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  Top plays at KFJC
From March 25 2009 thru April 1 2009

Plays Artist Album
8 Renderers, The Monsters and Miasmas
8 Orb, The ...the Dream
8 La Otracina Blood Moon Riders
8 Deep Chord Vantage Isle Sessions
7 Allien, Ellen Sool
7 Death Sentence : Panda! Insects Awaken
7 Psychic Ills Mirror Eye
6 U.S. Girls Me & Yoko
6 Grayceon This Grand Show
6 Boratto, Gui Take My Breath Away
5 Nothing People Late Night
5 Millis, Robert 120
5 Various Artists Pop Ambient 2009
5 Telescopes, The # Untitled Second
5 Dusted Angel Valium 5
5 Kuti, Fela Ransome Lagos Baby 1963-1969
5 Williams, Andre & The New Orleans Hellhounds Can You Deal With It?
5 Speck Mountain Some Sweet Relief
5 Magic Carpathians, The Sambucus & Ginko
5 Nadler, Marissa Little Hells
5 Emeralds What Happened
5 Mikkel Metal Peaks and Troughs
5 Somewhere In Europe Gestures
4 French Radio Elements
4 Pig Heart Transplant Hope You Enjoy Heaven
4 Land of Kush Against The Day
4 Latorre, Santiago Orbita
4 Sun RA Live At The Horseshoe Tavern
4 Nice Face Exterminator
4 Deathspell Omega Manifestations 2000-2001
4 Phantom Limbs, The Accept The Juice/Whole Loto Love
4 Irish Pirate Ballads Irish Pirate Ballads & Songs of The Sea
4 Mittoo, Jackie In Africa
4 Zu Carboniferous
4 Om Live At Jerusalem
4 Mythical Beast Scales
4 Perry, Lee Scratch Chicken Scratch
4 Hebden, Kieran & Reid, Steve NYC
4 Last Days Safety of The North, The
4 Softboiled Eggies Try It Again
4 Gratkowski / Brown / Winant Wake
4 Golden Hours, The Spooky EP
4 Plumerai Untitled
4 Silentist Tunnel, The
4 Various Artists Swinging Reflective: Favorite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy, The
4 Klangwart Stadtlandfluss
4 Topaz Rags Tarot Harem
4 Autumn In Halifax Soft, Soft Shakes, The
4 Allen, Cory Fourth Way, The
4 Model 500 Deep Space
4 Numinous Eye Numinous Eye
4 Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Tender Morsels & Rubber O Cemen Melancholy Petri-muse, Si-si-si
4 Obsessed, The Incarnate
4 2001: a Space Ody (soundtrack) 2001: a Space Odyssey
3 Lydsod Ancient Age
3 Thicket Involuntary Grooming
3 Fire Demons, The Bad Move
3 Indian Jewelry Free Gold!
3 Nobunny Give It to Me/motorhead With Me
3 Various Artists What Pleasing The Lord Looks-like Marriage
3 Amalgam Wipeout
3 Various Artists Twitch's 10 Inches of Fear
3 Valle, Marcos Samba '68
3 Boston Spaceships Planets Are Blasted, The
3 Bermuda Triangles Terror In The Tropics
3 Brillowska, Mariola & Kubin, Felix House of National Dog
3 Machinefabriek + Vitiello, Stephen Box Music
3 Geisterfahrer Quiet Failings of Geisterfahrer, The
3 Pine Box Boys Child of Calamity
3 SCSI-9 Easy As Down
3 Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe 1929-1934 Recordings In Chronological Order Vol. 3
3 Grae, Jean: The Evil Genius Blue Sky Black Death
3 Clinker On The Other Side...(for L. Cohen)
3 Traore, Rokia Tchamantche
3 Jackie-O-Motherfucker Cryin' Sea, The
3 Shelby Sofa Safari
3 Nurse With Wound Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums, The
3 Bogner, Ursula Recordings 1969-1988
3 Various Artists Spectra - Guitar In The 21st Century
3 Garson, Mort ATARAXIA: Electronic Musical Impressions of The Occult
3 Reinhardt, Jonas Reinhardt, Jonas
3 Furisubi A Dream In The Eye and The Dirt Beneath The Heel
3 Mueller, Jon / Kahn, Jason Topography
2 Brotzmann, Peter / Pliakas, Marino / Wertmueller, Michael Full Blast/Black Hole
2 Zaimph Serpent's Bite
2 Various Artists Guitar Organism
2 Diplo & Blaqstarr Get Off
2 Hey Girl Spill Your Guts
2 Milhaud, Darius Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit/La Creation Du Monde
2 Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel
2 Various Artists Motown Flies Jamaica
2 Myka 9 1969
2 Mark Sultan Sultanic Verses, The
2 Burial Hex/Anfang, Sylvester St Split
2 Crumer, Jason Ottoman Black
2 Various Artists Pink Reason/Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones
2 Heavy Hands Smoke Signals
2 Various Artists Mighty SuperFunk : Rare 45s and Undiscovered Masters Vol. 6
2 Briggs, Anne Annne Briggs
2 Snow, Michael / Licht, Alan / Onda, Aki "Five A's, Two C's,...,One W"
2 Pains of Being Pure At Heart, The Self-titled
2 Grimm, Larkin Parplar
2 Hume Phat Daughter String Quartet, The
2 Imps Remixed
2 Blanketship Sound of Fun Surrounds You/Klangwunder, The
2 Halvorson, Mary and Walter, Weasel Opulence
2 Sun Supreme Sun Supreme
2 Rozenhall Forecusst
2 Sista Kat Inner Strength
2 Various Artists Diaphragm/Migrations In Rust
2 Majutsu No Niwa At The End of Summer
2 Various Artists Country Teasers / E-zee Tiger
2 Human Bell Human Bell
2 Various Artists Victrola Favorites
2 Fenin Breakin'/A Try Remixes
2 Various Artists James Brown's Funky Summer
2 Various Artists Die Monitr Batss/Les Georges Leningrad
2 Phantom Orchard Orra
2 Talk Is Poison Condensed Humanity: The Prank EPs
2 Wolf Eyes Black Wing Over The Sand
1 Frith, Fred to Sail to Sail
1 Possessed Demos 1984 1993, The
1 Wild Classical Music Ensemble Musics In The Margin Vol. 4
1 Eater Eater Chronicles, The
1 Dave Aju Open Wide
1 Webster, Ben & Zawinul, Joe Soulmates
1 Baker, Aidan Letters
1 Tarentel Live Edits: Italy/switzerland
1 Various Artists 60 Minutes of Fear
1 Milhaud, Darius Protee Symphonic Suite No. 2
1 Various Artists California Thrash Demolition
1 Xenakis Electronic Works 2
1 Irr. App. (Ext.) Cosmic Superimposition
1 Khoury/Soderberg Volumen Drei
1 Alpha Ailuros Katzchenszenzen
1 Terakaft Akh Issudar
1 Various Artists Throw Down Your Heart
1 El Jesus De Magico Scalping The Guru
1 La Grita Nuestra Hambre
1 Oliveros, Pauline Four Electronic Pieces 1959-1966
1 Me Me The Moth Weirding Valley, The
1 Kjersem, Hilde Marie a Killer Fot That Ache
1 Bernibas Milicija Nakti Gulot Uz Muguras
1 Man's Last Great Invention None.
1 Mute Socialite Cheap Clocks/Violet Smith
1 Lee, Okkyung I Saw The Ghost of an Unknown Soul and It Said...
1 Wayne, Dallas I'll Take The Fifth
1 Earle, Justin Townes Midnight At The Movies
1 Madlib Feat. J. Rocc Dil Cosby Suite
1 Christ On Parade Live and Loud - KFJC Pit 8-15-07
1 Bitter Tears, The "Jam Tarts In The Jakehouse"
1 Thou Peasant/To Carry a Stone
1 Threadgill, Henry / Zooid Pop Start The Tape, Stop
1 Ton Trio Way, The
1 Chen, Yuanlin Away From Xuan
1 Coleman, Ornette Double Quartet Free Jazz - a Collective Improvisation
1 Drunjus Enceladus
1 O'Malley, Stephen Keep An Eye Out
1 Romweber, Dex Duo Ruins of Berlin
1 Lauten, Elodie Death of Don Juan, The
1 Hendrix, Jimi Jimi Hendrix Experience, The
1 Vlad Tepes La Morte Luna
1 Various Artists Last Winter We Didn't Sing
1 Filastine Dirty Bomb
1 Nobunny Love Visions
1 Yximalloo Unpop
1 Das Glow Sunburnt / Lite Brite
1 Yokota, Susumu Image 1983-1998
1 Heaven and Sweeter As The Years Roll By
1 Ratas Del Vaticano Mocosos Pateticos
1 Davani, Dave Four Fused!
1 Sun Ra Arkestra Myron's Ballroom
1 Dekker, Desmond Rudy Got Soul 1963-1967
1 Odd Nosdam T.I.M.E. Soundtrack
1 Acid Junkies Crane Dance EP
1 Johnston, Darren Edge of The Forest, The
1 Various Artists Sick Llama/Fossils
1 Various Artists Shapes 08:02
1 Wooden Horse Wooden Horse II
1 Various Artists Piano Blues Volume 2
1 Hunt, Wendell / Heileson, Thom Unit of Selection
1 Buttons The Chimp Coil Vs. Venetian Snares
1 Ambarchi, Oren In The Pendulum's Embrace
1 Tickmayer, Stevan Kovacs Cold Peace Counterpoints
1 Box Deserter Two Revolutions
1 Ellman, Liberty Ophiuchus Butterfly
1 Johnson, Willie Sweeter As the Years Go By
1 Carlisle, Cliff Blues Yodeler and Steel Guitar
1 Fahey, John Return of The Repressed: The Anthology


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