KFJC tops for week ending 02/12/2003

10 Bittova, Iva Cikori
10 0LLEN, Tony Homecooking
8 Various [coll]: Morvern C (soundtrack)
8 Laswell, Bill Sacred System:Book of Exit Dub
8 Old Time Relijun King of Nothing
8 Calla Televise
8 Boards of Canada Twoism
7 Pan American River Made no Sound, the
7 Worms Pelican Songs
7 Banhart, Devendra Oh Me Oh My...
7 Various [coll]: Fire this Time, the
7 Various [coll]: Nothing Left to Lose
6 Rova John Coltrane's Ascension
6 Lovers Star Lit Sunken Ship
6 Ayler, Albert Copenhagen Tapes, the
6 Circle Research Speak & Read
6 Alejandro Escovedo By the Hand of the Father
6 Various [coll]: Electrically Induced
6 Jackie Mittoo& Ernest Ranglin Soul Vendors, the
6 Cash, Johnny Ride this Train
6 Anonymous Picking Up Girls Made Easy!
6 Piano Magic Writers Without Homes
6 Lost Sounds Rat Brains & Microchips
5 Mf Doom My Favorite Ladies
5 Heathen Shame S/T
5 Ash Ra Tempel Join Inn / Starring Rosi
5 Dwelling Lacuna We Buy Junk and Sell Antiques
5 Girls, the Live at the Rathskeller 5/17/7
5 Mountain Goats, the Tallahassee
5 Interpol Obstacle 1
5 Weldon, Casey Bill Red Hot Blues
5 Vas Deferens Organization Tilt?
5 Leviathan Verrater
4 Davis Redford Triad Code Orange
4 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to the Mus
4 Various [coll]: Ghana Soundz
4 Mr. Dibbs Outreach 5
4 Janisary Music S/T
4 Rope Fever
4 Lotus Eaters Mind Control for Infants
4 KID606 Vs. Dalek Ruin It Ep
4 Various [coll]: Necessary Effect, the
4 Jon Langford & His Sadies Mayors of the Moon
4 D4, the 6TWENTY
4 Fields, Lee Problems
4 Various [coll]: Axiom:Reconstructions&
4 Arachnids S/T
4 Various [coll]: Adventures: the WIRE20
4 Conrad, Tony & Faust Outside the Dream Syndicate 30
4 Fast Forward S/T
4 Gaia 13 Life on Planet Earth
4 Wolf Eyes Dead Hills
4 Thread Abnormal Love
4 Geza X and the Mommymen You Goddamn Kids!
4 Yabby You Dub It to the Top 1976-1979
4 Cherry, Don Blue Lake
4 Run for Your Fucking Life S/T
4 Various [coll]: Scratch Attack V2
4 Dj Me Dj You Can You See the Music?
4 Dj Brokenwindow Parallel Universe #1
4 Einsturzende Neubauten Fuer Den Untergang
4 Harlem Hamfats (1936-1939)
4 Love, Sally & Gary Ferguson Our Old Home
4 Glass Candy & the Shattered Th Love on a Plate
4 Various [coll]: History of Hip Hop DJ2
4 Mortician Darkest Day of Horror
4 Mc Dowell,Mississippi Fred &.. Mama Syas I'm Crazy
4 Fahey, John Best of John Fahey 1959-.., th
4 Friend/Enemy 10 Songs
4 Maybellines, the Chatfield Holiday
4 Nelson, Willie Crazy: the Demo Sessions
3 Levin, Golan & Gibbons, Scott Dialtones - a Telesymphony
3 Trztn Please Forgive Me
3 Lolls, the Girlfriend
3 Musab Respect the Life
3 Whitman, Keith Fullerton Playthroughs
3 Continental Op, the Slitch Music
3 Sole Selling Live Water
3 Suicide American Supreme
3 Shankar, Ananda Sa-Re-Ga Machan
3 Diamatregon Blasphemy for Satan
3 Curtains, the Fast Talks
3 Rose, Jack Red Horse, White Mule
3 Braer Rabbit Munich Beach Club Ep
3 Violent Ramp ______________________________
3 Various [coll]: Peek-A-Boo Book Of, th
3 Sage Francis Personal Journals
3 Busdriver Imaginary Places
3 Maclise, Angus Astral Collapse
3 Iota S/T
3 Cutler, Chris/Dimuzio, Thomas Dust
3 Noize Creator Deferred Media
3 Lonberg-Holm/Roebke/Kotche A Valentine for Fred Katz
3 Goodheart, Matthew Songs From the Time of Great Q
3 Davis, Sammy Jr. Yes! I Can (Vol Three)
3 Psychic Enemies Network Psychic Enemies Network
3 Non Children of the Black Sun
3 Null, Kk/Catera, Damian Freakout Modulation
3 Blue Eyed Devils, the Legend of Shorty Brown, the
3 Various [coll]: Dubber's Guide, a
3 Yorkston, James & Athletes Moving Up Country
3 Various [coll]: Secret Museum of Man 2
3 Various [coll]: Secret Museum of Man 1
3 Myles of Destruction Running Only Makes the Fire We
3 Various [coll]: Land Where the Blues..
3 Buddy Miller Midnight and Lonesome
3 Ford, T-Model Bad Man
3 Howard, Noah Live at the Unity Temple
3 Bose, Tanmoy Solo Tabla
3 Various [coll]: Gimme Dat Harp Boy
3 Smith, Wadada Leo Luminous Axis
3 Various [coll]: Big Monster Bash
3 Various [coll]: Riot City
3 Hendrix, Jimi Blue Wild Angel
2 Shadow Government Sinister World Of..., the
2 Quarterman, Sir Joe & Free Sou ______________________________
2 Adagio! Music for Grown Folks All Acro
2 Various [coll]: Birmingham Sessions 37
2 Ash Ra Tempel Schwingungen / Seven Up
2 Cold Electric Fire In Nights Dream We Are Ghosts
2 Nk 6 Keep on Keeping on
2 Inca Eyeball Stylophone Chamberpot Orchestr
2 Oxes Half Half and Half
2 Goa! Goa!
2 Aim Good Disease
2 O.C.S. S/T
2 Marchetti, Walter In Terram Utopicam
2 Mctell, Blind Willie Early Years: 1927-1933, the
2 Prince Fari Long Life
2 Gibbs, Joe & the Professionals No Bones for the Dogs
2 Various [coll]: Produced & Directed By
2 Leuter, Cecil and Georges Tepo Tv Music 103
2 Art Ensemble of Chicago Live in Paris
2 Melt Banana 666
2 Turner, Mick Moth
2 Morphiend Music Epic 1.5, The: An Action Adven
2 Shipp, Matthew Equilibrium
2 Add N to (X) Loud Like Nature
2 Grand Wizard Theodore & Fan... Can I Get a Soul Clap
2 Younsgbower Relayer
2 Get Hustle Dream Eagle
2 Various [coll]: Godstomper/Unholy Grav
2 Napalm Death/Godstomper Bought..Enslaved..Crushed
2 Locust Split
2 Today Is the Day Sadness Will Prevail (Radio En
2 Pleasurehorse Bareskinrug
2 Catera, Damian Decomposition
2 Hocico Signos De Aberracion
2 Nausea Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol I
2 Gza "The Genius" Legend of the Liquid Sword
2 Fluid Motion Fluid Motion
2 Various [coll]: Freak Scene, the
2 Davis, Sammy Jr. Yes! I Can (Vol Four)
2 Davis, Sammy Jr. Yes! I Can (Vol One)
2 Misty in Roots Roots Controller
2 Doctor Pablo and Dub Syndicate North of the River Thames
2 Toomey, Jenny Tempting
2 We Ragazzi Ache, the
2 Maquiladora Ritual of Hearts
2 Various [coll]: Extra Hard
2 Parker and Lily Here Comes Winter
2 Bitter Springs, the Manners, Pianos & Mouthorgans
2 Cosmic Rough Riders Baby, You're So Free
2 Various [coll]: Simpatico / the Pines
2 Archon Satani In Shelter
2 Sleep of Oldominion Riot By Candlelight
2 Venetian Snares Songs About My Cats
2 Various [coll]: Scattered Snares VOL1
2 Mr. Scruff Trouser Jazz
2 Ullmann, Gebhard Translucent Tones
2 Out Hud S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.
2 Godspeed You Black Emperor! Yanqui U. X. O.
2 Bruces, the War of the Bruces, the
2 Photon Band It's a Lonely Planet
2 Hartford, John J.H., Iron Mt Depot, R. John
2 Various [coll]: Hellfire/Noxagt
1 Maggot Colony Prepare to Be Colonized
1 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Highlif
1 Cross, David Shup Up, You Fucking Baby!
1 Various [coll]: Necessary Effect DISC2
1 Various [coll]: Godstomper/Bizarre X
1 Cephalic Carnage Halls of Amenti
1 They Came From the Stars I Saw Authentautistic
1 Various [coll]: Bbc Radiophonic Music
1 Squidbox Killed in the Crash
1 Various [coll]: Skate Rock Fight
1 Moving Units S/T
1 Deke Dickerson In 3 Dimensions
1 Various [coll]: More Bona Fide Bluegra
1 Sons of the San Joaquin 15 Years - a Retrospective
1 Red Steagall Wagon Tracks
1 Orthrelm S/T
1 French Paddleboat Rome Loves Tan
1 Healamonster and Tarsier 00:00:01
1 Harakiri Twilight of the Idols
1 Killers, the Manual for Self-Destruction
1 Various [coll]: Paintedblack
1 Iran Moon Boys, the
1 Custer & Goode Maverick Strain & Other..., th
1 Under Destructio Enter By Hand
1 Various [coll]: Emergency/Numbers
1 Various [coll]: Reality Part #4
1 Kang, Eyvind Live Low to the Earth, In...
1 Gangstarr Skills
1 Cheer-Accident Variations on a Goddam Old Man
1 Voyager One Monster Zero
1 Davis, Sammy Jr. Yes! I Can (Vol Two)
1 Parton, Dolly Halos & Horns
1 Drake, Hamid and Assif Tsahar Soul Bodies, Vol. 1
1 Pedestrian Deposit Anatomy Scum-Drum
1 Identification Identify
1 Low Res Blue Ramen
1 Tundra, Max / Becky Jacobs Lysine
1 Joseph, Irving Murder, Inc.
1 Preston School of Industry Whalebones
1 Chairs, the Tears in the Makeup
1 Crash Crew Crash Crew
1 Large Professor 1ST Class
1 Incontinant Dapping the Dickibird
1 Aube Substructural Penetration
1 Vinterriket/Northaunt ______________________________
1 Glass, Daniel Trio Something Colorful
1 Various [coll]: Build the Ark
1 Jim Mills My Dixie Home
1 Clement, Coralie Salle Des Pas Perdus
1 Phobia Means of Existence
1 Neanderthals, the Shutdown 2002 B.C.
1 Jones, Joe Untitled
1 Various [coll]: Songs in Th Key of Z 2
1 Various [coll]: Trash on Demand
1 Stick Men with Ray Guns Some People Deserve to Suffer

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