KFJC tops for week ending 04/18/2001

12 Matmos A Chance to Cut Is a Cha...
11 Hood Home Is Where It Hurts
10 Mercury Program, the All the Suits Began To...
10 Case, Neko & Her Boyfriends Furnace Room Lullaby
9 Shepp, Archie Blase
9 Mice Parade Mokoondi
9 Adult. Resuscitation
8 Various [coll]: Urban Revolutions
8 Shaver Earth Rolls On, the
8 Peaches Teaches of Peaches, the
8 Ex-Girl Back to Mono Kero
7 Celebrities at Their Worst! Vol. 2.9: Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!
7 Brume Krieg
7 King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy In the Jaws of Tiger
7 Kinski Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle
6 Breakestra Live Mix Part 2, the
6 I.K.U. Original Soundtrack
6 Campbell, Roy Pyramid Trio Ethnic Stew and Brew
6 Todd, Mia Doi Zeroone
6 Def, Eddie Inner Scratch Demons
6 Aphex Twin Surfing on Sine Waves
6 Growden, Mark Inside Beneath Behind
6 Faun Fables Early Song
6 Big Youth Natty Universal Dread
6 Appendix Out Night Is Advancing, the
6 Pigface Best of Pigface, the
5 Caretaker, the Selected Memories From the Ha
5 Galbraith, Alastair Orbital
5 Space Dust No Kissing in Public
5 Black Dice Cold Hands
5 Kozelek, Mark What's Next to the Moon
5 Mizutani, Kiyoshi Bird Songs
5 Christoph De Babylon Christoph/Kid 606 -Spt
5 Windy & Carl Conciousness
5 Redd Volkaert No Stranger to a Tele
5 Mr. Mixel Pixel Mappy Land
5 Various [coll]: Bosavi: Rainforest Mus
5 All Natural Elements of Style
5 Hodell, Ake Verbal Brainwash & Other Works
5 Yume Bitsu Auspicious Winds
5 Cash, Johnny Ep Collection...Plus, the
5 Various [coll]: Badaboom Gramophone #4
5 Flaharty, Sonny & the Mark V Hey Conductor
5 Pounders, Brad She Shakes
5 Half Japanese Hello
4 Various [coll]: Lamento Borincano
4 Masters of Illusions Bay-Bronx Bridge, the
4 Takemura, Nobukazu Hoshi no Koe
4 Need New Body Need New Body
4 Segundo, Compay Las Flores De La Vida
4 Artemiy Artemiev Forgotten Themes
4 Lalo Schifrin Brazilian Jazz
4 Tim Berne Shell Game, the
4 Teriyakis Pre-Literate, Post-Necessary
4 Various [coll]: Si-Con
4 Internal/External Inside Out
4 Centre Will Hold, the A Flat Pop Songs
4 Various [coll]: Metrolab #1
4 Various [coll]: Mas Mambo Mania!
4 Huon Disco [7]
4 Combs, James Happy Together
4 Calvanes, the In Harmony
4 Sugarman 3 Soul Donkey
4 Blackmouth S/T
4 Montgomery, Roy Silver Wheel of Prayer
4 Shifts Equal/Unequal
4 Junghans, Steffen Basho Inside
4 Clocked Out Duo Every Night the Same Dream
4 Ladytron 604
4 Theselah No Sleep More Fun
4 Laika and the Cosmonauts Laika Sex Machine
4 Various [coll]: Turntables By the Bay
4 Him 5/6 in Dub
4 Dynamites, the Fire Corner
4 Ribbon Effect Slip
4 Pousseur, Henri Liege a Paris
4 Ae Love Your Smile
3 Lost Sounds S/T
3 Fisk, Steve 999 Levels of Undo
3 Mraz, George Moravia
3 Phelps, Nik & Spr (soundtrack) Fetch!
3 Tipsy Uh-Oh!
3 Various [coll]: Studio One - Nice Up
3 Spanic Boys Torture
3 Sound Track ______________________________
3 Sadies, the Tremendous Efforts
3 Rapture, the Chair that Squeaks, the
3 Myers, David Lee Ourborous
3 Magic Carpathians, the Denega
3 Kaiser, Jeff Nothing Is not Breath
3 Various [coll]: Female Country Blues 1
3 Wayne Live No Gimmicks
3 Various [coll]: Solesides Greatest Bus
3 Various [coll]: Rattlesnakes/Switch
3 Pattern, the ______________________________
3 Jackson, Franz & the Salty Dog Yellow Fire
3 Greyboy ______________________________
3 Dub, Dave "Baron" Upgraded Text
3 Boards of Canada In a Beautiful Part of the ...
3 Protuberance Treated & Released
3 Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Petrophonics
3 Gwei Lo S/T
3 Xenakis, Iannis Electronic Music
3 Dqe Queen of Mean, the
3 Smith, Steven R Slate Branches
3 Bonnevill Pelican
3 Wagon Christ Musipal
3 Various [coll]: Plotkin Vs. Pimmon
3 Angels of Light,The How I Loved You
3 Various [coll]: Before Ni (soundtrack)
3 Escape From New Y (soundtrack) Escape From New York (Soundtrk
3 Various [coll]: Sound of Funk, the
3 Cecilia Et Sus Ennuis S/T
3 Black Sun Ensemble, the ______________________________
3 Slacktone Into the Blue Sparkle
3 Binge, the Il Cattivo
3 Undisputed Truth, the Cosmic Truth
3 Schnall, John More Songs From Midnite Matin
3 Early W One: in Search of C.R.
3 Sawtelle, Charles Music From Rancho Deville
3 Thee Hydrogen Terrors Terror, Diplomacy&Public Re...
3 Sonic Sum Himbro St.
3 Red Meat Alameda County Line
3 Submission Hold Waiting for Another Monkey...
3 Joy Division Preston 28 February 1980
3 Ceramic Hobs Free Tim Telsa
3 Shiflett, Karl & Big Country.. In Full Color
3 Split Lip Rayfield Never Make It Home
3 Springfield, Dusty Beautiful Soul
3 Stars, the Today
2 Flaherty/Colbourne/Scholz Cydonia
2 Bran (...) Pos, the World of Many Dans Ep, the
2 Various [coll]: Grazing Th Trash
2 Taylor, James Quartet Chalk Pit
2 Sol Invictus Hill of Crosses, the
2 Shakir, Anthony Mr. Shakir's Beat Store
2 Maldoror She
2 Gordon, Alex Small Craft Warnings Remixes
2 Bull City Red Complete Recordings 1935-39
2 Veloso, Moreno + 2 Music Typewriter
2 T-Love Which-Bitch?
2 Gonzales, Chilly Entertainist, the
2 Charizma & P.B. Wolf Devotion
2 Red Felk
2 Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Blue Trees, the
2 Manitoba Start Breaking My Heart
2 Faust Faust / So Far
2 Embarrassment, the Blister Pop
2 Loraxx Yellville
2 Boredoms Vision Creation Newsun
2 Mcphee, Joe Nation Time
2 Various [coll]: Art of Traditional...
2 Lee, Byron & the Dragonaires Reggay Blast Off!
2 Forty-Two, the What It's Like to Be A...
2 Sun Ra Pathways to Unknown Worlds
2 Unshown, the Golden Curse, the
2 Grind Orchestra So Wap
2 Various [coll]: History of Ska
2 Polar Goldie Cats Polar Night Stress
2 Emperor Penguin Damn
2 Various [coll]: Spaghetti 2 Revenge
2 Charles Napiers, the This Is... Mondo Wray
2 Karkowski, Zbigniew Choice of Points for The...
2 Manishevitz Rollover
2 New European Saxophone Quartet N E S Q
2 Various [coll]: Kicksville
2 Carroll, Baikida Marionettes on a High Wire
2 Russell, Bruce Movement of the Free Sprt, the
2 Senor Coconut El Gran Baile
2 Tram Frequently Asked Questions
2 Willard Grant Conspiracy Everything's Fine
2 Williams, Saul Penny for a Thought
2 Converter Blast Furnace
2 Justin Trevino/Johnny Bush Travelin' Singin' Man
2 Martin, Benny "Big Tiger" Rides Again, the
2 Exias-J Critical Blank
2 Bobby Earl Smith Rear View Mirror
2 Avey Tare and Panda Bear Spirit They're Gone...
2 Andalusia This Is Noplace
2 Various [coll]: Vpro: Mort Aux Vaches
2 Hank & Slim World Turned Gingham, the
2 Sonny Rollins Worktime
1 Buckwheat Zydeco Down Home Live!
1 Various [coll]: Invasion Funk Masters
1 Hot Air &Dr. Asswan Medical Milestones
1 Various [coll]: Heavy Flute
1 Various [coll]: Substancia 2
1 Edge of Motion Rage
1 Various [coll]: L.M.C: the First 25YRS
1 Love of Everything, the Total Eclipse of the Heart
1 Various [coll]: Cajun
1 United Super Villains Choke Slammed Back to Life
1 Dozer Madre De Dios
1 Burnt By the Sun ______________________________
1 Boisen, Myles Scrambledisk
1 Beebe, Jim - Chicago Jazz Saturday Night Function
1 Sleep Enfolded in Luxury
1 Love Life Rose He Lied By, the
1 Captain Onboard S/T
1 Soulive Doin' Something
1 Fields, Scott Mamet
1 Sanders, Pharoah Tauhid
1 More Mons (Soundt (soundtrack) More Monstrous Movie Music
1 Senssurround Orchestra Meltdown of Control
1 Various [coll]: Muckraker #9
1 Donkey Show
1 Varttina Ilmatar
1 Wolf Eyes S/T
1 Black Dice #3
1 Cage, John Credo in U.S.
1 Efzeg Grain
1 Various [coll]: Ninja Tune: Shadow...
1 American Heritage Through the Age of Quarrel
1 Index S/T
1 Faaet, A.L. & J.A. Deane Grand Close Eclipse
1 Burke, Kevin Sweeny's Dream
1 Clusone 3 An Hour With...
1 Jarboe Disburden Disciple
1 Zmrzlina Himalayan Mess Tent
1 Scanner Wave of Light By Wave of Light
1 Various [coll]: Squadron
1 Chateau Flight Puzzle
1 Los Straitjackets Damas Y Caballeros
1 Lewis, George New Orleans Jazz Hello Central
1 Mora's Modern Rhythmists Mr. Rhythmist Goes to Town
1 Nicholas, Albert & Art Hodes Albert's Back in Town
1 New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra Grace and Beauty
1 7 Notas, 7 Colores Hecho, Es Simple
1 Various [coll]: Songs of Sumeria
1 Hat City Intuitive, the They Must Be Clapping For...Me
1 Various [coll]: Stompin' Vol 27
1 Various [coll]: 12K X 1008
1 Rapoon Cold War: Drum N' Bass
1 Various [coll]: Ebb Reccords Story, Th
1 Urko Fast 3 Chord Hardcore Mother
1 Underwater This Is not a Film
1 Les Savy Fav Rome (Written Upside Down)
1 Various [coll]: I Hate the Pop Group
1 Ikeda, Ryoji Matrix
1 Monkey Power Trio Chasing Monsters with Love...
1 Lightning Bolt Ride the Skies
1 Glass Candy&The Shattered Thea Metal Gods
1 Thunders,Johnny&The Chesterfie Critic's Choice
1 Shea, David + Scanner Free Chocolate Love
1 Sun Ra Lanquidity
1 Waco Brothers Electric Waco Chair
1 Willard Grant Conspiracy Mojave
1 Job's Daughters Prophecy of Daniel and The, th
1 Eskelin, Ellery+Parkins+Black Secret Museum, the
1 Throbbing Gristle Dimensia in Excelsis

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