KFJC tops for week ending 03/24/1999

11 Wormhole Effect Bastard Musicians of Mesmer, T
9 Fonn Untitled 2 X 12"
9 Chicago Underground Trio Possible Cube
9 Silk Saw This Time It's War
9 Various [coll]: Dancing with the Dead
8 Swift, Rob Ablist, the
8 Pole 2
8 Boards of Canada Peel Session
8 Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden Bella Neurox
8 Rotten Piece Incarcerated Dwarf Heiress, th
8 Popol Vuh (Soundt (soundtrack) Nosferatu - Fantome De La Nuit
8 Metrotone Th Lss You Hve Th Mre You Are
8 Lo Hi Kind of Like a Feel Good Thing
7 All Natural No Additives, no Preserv(Xtra)
7 Hamilton, Chico - Quintet Drumfusion
7 Spaceshits, the Misbehavin'
7 Latin Playboys Dose
7 Series Series
7 Alphane Moon Echoing Grove, the
7 Transient Waves ______________________________
7 Jacobites God Save Us Poor Sinners
7 Ex-Girl Kero! Kero! Kero!
6 Etant Donnes Bleu
6 Lurie, John African Swim and Manny & Lo
6 Mother Mallard 1970-1973
6 Metabolismus Spriebwartsdrall
6 Cranium, the A New Music for a New Kitchen
6 Bobby Teens, the I Wanna Go Home/Pay the Price
6 Hellacopters ______________________________
6 Calculators, the Circuit Breaking Silence
6 Amber Asylum Songs of Sex and Death
6 Pan Sonic A
6 Stisism Coping with Society
6 Hospital People S/T
6 Dirty Poodle Dirty Poodle
6 Cunts,The A Secret History of
6 Earthlings Earthlings?
5 Brooks, Roy Free Slave, the
5 Gilbert, Bruce and Ron West Frequency Variation
5 Industrial Bass Machine A Taste of Armageddon
5 Country Teasers Destroy All Human Life
5 Doctor Explosion Subnormal Revolution, the
5 Kreidler Appearance the the Park
5 James Brown (soundtrack) Slaughter's Big Rip-Off
5 Funto Freeman Loops
5 Dwarves Lick It
5 Camera Obscura ______________________________
5 Family Fodder Savoir Faire : the Best of
5 Earle, Steve & the Mc Coury Bn Mountain, the
5 Various [coll]: Close & Brent/Petterst
5 Autechre Peel Session
5 Electric Frankenstein I'm not Your Nothing
5 Beta Band, the Three E.P.'s, the
4 Douglas, Dave Convergence
4 Dissecting Table Life
4 Scaramanga Seven Yees Seven Horns
4 Evora, Cesaria Mar Azul
4 Michelle Gun Elephant, Thee Gear Blues
4 Link Protrudi and the Jaymen Hit and Run
4 Hillbilly Idol Town and Country
4 Bonnie 'prince' Billy I See Darkness
4 Photek Special Forces
4 Avengers, the Died for Your Sins
4 Kemeny, Gabor Chain Bridge/Lanchid
4 Virginia Dare Baby Got Away
4 Hellbound Hayride Sinner
4 Waco Brothers Waco World
4 Kiln Holo
4 Big Breakfast Why Do You Touch Things That..
4 I-F Playstation #2
4 Enemymine S/T
4 Wailer, Bunny Dubd'sco Volumes 1 & 2
4 Various [coll]: Microscopic Sound
4 Various [coll]: Aerial M Post Global
4 Six Organs of Admittance ______________________________
4 Various [coll]: Supernova
4 Various [coll]: I'm Down Today...
4 Flashpapr Pain Taped Over (Forever)
4 Teach Me Tiger ______________________________
4 Pachora Unn
4 Various [coll]: Yo Yo a Go Go
4 Jah Lloyd Herbs of Dub
4 Dolemite (soundtrack) Dolemite
4 Contagious Orgasm In My Heart
4 Goma Timeless Tubes
3 Ferial Confine Full Use of Nothing, the
3 Destroyer City of Daughters
3 Ravenous (soundtrack) Ravenous
3 Hillyard, David & the Rockstea Playtime
3 Barrett, Aston "Familyman" Cobra Style
3 Various [coll]: Russell, Tom
3 Nelson, Beaver Last Hurrah, the
3 Totalitar Sin Egen Motstandare
3 Shadow Huntaz Screams Medic
3 Dunmall, Paul & Octet Bebop Starburst
3 Gorman, Skip A Cowboy's Wild Song to His ..
3 Mc Cook, Tomy & Super Sonic Top Secret
3 Squarepusher Budahan Mindphone
3 I Want to Live (soundtrack) (Soundtrack)
3 Skeme Team Con Artists
3 Ratos De Porao Carniceria Tropical
3 Frankie Teardrop Frankie Teardrop
3 Jezamenco Djangobangn
3 Various [coll]: Dj Kicks: Kemi & Storm
3 Tin Hat Trio Memory Is An Elephant
3 Billy May "Johhny Cool" Orig. Soundtrak
3 Wimme Gierran
3 Mix Master Mike Suprize Packidge
3 Maurizio M7
3 Parkins, Andrea Slippage
3 Various [coll]: Reach the (soundtrack)
3 Drumhead Drumhead
3 Various [coll]: Bears Are not Real V.1
3 Grind Orchestra Jolly Throats Ep
3 Parker, Andrea Dj Kicks Ep
3 Woodies, the Swimmin' in the Reverb
3 Ibarra, Susie/Tsahar, Assif Home Cookin'
3 Monaural Monitor Interference
3 Various [coll]: Bloodstains Across Den
3 Ninian Hawick Steep Steps
3 Rapture, the Mirror
3 Father Harry Winter 1998-99
3 Taking of Pelham (soundtrack) S/T
3 Clit Cops, the Come to Daddy
3 Black Tape for a Blue Girl As 1 Aflame Laid Bare By Desir
3 Davis, Cedell Feel Like Doin Something Wrong
3 Gayle, Philip _Pnbna_
3 Weiss, Chuck E. Extremely Cool
3 Arovane Icol Diston
3 Brahem, Anouar Thimar
3 Coil Winter Solstice
3 Antimatter Transfixtion
2 Various [coll]: Straight to Hell
2 Schlammpeitziger Erdrauchharnschleck
2 Mccook, Tommy Revenge
2 Ontj Watashi
2 Various [coll]: Alphonso/Briscoe
2 Vintage Future Antimatter Premium Unleaded
2 Skatalites, the ...Meet King Tubby
2 .Nema Bring Our Curses Home
2 Bran (Another Plight of Me, th Partial Refund Anxiety Disorde
2 Various [coll]: S F Song Cycle
2 Crooked Jades, the Going to the Races
2 Stillman, the Go! Go! Go!
2 Electroscope Unhappy Soul
2 This Robot Kills Molecule
2 Escape Mechanism Escape Mechanism
2 Chisel.Drill.Hammer Chisel.Drill.Hammer
2 Haslinger, Paul Score
2 Surf Teens Surf Mania
2 Surf Trio Forbidden Sounds
2 Swift, Rob Dope on Plastic
2 Penny's Electric Wrkhrses Sngs S/T
2 Jeep Beat Collective Technics Chainsaw Massacre
2 Bowling Green, the One Pound Note
2 Intimate Fags, the S/T
2 Troum ______________________________
2 Cigar Store Indians El Baile De La Cobra
2 Carnival of Souls (soundtrack) Carnival of Souls
2 Twenty Five Suaves Chinese Students Study Abroad!
2 T-Model Ford You Better Keep Still
2 Cage, Robert For the Love of Jesus CHAPTER5
2 Tinklers, the Slowpoke
2 Magnetophone Air Methods
2 Various [coll]: Anthology of World Mus
2 Muslimgauze Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gas
2 Perlman, Tom Song of the Leathers
2 Accident Clearinghouse Absolute Collision
1 Friends of Dean Martinez Atardecer
1 Various [coll]: Chants Chamanique..
1 Christian Daniel Christian Daniel
1 Sons of the San Joaquin Horses, Cattle and Coyotes
1 Various [coll]: Land of the Sufis
1 Movere Workshop Movere Workshop
1 Blazing Haley Sleeper
1 God Is My Co-Pilot Peel Sessions, the
1 Mauve Sideshow Meet Me in the Wasteland
1 Kirk, Richard Knowledge Through Science
1 Various [coll]: Moonlanding
1 Skaggs, Ricky Ancient Tones
1 Grindverk Gesundheit Von K
1 Round Four Find a Way
1 White Stripes,The Lafayette Blues
1 Various [coll]: Bay Area Hardcore..
1 Peter Mangalore Decay of the Iron Man
1 Various [coll]: Persisten (soundtrack)
1 Gyga Gyga
1 Various [coll]: You're Soaking in It
1 Photek Form and Function
1 Various [coll]: Deathreat/Talk Is Pois
1 Child's View Funfair
1 Kallick, Kathy Band, the Walkin' in My Shoes
1 Okra All-Stars, the Okra All-Stars, the
1 Shape Shifters ______________________________
1 Fartz, the Because the Fuckin' World Sti.
1 Crowe, J.D. and the New South Come Down to My Own World
1 Ceramic Hobs Psychiatric Underground
1 Various [coll]: No Way I'm in Panic
1 Huun-Huur-Tu Where Young Grass Grows
1 Clarke, Johnny Dreader Dread
1 Old Time Relijun Old Time Relijun
1 Hooker, William Distance Between Us, the
1 Robomaster Undiscovered Tapes, the
1 Various [coll]: Mourmourika 1930-1955
1 Farmer, Johnny Wrong Doers Respect Me
1 Barfos, the Crash Your Show
1 Tarot Bolero Vaudeville Rising
1 Various [coll]: Knormalities
1 Pit Viper ______________________________
1 Various [coll]: Anthology of World
1 Albert Ammons W/ Meade Lux Lew Boogie Woogie Stomp
1 Totalitar Klass Inte Ras
1 Dieselhed Elephant Reat Home
1 Kamiyama, Hoppy Juice and Tremolo
1 Parker, Charlie Broadcast Performances
1 Jarboe Anhedoniac
1 Various [coll]: Dj Kicks:Andrea Parker
1 Planet The, the Part 1 Introduction
1 Red Elvises I Wanna See You Belly Dance
1 Hogan, Silas Trouble
1 Soledad Brothers, the S/T
1 El-Funon Zaghareed: Music From the Pale

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