KFJC tops for week ending 02/16/2000

15 Men's Recovery Project Bolides Over Basra
13 Drags, the Set Right Fit Ti Blow Clean Up
11 Come on Come on Story, the
10 Various [coll]: Warp Back to Earth
10 Slow Poke Redemption
9 Politicians, the Politicians, the
9 Various [coll]: Little Roy and Friends
9 Dr. Smith & Professor Ludlow Rinsin' with the Doctor
9 Mr. Velcro Fastener Lucky Bastards Living Up North
9 Kid 606 We Are All Winners
9 Various [coll]: Future,Jazz
9 Davis Jr., Sammy Sammy & Friends
9 Gravitar You Must First Learn to Draw T
9 Muslimgauze Speaking with Hamas
8 Hughscore Delta Flora
8 Various [coll]: Frolic Diner Vol Vi
8 Kraftwerk Expo 2000
8 Bug Guts Great Spangled Fritillary
8 Black Heart Procession, the S/T
7 Encore Sporadic
7 Album Leaf, the An Orchestrated Rise to Fall
7 Jesus Lizard Bang
7 Various [coll]: Still Hate Your Neighb
7 Elf Power When the Red King Comes
7 Mandible Chatter Measuring the Marigolds
6 Gayle, Charles Ancient of Days
6 Amber Pearls of Amber
6 Pit Viper S/T
6 Sin Ropas Three Cherries
6 Kingsbury Manx, the S/T
6 Lard 70'S Rock Must Die
6 Greedy Boy & Dj Grazzhoppa Greedy Boy & Dj Grazzhoppa
6 Futique Go.Low
6 Stormandstress Under Thunder and Fluorescent
6 Various [coll]: Phil Pratt Thing
6 Turing Machine A New Machine for Living
6 Salaryman Karoshi
6 Angel 'in Heavy Syrup Iv
6 Henry, Pierre (soundtrack) Secret Love Life of the Octopu
6 Nuova Consonanza Musica Su Schemi
5 Like a Tim Live at Tim
5 Davis, Angela Prison-Industrial Complex, the
5 Sexmob Solid Sender
5 Various [coll]: 1966 Berkeley Blues Fs
5 Straka, Stephan Sikora Holzwurm
5 Charalambides Internal Eternal
5 Various [coll]: Bloodstains Acr Germ 2
5 Beginning of the End, the Funky Nassau
5 Clark, Guy Cold Dog Soup
5 Figure My Spine Is Th Bow that Breaks
5 Takahashi, So Nu Bus
5 Various [coll]: Party Like It's Only..
5 Rhband 6.20.98
5 Kristian, David Room Tone
5 Koray, Erkin Erkin Koray
4 Swarm, the Old Blue Eyes Is Dead
4 Knodel White Hole, the
4 Phoenecia Oddjobs
4 Super Chikan What You See
4 Caravana Cubana Late Night Sessions
4 Los Madrugadores 1931 - 1937
4 Third Wave, the Here and Now
4 Kerleta, Zeljko Space Runner
4 Soft Machine Noisette
4 Seely Winter Birds
4 Screwy Louie Comes to America
4 Zorn, John, (The Bribe) Variations and Extensions...
4 Reatards, the Grown Up, Fucked Up
4 Eskelin, Ellery+Parkins+Black Five Other Pieces ( + 2 )
4 Various [coll]: Neither Neither World
4 Full Dimension S/T
4 Rapoon What Do You Suppose?
4 Coyle & Sharpe Audio Visionaries
4 Sun Ra Life Is Splendid: Ann ARBOR'72
4 Moebius, D. Blotch
4 Shortee Dreamer, the
4 Sound Drunk on Confusion
4 Climax Golden Twins Live Vol. 2
3 Koester, Steve Oh! Turpentine
3 Various [coll]: Tekito Split Vol 1
3 Kreidler Weekend
3 Kostitsyn, Eugeni Synchronous Music, the
3 Metabass'n'breath Life & Times of a Beatboxer
3 Cutler, Chris/Dimuzio, Thomas Quake
3 Crawl Unit Everyone Gets What They Deserv
3 Shrin Ventilating the Corpse
3 Various [coll]: Killed By 7 Inch
3 White, Andy Compilation
3 Smith, Steven R. Death of Last Year's Man, the
3 Pinback Loro
3 Scratch Orchestra, the London 1969
3 Pablo, Augustus Ital Dub
3 Lil' Mo & the Monicats Hearts in My Dream
3 Rossi, Mick They Have a Word for Everythin
3 Phonopsychographdisk Turbulence Chest
3 Scaramanga Mind I.C. Mine
3 Connors, Loren Mazzacane/Jim O In Bern
3 Boxhead Ensemble Niagara Falls Ep
3 Various [coll]: Between Heaven and Ear
3 Sonic Youth (And Friends) Goodbye 20TH Century
3 Various [coll]: Part, Arvo/Taverner, J
3 Cathode Sleeping and Breathing
2 Various [coll]: Cologne Cyclez
2 Pornosonic Pornosonic
2 Aoki, Tatsu Basser Live
2 Battlefield Band Leaving Friday Harbor
2 Molasses You'll Never Be Well no More
2 Yoshide, Otomo/Ostertag, Bob Twins
2 Melt Banana It's in the Pillcase
2 Science Group, the A Mere Coincidence
2 Granger, Courtney Un Bal Chez Balfa
2 Mountain Heart Mountain Heart
2 Orbitronik My Computer My Stereo
2 Thermal/Freezer/Cue Time Out of Mind
2 M.F. Doom Operation Doomsday
2 Burnside, R.L. My Black Name A-Ringin'
2 Lou Hoffner Trio Minus One, th Moog Walk
2 Malcolm, Carlos & Afro-Ja. Rhy Royal Ska, the
2 Millington, Mary "Come Play Me"
2 Various [coll]: Rare Reggae Grooves
2 Impressions, the This Is My Country
2 Pluto Field Recordings, the
2 Phoenix Thunderstone S/T
2 Countdown Quartet, the Countdown Quartet, the
2 Raped Complete Recordings
2 Cattle Decapitation Self Titled
2 Ilium Paint By Number
2 Sadies, the Pure Diamond Gold
2 I Am Spoonbender Sender/Receiver
2 Current 93 All Dolled Up Like Christ(Live
2 Titus (soundtrack) Titus
2 Esognomig Sonig 09
2 Morris, Lawrence D. "Butch" Conduction #70: Tit for Tat
1 Technician Electronic Conversations...
1 Rapp, Tom A Journal of the Plague Year
1 Mill, John Stuart Forget Everything
1 Donovan, Kaitlyn Ni Songs for 'three Days'
1 Electric Voodoo Staying Powers
1 Crow Death of Neuclear Arms
1 Bastard Noise Analysis of Self Destrucin, Th
1 Oneil, Tara Jane Peregrine
1 Di'jital 360 Degrees
1 Various [coll]: Comin' From Tha D
1 Mandell, Jake Placekick Ep, the
1 Father Harry Winter 1999-2000
1 Flying Saucer Attack Mirror
1 Rammelzee Vs. K.Rob Beatbop
1 Sons and Daughters of Lite, Th Let the Sun Shine in
1 Schizotrope Life and Death of Marie Zo, th
1 Marque, Matt "Disco Nap"
1 Vuva La Squnge Self Titled
1 Spectre End, the
1 Satyricon Rebel Extravaganza
1 Various [coll]: An Ear for a Leg
1 Bernstein, Steven Diaspora Soul
1 Wiese, J./Hogge, A./Koh, T. Untitled
1 Puritans, the Sing the Hymns of Shoutin'...
1 Various [coll]: Artificial Something
1 Dae Victis S/T
1 Williams, Claude "Fiddler" Swingin' the Blues
1 Camper Van Chadbourne Revenge Of...
1 C4I Copenacre
1 Parton, Dolly Grass Is Blue, the
1 Thompson, Hank Hank World
1 Wolman, Gil L' Anticoncept
1 Alva Slattery for Ungdom
1 Various [coll]: Turntable Solos
1 Clayton, Kit Nek Purpalet
1 Negativland Negativland
1 Metropolitan Side Effects
1 Various [coll]: Killed By Death #999
1 Animals on Wheels Nuvol I Cadira
1 Alp At Home with Alp
1 Dilute S/T
1 Potuznik, Gerhard 20TH Door, the
1 Brian and Chris Self-Titled
1 Dastan Ensemble W/Nazeri, S. Through Eternity
1 Bauhaus Gotham
1 Chikmountain Porn on the Cob
1 New Deal, the This Is Live
1 Planet of the Ape (soundtrack) By Jerry Goldsmith
1 Incredibly Strange Music V/A
1 Various [coll]: Malanga, Gerard:Upfr.T
1 Frigg Brecht
1 Non Receive the Flame
1 Baraka, Amiri & Sun Ra... A Black Mass
1 Climax Golden Twins Live Vol. 1
1 Takemura, Nobukazu Scope
1 Ital Dub

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