KFJC tops for week ending 03/03/1999

17 Jacobites God Save Us Poor Sinners
13 Kiln Holo
12 Calculators, the Circuit Breaking Silence
12 Amber Asylum Songs of Sex and Death
11 Creatures, the Anima Animus
11 Blonde Redhead In An Expression of The...
11 Cranium, the A New Music for a New Kitchen
11 Electroscope Unhappy Soul
11 Parkins, Andrea Slippage
10 Enemymine S/T
9 Schutze, Paul Surgery of Touch, the
9 Autechre Peel Session
9 Drumhead Drumhead
9 Jarboe Anhedoniac
8 Ex-Girl Kero! Kero! Kero!
8 Asteroid #4, the S/T
7 God Is My Co-Pilot Peel Sessions, the
7 Nurse with Wound Who Can I Turn to Stereo
7 Kaiser, Henry/ Jim O'rourke Tomorrow Knows Where You Live
7 Hellacopters Hellacopters
7 Haslinger, Paul Score
7 Monaural Monitor Interference
7 Various [coll]: I'm Down Today...
6 Simmonds, Ian Last States of Nature
6 Various [coll]: Moonlanding
6 Various [coll]: Reach the (soundtrack)
6 Escape Mechanism Escape Mechanism
6 Various [coll]: Bears Are not Real V.1
6 Wailer, Bunny Dubd'sco Volumes 1 & 2
6 Jeep Beat Collective Technics Chainsaw Massacre
6 Black Tape for a Blue Girl As 1 Aflame Laid Bare By Desir
6 Dolemite (Soundtr (Soundtrack) Dolemite
6 Brahem, Anouar Thimar
6 Various [coll]: Dj Kicks:Andrea Parker
6 Open Mind, the Open Mind, the
5 Throbbing Gristle Blood Pressure
5 Mauve Sideshow Meet Me in the Wasteland
5 Heavy Vegetable Mondo Aqua Kitty
5 Defcon Third Electic, Electrecord
5 Ui 2-SIDED Ep/The Sharpie, the
5 Carlos, Wendy Tales of Heaven and Hell
5 Namlook, Pete Vi
5 Waco Brothers Waco World
5 Kirk, Richard Knowledge Through Science
5 Big Breakfast Why Do You Touch Things That..
5 Bobby Teens, the I Wanna Go Home/Pay the Price
5 Various [coll]: Close & Brent/Petterst
5 Photek Form and Function
5 Pan Sonic A
5 Hooker, William Distance Between Us, the
5 Davis, Cedell Feel Like Doin Something Wrong
5 Chuck E. Weiss Extremely Cool
5 Lo Hi Kind of Like a Feel Good Thing
5 Flashpapr Pain Taped Over (Forever)
5 Goma Timeless Tubes
5 El-Funon Zaghareed: Music From the Pale
4 Throbbing Gristle Assume Power Focus
4 Geins't Nait Yvone
4 Mancham, Raksha Sbas Yul
4 Various [coll]: Scooby-Do (soundtrack)
4 Model 500 Classics
4 Father Harry Autumn 1998
4 Earle, Steve & the Mc Coury Bn Mountain, the
4 Maurizio M7
4 Krigshot Maktimissbrukare
4 Chisel.Drill.Hammer Chisel.Drill.Hammer
4 Electric Frankenstein I'm not Your Nothing
4 Ikeda, Ryoji Ikeda, Ryoji
4 Various [coll]: Aerial M Post Global
4 Child's View Funfair
4 Ninian Hawick Steep Steps
4 Six Organs of Admittance ______________________________
4 Clarke, Johnny Dreader Dread
4 Various [coll]: Supernova
4 Cigar Store Indians El Baile De La Cobra
4 T-Model Ford You Better Keep Still
4 Various [coll]: Yo Yo a Go Go
4 Dirty Poodle Dirty Poodle
4 Muslimgauze Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gas
4 Smog Knock Knock
4 Drake, Nick Tanworth-In-Arden 1967/68
4 Earthlings Earthlings?
4 Seagull Screaming Kiss Her K.. It's Brand New
4 Tone Float Musik Von Tone Float
4 Denio, Amy More Spoot!
3 Jaunties, the Asthma
3 Ammer Einheit Deutsche Krieger
3 Whitehouse Mummy and Daddy
3 Grindverk Gesundheit Von K
3 Round Four Find a Way
3 White Stripes,The Lafayette Blues
3 Peter Mangalore Decay of the Iron Man
3 Parker, Andrea Dj Kicks Ep
3 Rapture, the Mirror
3 Taking of Pelham (soundtrack) S/T
3 Bowling Green, the One Pound Note
3 Farmer, Johnny Wrong Doers Respect Me
3 Various [coll]: More New Orleans Party
3 Chalk/Wehowsky/Lanzillotta Yang-Tul
3 Tinklers, the Slowpoke
3 Pachora Unn
3 Bastard Noise Our Earth's Blood Pt 3
3 Hassell,Jon Vernal Equinox
3 Sir Menelik "Space Cadillac Remix"
3 Stru Tural Triumphant Return of Amsted...
3 Oblivian, Jack So Low
3 Cycling Cycling
3 Gogogoairheart Love My Life Hate My Friends
3 Twenty Miles I'm a Lucky Guy
3 Art of Fighting Very Strange Year, the
3 Planet The, the Part 1 Introduction
3 Various Artists Various Artists
3 Caron, David David Caron
3 Mummy the Peep Show Mummy the Peep Show
3 Sleestak Mach 2
2 Franklin, Aretha Delta Meets Detroit, the
2 Harris, Eddie Is It In?
2 Willett / Fair / Rieder S/T
2 Various [coll]: Toon Tunes
2 Deicide When Satan Lives
2 Slow Loris Slow Loris
2 Mix Master Mike Suprize Packidge
2 Poignant Plecostomus ______________________________
2 Various [coll]: Bay Area Hardcore..
2 Grind Orchestra Jolly Throats Ep
2 Surf Teens Surf Mania
2 Surf Trio Forbidden Sounds
2 Swift, Rob Dope on Plastic
2 Ibarra, Susie/Tsahar, Assif Home Cookin'
2 Penny's Electric Wrkhrses Sngs S/T
2 Ceramic Hobs Psychiatric Underground
2 Father Harry Winter 1998-99
2 Huun-Huur-Tu Where Young Grass Grows
2 Old Time Relijun Old Time Relijun
2 Robomaster Undiscovered Tapes, the
2 Various [coll]: Mourmourika 1930-1955
2 Beta Band, the Three E.P.'s, the
2 Fine, Milo Free Jazz Ensemb, T Against the Betrayers
2 Intimate Fags, the S/T
2 Troum ______________________________
2 Various [coll]: Anthology of World
2 Dieselhed Elephant Reat Home
2 Arovane Icol Diston
2 Jah Lloyd Herbs of Dub
2 Cunts,The A Secret History of
2 Cale, John & Riley, Terry Church of Antrax
2 Sanders, Pharoah Pharoah's First
2 Don Caballero Singles Breaking Up Vol. 1
2 Mady Gula Blue Heaven Far Away
2 Parker, William Peach Orchard
2 New York Art Quartet New York Art Quartet
2 Experimental Audio Research Data Rape
2 Cowslingers Gotte Kill My Baby
2 Mirra, Helen ______________________________
2 Hallucinator Hallucinator
2 Sinking Body Neurotic Habits of the Invis..
2 Vacuum Tree Head Aum Carve Etude "H"
2 Delusion Valley Co-Show Choo Ep
2 Vas Deferens Organization Queas and Art
2 Oo-Soul Solid Sounds Of..., the
2 Chazam Des Acces De L'homme
1 Various [coll]: S F Song Cycle
1 Stillman, the Go! Go! Go!
1 G-Anx Flashbacks
1 Skaggs, Ricky Ancient Tones
1 I-F Playstation #2
1 This Robot Kills Molecule
1 Various [coll]: Persisten (soundtrack)
1 Gyga Gyga
1 Woodies, the Swimmin' in the Reverb
1 Various [coll]: Pestilence
1 Belial Gods of the Pit Pt. 2
1 [coll]: Meat Shits/Catatonic E Rape Bait
1 Various [coll]: Neanderthal/Rorschach
1 Floyd, Gary Back Door Preacher Man
1 Various [coll]: Deathreat/Talk Is Pois
1 Okra All-Stars, the Okra All-Stars, the
1 Shape Shifters ______________________________
1 Bley, Paul Quintet Barrage
1 Fartz, the Because the Fuckin' World Sti.
1 Crowe, J.D. and the New South Come Down to My Own World
1 Clit Cops, the Come to Daddy
1 Black Widow Sacrifice
1 Stisism Coping with Society
1 Barfos, the Crash Your Show
1 Baluchi Ensemble of Kara.., Th Love Songs and Trance Hymns
1 Tarot Bolero Vaudeville Rising
1 Carnival of Souls (soundtrack) Carnival of Souls
1 25 Suaves Chinese Students Study Abroad!
1 Pit Viper ______________________________
1 Hospital People S/T
1 Totalitar Klass Inte Ras
1 Teach Me Tiger ______________________________
1 Capper, Beth (soundtrack) Complimentary Mood Enhancer
1 Magnetophone Air Methods
1 Kamiyama, Hoppy Juice and Tremolo
1 Parker, Charlie Broadcast Performances
1 Various [coll]: Anthology of World Mus
1 Perlman, Tom Song of the Leathers
1 Causey Way, the Is not a Cult
1 Trovesi, Gianluigi Around Small Fairy Tales
1 Azusa Plane, the Cheltenham
1 Fully Celebrated Orchestra,The Right on
1 Various [coll]: Rebound Volume I I I
1 Various [coll]: Schaefer/Pan American
1 Nmperign 44' 38/5"
1 Out in Worship Sterilized
1 Silver Apples Garden, the
1 Bolt Thrower Mercenary
1 Biafra, Jello If Evolution Is Outlawed...
1 Various [coll]: Chicks with Sticks
1 Red Elvises I Wanna See You Belly Dance
1 Accident Clearinghouse Absolute Collision
1 Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts Straight to Video
1 Hogan, Silas Trouble

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