KFJC tops for week ending 03/16/2005

10 Surf Coasters, the Samurai Struck
9 Angels of Light Angels of Light Sing Other Peo
7 Dj Shadow Mashin' on the Motorway/Walkie
7 Arovane Lilies
6 Hu Vibrational Beautiful
6 Jones, Sharon & the Dap Kings Naturally
6 Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid Riddim Warfare
6 Various [coll]: Studio One Funk
5 Out Hud One Life to Leave
5 Bevis Frond, the Bevis Through the Looking...
5 Manning, Barbara Under One Roof
5 Growing Soul of the Rainbow And..., th
5 Drekka Extractioning
5 Dead Meadow Feathers
5 Six Organs of Admittance School of the Flower
5 Skye Klad Music Ofcupid's Orkustra.., Th
5 Hood Outside Closer
5 Fondas, the Coming Now!
5 Grails Red Light
5 Purple Image Purple Image
5 Isis Panopticon
5 Artanker Convoy Mature Fantasy
5 O'rourke, Jim Two Organs
5 [coll]: Harmony of the Spheres Harmony of the Spheres
4 Electroputas 3
4 Ladd, Mike Negrophilia [The Album]
4 Gang Gang Dance Revival of the Shittest
4 Lunch, Lydia ______________________________
4 Blackstone Valley Sinners It's a Sin
4 Claro Intelecto Neurofibro
4 Various [coll]: Metaphisik Records Presents
4 Blackhouse Rhythm Boxing
4 Phantom Limbs, the Random Hymns
4 Sightings Arrived in Gold
4 Various [coll]: Panicsville/I.A.B.
4 M.I.A. Arular
4 Old Time Relijun Lost Light
4 Various [coll]: Return of the Dj Vol 1
4 Various [coll]: Rewind! 4
4 Juez Shemspeed Alt Schule
4 Smugglers, the Mutiny in Stereo
4 Madlib Shades of Blue
4 Enemymine Ice in Me, the
4 Segel, Jonathan Non-Linear Accelerator
4 Boredoms Seadrum/House of Sun
4 Dublex Collage Ep
4 Low Great Destroyer, the
4 Weeks, Greg Blood Is Trouble
4 Maplewood Maplewood
4 Various [coll]: Ditch Avangarda
4 Cyann & Ben Spring
4 Lost Sounds S/T
4 Dead Machines Human Brain Wasting Syndrome
4 Sage Francis A Healthy Distrust
4 Various [coll]: Straight Out the Cat L
4 Surf Me Up, Scotty! Surf Now, Apocalypse Later
4 Various [coll]: Release Your Mind VOL2
4 Big Black He's a Whore
4 Monster Magnet 25.....TAB
3 Ramleh Boeing
3 Giardullo, Joe/Zingaro, Carlos Falling Water
3 Amoeba Men Enter
3 Psi Golden Showers/Catastrophe
3 Wallis, Larry Police Car
3 Todd, Mia Doi Manzanita
3 Suppression / Atomatron Split
3 Magic Is Kuntmaster Virgin Ghost
3 Dunger, Nicolai Vinyl Trilogy, the
3 Stalk-Forest Group St. Cecilia
3 Single Minded Pros From Now on
3 Dielectric Drone All-Stars Dr. One
3 Go Like Hell Hell Bent Rock 'n' Roll
3 Various [coll]: Masters of the Scene
3 Haden, Petra Petra Haden Sings: the Who Sel
3 Tyrades Self Titled
3 Atmosphere Headshots SE7EN
3 White, James and the Blacks James White's Flaming Demonics
3 Blipvert Triple Acid Foot
3 Dmbq Essential Sounds From...., the
3 Afrirampo Afrirampo
3 Antony and the Johnsons I Am a Bird Now
3 Candies, the Dense Waves Make Your Eyes...
3 Sunroof Sunroof
3 Bonnie Prince Billy/Sweeney,M Superwolf
3 X Plastaz Maasai Hip Hop
3 Iacoucci, G. Symbolisme Psychedelique, Etc.
3 Coachwhips Peanut Butter and Jelly Live
3 Dealership Action/Adventure
3 Grip Weeds, the Giant on the Beach
3 Various [coll]: Molam
3 Coleclough, Jonathan Makruna/Minya
3 Michael Columbia These Are Colored Bars
3 Clone Defects Shapes of Venus
3 Om Variations on a Theme
3 Barlow/Petersen/Wivinus Transparent World, the
3 Nurse with Wound Shipwreck Radio Volume One
3 F-Space Preliminary Impact Report
3 Sad World Sad World I + Ii
3 Various [coll]: Deadwood (soundtrack)
3 Crack We Are Rock Silent Fantasy
3 Gretchens, the Cover Your Ears
3 Various [coll]: Nuvo
3 Saturday Looks Good to Me Girl's Distracted, the
3 Hacienda Brothers Hacienda Brothers
3 Version City Rockers Darker Roots
3 Stronen/Storlokken Humcrush
3 Montoya, Robert Robert M
3 Fennesz / O'rourke / Rehberg Return of Fenn O'berg, the
3 Pelican Australasia
3 Antunes, Jorge Savage Songs
3 Disjecta True Love By Normal
3 Dayton, Jesse Country Soul Brother
3 Muslimgauze Syrinjia
3 Sixtoo Body Ache Summer Ep
3 Sound Tribe Sector Nine Artifact
3 Hayden Elk Lake Serenade
3 Wrangler Brutes Zulu
3 Fiery Furnaces, the Ep
3 Various [coll]: Matmos/Die Monitr Bats
3 Atlantics, the Live Abc-Tv Australia
3 Surf Coasters, the On Stage (Dvd)
3 Gramme Pre-Release
3 Hayasaka, Sachi Minga
3 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Fado
3 Various [coll]: La Yellow Collection
3 Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagon
3 Various [coll]: Vocokesh / F/I
2 Earth Earth 2
2 Cheer Up Poems Our Two Strings
2 Devil in a Woodpile In Your Lonesome Town
2 Emanon Count Your Blessings...
2 Offwhyte Bow to the Sceptor
2 Remo'conscious Thought Criminal: Journal...
2 Dalek Negro Necro Nekros
2 Former Friend Foreverago
2 Some Girls All My Friends Are Going Death
2 Toxin I I I I Rock I Ran (Again)
2 Spring Heel Jack Sweetness of the Water, the
2 Semi.Official Anti-Album, the
2 Cline/Parkins/Raineynelsandrea Ash and Tabula
2 Jones, Carol Elizabeth & Laure Ridin' Along
2 Various [coll]: Music People, the
2 Simon, Joe Power of Joe Simon, the
2 Deadfall Comrades Ep
2 Brinkmann, Thomas Tokyo +1
2 Stelzer, Howard & Jason Talbot Four Sides
2 Sunburned Hand of the Man S/T
2 Icebreaker Extraction
2 Skozey Fetisch Spectral Freight
2 Gayle,Parker,Ali Touchin on Trane
2 Ezee Tiger S/T
2 Infusion, the Red Horse
2 Music of the Ashanti of Ghana S/T
2 Circus Calliope Two Fer One
2 Cut Songs for the Radio
2 Portland Bike Ensemble Portland Bike Ensemble
2 Aesop Rock Fast Cars B/W Number Nine
2 Boggs, Dock Country Blues
2 Schwimmer/Caine/Feldman Theremin Noir
2 Lords of Light ______________________________
2 Abdul-Malik Ahmed Music of Ahmend Abdulmalik, th
2 Skygreen Leopards Life&Love in Sparrow's Meadow
2 Pilkington, Mark Mixed Messages
2 Dj Hell Listen to the Hiss
2 Various [coll]: Homework #103
2 On/Off On/Off
2 Thee J. Johanz Confidential
2 Katz, Darrell Death of Simone Weil, the
2 Ora Morgandammerung
2 Bloland, Per Selected Compositions
2 New York Underground Orchestra Fragments
2 Underground Resistance Return of Acid Rain Ii, the
2 Various [coll]: Desert City Sdt/Rum Di
2 Hooker, Quartet William Lifeline
2 High on Fire Blessed Black Wings
2 Harmika Yab-Yum Folk Sounds From Nepal
2 Caine, Uri and La Gaia Scienza Love Fugue: Robert Schumann
2 Various [coll]: Electro Juice Vol. 2
2 Felipe, Dino I'm You
2 Carlos, Don & Gold Them Never Know Natty Dread...
2 Phonophani Oak or Rock
2 Audion Pong, the
2 Duran Duran Duran Very Pleasure
2 Gloomy Sunday Gloomy Sunday
2 Camping Suburban Shore
2 Carriere Brothers, the Musique Creole
2 Ya Ho Wha 13 Operetta, the
2 Various [coll]: From Earth to Spheres
2 Various [coll]: Streets of Lhasa
2 Yeah no Swell Henry
2 Pulse Emitter Polyakov
2 Waits, Tom & Brennan K. Real Gone
2 Martin, Billy, Dj Logic, Grant For no One in Particular
2 Gris Gris, the S/T
2 Kaada/Patton Romances
2 Githead Headgit
2 Labtekwon Song of the Sovereign
2 Various [coll]: Two Lightboxes
2 Rowan, Peter & Tony Rice You Were there for Me
2 Josh One Narrow Path
2 Cline, Alex Lamp and the Star, the
2 Asa-Chang and Junray Jun Ray Song Chang
2 Bellrays, the Red, White & Black, the
2 Zion I Mind Over Matter
2 Blake, Tim Blake's New Jerusalem
2 Soft Pink Truth, the Do You Want New Wave or Do You
2 Delaurenti, Chris Night I Met Maria C______, the
2 Rabe, Folke What??
2 Scorces Vivre Avec La Bete
2 Christian Death Only Theater of Pain
2 Overhang Party Overhang Party 2
2 Rema-Rema Wheel in the Roses
2 Europeans Voices
1 Cloiter "
1 Normal, the T.V.O.D./Warm Leatherette
1 Guinea Pig ______________________________
1 Various [coll]: Chainsaw/C.F./Voetsek
1 Lullabies, the Lullabies' Lullaby
1 Televangelist and the Architec Mass Exodus From California
1 Zykos Zykos
1 Various [coll]: Sound of Philadelphia
1 King Missile Mystical Shit
1 Cosma, Vladimir (soundtrack) Patchwork 29
1 Xmarsx Self-Titled
1 Jay, Abner One Man Band
1 Atmosphere Headshots 7 Bonus Disc
1 Various [coll]: Mugstar/Hunting Lodge
1 Sole Live From Rome
1 Invisible Cities S/T
1 Rara Avis S/T
1 Science of Yabra Check the Sound
1 Battleship Presents Princess
1 Nurse with Wound/O'rourke Tape Monkey Mooch Angry Electr
1 Chicken Legs Weaver Wishbone Hands
1 Die Enttauschung S/T
1 Grayskul Prom Quiz
1 Hive Mind Death Tone
1 Noggin Two Violins
1 Stinking Lizaveta Caught Between Worlds
1 Mouthus Loam
1 Parkins, Zeena Devotion
1 Cake Carbon Monoxide
1 Mare S/T
1 Prefuse 73 Ft.Ghostface,El-P Hideyaface
1 Gosfield, Annie Lost Signals and Drifting...
1 Spearman, Glenn Free Worlds
1 Martinez, Ernesto Mutaciones
1 Drop the Lime I Survived the Blackout
1 Specs One Return of the Artist
1 Umod Tromboline
1 Tom Russell Hotwalker
1 Ahleuchatistas Same and the Other, the
1 Repp, Corrina It's Only the Future
1 Busdriver Avantcore
1 Thomas, Luther Funky Donkey
1 We Acediasts Pre Acediasts
1 Various [coll]: Moore, Graham & Pulse
1 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Live at Stockholm
1 Deerhunter Deerhunter
1 Lacy, Steve - Sextet Gleam, the
1 Antennas Erupt Magical Energy
1 Go Hirano Corridor of Daylights
1 Pedestrian Volume One: Unindian Songs
1 Parker / Drumm / Zerang Out Trios Volume Two
1 Husky Rescue New Light of Tomorrow
1 Volvox Bad Earth
1 Tejada, John Logic Memory Center
1 Various [coll]: Jonny X & the Groadies
1 Maddox Brothers and Rose, the VOL.1- America's Most Colorful
1 Tower Recordings the Galaxies Incredible Sensua, th
1 Radio Phnom Penh S/T
1 Yoshihide/Chun/Yeon Loose Community
1 Panda Bear Young Prayer
1 Scientific American Strong for the Future
1 Radio Sumatra Radio Sumatra
1 Deutsch/Conrad/Schulz/Monosov Ad/Tc
1 Fuccillo, Jeff Disturbed Strings
1 Conjunto Peru Folklorico Perou
1 Doiron, Julie Goodnight Nobody
1 Akbayram, Edip & Dostlar Nedir Ne Degildir?
1 Tauber, Jonas Storm Walking Singing
1 Ryan, Joel Or Air
1 Various [coll]: Popular Electronics
1 Bunny Brains Box the Bunny
1 Sons of Silence Spring Forward:Fall Back
1 Bloodthirsty Lovers Delicate Seam, the
1 Kwisp Teriyaki Vest Odyssey
1 Autry, Gene Essential Gene Autry
1 Sanders, Karl Saurian Meditation
1 Trovesi, Otteto Gianluigi Fugface
1 Ashley, Robert Perfect Lives
1 Pritchard, David Nocturnal Earthworm Stew
1 Zubi Zuva Jehovah
1 Lindsay, Arto Salt
1 Enslaved Isa
1 Caspar Chants of Change
1 Tuxedo Killers Spiral Haircase
1 Smith, Wadada Leo Light Upon Light
1 Harada, Masashi Condanction En Enterprising Mass of Cilia
1 E-Z-Organ, the Strangebone at the E-Z-Organ
1 Gold Sparkle Trio & K.Vander.. Brooklyn Cantos
1 Current 93 Dawn
1 Dacm Stereotypie
1 Larsen Play
1 Tietchens, Asmus Spat-Europa
1 By the End of Tonight Fireworks on Ice
1 Miss Kittin & the Hacker First Album
1 Birchville Cat Motel Beautiful Speck Triumph
1 Doodles ?
1 Tsahar,Assif/Tatsuya Nakatani Come Sunday
1 Rubber O Cement Kaiser Langerhan's Hysterical.
1 T.Raumschmiere A Million Brothers Blah Blah B
1 Parker, Evan Snake Decides, the
1 Dungen Ta Det Lugnt
1 Aube Triad Thread
1 Lubelski, Samara Fleeting Skies, the
1 Deceptikon Lost Subject
1 Elahi, Ostad Cascade
1 Fleischmann, B./Weixelbaum, H. Duo 505
1 Tinariwen Amassakoul
1 Janes, Liz Poison and Snakes
1 400 Blows Biggest Hit Yet, the
1 Savage Resurrection, the Savage Resurrection, the
1 Ashley, Robert Automatic Writing
1 Various [coll]: Pay It All Back V3
1 Various [coll]: Roots of the Narcocorr
1 Various [coll]: Sand/Current 93
1 Various [coll]: Succour
1 Guild of Temporal Adventurers Guild of Temporal Adventurers
1 King Kong Me Hungry
1 Suffacox Psychedozer
1 Starfuckers ______________________________
1 Loop Wolf Flow
1 Daleki Dalek I Love You
1 Crispy Ambulance ______________________________
1 Volvox Bad Earth

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