KFJC tops for week ending 03/07/2001

11 Various [coll]: Turntables By the Bay
11 Undisputed Truth, the Cosmic Truth
10 Various [coll]: Stompin' Vol 27
9 Half Japanese Hello
8 Spider-Man Rock Reflections of a Superher
8 Lightning Bolt Ride the Skies
8 Joy Division Preston 28 February 1980
7 Phoenix Orion & Team Eloheem Music Is Microphone Chakraston
7 Rapoon Cold War: Drum N' Bass
7 Black Plastic Sound Best Of, the
7 Senor Coconut El Gran Baile
7 Ribbon Effect Slip
7 Submission Hold Waiting for Another Monkey...
7 Dark Star Travelogue Ii
7 Amber Asylum Supernatural Parlour Coll., th
6 Hat City Intuitive, the They Must Be Clapping For...Me
6 Various [coll]: Kicksville
6 Magas, Marlon Double Sided Magas
6 Thee Hydrogen Terrors Terror, Diplomacy&Public Re...
6 Various [coll]: I Hate the Pop Group
6 Scorn Greetings From Birmingham
6 Pan Sonic Aaltopiiri
5 Him 5/6 in Dub
5 Manishevitz Rollover
5 New European Saxophone Quartet N E S Q
5 Harris, Tony Harris, Tony
5 Underwater This Is not a Film
5 Les Savy Fav Rome (Written Upside Down)
5 Sonic Sum Himbro St.
5 Glass Candy&The Shattered Thea Metal Gods
5 Kelly, Herman & Life Percussion Explosion
5 Various [coll]: 400% Dynamite
5 Waco Brothers Electric Waco Chair
5 Linus Pauling Quartet Ashes in the Bong of God
5 Kaminumada Yohji Second Album
4 Various [coll]: Songs of Sumeria
4 Thumbtack Smoothie Electrickitchentableland
4 Carroll, Baikida Marionettes on a High Wire
4 Early W One: in Search of C.R.
4 Russell, Bruce Movement of the Free Sprt, the
4 Tram Frequently Asked Questions
4 Willard Grant Conspiracy Everything's Fine
4 Williams, Saul Penny for a Thought
4 Pousseur, Henri Liege a Paris
4 Ae Love Your Smile
4 Various [coll]: Toyo Records Presents:
4 Sun Ra Cymbals & Crystal Spears
4 Prince Jazzbo Mr. Funny
4 Kid 606 G Q on the E Q
4 Liars Club, the Unfulfilled/Saturated
4 Saint Sophia Deepsweet Nothings Network, th
4 Valentine T. Hello Lucille... Are You...
4 Gossip, the That's not What I Heard
4 Flossie and the Unicorns Animal's Clubhouse, the
4 Various [coll]: Mash the Place Up
4 Ooioo Green & Gold
4 Tribe of Circle Altered State
3 Zbigniew Karkowski Choice of Points for The...
3 7 Notas, 7 Colores Hecho, Es Simple
3 Strangulated Beatoffs ______________________________
3 Kojak I Do Everything in My Bvds
3 Goem Comp Abrams, Dan
3 Charles Sawtelle Music From Rancho Deville
3 Acrid Sea of Shit
3 Pounders, Brad She Shakes
3 Red Meat Alameda County Line
3 Golia, Vinny Openhearted
3 La Planete Sauvag (soundtrack) La Planete Sauvage
3 Keuhkot Ruskea Aikakitja
3 Kittens for Christian Is that What Sex Is Like?
3 Temple of Tiermes Psychotropic Substances
3 Six Organs of Admittance Manifestastion, the
3 Shea, David + Scanner Free Chocolate Love
3 Third Sight Murder Death Kill
3 Sun Ra Lanquidity
3 Godz, the Contact High with the Godz
3 Impostor Orchestra Heliopause
3 Various [coll]: Lothars& Windy & Carl
3 International Noise Conspiracy Plays Smash It Up and More
3 Musical Curtains Park Work
3 Various [coll]: Bust
3 Man, the Highrise
3 Laswell, Bill Dub Chamber 3
3 Dry & Heavy Full Contact
3 Cheer-Accident Salad Days
3 Fly Pan Am Sedatifs En Frequences Et Sill
3 Soulive Turn It Out
3 Various [coll]: Killed By 7 Inch #9...
3 Exploders, the Electric Power
3 Thrones Queequeegtashtegodaggoo
3 Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Zero
3 Sawada, Jyoji Enfant Terrible
3 Causey Way, the Causey Vs. Everything
3 Elf Power Winter Is Coming, the
3 Whodads Bongo Festeris
3 Glacier ______________________________
3 Andalusia This Is Noplace
3 Capleton More Fire
2 Various [coll]: Carbomb/Fisticuffs Blf
2 Sharma, A.J. ______________________________
2 Schnall, John More Songs From Midnite Matin
2 Urko Fast 3 Chord Hardcore Mother
2 Napalm Death Complete Radio 1 Sessions, the
2 O'neil, Tara Jane T J O
2 Converter Blast Furnace
2 Various [coll]: Something in the Water
2 Justin Trevino Travelin' Singin' Man
2 Hex, the No Car
2 Roach, Frank For the Love of Jesus CHAPTER3
2 Ikeda, Ryoji Matrix
2 Monkey Power Trio Chasing Monsters with Love...
2 Thunders,Johnny&The Chesterfie Critic's Choice
2 Crowell, Rodney Houston Kid, the
2 Sovines Last Sad Days Of...
2 Highlighters Poppin' Pop Corn
2 Gamma Permanament
2 D Untitles
2 Sun Ra & His Myth Science Orch When Angels Speak of Love
2 Camera Obscura To Change the Shape of ...
2 Ware, David S. Surrendered
2 Pierce, Webb Millennium Collection, the
2 Monkey Power Trio Flying Through Glass
2 Thomas,David & Two Pale Boys Surf's Up
2 Prime, Michael Bats
2 Various [coll]: Through the Square Win
2 I Roy Touting I Self
2 Various [coll]: Frente 57
2 Funkstorung Appetite for Disctruction
2 A Grape Dope Immediate Action #2
2 Pineal Ventana U.X
2 Various [coll]: Geology: a Subjective
2 Null, K.K. Discoteca Plasma
2 Dolly Parton Little Sparrow
2 V. Majestic Light the Fuse
2 Blue States Nothing Changes Under the Sun
2 Three By Three Eyes Vs. Crazy Rry___________________
2 Bobby Earl Smith Rear View Mirror
2 Don Edwards Kin to the Wind
2 Blakely, Mike West of You
2 Feldman,Mark/Courvoisier,Sylve Music for Violin and Piano
2 Cuban Cigar Crisis Damn.
2 Willard Grant Conspiracy Mojave
2 Pell Mell (1982) It Was a Live...
2 Various [coll]: Doob Doob (soundtrack)
2 Alter Ego Slaughterhouse
2 Le Tigre From the Desk of Mr. Lady
2 Drums and Tuba Vinyl Killer
2 Reed, Lou All Tomorrows Dance Party
2 Figurine Zero Degrees
2 Blow Up, the Dead Stars, Seven Sixes
2 Oxes Oxes
2 Various [coll]: Fuses,The/Uniform,The
2 Drums and Tuba ______________________________
2 Kill-A-Watts, the Mutant Brain
2 Jazzkammer Hot Action Sexy Karaoke
2 Death Squad Isolation As Intent
2 Gustafsson, Mats Parrot Fish Eye
2 Dresser, Mark Marinade
2 Smallstone S/T
2 Mustafio Mustafio
2 Devl Deathray Sunshine
2 Various [coll]: Knormalities V.2
2 Weakling Dead As Dreams
2 Delarosa and Asora Agony, Part 1
1 Scannerfunk Wave of Light By Wave of Light
1 Chateau Flight Puzzle
1 New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra Grace and Beauty
1 Children of Bodom Follow the Reaper
1 Various [coll]: Combat Wound/Orchid
1 Error 129 S/T
1 Various [coll]: D.S.-13/CODE 13
1 Dynamites, the Fire Corner
1 Martin, Benny "Big Tiger" Rides Again, the
1 Various [coll]: Resonance Vol 7 Num 2
1 Sult Crave
1 Phoaming Edison Happy Nap Casino
1 Honeyboy Edwards Mississippi Delta Bluesman
1 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Il Poliziotto Della Brigata C
1 Dj Food Quadraplex
1 Cox, Robin & Ensemble S/T
1 Various [coll]: Legend City
1 Scenic Spheres
1 Immortal Lee County Killers,Th Essential Fucked Up Blues, the
1 String Builder Forces
1 Abscess Tormented
1 Noise Maker's Fifes Intervisage
1 Twinkle Brothers Countrymen
1 Mz. Pak Man Oh Shit, It's Mz. Pak Man!
1 Goblin Il Fantastico Viaggio Del "Bag
1 Solar X Little Pretty Automatic
1 Kleptones Toydeath
1 Entertainment Pretty Lips Are Red
1 Fatal Flying Guillotines Now Hustle for the New Diaboli
1 Ulan Bator Ego : Echo
1 Electric Frankenstein Annie's Grave
1 Subpoena the Past Conjure Itch
1 Wallpaper Honing the Spectacular
1 Johnny Bond Country and Western
1 F.S.K. International
1 Farces Wanna Mo Mess of Pottage
1 Gob Kill Yourself Commandment, the
1 Vaz Demonstrations in Micronesia
1 Centro-Matic South San Gabriel Songs/Music
1 Birchville Cat Motel Tinfoil Teeth
1 Various [coll]: Toyo Records Presents
1 Red Scare, the Strangers Die Everyday
1 Horchata Biomass/Necromass Remixes
1 Riley, Steve & the Mamou Playb Happytown
1 Sylvain Sylvain &The Criminals Bowery Butterflies
1 Blake, Ran Horace Is Blue: a Silver Noir
1 Hamburger, Neil Inside Neil Hamburger
1 Drum Buddy Qelectronics
1 Aceyalone Accepted Eclectic
1 Accelera Deck Disquieting
1 Shipp, Matthew - New Orbit Matthew Shipp's New Orbit
1 Atrocious Madness S/T
1 Various [coll]: 19 Ways to Avoid Draft
1 Low Things We Lost in the Fire
1 Various [coll]: Zann
1 Action Time, the Versus the World
1 Kubin, Felix Schnitzler/Groscher Lausangrif
1 Ranaldo, Lee Broken Circle/Spiral Hill
1 Hartford, John Morning Bugle
1 Accident Clearinghouse Accident Clearinghouse..., the
1 Outhud 1ST Single O the New Millenium
1 Hydroplane Radios Appear
1 Film School S/T
1 Blue William Billy Song
1 Pandoras, the I Didn't Cry
1 Hall of Fame S/T
1 Government Alpha Sporadic Spectra
1 Medication Time One Free Miracle Ticket
1 Obituary Anthology
1 Seized Live @ Kfjc
1 Curtis, Charles Ultra White Violet Light
1 Michelle Gun Elephant, Thee Gear Blues
1 Headcoats, Thee I Am the Object of Your Desire
1 Medeski Martin & Wood Dropper, the
1 Various [coll]: Where Is the Love
1 Various [coll]: Undying
1 Various [coll]: Charley's Angels
1 Ultrasound Hamesh
1 Album Leaf, the In An Off White Room
1 Tower Recordings, the Folk Scene
1 Cage Suicidal Failure
1 Split Lip Rayfield Never Make It Home
1 Edan F/Mr.Lif And Company Bring You the Raw
1 Various [coll]: Plaid / Atom
1 Hank & Slim World Turned Gingham, the

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