KFJC tops for week ending 04/22/1998

13 Windy & Carl Depths
9 Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
8 Faust Faust Wakes Nosferatu
8 Ware, Bill & the Club Bird.... Vibes
8 Bevis Frond, the North Circular
7 T-Model Ford For the Love of Jesus - Ch. 2
7 Red Aunts Ghetto Blaster
7 Speaking Canaries Life-Like Homes
7 Dub Syndicate Fear of a Green Planet
7 R.U.O.K.? R.U.O.K.?
7 Present Certitudes
6 Charles, Denis -Quartet Captain of the Deep
6 Tomorrowland S/T
6 Drunk To Corner Wounds
6 Grimble Grumble S/T
6 Asha Vida Nature's Clumsy Hand
6 Headhunters Straight From the Gate
6 Barbarella (Sound (soundtrack) Barbarella
6 Duster Stratosphere
6 Id Battery Unique Ancient Tavern
5 Pussy Galore Live in the Red
5 Solarus Crystallized
5 People Like Us Hate People Like You
5 Puissance Back in Control
5 Dirty Three Ocean Songs
5 Wilson, Teddy How High the Moon
5 Timotheous Groove Timotheous Groove
5 Fifty Foot Hose Ingredients
5 Various [coll]: Horse Whi (soundtrack)
5 Nerves Nerves
5 Quadrajets, the Pay the Deuce
5 Namanax Monstrous
5 Soft Machine Virtually
5 Gluestick Frame Dragging
5 Various [coll]: Angels of Life in A...
5 Gas Zauberberg
5 Lord Runningclam Fun for the Whole Family
4 Fang Hair of the Dog
4 Peter Thomas (soundtrack) 100% Cotton
4 V-3 'pimping in the 90'S' (Acti...
4 Agoraphobic Nosebleed Honky Reduction
4 Fetisch Park Alluvial
4 Pauline Oliveros Alien Bog/Beautiful Soop
4 Various [coll]: Foxtrot
4 Yeshua Da Poed "The Head Bop"
4 Mitchell, Waddie Waddie Mitchell Live
4 Rhythm & Sound Ruff Way
4 Ultra Bide Super Milk
4 Residents, the Live at the Fillmore
4 Metal Eater Virus
4 Donkey Pmp in the Yrd,Dmp in the Bckt
4 Gastr Del Sol Camofleur
4 Trans Am Surveillance, the
4 Cadillac Angels Rest Stop Dance Party!
4 Moe! Staiano Non-Study of First Impress, Th
4 Ist Anagrams to Avoid
4 Nuclear Whales Isotopia
4 Crystalized Movements Mind Disaster
4 Twilight Circus Dub Sound Sy. Dub Plate Selection
4 Brokesch, Susanne Sharing the Sunhat
4 Youth Gone Mad Rotten
4 White, Sarah All My Skies Are Blue
4 Panasonic/Alan Vega ______________________________
4 Phantom Plays the Eyes
4 Azusa Plane, the Jacques Offenbach's Opera Ef..
4 Fahey, John America
3 Armitage Shanks Cacophony Now
3 Head and the Hares Head and the Hares
3 Matmos Quasi-Objects
3 Flying Luttenbachers, the Gods of Chaos
3 T.H.C. When I Sleep
3 Lindsay, Arto Noon Chill
3 Bone Sharks Pray for Surf
3 Escovedo, Alejandro More Miles than Money
3 Various [coll]: Live at the Cultural..
3 Various [coll]: Road to the Western...
3 Chocolate Weasel Spaghettification
3 Rapoon Fires of the Borderlands, the
3 Day Called Zero, a S/T
3 Men with Guns (soundtrack) Men with Guns
3 Watson's, David the Wax Wax and Wane
3 Joey Miskulin Orchestra Greatest Cowboy Songs Ever, Th
3 Shea, David Mort Aux Vaches
3 Masada Tet (Nine)
3 Various [coll]: Great Bluesmen/Newport
3 Tono-Bungay Wunderkammer
3 Tribes of Neurot and Walking.. Static Migration
3 Starfuckers Infrantumi
3 Barbeque Bob and the Spareribs After School Special
3 Dimitri From Paris Sacrebleu
3 Japonize Elephants Le Fete Du Cloune-Pirate
3 Aylers Angels Never Morning
3 Bluiett Baritone Saxophone Grp Live at the Knitting Factory
3 Rausch, Leon Deep in the Heart of Texas
3 Pias, Ed Ancestor's Halo
3 Speed, Chris Yeah no
2 Weakener, the What Do You Know About It
2 Post Prandials Jamaica
2 Optical Bounce
2 Resineaters ______________________________
2 Ali Khan, Badar Lost in Qawwali
2 Tonalamotl Tonalamotl
2 Shifts Grond
2 Ridis S/T
2 Shellac Terraform
2 Yuko NEXUS6 Bit Diary
2 Hellbox Mood Ring
2 Ducret, Marc Un Certain Malaise
2 Celtic Fiddle Festival Encore
2 King of Hawaii Henry, Call Home
2 Baronics, Les Exposition
2 Fushitsusha S/T (The First Release)
2 Various [coll]: Technology Doesn't Sto
2 Creation Is Crucifixion Descent From Heaven
2 Cannanes,The Arty Barbecue
2 Various [coll]: Resonance Vol. 6 No. 1
2 Swollen Members "S&M on the Rocks
2 Loverly Music Singles (1995-1996), the
2 Gerty Farish Bulks Up
2 Various [coll]: Closed on Acct of Rabi
2 Various [coll]: Randy's 17 North Par..
2 Heiss, Frank Tube Alive
2 Miranda, Marlui I H U 2 Kewere: Rezar : Prayer
2 Uz Jsme Doma Fairytales From Needland
2 Straphangers' Art Ensemble Straphangers' Ball
2 Rust Farm Rust Farm
2 Major Stars Rock Revival, the
2 Mount Vernon Arts Lab. ______________________________
2 L-Roneus "L" Chemy
2 Various [coll]: This Is Ovenguard
2 Insect, the Hard to Cry
2 X-Ecutioners "Raida's Theme"
2 Various [coll]: Gaelic Roots
2 Mad Professor Under the Spell of Dub
2 Adam C. Pfeffer Do Mermaids Have Vaginas?
2 Jaipur Kawa Brass Band Fanfare Dr Rajasthan
2 Key, Cevin Music for Cats
2 Ireland, Mike (And Holler) Learning How to Live
2 Sakamoto, Ryuichi Discord
2 Red Crayola 3 Days on a Trip to the U.S.A.
2 Langheinrich, Ulf Degrees of Amnesia
2 Dating Godot Wind Machines
2 Archon Satani Final Completion, the
2 Vendettas, the Vendettas, the
2 Mcmahon, Brian An Inch Equals a Thousand M...
2 Proud, Pip/Alastair Galbraith Me & Gus
2 Abou-Khalil, Rabih Odd Times
2 Borgmann/Morris/Charles Organic
2 Kneecappers Urban Kill
2 Fasteau, Kali Comraderie
2 Sackville These Last Songs
2 Super E.S.P. ______________________________
2 Various [coll]: Ground Zero
1 Lenz, Kim and Her Jaguars Lenz, Kim and Her Jaguars
1 Ugly Duckling Fresh Mode
1 Cyrus Inversion/Presence
1 Metamatics Onyx/Neo Ouija
1 Octagon Man Vidd
1 Danny Breaks Solar Jive Modes
1 E Zezi Pummarola Black
1 Da Great Deity Dah To Take Hip Hop Back
1 Yak Brigade Albania Tonight
1 Pahl, Frank In Cahoots
1 Smyglyssna Dold E.P.
1 Village of Savoonga Score
1 Josh White Free and Equal Blues
1 Shanachie Shanachie "Wax" Irish
1 Father Harry Spring 1998
1 Mel-Tones, Los Surfin' Before Sunrise
1 Witness Soundtrack
1 Rodriguez, Ruben & His Guadalajara Kings
1 Fantastic Deejays, the ______________________________
1 Various [coll]: God's of Darkness
1 Mainline Uri
1 Adkins, Hasil What the Hell Was I Thinking
1 Quintron Satan Is Dead
1 Lustmord Vs. Metal Beast ______________________________
1 Kuru Breed
1 Chadbourne,Eugene/Paul Lovens A Suite to the Waiters
1 Southerning Templates Made or Found
1 Digital Lower Depths
1 Rayman Valta Roa
1 Various [coll]: Ruckus Juice & Chit...
1 Various [coll]: Left for Dead/Acrid
1 Beaver and Krause Nonesuch Guide to Electronic..
1 Volebeats Maggot Brain
1 Metrotone Be Like the Stars
1 All Natural "Phantoms of the Opera"
1 Continental Divide Feel Good Day
1 Necro Get on Your Knees
1 Morbid Angel Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
1 Carn, Doug Infant Eyes
1 Various [coll]: Kim Fowley
1 Exiles, the Exiles 1
1 Benumb Gear in the Machine
1 Don Caballero Trey Dog's Acid
1 Maris, Bastiaan Large Hot Pipe Organ
1 Curious Digit, the Hessian Hills
1 Nazgul, the Nazgul, the
1 Various [coll]: Scoctopus (soundtrack)
1 Wyatt, Robert Shleep
1 Laswell, Bill / Scott, Style Dub Meltdown
1 Slox Romana March of Ides, the
1 Truth, the I'n I a Deal Wid Roots
1 Bickerton, John Trio Drinking From the Golden Cup
1 F/I Helioscopium
1 Various [coll]: Terra Serpentes
1 Heidsieck, Bernard Vaduz
1 K-Group/Omit Slow Movement
1 Austin Lounge Lizards Employee of the Month
1 Garner, Sue To Run More Smoothly
1 Ayler, Albert Spirits Rejoice
1 Guchlrug New Age Rib Cage
1 Waters, Patty College Tour
1 Various [coll]: Gaschamber/Izm Da M...
1 Miller, Jesse Paul Secret Records
1 Volkaert, "Papa Bear" Redd Telewacker
1 White Out Red Shift
1 Destroy All Monsters Radio Teardrop
1 Galen Galen
1 Leadbelly Shout on
1 Carter Family, the Their Complete Victor Recor...
1 Sick Bees ______________________________
1 Frith, Fred Previous Evening, the
1 Rutherford, Paul/Iskra 1912 Sequences 72 & 73
1 Raymond Swelling Violins

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