KFJC tops for week ending 04/19/2006

Spins Artiste Album Entitlement
6 Shivvers, The Shivvers, The
5 7 Year Rabbit Cycle Ache Horns
5 Faun Fables Transit Rider, The
5 Darondo Let Me People Go
5 Various Artists Impulsive!
4 Dj Female Convict Scorpion Impatience Los Altos Hills
4 Paavoharju Yha Hamaraa
4 Stuart, Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives Live at the Ryman
4 Final Final : 3
4 Tucker, Alexander Old Fog
4 Nelson, Willie You Don't Know Me : The Songs of Cindy Walker
4 Creation Rebel Historic Moments Vol. 1
4 F/I Earthpipe
4 Buff Medways, The Buffets V Buff Medways
4 Toy Love Cuts
4 Bamboos, the Step It Up
4 Little Killers, the Little Killers, the
4 Upsetters, the 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle
4 Dekle, Mike Tunesmith
4 Love Is All Nine Times that Same Song
4 Smith, Patti Horses/Horses
3 Bad Dudes Bad Dudes
3 Birdy Nam Nam Birdy Nam Nam
3 Scrabbel 1909
3 Wolf Eyes Lost Sockets
3 Kousokuya Live Gyakuryu Kokuu
3 Shepp, Archie Poem For Malcom
3 Old Man Gloom Seminar III-Zozobra
3 Five Deez Kommunicator
3 Soul Position Things Go Better With Rj and Al
3 Xiu Xiu Life and Live
3 Grey Daturas Dead In The Woods
3 Vijaya Vijaya
3 Tactile / Rosa Mundi Grief 7" split
3 Mammatus Mammatus
3 Volcano The Bear Classic Erasmus Fusion
3 Books On Tape Dinosaur Dinosaur
3 Venetian Snares Meathole
3 Hank 3 Straight to Hell
3 Calexico Garden Ruin
3 Grouper Way Their Crept
3 Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Young Shields
3 Bennett, Gary Human Condition
3 BR5-49 Dog Days
3 Twilight Twilight
3 Various Artists Eccentric Soul:Deep...
3 Nurse with Wound Soliloquy for Lilith
3 Shipp, Matthew One
3 Afx Hangable Auto Bulb
2 Nabatov, Simon Octet a Few Incidences
2 McAnuff, Winston Diary of The Silent Years, The
2 Capricorns, The Pure Magical Love
2 By The End of Tonight A Tribute to Tigers
2 Trinlem,of Tongsa Tibetan & Bhutanese Instrumental and Folk Music Vo...
2 Apsci Thanks For Asking
2 Mekalek With Percee P and Fedd Hill
2 Sportique Kids Are Solid Gold, The
2 Kidnappers, The Neon Signs
2 Fireball Blessed Be
2 Shooter Jennings Electric Rodeo
2 Chronicles of Lemur Mutation Ones Last Thoughts Documented
2 Rothkamm FB01
2 Various Artists Kilt By Death: The Sound of Old Scotland
2 Public Enemy Rebirth of a Nation
2 Asva Third Plague, The
2 Various Artists Congotronics 2
2 Ney Improvisation In Makam Dugah Sufi Music From Turkey
2 Jumbonics Super-baxophone Ep
2 Mecca Normal Observer, The
2 Sanjah musen / is
2 Reload Auto Reload EP Volume 2
2 Rucker, Ricci Fuga
2 Silverman Nature of Illusion
2 Orcustus Orcustus 2005
2 Pan Dolphinic Dawn Pan Dolphinic Dawn
2 Belastungsprobe A.E.T.Z
2 This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb Three Way Tie For Fifth
2 Harvestman Lashing the Rye
2 Indian Unquiet Sky, the
2 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
2 Toy Toy
2 Kodi & Pausa In One Week and New Toys to Pl
2 Cherry, Don "Mu" Second Part
2 After Dinner Editions.
2 Lavette, Bettye I've Got My Own Hell to Raise
2 Various Artists Classic Railroad Songs
2 Rawfrucht Rawfrucht
2 Kolner Saxophon Mafia Spaceplayer
2 Hauschka Prepared Piano, the
2 Mochipet Uzumaki
2 Ugly Beats, the Bring on the Beats
2 Agent Random Twelve Golden Grates
2 T. Raumschmiere Blitzkriegpop
2 Kero One Windmills of the Soul
2 Parker, William Long Hidden: Olmec Series
2 Badawi Safe
2 K-Space Going Up
2 Davka Golem, the
2 Hand, James Truth Will Set You Free, the
2 Major Stars 4
2 Doyle, Arthur/Hamid Drake Your Spirit Is Calling
2 Miss Massive Snowflake Bender
2 Prurient Church of Ammunition
2 My Fun Quality of Something Audib, th
2 Jel Soft Money
2 Case, Neko Fox Comfessor Brings the Flood
2 Omit Tracer
2 Night Wounds Coughs/Night Wounds
2 Ultrasound&Acid Mothers Temple In G
2 Third Sight Symbionese Liberation Album
2 Diagram Brothers Messthetics #8
2 Metal Hearts Socialize
2 Dj Cam Dj Cam Revisitied By
2 Headache City S/T
2 Skalpel Konfusion
2 Dextah No Boundaries
1 One Ensemble of Daniel Padden, The Live At Vpro Radio
1 Ferdinand Fehlers Hearth
1 Deep Wound Deep Wound
1 Nkenya, Zimbabwe /and The New Jazz Zimbabwe Nkenya and The New Jazz
1 Haynes, Graham Griots Footsteps, The
1 Syntopia Quartet Mars
1 Cordero En este momento
1 Cannibal Corpse Kill
1 Enablers Output Negative Space
1 MGR Nova Lux
1 Messiaen, Olivier Oiseaux Exotiques
1 Ulano, Sam Drum Fairy Tales
1 Beranomaso Madagascar Pays Bara
1 Gown Sacred Mountains
1 Stormfagel Den Nalkande Stormen
1 Khai Sharrieff Develop[mental] 1
1 Chatham, Rhys Piano Music - Echo Solo
1 Pink Mountaintops Axis of Evol
1 Castanets First Light's Freeze
1 Japanther Yer LIving Grave
1 Haxton, Ralph Nathicana/Ernesticide
1 Moondog Viking of Sixth Avenue, The
1 Yellow Swans Drift
1 Paperclip People 4 My Peeps
1 Jane Coconuts
1 Die Trip Computer Die Die Like a Rock
1 Bevel Turn The Furnace On
1 Tartufi Trouble
1 Wizardzz Hidden City of Taurmond
1 Silo Silo
1 Paivansade Puhalluspelto
1 Mutant Dinner Music? Soundtracks From The Mask (eyes of Satan)
1 Vitamin B12 Badges
1 Bhosle, Asha Love Supreme
1 Curwin, Julian Tango Saloon, The
1 Wagoner, Porter Gospel 2006
1 Blackshaw, James O True Believers
1 Jarel, Jneiro Three Piece Puzzle
1 Green Velvet Walk In Love
1 Elektro Perfect Body
1 Tv Resistori Islaja / Tv Resistori
1 Roberts, Matana Calling, The
1 Hurray Hurray
1 Armitage Shanks Urinal Heap
1 Inoue, Tetsu Fragment Dots
1 Sparks Hello Young Lovers
1 Shamma, Naseer Le Luth De Bagdad
1 San Ul Lim Volume 1 - Ah! Altready?
1 Gonzalez's, Dennis Spirit Meri Idle Wild
1 Ceylon Mange Maiming Path, the
1 Extinction of Mankind Nightmare Seconds, the
1 Mcneil, John East Coast Cool
1 Belden, Bob Black Dahlia
1 Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Vo Gipsy Freedom
1 Current 93 How He Loved the Moon...
1 Eel Records of the Damned
1 Maderna, Bruno Satyricon
1 Slugfuckers CACAPHONY'79-'81
1 Hasil Adkins Adkins, Hasil B/W Craz
1 Phobia Get Up and Kill!
1 Biafra, Jello W/ the Melvins Sieg Howdy!
1 Togawa,Jun Fiction
1 Arora, Kush Bhang Ragga:Danchall Bhangra I
1 Growing Color Wheel
1 Pillow Plays Brotzmann
1 Tamura, Natsuki :Exit
1 Meek, Joe & the Blue Men I Hear a New World
1 Tarab Surfacedrift
1 Nacht Serene Moments
1 A.M.P. Studio Misstype Dolittle
1 Red Sparowes/ Gregor Samsa Split
1 Fell, M. Circle 0
1 Necks, the Drive By
1 Bailey, Derek Ballads
1 Laaban, Ilmar Text-Sound Composition
1 Cutler, Ivor An Elpee and Two Epees
1 Monsere, Annelies Gold Leaf Branches
1 Porest Tourrorists
1 Zu & Spaceways Inc Radiale
1 Shellhead Reach for the Stars Bob Taylor
1 Simmons, Sonny Music From the Spheres
1 Ghostigital In Cod We Trust
1 Githead Profile
1 J Dilla Donuts
1 Dalachinsky, Steve/Shipp,Matth Phenomena of Interference
1 Chicago Underground Duo In Praise of Shadows
1 Last Man in Europe A Certain Bridge
1 Lunge Strong Language
1 Smith, Roger & Louis Moholo Butterfly & the Bee, the
1 Vitalic Ok Cowboy
1 Parca Pace Raumspannung
1 Akiyama, Tetuzi Striking Another Match
1 Sun City Girls Carnival Folklore Resurrect 14
1 Spoonbender 1.1.1 Stereo Telepathy Academy
1 Mr. Bambu Discombobulation Ep, the
1 Dalal, Yair & Alol Ensemble Rough Guide to The Music of Israel
1 Aids Wolf Lovvers Lp, the
1 Lindstrom/Runolf, Mats/Soren A Wonder of Beauty and Effi...
1 Jones, Mason Quiet Sparks
1 Rose, Ethan Ceiling Songs
1 Sanderson, Philip Seal Pool Sounds
1 Psywarfare Sadomachinism
1 Agf Delay on My Pillow
1 Vo/Corsano/Flaherty/Lauhkeat.. Qbico U-Nite,Bruxelles
1 Monosov Swirnoff Seven Recorded Works
1 Clogs Lantern
1 Marchetti, Lionel Knud Un Nom De Serpent...
1 Rainer, Christian Mein Braunes Blut
1 Ziporyn, Evan Typical Music
1 Brazelton, Kitty Chamber Music Forthe Inner Ear
1 Fuchs, Wolfgang/Parker/Montera Bits & Pieces
1 Paulo Raposo Untitled Songs: 49 ...
1 Giant Panda T.K.O.
1 Greater California Somber Wurlitzer
1 Harm Blue Globes, the
1 Veronica Lipgloss & the Evil.. Witch's Dagger, the
1 Keyes, Nora Songs to Cry By For The Golden Age of Nothing
1 Bucc Rogerz Music for the 21ST Century
1 Gossip, the Standing in the Way of Control
1 Zorn, John (Sound (soundtrack) Filmworks Xv:Protocols of Zion
1 Tabla Beat Science Tala Matrix
1 Anal Kitties Twine
1 Friends of Dean Martinez Lost Horizon
1 Zorn, John Bar Kokhba Sextet
1 Keston, John + Westdal, Nils Super Structures Baby
1 Dark Throne Hate Them
1 Slug Breathe The Thing Out
1 Speaking Canaries, the Songs for the Terrestrially...
1 Red Crayola, the God Bless the Red Crayola...
1 Pop Group, the Y
1 Last Exit Iron Path
1 Jobson, Richard An Afternoon in Company
1 Blind Idiot God Cyclotron
1 Moles, the Untune the Sky

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