KFJC tops for week ending 04/16/2003

14 Ka-Spel, Edward Lilith and the Rose
11 Cul De Sac Death of the Sun
11 Frith, Fred Prints
10 Bendian's Interzone, Gregg Myriad
10 Six Eye Columbia Frowny Frown
10 Telefacteau Telefacteau
10 Beequeen A Touch of Brimstone
10 Calexico Feast of Wire
9 Smog Accumulation: None
9 Quails, the We Are the Quails
9 Gregory Isaacs' All Stars Gregory Isaacs' All Stars
8 Notwist, the Neon Golden
8 Beneath the Lake Inside Passage
8 Various [coll]: Clicks & Cuts 3
8 Various [coll]: Split - Rieger, Bitsu
7 Life Without Buildings Any Other City
7 Motorama No Bass Fidelity
7 Tyler, Charles Eastern Man Alone
7 Impossible Shapes, the Current, the
7 Freeform Human
7 Gogogoairheart Exit the Uxa
6 Scene Creamers I Suck on that Emotion
6 People Like Us Stifled Love
6 Dj Quest Mutation Mann
6 Creekbird Fish Sticks
6 Sharrock, Sonny Monkey Pockie Boo
6 Zeigenbock Kopf I.D.M
6 Flatt, Lester R.C.A. Country Legends
6 Kills, the Black Rooster
6 Boom Bip Seed to Sun
6 Yokota,Susumu Boy and the Tree, the
6 Various [coll]: A Gift From a Garden
6 Fuxa Supercharged
6 Various [coll]: Dubwise & Otherwise 2
6 Insect Surfers, the Mojave Reef
6 I Am Robot and Proud Spring Summer Autumn Winter
6 Ikara Colt Chat and Business
5 25 Suaves 1938
5 Polyphonic Spree, the Beginning Stages Of...
5 Stoltz, Kelley Antique Glow
5 Black Renaissance Body, Mind and Spirit
5 Soul Purpose Take Cover!
5 Nelson, Willie Essential Willie Nelson, the
5 Sunburned Hand of the Man, the Jaybird
5 Mirror Solaris
5 Kinski Airs Above Your Station
5 78 Rpm Pulsator
5 Rogers Sisters, the Purely Evil
5 Beans Tomorrow Right Now
5 Le Nombre ______________________________
5 Vromb Le Tourne-Disque
5 Stimulus Programme Music
5 Migrantes Monsoon Moods
5 Scheinman, Jenny Rabbi's Lover, the
5 Beimborn, Dan Shatter the Calm
5 Lucine Icl Iron City
5 Tarwater Dwellers on the Threshold
4 Monsta Island Czars (M.I.C.) Escape!
4 Weather, the Touch Type
4 Submission Hold Flag + Flame = Freedom
4 Roerhedds Breeds
4 Dj Topbill & Shingo 2 Sun in the Baycement
4 Free Moral Agents Lay Down
4 Under the Influence Rob Swift
4 Hubbard, Ray Wylie Growl
4 One Am Radio, the Hum of the Electric Air!, the
4 Rolo Tomase Plan B
4 Omit Rejector
4 Spectre Psychic Wars
4 Hookers, the ______________________________
4 Thunders, Johnny Que Sera, Sera
4 Angels of Light, the Everything Is Good Here/....
4 Great Lakes Distance Between, the
4 Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds Nocturama
4 Poss, Robert Crossing Casco Bay
4 Emulsion Sounding Rockets
4 Dirty Three She Has no Strings Apollo
4 Legendar Stardust Cowboy, the Tokyo
4 Cash, Johnny Orange Blossom Special
4 Mother Truckers Something Worth Dying for
4 Prince Alla & Junior Ross I Can Hear the Children Singin
4 Pomegranate ______________________________
4 Murs God's Work
4 Paik Orson Fader, the
4 Karminsky Experience Inc. Power of Suggestion, the
4 Various [coll]: Black & Proud VOL.1
4 Crack We Are Rock Live! in Africa
4 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Machine
4 Mind Flayer ______________________________
4 Various [coll]: Athiests, Reconsider
4 Steinski & Mass Media Let's Play It Cool
4 Various [coll]: Ethio Jazz
4 Amendola, Scott Band Cry
4 Surf Cinema S/T
4 Circle Raunio
4 Bastard Noise Rrrevenge
3 Smog Supper
3 Ali, Mehar and Sher Ali Qawwali Jam: Islamic Gospel
3 Overhang Party (Untitled)
3 Carney, Ralph This Is!
3 Wolf Eyes Mugger
3 Bill Monroe Rca Country Legends
3 Monroe, Bill Country Music Hall of Fame
3 Various [coll]: Making Singles ...
3 Filthmilk Mutually Assured Destruction
3 Radulovich, Marcelo Titcacaman
3 Soledad Brothers Steal Your Soul and Dare Your
3 P.A.L Play at 2:00 Am
3 Hint Hint [Sex Is Everything]
3 Stitches, the Four More Songs From...
3 Hafler Trio, the La Chanson Dada
3 Various [coll]: You Can Never Go Fast
3 Hecate Vs. Lustmord Law of the Battle of Conquest
3 Various [coll]: Slaughter (soundtrack)
3 Jerry Reed Essential Jerry Reed, the
3 Reich, Steve Tehillim - the Desert Music
3 Phelan, Keiron/ David Sheppard O, Little Stars
3 Lonesome River Band, the Window of Time
3 Lonnie Mack Memphis Wham
3 Atomic 7 Gowns By Edith Head
3 Meshugga Beach Party S/T
3 Charlotteville ______________________________
3 Pengo A Nervous Splendor
3 Brown, Dennis Promised Land 1977-79, the
3 Xiu Xiu Chapel of the Chimes
3 Noto, Alva & Ryuichi Sakamoto Vrioon
3 Qpsm Unit Seriousness of the Matter
3 Painkiller Live in Nagoya
3 Starvations, the Horrified Eyes
3 Various [coll]: Low / Vibracathedral O
2 Various [coll]: POLYPHONIX1 - Energy..
2 Ja-Man All Stars In the Dub Zone
2 Octopus Project, the Identification Parade
2 Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ens. Conspiracy Nation
2 Myers, David Lee/Dimuzio, Thom Uncertain Symmetry
2 Cockburn, Alexander Beating the Devil: the Incendi
2 Hypnotiv Iv, the Go Baby Go
2 Skaggs, Ricky & Ky. Thunder Live at the Charleston Music..
2 Omid Distant Drummer
2 Black Vial, the Noise Frequency Pwm
2 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Indagine Su Un Cittadino Al Di
2 Girl Talk Secret Diary
2 Tolkien Ensemble, (soundtrack) At Dawn in Rivendell
2 Magas Friends Forever
2 Various [coll]: Dabke
2 Warmdesk Guero Variations
2 Burroughs, William S. Reads Masque of the Red Death
2 Godstomper Emo Attitude Sucks
2 Various [coll]: Ju-Jikan: Ten Hours of
2 Climax Golden Twins Lovely
2 Jackie-O Motherfucker Language of the Cosmos, the
2 Franciscan Hobbies Caterpillars of the Oak Beauty
2 Junghans, Steffen Basho Rivers and Bridges
2 Douglas, Dave Freak in
2 Repeat ______________________________
2 Wagoner, Porter Unplugged
2 Fifty Tons of Black Terror Unt
2 Guru Guru Essen 1970
2 Trad Gras Och Stenar Mors Mors
2 Reaching Quiet In the Shadow of Living Room
2 Giddy Motors Make It Pop
2 Apes, the Street Warz
2 Rye Coalition Jersey Girls
2 Various [coll]: Pelican City Vs. Scann
2 Ape Has Killed Ape Mattricide
2 Various [coll]: Digital Hardcore Recor
2 Souls of Mischief Spark
2 Seantos Y Arachna Journey to the Buxotican...
2 Scalene Project Cocosolidciti
2 Gayle, Philip & Kato Yuko Moeru Mizu
2 Bivins, Jason & Davis, Ian Benthic
2 Baptist Generals, the No Silver/No Gold
2 Shipping News Three-Four
2 Various [coll]: Crickets & Fireflies
2 Alohas, the Get Leid with
2 Furt Defekt
2 Tractor Tractor
2 Wolfe, Julia String Quartets, the
2 Ancient Greeks Song Is You, the
2 Hirsch, Shelley Far In, Far Out
2 Enter By Hand
2 Country Teasers Science Hat Artistic Cube Mora
2 Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, the Slowthinking
2 Nepal-Ritual and Entertainment Nepal-Ritual and Entertainment
2 Taylor, Cecil Willisau Concert, the
2 Williams, Paul & the Victory.. I'll Meet You in the Gloryland
2 Tree, Christopher Spontaneous Sound
1 Lupine Howl Bar at the End of the World
1 Various [coll]: (Soundtra (soundtrack)
1 Bug Vs the Rootsman Ft Mexican Www
1 Various [coll]: Before the Revolution
1 Topaloglu, Birol Best of Hayamo & Aravani, the
1 Ashley, Robert Wolfman, the
1 Brother Ali Room with a View
1 Bodies Bodies
1 Hypnotic Iv High Octane California Surf
1 Swiv-O-Matics, the Charm City Surfer
1 Tom Russell Modern Art
1 Roscoe Holcomb An Untamed Sense of Control
1 Neuhaus, Max Fontana Mix-Feed
1 Nmperign + Dorner, Beins ______________________________
1 Queen Omega S/T
1 Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow
1 Shinjuku Thief Witch Haven, the
1 Soledad Brothers Live
1 Articles of Faith Complete Vol. 1 & 2
1 Ikagen S/T
1 Pin Pin Sugar Latex Duellos
1 Aelters Volu Beit
1 From Ashes Rise ______________________________
1 Musica Transonic Hard Rock Transonic
1 Bonnie Prince Billy Master and Everyone
1 Tsahar, Asif & Zoanthropic Orc Embracing the Void
1 Grand Ulena Gateway to Dignity
1 Sensational Natural Shine
1 Mortician Final Bloodbath Session
1 Various [coll]: To Spirit Back the Mew
1 Listing Ship Dance Class Revolution
1 Cigarbox Planetarium Cigarbox Planetarium
1 Snider, Todd Happy to Be Here
1 Young Gods, the Second Nature
1 Koner, Thomas & Asmus Tietches Kontakt Der Junglinge
1 Cash, Johnny Hymns By
1 Hancock, Tommy & Supernatural Lost in North Austin
1 Lund, Corb Band Five Dollar Bill
1 Koivistoinen, Eero Boots & Roots
1 101'ERS, the Beat Music Dynamite!
1 Amm Fine
1 Aarktica Pure Tone Audiometry
1 Ratos De Porao Onisciente Coletivo
1 Via Tania Dream Of...
1 Dead Boys, the Liver than You'll Ever Be
1 Ohkami no Jikan Mort Nuit
1 Bogan, Lucille 1923-1935
1 Mary & Mars Mary & Mars
1 Kemialliset Ystavat Kellari Juniversumi
1 Lorelei Our Minds Have Been Electrifyd
1 Mental Horror Proclaiming Vengeance
1 Teen Cthulhu Ride the Blade
1 Dj Midas & Two B. Goldencuts W/A Cherry on Top
1 Dr. Oop of Blacklove Steady Bombin'
1 Boyscouts of Annihilation Self-Titled
1 Weird War ______________________________
1 Black Dawn Blood for Satan
1 Mr. California/ G X Jupitter L S/T
1 Corso, Gregory Nunzio Die on Me
1 Various [coll]: Best of B-Boy Records
1 Shifters (Soundtr (soundtrack) Shifters
1 Insect Surfers, the Mojave Pitstop
1 Surf Cinema Live on Kfjc
1 Van Bebber, Claus/Philip Jeck Viny'l'isten
1 Live Sogoni Djembe FESTIVAL'01 Live Sogoni Djembe FESTIVAL'01
1 Boom Bap Project Trade Remix, the
1 Mf Grimm Downfall of Ibliys
1 Foreign Legion Voodoo Star
1 Team Doyobi Demons to Diamonds
1 Dimuzio, Thomas Mono::Poly
1 Oswald, John Plunderphonics
1 Kihlstedt, Carla 2 Foot Yard
1 Fall, the Telephone Thing
1 Various [coll]: Tristeza / Lemko Hall
1 Mountain Goats, the Tallahassee
1 MZ412 Nordik Battle Signs

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