KFJC tops for week ending 01/19/2000

17 Angel 'in Heavy Syrup Iv
9 Various [coll]: Rare Reggae Grooves
9 Phonopsychographdisk Turbulence Chest
8 Malcolm, Carlos & Afro-Ja. Rhy Royal Ska, the
8 Duster 1975
8 Muslimgauze Speaking with Hamas
7 Impressions, the This Is My Country
7 Beginning of Tthe End, the Funky Nassau
7 Parker, Andrea Kiss My Arp
7 Ohm Voices
6 Mary Millington "Come Play Me"
6 Countdown Quartet, the Countdown Quartet, the
6 Connors, Loren Mazzacane/Jim O In Bern
6 Rapoon What Do You Suppose?
6 Dogs, the Blackholes
6 Bob Tilton Crescent
6 Sonic Youth (And Friends) Goodbye 20TH Century
6 Various [coll]: Sons of Yma
6 Mountain Goats, the Bitter Melon Farm
6 Barbacoa Barbacoa
6 Le Tigre S/T
6 Cheater Slicks Refried Dreams
6 Essex Green, the Everything Is Green
6 Yips, the Seven Pillars of the Yips, the
6 Rhband 6.20.98
6 Cathode Sleeping and Breathing
6 Ayers, Nigel/Everall/Harris, M Mesmeric Enabling Device
5 Pluto Field Recordings, the
5 Scaramanga Mind I.C. Mine
5 Boxhead Ensemble Niagara Falls Ep
5 Dilute S/T
5 I Am Spoonbender Sender/Receiver
5 Fly Ashtray Sawgrass Subligette
5 Magick Heads, the Transvection
5 Buzzcocks Modern
5 Hattifatteners Rabbit Rabbit
5 Refrigerator Glitter Jazz
5 Aerosols, the S/T
5 Byrd, Joe & the Field Hippies American Metaphysical Circus
5 Current 93 All Dolled Up Like Christ(Live
4 Various [coll]: Neither Neither World
4 Phoenix Thunderstone S/T
4 Raped Complete Recordings
4 Camper Van Chadbourne Revenge Of...
4 C4I Copenacre
4 Coyle & Sharpe Audio Visionaries
4 All Scars Introduction to Humanity
4 Various [coll]: Turntable Solos
4 Various [coll]: Knitting on the Roof
4 Various [coll]: Between Heaven and Ear
4 Casiotone for the Painfully Al Answering Machine Music
4 Kruder, Peter Peace Orchestra
4 Center of the World Center of the World Vol. 1
4 Various [coll]: Twlight Z (soundtrack)
4 Slow Poisoners, the Great Spiders & Diamond Powder
4 Case, Nico / Kelly Hogan Shortening Sessions: L. Lynn
4 Souvenirs, the King of Heartache
4 Various [coll]: Outhud/!!!
4 Piano Magic ______________________________
4 Roden, Steve In Be Tween Noise
4 Mechakucha One Million Safe Hours
4 Laub Intuition: Remixes
4 Idea Fire Company Anti-Natural
4 Debris Static Disposal
4 Boys, the Peel Sessions
4 Him Sworn Eyes
4 Wedding Present, the Singles 1995-97
4 Harlem River Drive Harlem River Drive
4 Deutsch, Andrew Garden Music
4 Causey Way, the With Loving and Open Arms
4 Chen, Shinki Shinki Chen & His Friends
4 Mcdonald, Joe & Bevis Frond Eat Flowers & Kiss Babies
4 Figure My Spine Is Th Bow that Breaks
4 Uncle Wiggly Farfecthedness
4 Fehlman, Thomas Overflow Minus -One
3 Puritans, the Sing the Hymns of Shoutin'...
3 Lil' Mo & the Monicats Hearts in My Dream
3 Nowottny, Marianne Jesus in a Jiffy/Sequin...
3 Full Dimension S/T
3 Phobia Destroying the Masses
3 Mandible Chatter Measuring the Marigolds
3 Parton, Dolly Grass Is Blue, the
3 Thompson, Hank Hank World
3 Fuehler Fuehler
3 Test Ahead!
3 Lafayette Afro Rock Band Darkest Light : the Best Of...
3 Japanese Telecom ______________________________
3 Adult Entertainment
3 Animals on Wheels Nuvol I Cadira
3 Ui Iron Apple, the
3 Moebius, D. Blotch
3 Krauss, Briggan Descending to End
3 Brian and Chris Self-Titled
3 Bauhaus Gotham
3 Blackhouse Sex Sex Sex
3 Mr. Lif Farmhand
3 Velma Cyclique
3 U-Roy Lost Album-Right Time Rock, th
3 Chikmountain Porn on the Cob
3 Afro Cuban All Stars Distinto, Diferente
3 Ibarra, Susie Trio Radiance
3 Taylor, Rod Ethiopian Kings
3 Pinback S/T
3 Hellacopters, the Payin' the Dues
3 Daddylonglegs Horse
3 Boyle, Jeremy Songs From the Guitar Solos
3 Wisteria Losenge My Life the Chinese Box
3 Thrones Thrones
3 Autobody S/T
3 Various [coll]: Mo'plen Brazilia
3 Reds, the S/T
3 Pollo Del Mar Devil & the Deep Blue Sea
3 Gauthier, Mary Drag Queens in Limousines
3 Judith Goliath.Com Bully, the
3 Shankar, Ravi West Meets East (Menuhin)
3 Skitzofreniks On My Own Shit
3 Black Gang, the This Is a Prayer
3 Lexaunculpt Double Density Ep
3 Bodhies, the Send Me to Space
3 Eyesores, the May You Dine on the Weeds...
3 Various [coll]: Winter Waves (Promo)
3 Fly Pan Am ______________________________
3 Frontier Suture
3 Various [coll]: Party Like It's Only..
3 Takemura, Nobukazu Scope
3 Yume Bitsu Untitled (2ND Album)
3 Joyner, Simon Lousy Dance, the
3 St 37 I Love to Talk, If There's...
3 Television Power Electric Television Power Electric
3 King Crimson Red
2 Wiese, J./Hogge, A./Koh, T. Untitled
2 Mayhem/Zyklon-B Necrolust/Total Warfare
2 Rossi, Mick They Have a Word for Everythin
2 Kirk, Richard H. Darkness at Noon
2 Williams, Claude "Fiddler" Swingin' the Blues
2 Morris, Joe Quartet Underthru
2 Ilium Paint By Number
2 Clark, Guy Cold Dog Soup
2 Marchetti, Walter Nei Mari Del Sud
2 Alva Slattery for Ungdom
2 Clayton, Kit Nek Sanalet
2 Assfort Complete Assforterly 1990-'93
2 Metropolitan Side Effects
2 Various [coll]: Anticon: Hip-Hop Music
2 Joos, Herbert Philosophy of the Flugelhorn
2 Id Battery Inferno From An Occult Diary
2 Vulcan Meet Your Ghost
2 Holeman, John Dee Bull Durham Blues
2 Cordle, Larry & Lonesome.. Murder on Music Row
2 Hartford, John Good Old Boys
2 Robot Usa Robot Usa
2 T-Model Ford To the Left to the Right...
2 Kaiser, Jeff/Aplanalp, Woody Asphalt Buddhas
2 Boot Virvla
2 Drexciya Neptune's Lair
2 Pulse Programming Pulse Programming
2 No Neck Blues Band Meets the Clear People With...
2 World (Of Dreams) Who Is Yahdoosh?
2 Various [coll]: Eighty Fo (soundtrack)
2 Dickerson, Deke & the Ecco-Foc More Million Sellers
2 Duncan, Little Arthur Singin' with the Sun
2 French Paddleboat Conversions in Metric
2 Frozen Faces Religion of Hate
2 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Freedom Jazz Dance
2 Vandermark's, Ken Sound in A.. Desgn in Delmark
2 Zoobombs Let It Bomb
2 Brogues, the Modern Modes
2 Sorensen, Gert A Drummer's Tale: Episode Two
2 Clash From Here to Eternity
2 Fatal Flying Guilloteens S/T
2 Go, the Whatcha Doin?
2 J-Live Them That's not
2 Datach'i (Rec + Play)
2 Sharp, Elliott - Tectonics Errata
2 Royal Crown Review Walk on Fire
2 State River Widening S/T
2 Contagious Orgasm Loop Floor
2 Round Five Na Fe Throw (Single)
2 Guineo Toss Tones Ep
2 In Gowan Ring Glinting Spade, the
2 Dopplereffekt Gesamtkunstwerk
2 Breathless Bluemoon
1 Canaan Cathy Ames
1 Dae Victis S/T
1 Frans De Waard/Roel Meelkop Glas
1 Cattle Decapitation Self Titled
1 Rose, Jon Fringe Benefits
1 Nobody Earthtones
1 John Holmes El Louso Suavo
1 G.I.S.M. Detestation & More
1 Enter the Dragon (soundtrack) ______________________________
1 Wolman, Gil L' Anticoncept
1 Lightnin' Rod Hustler's Convention
1 Clayton, Kit Nek Purpalet
1 Pleaseeasaur As Seen on T.V.
1 Fluxion Prospect 1
1 Alp At Home with Alp
1 Chopin, Henry S/T
1 Potuznik, Gerhard 20TH Door, the
1 Roli Widmer Sali Sali / Tschau Tschau
1 Stromba Pinch, the
1 Dastan Ensemble W/Nazeri, S. Through Eternity
1 Ozymandias/Elijah's Mantle Soul of Romanticism, the
1 Impiety Skullfucking Armageddon
1 Aube Ricochet Entrance
1 Childish, Billy Crimes Against Music
1 Brutal Truth Goodbye Cruel World
1 Game of Death (soundtrack) (Music By John Barry)
1 New Deal, the This Is Live
1 Dj Pantshead A Refreshing Sound Recording
1 Various [coll]: Armatron / As Good As
1 Nocternal Projections Worldview
1 Uberhund Inexpensively Embalmed
1 Sundown Pete & Margie Lane In El Paso
1 Morrissey, Bill Songs of Misissippi John.., th
1 Macdermot, Galt & Mid Manhat.. Shapes of Rhythm
1 Uz Jsme Doma Ears
1 Gerty Farish Deadly Attackers
1 Bailey/Stevens/Watts Dynamics of the Impromptu
1 Dj Scud ______________________________
1 Belgum, Erik Blodder
1 Varner, Tom Swimming
1 Bob Log 3 Trike
1 Sunnyland Slim Smile on My Face
1 Kernis, Aaron Jay Air for Violin/Dbl Concerto...
1 Thoth, S.K. Herma ACT-1, the
1 Polar 37C and Falling
1 Psychic Enemies Network Self Titled
1 Davis Redford Triad Ewige Blumenkraft
1 Hendrix, Jimi ANGEL/1983
1 Jones, Simon Instrumentals Vol. 1
1 Israel Vibration Praises
1 Eno, Brian Another Green World
1 Various [coll]: Malanga, Gerard:Upfr.T
1 Leon, Eugenia/Cuarteto Latinam La Suave Patria
1 Frigg Brecht
1 Various [coll]: Noise Kills Punk Dead
1 Gaji Focus Fluid Daub

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