KFJC tops for week ending 04/12/2000

12 Gravitar Gravitar
9 Tin Hat Trio Helium
8 Recoil Liquid
8 Wee Turtles, the This Land Is Your Land
8 Faithfull, Marianne Vagabond Ways
8 Friends of Dean Martinez A Place in the Sun
8 Various [coll]: Sandnes/Stavanger
8 Crib Forward Backward
8 Smith, Patti Gung Ho
7 Icky Boyfriends Talking to You Is Just Like...
7 Ubsb Traceroute
7 Lullaby Baxter Trio Capable Egg
7 Phelan, Keiron &David Sheppard ______________________________
7 Double U, the Falling Lanterns
7 Various [coll]: Downtown Soulville!
7 Tied + Tickled Trio EA1 EA2
7 Gunga Din, the Glitterati
7 Various [coll]: Excerpts From Ohm
6 Cowboys & Indians A Big Night in Cowtown
6 Lois & Brendan Union Themes
6 Proud, Pip Oncer
6 Ass Ponys Some Stupid with a Flare Gun
6 Delta 72, the 000
6 Alloy Orchestra (soundtrack) Masters of Slapstick
6 Plaid Rest Proof Clockwork
6 Ultramagnetic Mc's Critical Beatdown
6 Guided By Voices Hold on Hope (Ep)
6 Persuasions, the Frankly Acappella
6 Cavemanish Boys, the Get a Load of
6 Winghead, Billy Joe Be Your Own Boss
6 Dirty Three Whatever You Love, You Are
6 Mr. Oizo Analog Worms Attack
6 Ashtray Navigations Plaster Project Instruction...
6 Panacea Brasilia
5 Reed, Jimmy Very Best of Jimmy Reed, the
5 Coldharbourstores S/T
5 Organized Kryme Vibe, Volume 1
5 Case, Peter Flying Saucer Blues
5 Gas Chamber Orchestra, the Instrumental Favourites
5 Giant Sand Chore of Enchantment
5 Lobdell, Steven Wray S/T
5 Various [coll]: Love,Peace & Poetry
5 Pan-American 360 Business/ 360 Bypass
5 Grinning Idiots It's not the M.O.M.A.
5 Microphones, the Window: the Series + 6 Others
5 Electric Voodoo Staying Powers
5 Dj Spooky Vs. Scanner Quick and the Dead, the
5 Garcia, Russell (soundtrack) H.G. Wells' the Time Machine
4 BR5-49 Coast to Coast Live
4 Frisell, Bill Ghost Town
4 Magnaaflux Hot Machine
4 Osbourne, Johnny Musical Chopper
4 Slave One Self Titled
4 Brown, Rob Quartet Jumping Off the Page
4 Milk Cult Project M-13
4 Earland, Charles (soundtrack) Dynamite Brothers, the
4 Joergensman, Theo Quartet Snijbloemen
4 Shankar, Ananda Walking on
4 Iggy & the Stooges Double Danger
4 Del the Funky Homosapien If You Must
4 Asylum Street Spankers Spanker Madness
4 Nonphixion Black Helicopters
4 Little Wings Discover Worlds of Wonder
4 Turner Bros. Act 1
4 Mekons Journy to the End of the Night
4 Slowpoke Make Out Machine
4 Emperor Penguin Mysterious Pony
4 Broonzy, Big Bill Trouble in Mind
4 Back Off Cupids Back Off Cupids
4 Ten in the Swear Jar My Very Private Map
4 L@N Twoinone
4 Ladytron, the S/T
4 Need, the Need Is Dead, the
4 Patchchords, the (soundtrack) Slammy Windshield
4 Litter, the Distortions
4 Basque Basque
4 Atau Biorhythms
4 Kirchhof, Lutz Lute Music 4 Witches & Alchemi
4 Akom: the Art of Possession ______________________________
4 Hise, Steev Original
3 Ewing, Reidar S/T
3 Autopoieses La Vie a Noir Transposed
3 Skywave Echodrone
3 Blythe, Arthur Trio Spirits in the Field
3 Mne-Mic Gulf Stream
3 Ill Bill Gangsta Rap
3 Persona Uptight
3 Various [coll]: Ropeladder 12
3 Old Time Relijun La Sirena De Pecera
3 Crossed Out 1990-1993
3 Holland, Dave Quintet Prime Directive
3 Veloso, Caentano (soundtrack) Orfeu
3 Campilongo, Jim & the Ten Gall Heavy
3 Songs:Ohia Lioness, the
3 Lars Vegas Smoking
3 Gimmicks, the Honeymoon's Over
3 The Leftovers
3 Lewis, Susanne S/T
3 Nico Abschied
3 Gilmore, Jimmie Dale One Endless Night
3 Criminals, the Burning Flesh and Broken Finge
3 Memphis Slim Folkways Years: 1959-73, the
3 Cattlepress Hordes to Abolish the Divine
3 Ko-Wreck Technique Ko-Wrecktion Ep
3 Various [coll]: Labyrinths & Jokes
3 Rego, Cyrus S/T
3 Live Free or Die This Is the Lve Free or Die!
3 MC5, the Big Bang!, the
3 Exploited, the Singles
3 Gold Sparkle Band Nu Soul Zodiac
3 Blackalicious A2G
3 Bad Livers Blood and Mood
3 Aphex Twin, the Digeridoo Ep
3 Space Travelers/D.J. Z-Trip Black Hole+Further Exploration
3 Sudden, Nikki Red Brocade
3 Brainbombs S/T
3 Skull Control Zzzzzzz
3 Jackie-O Motherfuckers Fig. 5
3 Mercury Program, the S/T
3 C-Side & Petit Mal Moanin' Parade: Gatmo Sessions
3 Cosmonauts Hail Satan Mortuary Sorcery
3 Blasco Ballroom, the Film
3 Dylan Group, the Ur-Klang Search
3 Johnston, Lynn First We Feel
2 Ditchdiggers, the Light and Salvation
2 Stratford Mercenaries Sense of Solitude
2 Mazarin Watch It Happen
2 Waistcoats, the Explosion
2 Forty-Fives, the ______________________________
2 Wickham-Smith, Simon Giladji
2 Other Dimensions in Music Time Is of the Essence ...
2 Various [coll]: Anna Nebulae/Bottledog
2 Chessie Meet
2 St.Joseph& the Abandoned Food S/T
2 Various [coll]: Wet Sounds / Motorhula
2 Infrareds, the Untitled
2 Various [coll]: Deep / Hygienica
2 Last Days of May Radiant*Black*Mind
2 Louis Logic General Principle
2 Chilton, Alex Set
2 Shipp, Matthew Duo W/ Maneri Gravitational Systems
2 Sakamoto, Ryuichi B T T B
2 Blackalicious Deception
2 Jarman/Melford/Jenkins Equal Interest
2 Major Force West 93-97
2 Henry Pay Attention to Me Now
2 Horvitz, Wayne & Zony Mash Upper Egypt
2 New England Jazz Ensemble Storm Before the Calm
2 Creators, the Hard Margin, the
2 A-Muzak A-Musik Presents a Program of
2 Dinah Shore, Jr. S/T
2 Quadrajets, the When the World's on Fire!
2 Artimus Pyle Civil Dead
2 Afrosheens Persian Expressway, the
2 Muslimgauze Sufiq
2 Paley, Reid Revival
2 Turner, Otha & the Afrossip... S/T
2 Oldham, Will Guarapero - Lost Blues 2
2 Kid Koala Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
2 Antibalas Uprising
2 Legowelt Vs. Orgue Electroniqe Wir Leben in Pussywelt
2 O'farrill, Chico Heart of a Legend
2 Various [coll]: Barefoot Bill's Hard L
2 Bartz, Gary Harlem Bush Music, Uhuru
2 Nowottny, Marianne Afraid of Me
2 Southall Riot S/T
2 Rapp, Tom A Journal of the Plague Year
2 Neuburg, Amy X and Men Sports! Chips! Booty!
2 Dils, the Class War
2 Cave/Harvey/Clayton-Jones, E. And the Ass Saw the Angel
2 Freeform Glob
2 Therefore Khrom
2 Poole, Rod Trio Iasis
2 Klangstabil Sprite Storage Format
2 Yamaguchi, Goro A Bell Ringing in Th Empty Sky
2 Furniture Huschle Waiting for Parts
2 Maneri, Mat/Randy Peterson Light Trigger
1 Nmperign / Lescalleet, Jason In Which the Silent Partner...
1 Various [coll]: Music From the Zydeco
1 Reds Under Control
1 Two Dollar Pistols/T.Merritt Twp Dollar Pistols...
1 Haynie, Aubrey A Man Must Carry on
1 Various [coll]: Killed By Death S&M
1 Human Investment Invest Your Efforts in Humanit
1 Swap [Sic]
1 Greenhill, Mitch Shepherd of the City Blues
1 International Monster Prest [Coll]: New Orleans Lo-Fi
1 Splash 4, the Shame, Shame, Shame
1 Brain Science Presents... Escape Velocity
1 Scott, Glenn Pointing at It
1 Monkeywrench, the Electric Children
1 West, Jeannie & Harry Country Bluegrass
1 Sutton, Bryan Ready to Go
1 Church Keys, the Work with It!
1 Glennie, Evelyn Shadow Behind the Iron Sun
1 Thomas, Peter (soundtrack) Raumpatrouille
1 Non Solitude
1 Lightcap, Chris Quartet Lay-Up
1 Baca, Susana Eco De Sombras
1 Ankhelgloknar Mortuus Deus
1 Hoven Droven More Happy Moments...
1 Heinz, Herb Failure
1 Nocturnal Emissions Futurist Antiquarianism
1 Various [coll]: House, Ron: New Wave..
1 Simien, Terrance Positively Beadhead
1 Leadbetter, Phil Philibuster
1 Technician Electronic Conversations...
1 Damad Burning Cold
1 Boszormeinyi, Alzo & Th Acid.. Illusion Ep
1 Sweet Charles For Sweet People From Sweet...
1 Various [coll]: Reality Part 2
1 Handsome Family, the In the Air
1 Macabre Unabomber
1 Cinghiale Hoofbeats of the Snorting Swin
1 Three Day Stubble Figshta Diaries, the
1 Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Chas Let's Go!
1 Vincent, Rhonda Back Home Again
1 Mill, John Stuart Forget Everything
1 Various [coll]: Warp Back to Earth
1 Sin Ropas Three Cherries
1 Album Leaf, the An Orchestrated Rise to Fall
1 Hundred Sights of Koenji ______________________________
1 Ring Steppers, the ______________________________
1 Henry, Pierre (soundtrack) Secret Love Life of the Octopu
1 Neruda, Pablo Lee Sus Poemas
1 Velasquez, Dona &Th Gag Reflex (Live)
1 Takahashi, So Nu Bus
1 Rllrbll Einaugige Kirsche
1 Lien, Annbjorg Baba Yaga
1 Russell, Bruce Maximalist Mantra Music
1 Aube Sensorial Inducement

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