konoh
2 Various [coll]: Drumm, Kevin / 2673
2 Keith, Rodd Saucers in the Sky
2 Mr. Oizo Moustache (Half a Scissor)
2 Various [coll]: Deerhoof/Sicbay Split
2 Percee P Put It on the Line
2 Twink Broken Record, the
2 Espers Weed Tree, the
2 Yokota, Susumu & Rothko Distant Sounds of Summer
2 Various [coll]: Dawn Is Crowned, the
2 Arovane Tides
2 Various [coll]: Live From the DEVILSV8
2 Marley, Damian "Jr. Gong" Welcome to Jamrock
2 Doormouse Xylophone Jism
2 Various [coll]: Damad/Meatjack
2 Mushroom Compared to What
2 Mono Pause Peeping Through the Listenhole
2 Centimeters, the Facts of Destiny, the
2 Various [coll]: Pop American Style
2 Elf Power Vainly Clutchin at Phantomlimb
2 Neutral Milk Hotel ______________________________
2 Boredoms Soul Discharge
1 Orange Peels, the Circling the Sun
1 Folklords, the Release the Sunshine
1 Gizmos 1976:ROCKABILLY Yobs Session
1 Howard / Kapp, Noah / Bobby Between Two Eternities
1 Skrol Heretical Antiphony
1 Ecomorti St
1 Scelsi, Giacinto Art of Song Of, the
1 Mount Vernon Arts Lab E for Experimetal
1 Family Underground Ancient Shadows
1 Avotor Nothing but Surrender / Galcie
1 Sleep Walker Voyage/Into the Sun, the
1 Timeout Drawer, the Excorcist, the
1 Born/Dead Repetition
1 Qwel & Jackson Jones Dark Day
1 Rogers, Lee Sock Some Love Power to Me
1 Major Stars Black Road
1 Bar Kokhba Sextet Bar Kokhba Sextet
1 Keston, John + Westdal, Nils Super Structure Baby
1 Galaxian ______________________________
1 Dr. Ragtime Buckdancer's Choice
1 Philip Samartzis Soft and Loud
1 Phon.O Burn Down the Town
1 Milk From Cheltenham Triptych of Poisoners
1 Der Blutharsch When All Else Fails
1 Various [coll]: New Rubble 2
1 Gendreau,Michael Vitoj
1 Matthews, Kaffe, Etc. Weightless Animals
1 Hollywood Squaretet Tet-Offensive
1 No Neck Blues Band Qvaris
1 Nice Nice Summer
1 Warhammer 48K S/T
1 My Dad Is Dead A Divided House
1 Pilia, Stefano Healing Memories and Other Sca
1 Can't (Jessica Rylan) New Secret
1 Mace, Pierre-Yves Faux Jumeaux
1 Messer Chups Crazy Price
1 21.PERON S/T
1 Buddha on the Moon S/T
1 Chronicles of Lemur Mutatio 4 Lost Documents
1 Current 93 Lucifer Over London
1 Kryonics, the Kryonics, the
1 Cardew, Cornelius Material
1 Crumb, George Voice of the Whale
1 Various [coll]: Touch 00
1 Cline / Shoup / Corsano Immolation / Immersion
1 Volcano the Bear All the Paint I Can Breathe
1 Various [coll]: Buck Paco/Bardo Pond
1 Miminokoto Orange Garage
1 Double Leopards Out of 1, Through 1 and to 1
1 Reijseger, Ernst & Alan Purves Ta
1 John Wilkes Booze Telescopic Eyes Glance Futurek
1 Various [coll]: Hush Arbors/Terracid..
1 Curse of the Birthmark Welcome to the Hard Times...
1 Degenerate Art Ensemble Bastress, the
1 Phosphorescent Aw Come Aw Wry
1 White Pee S/T
1 Various [coll]: Planet Delsin
1 Enuma Elish Leviathan
1 Various [coll]: Lunch Money Singles 1
1 Spoils of War 2 Spoils of War 2, the
1 Martin, Caroline I Had a Hundred More Reasons T
1 Jenkins, Jean Paul/Foster, Jos Duos 2004
1 Beaulieau, Emil America's Greatest Noise Artis
1 Ettrick Infinite Horned Abomination
1 Anker, Lotte Six Row Barley
1 My Cat Is An Alien Cosmological Eye Trilogy, the
1 Various [coll]: Dark Holler
1 Assemble Head in Sunburst Snd S/T
1 Penuckle Welcome
1 Brinkmann, Thomas Lucky Hands
1 Various [coll]: Disco Rallado
1 Stick Figures Stick Figures
1 P.O.S. P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life
1 Black Jetts, the Right on Sound
1 Ataque Frontal S/T
1 Billy Joe Shaver Real Deal
1 Patty Loveless Dreamin' My Dreams
1 Apparat Silizium
1 Cracow Klezmer Band Sanatorium Under the Sign of
1 King, Cast Saw Mill Man
1 Neung Phak Fucking U.S.A.
1 Institut Struggle Never Ended, the
1 Koichi, Makigami Koedarake
1 Orb, the Okiedokie Itstheorb on Kompakt
1 Hansen & Dj Daniel Techniques of Hospitality
1 Various [coll]: Mt. Eerie/Love of Ever
1 Finches, the Six Songs
1 Badgerlore Stories for Owls
1 Balkan Beat Box S/T
1 Negative Approach Ready to Fight: Demos, Live...
1 Ferrari, Luc Tautologos and Other Electroni
1 Datetenryu Red Afternoon Blues
1 Les Biberons Batis Ok! C'est Correct!
1 Funkstorung Return to the Acid Planet
1 Various [coll]: A Perfumed Garden VOL1
1 Afrirampo Afrirampo
1 Honda, Yuka Eucademix
1 Thinking Fellers / Sun City Gi Outhouse of the Pryeeeeee
1 Wallace Stevens Reading His Poems
1 Ratos De Porao Onisciente Coletivo
1 Max Tundra QY20 Songs
1 Sanctum Answer to His Riddle (Ep), the
1 Weakling Dead As Dreams
1 Plan 9 From Outer (soundtrack) ______________________________
1 Bassholes When My Blue Moon Turns Red ..
1 Six Finger Satellite Law of Ruins
1 Mazinga Phaser Crusing Thru the Neo Glories..
1 Ooioo S/T
1 Ghost Lama Rabi Rabi
1 Crescent Sun/*/Unit System
1 Wire Chairs Missing
1 Violent Onsen Geisha Balloon Collector in The...
1 Guided By Voices Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalga
1 Fudge Tunnel Hate Songs in E Minor
1 Souls of Mischief 93 Till Infinity
1 Violent Onsen Geisha Balloon Collector in T

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