KFJC tops for week ending 02/27/2002

12 Faust Bbc Sessions +
10 K.K. Null K.K. Null
9 Einsturzende Neubauten Berlin Babylon
9 Maclise, Angus S/T
9 Le Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes
8 Various [coll]: Funky Music Machine
8 Waters, Patty Love Songs
8 Montenegro, Hugo Hugo in Wonder-Land
8 New, the Here Comes Everybody
8 Six Organs of Admittance Dark Noontide
8 Bandy Kid America & the Action Figur
7 Corvus Corax Mille Anni Passi Sunt
7 Various [coll]: Bazaar: Rare Jazz/Fusi
7 Doiron, Julie Desormais
7 Delayed Sleep Somnambulist, the
7 Various [coll]: Black Mot (soundtrack)
7 Various [coll]: Funky 16 Corners
7 Timonium Resist Education
7 King Tubby, Prince Jam Dubwise Revolution
6 Figurine Heartfelt, the
6 Perry, Lee Kung Fu Meets the Dragon
6 Outhern Acific S/T
6 Freddy Fresh Music for Swingers
6 Danny Cohen Museum of Dannys
6 Lane, Anita Sex O'clock
6 Lunchbox Evolver
6 Paramore What You Don't Know
6 Jason and the Scorchers Wildfires + Misfires
6 Various [coll]: Esp Guide to Funky Sou
6 Various [coll]: Flying Side Kick
6 Sing-Sing Joy Of..., the
5 Brackeen, Charles Rhythm X
5 Les Dragueurs A La Surboum!
5 God Is My Co-Pilot Mir Shlufn Nisht
5 Persona Splinter
5 Bottle Rockets Songs of Sahm
5 Basho-Junghans, Steffen Waters in Azure
5 Johnston, Daniel Rejected Unknown
5 Rich, Robert (soundtrack) Somnium
5 Buckley, Tim Dream Belongs to Me, the
5 Lovage Music to Make Love to Your...
5 Rydgren, John Silhouette Segments
5 Circle Andexelt
5 Vibracathedral Orchestra Dabbling with Gravity and You
5 Scientist Scientific Dub
5 Schifrin, Lalo Intersections
4 Perry, Lee "Scratch" Jamaican E.T.
4 Various [coll]: Pink and Brown/Death.
4 Various [coll]: When Hip Hop Was Art..
4 Various [coll]: Benumb/Pig Destroyer
4 Paul, Parker Wingfoot
4 Mountain Goats, the All Hail West Texas
4 Son-Dha Red Sector a Speeds Up Alio Di
4 Surface of Eceon King Beneath the Mountain, the
4 Cex Oops, I Did It Again!
4 Cuts, the Cuts, the
4 Hancock, Herbie Flood
4 Pole R
4 Espadrille Swimmeret
4 Jackie-O Motherfucker Liberation
4 Icebreaker International Port of Yokohama
4 Pacific 231 Power Assume
4 Faust and Shortee Satisfaction Guaranteed
4 Bonobo Animal Magic
4 Various [coll]: Five Deez/ Mr.Live
4 Burning Spear Spear Burning
4 Laterna Elm Street
4 Various [coll]: Street Corner Essentia
4 Sounds of American Doomsday... Church Universal & Triumphant
4 Cash, Johnny Essential Johnny Cash - Disc 1
4 Malaria! Compiled 1981-1984
4 Chris Thomas King Legend of Tommy Johnson
4 Control Machete
4 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Grow Fins Vol. 1
3 Velarde, Joyo Sweet Angels
3 Kling, Kevin Home and Away
3 Japanese Engine Abandon in Place
3 Kirth Morrison (soundtrack) Tower of Death
3 Henchmen, the Death Machine/Bitch Goddess
3 Bovine Over Sussex W. Anonymous Brand Lite
3 Grubbs, David Thirty-Minute Raven
3 Blackhouse Vox Ultra
3 Various [coll]: Caught in the Webb
3 Lee Perry Voodooism
3 Various [coll]: Tellus Tools
3 Extra Glenns, the Martial Arts Weekend
3 Hawker, Ginny Letters From My Father
3 Silva, Alan Skillfullness
3 Revolutionaries Dub Plate Specials
3 Black-Eyed Snakes, the It's the Black-Eyed Snakes
3 Underground Resistance X101(?)
3 Adamson, Barry + Pan Sonic Motorlab #3
3 Little Annie Diamonds Made of Glass
3 Reflections N Th Sea of Nurnen Reflections N Th Sea of Nurnen
3 Various [coll]: Belly Dance From Leban
3 Various [coll]: 500% Dynamite
3 Rockers Almighty Dub Rockers Almighty Dub
3 Elders of Zion Dawn Refuses to Rise
3 Brotzmann, Peter/Hopkins/Drake Atlanta Concert, the
3 Lithops Sequenced Twinset / Fi
3 Wright, Shannon Perishable Goods
3 Dolomites ______________________________
3 Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash Walk Alone
3 Various [coll]: Darker than Blue
3 Various [coll]: Radon/T M R 2002 Tour
3 Tied + Tickled Trio Electric Avenue Tapes
3 Arford, Scott + R.H.Y. Yau Edit for Unconsciousness
3 Various [coll]: Ethiopiques
3 Various [coll]: Cairo Road
3 Crowley, Aleister Satanic Verses
3 Various [coll]: Click Hop V1.0
3 Mogwai My Father My King
3 Various [coll]: 100% Dynamite!
3 Styrofoam Styrofoam
3 Intimate Fags ______________________________
3 Dual Duel
3 Antiseen Screamin' Bloody Live
3 Dwelling Lacuna Mud Bored By
3 Dwelling Lacuna Container
3 President's Breakfast Iii C
2 Eli Good S/T
2 Kid Icarus Be My Echo
2 Juggaknots Wkrp in Nyc
2 Burnt By the Sun Soundtrack to the Personal Ren
2 Various [coll]: Crooked (soundtrack)
2 Rivers, Sam Dimensions & Extensions
2 Natural History, the S/T
2 Brujeria Brujerismo
2 Various [coll]: Staubgold Sampler
2 Speedtrain, the Starlight
2 Noothgrush Failing Early, Failing Often
2 Melford Trio, Myra Alive in the House O Th Saints
2 Xbxrx W Miss Pussycat/Quintron Mardi Gras
2 Sea of Tombs S/T
2 Akchote, Noel Simple Joseph
2 A-Set Science of Living Things, the
2 Ides of Space There Are no New Clouds
2 Prima Donnas, the Drugs, Sex & Discotheques
2 Brothomstates Claro
2 Billy Mahonie What Becomes Before
2 Various [coll]: Starlite Desperation/S
2 Bad Cassettes, the Gone
2 Hank Williams 3 Lovesick Broke & Driftin'
2 Fighting & Breeding Group(Process)
2 Shagan, Ustad Gulam Hassan Pakistan 3 Raga
2 Rovo Pyramid
2 String Builder S/T
2 Negativland These Guys Are From England
2 Illustrated Man ( (Soundtrack) Illustrated Man
2 Various [coll]: Embryo Compilation 3
2 Orchestra Baobab Pirates Choice
2 Sisterhood of Convoluted Think Help Me Catch this Fly
2 L U S/T
2 Various [coll]: Bloodstains Across Fid
2 Various [coll]: Structure Of..., the
2 Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, the Kiss My Brass
2 Ladd, Mike Activator Cowboy
2 Naked Orchestra, the Brief Repairs on the Gradually
2 Greene, Burton Ensemble Aquariana
2 Visitations S/T
2 Devolver Pilot's Inside His Mind, the
2 Various [coll]: Surf Monsters
2 Dub Syndicate Acres of Space
2 Various [coll]: Modulation & Tran... 2
2 Dap-Kings Got a Thing on My Mind
2 Various [coll]: Freak Brothers, the
2 Micranots Obelisk Movement
2 Su Ra Cosmos
2 Acid Mothers Temple &Melting.. In C / in E
2 Sun Ra & His Myth Science Ark Cosmic Tone for Mental Therapy
2 Oastem Vibe Orchestra United Supreme Council....
2 Herman Dune Turn Off the Light
2 Strobe Talbot 20 Pop Songs
2 Various [coll]: Electro-Organic VOL.1
2 Hank Williams Jr. Almeria Club
2 Front Porch Ministry Say Goodbye to the Way..
2 Gibbs, Joe African Dub Allmighty CH.3
2 Davis, Larry Funny Stuff
2 Kataklysm Northern Hyper Blast Live
2 Iowaska Vine of Souls
2 Judah Johnson S/T___________________
2 Now Time Delegation, the Watch for Today
2 Pattern, the Feverish
2 Savage Republic Ceremonial Trudge
2 Melic ______________________________
2 Various [coll]: Curtainrail/John Browy
2 Mcphee, Joe Underground Railroad
2 Sun Ra & His Solar-Myth Arkest Solar Myth Approach (Vol 1, th
2 Cash, Johnny Essential Johnny Cash - Disc 2
2 Reds, the It's About Time
2 Coursil, Jacques Unit Way Ahead
1 Various [coll]: Select Cuts From Blood
1 Smog Strayed
1 Portal July
1 Pinmonkey Speak no Evil
1 Onry Ozzborn Alone
1 Various [coll]: Barry 7'S Connectors
1 Kling, Kevin Stories Off the Shallow End
1 Various [coll]: Keep Frozen
1 Rothko Not Gone. not Forgotten.
1 T.V. Pow Being Nice Is Funny
1 Midiron Blast Shaft Starts Fires in Your Pants
1 Lembach You Are My Holiday +
1 Infidel?/Castro! Case Studies in Bioentropy
1 Tapscott, Horace Dark Tree, the
1 Sweetness Dirty Laundry
1 Hunter, Long John Ooh Wee Pretty Baby!
1 Red Monkey Gunpowder, Treason & Plot
1 Sea Tiger "Teenage Bandit", the
1 Enigk, Jeremy Return of the Frog Queen
1 Riddle of Steel Burn
1 Temple of Bon Matin Cabin in the Sky
1 Velocette Velocette 10"
1 I'm Being Good Sub Plot
1 Buckwheat Zydeco Buckwheat's Zydeco Party
1 Various [coll]: Teen Cthulhu/Akimbo
1 Shikari Robot Wars
1 Blackhouse Heart of Black
1 AMERE3 Trees
1 Lootpack Weeded (The Lost Mixes)
1 Caural Initial Experiments in 3-D
1 Various [coll]: Dregon Disc 2
1 Dupont Circles, the 53 Bicycles E P
1 La Makita Soma Brighton Park
1 Kingsley, Gershon Music to Moog By
1 Phobia Serenity Through Pain
1 Bolt*Thrower Honour Valour Pride
1 Those Darn Accordions! Clownhead
1 Kammerflimmer Kollektief Maander
1 Ranking Joe Armageddon Time
1 Fire Show, the Above the Volcano of Flowers
1 Godflesh Hymns
1 Throbbing Gristle First Annual Report, the
1 Waifle Music Stops, the Man Dies, the
1 Various [coll]: Irma on Canvas EXHBTN1
1 Cinemaphonic:Soul (soundtrack) Cinemaphonic:Soul Punch
1 Romweber, Dexter Chased By Martians
1 Aqua Velvets, the Radio Waves
1 Aqua Vista Gentleman Racer, the
1 Royal Fingers, the Wild Eleki Deluxe
1 Wills, Bob & His Tx. Playboys Boot Heel Drag: M.G.M. Years 2
1 Hartford, John Steam Powered Aereo-Takes
1 Eskelin, Ellery Vanishing Point
1 Tarantula Hawk Desert Solitaire
1 American Nightmare Background Music
1 Lokomotiv Ss Self-Titled
1 Belgum, Erik Strange Neonatal Cry
1 International Noise Conspiracy New Morning
1 Various [coll]: Poesia Sonora
1 Littlejohn, John Slidin' Home
1 Burnside, R.L. Burnside on Burnside
1 Evans, Dave Hang Out a Lantern for Me
1 Greyboy Mastered the Art
1 Aphex Twin Drukqs
1 Skaggs, Ricky History of the Future
1 Wills, Bob & His Tx. Playboys Boot Heel Drag: M.G.M. Years 1
1 Various [coll]: It's All Becoming...Cl
1 Ishii, Ken Green Times
1 Polemic Pickle Rum
1 Hicks, Bill Philosophy
1 Frost, Edith Wonder Wonder
1 Pavone, Jessica&Th String Army ______________________________
1 Ruido Ruido
1 Unholy Grave Kill'em All for One
1 Six Organs of Admittance Manifestastion, the
1 Unit Moebius Status
1 Various [coll]: Cool Beans #8
1 Los Straitjackets Velvet Touch Of..., the
1 Palmer, Jeff/Blythe/Ali/Abercr Island Universe
1 Burning Spear Rocking Time
1 Extreme Noise Terror Being and Nothing

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