KFJC tops for week ending 04/24/2002

10 Codec Scovill Clinical Imperfections
9 Various [coll]: Constructive Engagemet
9 Maxwell Implosion, the Small Circle of Friends
8 Motion Man Loose Cannon
8 Heart of Snow Endure
8 Lunch,Lydia&The Anubian Nights Champagne,Cocaine...
8 Skatalites, the Herb Dub - Collie Dub
7 Sun Ra & the Blues Project Batman & Robin
7 V/Vm Help Aphex Twin 3.0
7 Ramonetures, the Johny Walk Don't Run Paulene
7 Drum Machine Technicians Dmt: Spasm
7 Shimada, Aiko Blue Marble
7 Electronic Humans Guild, the S/T
7 Various [coll]: Dunedin Sound, the
6 Voorhees Crystal Lakes Legacy
6 Bailey, Derek & Evan Parker London Concert, the
6 Merlin Fern Preludes
6 Noxagt Saemon Box
6 Anti Bubblz
6 Dj Design Gather Round
6 Mills, Jeff Art of Connecting, the
6 Pine Valley Cosmonauts Executioner's Last Songs
5 Soeza Founded By Sportsmen & Outlaws
5 Various [coll]: V/Vm***Jansky Noise
5 Apeface Untitled
5 Iwamoto, Yoshikazu Spirit of Wind
5 Shadow Ring, the Lindus
5 Derailers, the Here Come the Derailers
5 Various [coll]: Global Turntables
5 Various [coll]: American Graffiti Rev.
5 Various [coll]: No Categories 5
5 Davis, Greg Arbor
5 Voltage Regulator Voltage Regulator
5 Songs: Ohia Didn't It Rain
5 Boards of Canada Geogaddi
5 Los Straitjackets Sing Along With...
5 Congo Ashanti Congo
5 Vnvnation Futureperfect
4 Sonogram Arrival Lounge
4 Moore, Jackson Laboratory Band Vol. 1, the
4 Charley Patton Henry "Son" Sims
4 Davis, Reverend Gary Slippin' 'til My Gal Comes In.
4 Various [coll]: Bombay Jazz Palace
4 Flying Luttenbachers, the Infection and Decline
4 Tanzwut Labyrinth Der Sinne + Eps...
4 Clinic Walking with Thee
4 Loess S/T
4 Blue Eyed Devils, the Hard Luck Town
4 Nels Cline Singers Instrumentals
4 Metropolitan Down for You Is Up
4 Sinister Luck Ensemble Anniversary
4 Mum Yesterday Was Dramatic
4 Haujobb Polarity
4 V. Majestic For Educational Use Only
4 They Came From the Stars (I.. They Came From the Stars (I..
4 All Girl Summer Fun Band All Girl Summer Fun Band
4 Daoust, Yves Bruits
4 Req Sketchbook
4 Various [coll]: Living in the Streets
4 Green, Al Simply Beautiful
4 Farflung When Science Fails
4 Bodies in the Basement An Electric Rock and Roll...
4 Marduk La Grande Danse Macabre
4 Gasoline Take It to the People
4 Various [coll]: Six Organs of Admittan
4 Caitlin Cary While You Weren't Looking
4 Various [coll]: Oasis-Music From Mills
4 Deerhoof Halfbird
4 Shalabi Effect Trial of St-Orange, the
4 Lost Kids Belle Isle Is on Fire
4 Down-N-Outs, the Subterranean Beat Punk Blues
4 Porter Hall, Tennessee Welcome to Porter Hall, Tn
3 Rogers, Wayne & Kate Village Quits
3 Ostrich Head Tower of Babble
3 Mendoza, Lydia La Alondra De La Frontera-Live
3 Woggles, the Live! at the Star Bar
3 Tekbilek, Omar Faruk Alif
3 Prince Jammy & King Tubbys His Majestys Dub
3 Iditarod, the Ghost, the Elf, the Cat..., th
3 Kevin Blechdom W/Friends Jelly Donuts...
3 Sikhara Voices of Many
3 Fly Pan Am Ceux Qui Inventent N'ont.....
3 Dog Pookah Village of Her and Blossom
3 Neuberg, Amy X Composer/Vocalist
3 Algarnas Tradgard Garden of the Elks
3 Mohinder Everything (+Live)
3 Schafer, David X10R.1/ X10R.2
3 Joshua Gold Cosmos
3 Kallick, Kathy My Mother's Voice
3 Degennaro,Matt Galbraith,Alas. Wire Music
3 Noto Kerne
3 Various [coll]: Secret Museum of Manki
3 Le Tigre Remix 12"
3 Antibalas Talkatif
3 Crib Remnant
3 James Talley Touchstones
3 Toon Tune (Soundt (soundtrack) Toon Tunes
3 Tiger Saw Blessed Are the Trials We...
3 Christy Mc Wilson Bed of Roses
3 Breakestra Deuces Up, Double Down
3 Various [coll]: Slurped Too!
3 Bashir, Munir Irak
3 Larsen Rever
3 Coachwhips Hands on the Controls
3 Big Star Motel Blues
3 Last Wave S/T
3 3 Balls of Fire Fire Power
3 Various [coll]: Funky Music Machine
3 Faust Bbc Sessions +
3 Various [coll]: Osbourne, J./Nicodemus
3 Various [coll]: Live From the DEV...V3
3 Ramone, Joey Don't Worry About Me
3 Hillbilly Idol Hillbilly Idol
3 Godstomper Hell's Grim Tyrant
3 Le Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes
2 Various [coll]: Screamin' & Hollerin'
2 Branco, Waltel Meu Balanco
2 Various [coll]: Mark Twain: a Film...
2 V.I.P. One
2 Squarepusher Squarepusher
2 Aroah Cuando Termines Con Todo...
2 Harvester Hemat
2 Hood Photographers
2 Do Make Say Think & Yet & Yet
2 Persona Fencesitter
2 Tri-Cornered Tent Show Beneath the Mountains..
2 Haggard, Merle Back to the Barrooms
2 Carrion ______________________________
2 Blanket Music Move
2 Fujii, Satoko Quartet Vulcan
2 Rogers, Wayne At Home
2 Kid Kilowatt Hit Single
2 Gza "The Genius" Fame
2 New Moon Demonstration
2 Menstruation Sisters Dead at Slugs
2 Khan, Badar Ali Lost in Qawwali I I I
2 Giant Sand Cover Magazine
2 Various [coll]: Allenko Brotherhood En
2 Black Vial, the Jaguar & the Yellow Coulours
2 Speed Kings, the Tales From a Truck Stop
2 Welles, Orson Very Best of Orson Welles, the
2 O.S.T. Deflect
2 Lyman Family, Mel Birth
2 Gravitar History Of...Revised
2 Electric Company Greatest Hits,Compananion 2
2 Your Team Ring Homelife
2 Spoonie Gee Godfathers of Hip Hop Vol. 1
2 Nagisa Ni Te Songs for a Simple Moment
2 Mission Mission: 2
2 Schifrin, Lalo (soundtrack) Bullitt
2 Youngs, Richard May
2 Cerberus Shoal Mr. Boy Dog
2 New Flesh Understanding
2 Various [coll]: Studio One Roots
2 Mentalward Stopgap
2 Aceyalone Accepted Eclectic
2 Riders in the Sky A Pair of Kings
2 Wright, Luther & the Wrongs Rebuild the Wall
2 Kid Koala Got What You Need
2 Legendary Pink Dots Chemical Playschool, Vol. 11
2 Various [coll]: Musics of the Earth
2 Various [coll]: Five Deez/Mr Dibbs
2 Various [coll]: Creation Is Crucifixio
2 Hirax El Diablo Negro
2 Wobble, Jah and Laswell, Bill Radioaxiom
2 Sunroof! Bliss
2 Y'all Hey, Y'all
2 Various [coll]: Club AFRICA2
2 Curlew Meet the Curlews
2 International Harvester Sov Gott Rose-Marie
2 Mumma, Gordon Live - Electronic Music
2 V for Vendetta Beneath this Mask Another Mask
2 Various [coll]: Beat Generation Vol. 2
2 Various [coll]: Beat Generation V1, th
2 Black Sun Ensemble Hymn of the Master
2 Smog Strayed
2 Castor, Jimmy It's Just Begun
2 Unholy Grave Tortured Alive:Live in Rostock
2 Kid Icarus Be My Echo
2 Various [coll]: El Soul Es Una Droga
2 Corvus Corax Mille Anni Passi Sunt
2 Various [coll]: All Night Soul Stomp!
2 Various [coll]: Grazing in the Trash
2 Doiron, Julie Desormais
2 Freddy Fresh Music for Swingers
2 Savage Republic Customs
2 Champagne Kiss Dancing in the Pockets of Thie
2 Flanger Outer Space/Inner Space
2 Crucial Attack ______________________________
1 Meat Purveyors All Relationships Are Doomed..
1 Brown, Guillermo E. Soul at the Hands O Th Machine
1 Various [coll]: Screamin' & Hollerin'
1 Various [coll]: Screamin' & Hollerin'
1 Davis, Reverend Gary Twelve Gates to the City
1 Davis, Reverend Gary I Am the True Vine
1 Various [coll]: Anticon/Deep Puddle D
1 Wobbly Playlist
1 Haisha/Mizuko Split Cd Happily Never After
1 Stillupsteypa & Tv Pow We Are Everyone in the Room
1 Taylor, Cecil Fondation Maeght Nights, V. 3
1 Biafra, Jello Big Ka-Boom, Part One, the
1 Various [coll]: Ebola/Servitude
1 Domotic Bye Bye
1 Longview Lessons in Stone
1 90 Day Men To Everybody:
1 Diskaholics Anonymous Trio Gustafsson, Mats/J.O'rourke &
1 Hot Rize So Long of a Journey
1 Aestetics My Right to Riches
1 Timesbold Woe Be Gone...
1 Kissing Book (S)
1 Auburn Lull Alone I Admire
1 Soul Junk 1942
1 Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensembl Plays the African Love Call
1 Necro Gory Days
1 Perrey, Jean-Jacques Moog Sensations
1 Frederic S/T
1 Various [coll]: Music of Indonesia 14
1 Various [coll]: Variable Access
1 Ray, Scot Small Architecture
1 Abcs Abcs
1 Devine, Richard Aleamapper
1 Brown, James Mutha's Nature
1 Iceberg Slim Reflections
1 Good Life, the Black Out
1 Birds of America Yes! I Know that I Am Free
1 Floor/Dove ______________________________
1 Lil $Mokey Physical Wack
1 Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali A Better Destiny
1 Music Ensemble, the ______________________________
1 Windsor for the Derby Earnest Powers +
1 Parker and Lily Three-Day Life
1 Salem Lights Barefoot in the Bathroom
1 400 Blows Live November 2001
1 Burning Star Core Brighter Summer Day
1 Sebesky, Don Distant Galaxy
1 Shea, David Tryptich
1 Furniture Huschle/Mountain Goa Tropical Depression
1 Various [coll]: Phil Ranelin: Remixes
1 Various [coll]: Snow Robots Remixed
1 Locust, The/Melt Banana Split 7"
1 Various [coll]: Select Cuts From Blood
1 Sweep the Leg Johnny New Buffalo
1 Ray Makers, the What Would You Like to Play
1 Portal July
1 Countdown to Oblivion Brain Surgery for Beginners
1 Opium Opium
1 Dresser, Mark & Trio Aquifer
1 Eli Good S/T
1 Riley, T & Marietan, P G.E.R.M.
1 Figurine Heartfelt, the
1 Various [coll]: Bazaar: Rare Jazz/Fusi
1 Waters, Patty Love Songs
1 Various [coll]: Pink and Brown/Death.
1 Outhern Acific S/T
1 Various [coll]: When Hip Hop Was Art..
1 Einsturzende Neubauten Berlin Babylon
1 Maclise, Angus S/T
1 Various [coll]: Benumb/Pig Destroyer
1 Les Dragueurs A La Surboum!
1 Vermonster Instinctively Inhuman
1 Collins, Bootsy Ultra Wave
1 Lack, the Lack, the
1 Cash, Johnny Essential Johnny Cash - Disc 1
1 Gate 3M
1 Reds, the It's About Time
1 Various [coll]: Live From the DEV...V4
1 Extreme Noise Terror Being and Nothing
1 Schifrin, Lalo Intersections
1 Various [coll]: Amores Pe (soundtrack)
1 Twine Circulation

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