KFJC tops for week ending 03/08/2000

13 Friends of Dean Martinez A Place in the Sun
13 Need, the Need Is Dead, the
10 MC5, the Big Bang!, the
10 Muslimgauze Sufiq
10 Back Off Cupid Back Off Cupid
10 Nocturnal Emissions Futurist Antiquarianism
10 Cave/Harvey/Clayton-Jones, E. And the Ass Saw the Angel
9 Exploited, the Singles
9 Bad Livers Blood and Mood
9 Sudden, Nickki Red Brocade
9 Lard 70'S Rock Must Die
9 Angel 'in Heavy Syrup Iv
9 Koray, Erkin Erkin Koray
8 Rego, Cyrus S/T
8 Ten in the Swear Jar My Very Private Map
8 Ladytron, the S/T
8 Gunga Din, the Glitterati
8 Electric Voodoo Staying Powers
8 Yamaguchi, Goro A Bell Ringing in Th Empty Sky
7 Afrosheens Persian Expressway, the
7 Broonzy, Big Bill Trouble in Mind
7 Microphones, the Window: the Series + 6 Others
7 Basque Basque
7 Drags, the Set Right Fit Ti Blow Clean Up
6 Ruido S/T
6 Blackalicious A2G
6 Pantychrist Pantychrist
6 Twisted Shouts Twisted Shouts
6 Kid Koala Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
6 Litter, the Distortions
6 Sexmob Solid Sender
6 Bug Guts Great Spangled Fritillary
6 Davis Jr., Sammy Sammy & Friends
6 Various [coll]: Still Hate Your Neighb
6 Various [coll]: Bloodstains Acr Germ 2
6 Shortee Dreamer, the
6 Sound Drunk on Confusion
5 Paley, Reid Revival
5 Belloni, Alessandra Tarantata:Dance of the Ancient
5 Turner, Otha & the Afrossip... S/T
5 Oldham, Will Guarapero - Lost Blues 2
5 Space Travelers/D.J. Z-Trip Black Hole+Further Exploration
5 Bartz, Gary Harlem Bush Music, Uhuru
5 Jackie-O Motherfuckers Fig. 5
5 Mercury Program, the S/T
5 Dils, the Class War
5 Dr. Smith & Professor Ludlow Rinsin' with the Doctor
5 Men's Recovery Project Bolides Over Basra
5 Various [coll]: Frolic Diner Vol Vi
5 Bastard Noise Analysis of Self Destrucin, Th
5 Koester, Steve Oh! Turpentine
5 Various [coll]: 1966 Berkeley Blues Fs
5 Yoshide, Otomo/Ostertag, Bob Twins
5 Crawl Unit Everyone Gets What They Deserv
5 Charalambides Internal Eternal
5 Various [coll]: An Ear for a Leg
5 Various [coll]: Party Like It's Only..
5 Rllrbll Einaugige Kirsche
5 Nuova Consonanza Musica Su Schemi
4 Various [coll]: Labyrinths & Jokes
4 Gold Sparkle Band Nu Soul Zodiac
4 Heinz, Herb Failure
4 Aphex Twin, the Digeridoo Ep
4 Brainbombs S/T
4 Skull Control Zzzzzzz
4 Three Day Stubble Figshta Diaries, the
4 Various [coll]: Warp Back to Earth
4 Pit Viper S/T
4 Various [coll]: Early Modulations
4 Super Chikan What You See
4 Various [coll]: Contents Under Pressur
4 Kreidler Weekend
4 Molasses You'll Never Be Well no More
4 Pablo, Augustus Ital Dub
4 M.F. Doom Operation Doomsday
4 Burnside, R.L. My Black Name A-Ringin'
4 Gravitar You Must First Learn to Draw T
4 Full Dimension S/T
4 Sadies, the Pure Diamond Gold
4 Rh Band 6.20.98
4 Titus (soundtrack) Titus
4 Esognomig Sonig 09
3 Live Free or Die This Is the Lve Free or Die!
3 Bila, Vera & Kale Kale Kalore
3 L@N Twoinone
3 Grinning Idiots It's not the M.O.M.A.
3 Technician Electronic Conversations...
3 Boszormeinyi, Alzo & Th Acid.. Illusion Ep
3 Handsome Family, the In the Air
3 Nowottny, Marianne Afraid of Me
3 Rapp, Tom A Journal of the Plague Year
3 Mill, John Stuart Forget Everything
3 Crow Death of Neuclear Arms
3 Various [coll]: Little Roy and Friends
3 Encore Sporadic
3 Come on Come on Story, the
3 Phoenecia Oddjobs
3 Various [coll]: Tekito Split Vol 1
3 Various [coll]: Phil Pratt Thing
3 Jesus Lizard Bang
3 Black Heart Procession, the S/T
3 Seely Winter Birds
3 Science Group, the A Mere Coincidence
3 Turing Machine A New Machine for Living
3 Slow Poke Redemption
3 Thermal/Freezer/Cue Time Out of Mind
3 Reatards, the Grown Up, Fucked Up
3 Bernstein, Steven Diaspora Soul
3 Eskelin, Ellery+Parkins+Black Five Other Pieces ( + 2 )
3 Wiese, J./Hogge, A./Koh, T. Untitled
3 Lil' Mo & the Monicats Hearts in My Dream
3 Various [coll]: Rare Reggae Grooves
3 Impressions, the This Is My Country
3 Non Receive the Flame
3 Climax Golden Twins Live Vol. 2
3 Mills, Jeff Preview
3 Cathode Sleeping and Breathing
2 Ankhelgloknar Mortuus Deus
2 Hoven Droven More Happy Moments...
2 Elliot, George Forehead Movies
2 Damad Burning Cold
2 Sweet Charles For Sweet People From Sweet...
2 O'farrill, Chico Heart of a Legend
2 Southall Riot S/T
2 Mr. Velcro Fastener Lucky Bastards Living Up North
2 Gayle, Charles Ancient of Days
2 Like a Tim Live at Tim
2 Swarm, the Old Blue Eyes Is Dead
2 Album Leaf, the An Orchestrated Rise to Fall
2 Dismember Hate Campaign
2 Pornosonic Pornosonic
2 Kostitsyn, Eugeni Synchronous Music, the
2 Various [coll]: Future, Jazz
2 Aoki, Tatsu Basser Live
2 Los Madrugadores 1931 - 1937
2 Cutler, Chris/Dimuzio, Thomas Quake
2 Sons and Daughters of Lite, Th Let the Sun Shine in
2 Soft Machine Noisette
2 Various [coll]: Killed By 7 Inch
2 Coleclough, Jonathan S/T
2 White, Andy Compilation
2 Smith, Steven R. Death of Last Year's Man, the
2 Pinback Loro
2 Salaryman Karoshi
2 Marque, Matt "Disco Nap"
2 Orbitronik My Computer My Stereo
2 Elf Power When the Red King Comes
2 Lou Hoffner Trio Minus One, th Moog Walk
2 Vuva La Squnge Self Titled
2 Malcolm, Carlos & Afro-Ja. Rhy Royal Ska, the
2 Pluto Field Recordings, the
2 Phoenix Thunderstone S/T
2 Rapoon What Do You Suppose?
2 Henry, Pierre (soundtrack) Secret Love Life of the Octopu
2 Climax Golden Twins Live Vol. 1
2 Kristian, David Room Tone
2 Lien, Annbjorg Baba Yaga
2 Furniture Huschle Waiting for Parts
2 Morris, Lawrence D. "Butch" Conduction #70: Tit for Tat
1 Creators, the Hard Margin, the
1 Slowpoke Make Out Machine
1 Simien, Terrance Positively Beadhead
1 Leadbetter, Phil Philibuster
1 Patchchords, the (soundtrack) Slammy Windshield
1 Various [coll]: Reality Part 2
1 Antibalas Uprising
1 Legowelt Vs. Orgue Electroniqe Wir Leben in Pussywelt
1 Various [coll]: Barefoot Bill's Hard L
1 Macabre Unabomber
1 Cinghiale Hoofbeats of the Snorting Swin
1 Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Chas Let's Go!
1 Vincent, Rhonda Back Home Again
1 Neuburg, Amy X and Men Sports! Chips! Booty!
1 Politicians, the Politicians, the
1 Amber Pearls of Amber
1 Davis, Angela Prison-Industrial Complex, the
1 Hughscore Delta Flora
1 Sin Ropas Three Cherries
1 Various [coll]: Cologne Cyclez
1 Kingsbury Manx, the S/T
1 Kid 606 We Are All Winners
1 Oneil, Tara Jane Peregrine
1 Di'jital 360 Degrees
1 Futique Go.Low
1 Stormandstress Under Thunder and Fluorescent
1 Father Harry Winter 1999-2000
1 Caravana Cubana Late Night Sessions
1 Kraftwerk Expo 2000
1 Marumari Ballad of the Round Ball
1 Waybacks, the Devolver
1 Battlefield Band Leaving Friday Harbor
1 Straka, Stephan Sikora Holzwurm
1 Rammelzee Vs. K.Rob Beatbop
1 Melt Banana It's in the Pillcase
1 Morbid/Mayhem A Tribute to the Black Emperor
1 Mountain Heart Mountain Heart
1 Schizotrope Life and Death of Marie Zo, th
1 Scratch Orchestra, the London 1969
1 Zorn, John, (The Bribe) Variations and Extensions...
1 Spectre End, the
1 Satyricon Rebel Extravaganza
1 Puritans, the Sing the Hymns of Shoutin'...
1 Millington, Mary "Come Play Me"
1 Various [coll]: Neither Neither World
1 Kirk, Richard H. Darkness at Noon
1 Phonopsychographdisk Turbulence Chest
1 Nowottny, Marianne Jesus in a Jiffy/Sequin...
1 Countdown Quartet, the Countdown Quartet, the
1 Coyle & Sharpe Audio Visionaries
1 Parton, Dolly Grass Is Blue, the
1 Pin Group, the S/T
1 Various [coll]: No New York
1 Dj Spooky Vs. Scanner Quick and the Dead, the
1 Poole, Rod Trio Iasis
1 Baraka, Amiri & Sun Ra... A Black Mass
1 Takahashi, So Nu Bus
1 Current 93 All Dolled Up Like Christ(Live
1 Takemura, Nobukazu Scope
1 Aube Sensorial Inducement
1 Various [coll]: Part, Arvo/Taverner, J
1 Hise, Steev Original

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