KFJC tops for week ending 04/27/2005

8 Boris Dronevil
8 Miss Kittin I Com
8 Evens, the Evens, the
8 Gauthier, Mary Mercy Now
8 Boom Bip Blue Eyed in the Red Room
8 Dead Meadow Feathers
7 Ak-Momo Return to N.Y.
7 Chinaboise Greatest Story Ever Told, the
7 Piano Magic Open Cast Heart
7 Out Hud One Life to Leave
7 Lunch, Lydia ______________________________
7 Dmbq Essential Sounds From...., the
6 Magnolia Electric Co., the What Comes After the Blues
6 Various [coll]: Messthetics #1
5 Van Flower, Tara My Little Fire-Filled Heart
5 John Prine Fair & Square
5 Matt Davignon "Bwoo"
5 Various [coll]: High on Fire / Ruins
5 Various [coll]: Anti Social Hurt Yours
5 Remora Enamored
5 Macromantics Hyperbolic Logic
5 Dash Rip Rock Recyclone
5 Brian Jonestown Massacre Tepid Peppermint Wonderland
5 Zzzz Palm Reader
5 Burmese Men
5 Cars Are the Stars, the Fragments
5 Various [coll]: Sound of Philadelphia
5 Von Iva S/T
5 Angels of Light Angels of Light Sing Other Peo
5 Growing Soul of the Rainbow And..., th
5 Offwhyte Bow to the Sceptor
5 Drekka Extractioning
5 White, James and the Blacks James White's Flaming Demonics
5 Fondas, the Coming Now!
5 Crack: We Are Rock War
4 Mel Street 20 Greatest Hits
4 Aural Fit Livestock
4 Berthiaume/Frith/Bailey Soshin
4 Proem Negativ
4 Khan Sweet Pink Lemonade
4 Avarus Ruskeatimantti
4 Various [coll]: Love, Peace @ Poetry
4 Los Super Seven Heard It on the X
4 Xex Group:Xex
4 Traveling Bell Scatter Ways
4 Venetian Snares Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett
4 Last, David Push Pull, the
4 Joe Beats Conspiracy, the Reverse Discourse
4 Various [coll]: Rastafari Box Set
4 Gang Wizard Jeckyll Loves Hyde
4 Stilluppsteypa Stories Part Five
4 Beakers, the 4 Steps Toward...
4 Build Buildings There Is a Problem with My...
4 Cheer Up Poems Our Two Strings
4 Doe, John Forever Hasn't Happened Yet
4 Todd, Mia Doi Manzanita
4 Suppression / Atomatron Split
4 Ladd, Mike Negrophilia [The Album]
4 Sun City Girls Fresh Kill of Cape Hunting Dog
4 Six Organs of Admittance School of the Flower
4 Boggs, Dock Country Blues
4 Dealership Action/Adventure
4 Grip Weeds, the Giant on the Beach
4 Mdc Millions of Dead Cops
4 Anderson, Laurie Big Science
3 Various [coll]: Conduction. Convec...
3 High Tension Wires Send a Message
3 Shoghaken Ensemble Armenian Lullabies
3 Obmana, Vidna Legacy
3 Zion I Bird's Eye View B/W Luv
3 Br. Danielson Brother Is to Son
3 Phallus Uber Alles Iron Woman
3 Current 93 Soft Black Stars
3 Circle Guillotine
3 Various [coll]: 6X10=60 (Korm Plas.)
3 Congos Give Them the Rights
3 Angel Blood Labia Minora
3 Davis, J.C. A New Day!
3 Flow Dynamics Live in the Mix
3 Stock Hausen and Walkman Hang Ups
3 Cloud Mama S/T
3 Namlook/Schulze Pete/Klaus Dark Side of the Moog 3
3 Sun Ra Nuits De La Fondation Maeght 2
3 Various [coll]: Crystal Fantasy/Hair P
3 Various [coll]: Mutant Throbbing Grise
3 Z-Trip Shifting Gears
3 Volga Select Unconditional Discipline Of...
3 Russell, Arthur World of Echo
3 Cooper-Moore & Assif Tsahar Tells Untold
3 Last of the Juanitas In the Dirt
3 Various [coll]: Hand/Eye
3 L Holy Letters
3 Decemberists, the Picaresque
3 Shepp, Archie Black Gypsy
3 Black Mountain ______________________________
3 Purple Wizard I've Been Wrong/ I'm not Angry
3 Green,The Reverend Al Everything's Ok
3 Various [coll]: Inuit: 55 Historical..
3 Send My Regards Grandmas Cookies
3 Various [coll]: Classic Old-Time Music
3 Lullabies, the Lullabies' Lullaby
3 Scanner Europa 25
3 Animashaun, Lekan Low Profile
3 Psi Golden Showers/Catastrophe
3 Devil in a Woodpile In Your Lonesome Town
3 Hobart, Rex & the Misery Boys Empty House
3 Magic Is Kuntmaster Virgin Ghost
3 Surf Coasters, the Samurai Struck
3 Various [coll]: Mugstar/Hunting Lodge
3 Hu Vibrational Beautiful
3 Valentine/Elder,Matterika Ragas & Blues
3 Haden, Petra Petra Haden Sings: the Who Sel
3 Tyrades Self Titled
3 Various [coll]: Music People, the
3 Hood Outside Closer
3 Dj Shadow Mashin' on the Motorway/Walkie
3 Deadfall Comrades Ep
3 Iacoucci, G. Symbolisme Psychedelique, Etc.
3 Schwimmer/Caine/Feldman Theremin Noir
3 Atlantics, the Live Abc-Tv Australia
2 Adkins, Hasil Out to Lunch
2 Adicts, the Sound of Music
2 Quake Break Quake Break Volume 1
2 Wire PF456REDUX
2 Buried Inside Chronoclast
2 Vnv Nation Matter + Form
2 Cane and Able Relating a Message to You
2 King Tubby & Yabby You Ghost Of..., the
2 Sun Ra Media Dreams
2 Clarinet Thing Agony Pipes & Misery Sticks
2 Thornton, Clifford Panther and the Lash, the
2 Islaja Palaa Aurinkoon
2 Jesu ______________________________
2 Mirah & Ginger Songs From Black Mtn Music...
2 Thollem and Rivera Everything's Going Everywhere
2 Simple Citizens S/T
2 Lundvall, Tor Last Light
2 Various [coll]: Cajun Honky Tonk
2 David Lindley & Wally Ingram Twango Bango 3
2 Mackrosoft, the Dawning of the Aja Aquariu, th
2 Brill, Paul New Pagan Love Song
2 Rhonda Vincent Ragin' Live
2 Time Machine Grime Machine
2 Radar Brothers Fallen Leaf Pages, the
2 Coil Live Two- Moscow
2 Dredd Foole A Long Losing Battle with
2 Various [coll]: Die Monitr Batss/A.S.T
2 Brasil & the Gallowbros. Band Band Plays On, the Dunes Mo...
2 Konk Sound of Konk, the
2 Drop the Lime This Means Forever
2 Various [coll]: Kraakgeluiden
2 Riley, Terry Atlantis Nath
2 Qwel & Maker Harvest, the
2 Impossble Shapes, the Tum
2 Akron/Famly S/T
2 Hague, Audrey Melody Life
2 Cooper-Moore, Tsahar America
2 Brotzmann,P / Han Bennink Still Quite Popular After...
2 Exias-J Electric Conception Balance of Chaos
2 Various [coll]: Earth-Legacy of Diss..
2 Tri-Cornered Tent Show Legion of Dagon
2 Spirits of Life Haitian Vodou
2 Ohuzaru Thrash Is Business
2 Ovo Cicatrici
2 Kid Spatula Meast
2 European Jazz Ensemble/Khan... ______________________________
2 Various [coll]: Astor Piazzolla Remixe
2 Satanstornade Satanstornade
2 Rother, Anthony Magic Diner
2 Des Ark Loose Lips Sink Ships
2 Televangelist and the Architec Mass Exodus From California
2 Zykos Zykos
2 Furt Dead or Alive
2 Longboard Ranch Rides Again!
2 Hightower, Willie Willie Hightower
2 Sun Ra Live in London
2 Bailiff, Jessica W/ the Dithering Effect
2 Giardullo, Joe/Zingaro, Carlos Falling Water
2 Franciscan Hobbies Walls Are Stuck
2 Cosma, Vladimir (soundtrack) Patchwork 29
2 Dunger, Nicolai Vinyl Trilogy, the
2 Bevis Frond, the Bevis Through the Looking...
2 Stalk-Forest Group St. Cecilia
2 Manning, Barbara Under One Roof
2 Dielectric Drone All-Stars Dr. One
2 Gang Gang Dance Revival of the Shittest
2 Toxin I I I I Rock I Ran (Again)
2 Chicken Legs Weaver Wishbone Hands
2 Blackstone Valley Sinners It's a Sin
2 Spring Heel Jack Sweetness of the Water, the
2 Claro Intelecto Neurofibro
2 Cline/Parkins/Raineynelsandrea Ash and Tabula
2 Brinkmann, Thomas Tokyo +1
2 Stelzer, Howard & Jason Talbot Four Sides
2 Blackhouse Rhythm Boxing
2 Lords of Light ______________________________
2 Nocturnal Emissions Collateral Salvage
2 Anomoanon Portrait of John Entwistle
2 My Dad Is Dead Shine
2 O'hara, Alexis In Abulia
2 Jucifer Lambs Ep, the
2 Screaming Lord Sutch Monster Rock
2 Julie Ruin ______________________________
2 Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
2 Tragic Mulatto Hot Man Pussy
2 Skin World of Skin, the
2 Napalm Death From Enslavement to Obliterati
2 Meteors, the Wreckin'crew
2 Star Pimp Seraphin 280Z
2 Elephant Man (soundtrack) Elephant Man
1 Liquor Ball Fucks the Sky
1 Lyrics Born Same $#!T, Different Day
1 Perceptionists Black Dialogue
1 Cut Chemist & Nu-Mark Live at the Variety Arts Cente
1 Winter Pageant, the Waning/Waxing
1 Bastard Noise Skull Wave
1 Mills, Jeff Waveform Transmission VOL.3
1 Baroque Bordello 1ST Trip
1 Crispell, Marylin Spirit Music
1 Mainliner Psychedelic Polyhedron
1 Jordan, Kidd Quartet New Orleans Festival Suite
1 Waisvisz, Michel In Tune
1 Vivian Sisters S/T
1 Airborn Audio Bright Lights/Inside the Globe
1 Pigeon John Nothing Without You
1 13 & God 13 & God
1 Residents Animal Lover
1 Various [coll]: Roots of Dub Funk 4
1 Granelli,J.A. and Mr. Lucky El Oh El Ay
1 Notwist, the Lichter
1 Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial.. Horses in the Sky
1 Flasket Brinner Flasket
1 Connors, Loren/Carter Christin Meditations on the Ascension..
1 Basinski, William A Red Score in Tile
1 Various [coll]: Xasthur/Leviathan
1 Fruit Bats Tragedy + Time = Fruit Bats
1 Copperpot Chapter 7
1 Living Legends Classic
1 Tsurubami Shohjohkisshohtan
1 Various [coll]: Landing / Fuxa
1 Gruntsplatter Chronicling the Famine
1 Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet Ein Haunted Sommerplatz
1 +Dog+ Industrial Accidents
1 Hit & Run Bluegrass Beauty Fades
1 Bolt Brothers Band, the Blue Night
1 Et Sans Par Noussss Touss Les Trous...
1 Adar Des Iforas Journey Through Tuareg Country
1 Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time
1 Illusion of Safety Time Remaining
1 L S D - March Shindara Jigoku
1 Tarantula S/T
1 Quasimoto Broad Factor B/W Brainasaurus
1 Falaise, Bernard Do
1 Sandoz Lab Technicians Everythings Fifteen
1 Anthony Milton Sirens
1 Madvillain Madvillainy Instrumentals
1 Hideki, Kato & James Fei Sieves
1 Anenzephalia Noehaem
1 Treanor, Dan & Frankie Lee African Wind
1 Sibbles, Leroy Now
1 Pablo, Augustus & Friends Red Sea, the
1 Riley/Mcclure Terry Michael I Like Your Eyes Liberty
1 Long Live Death Bound to the Wheel
1 Bloedow,Oren/Charles,Jennifer La Mer Enfortuna
1 November Novelet From Heaven on Earth
1 Konono NO1 Congotronics
1 Urdog Eyelid of Moon
1 Gum Vinyl Anthology
1 Lemming/Apeface Fuck Everything/Fuck You
1 Morris, Butch Homeing
1 Charles, Denis Triangle Queen Mary
1 Free Design, the Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love
1 Horist, Bill & K.K. Null Interstellar Chemistry
1 Bardo Pond Cypher Documents I
1 Magicyclops Best of Synthesizer Hits
1 Muppets Take Manh (soundtrack) Soundtrack
1 Bob Log 111 Log Bomb
1 Ribotmark Scelsi Morning
1 Flying Luttenbachers Void, the
1 Blank Duden
1 Small Life Form One
1 Dietrich, Don Dietrich
1 Singer, Liam Empty Heart of the Chameleon
1 Various [coll]: Blum/Vulcanus Lxviii
1 Mnemonists Gyromancy
1 Sacchi, Franca En
1 Kayo Dot Choirs of the Eye
1 Satwa S/T
1 Swell, Steve Slammin the Infinite
1 Amoeba Men Enter
1 Xmarsx Self-Titled
1 Emanon Count Your Blessings...
1 Single Minded Pros From Now on
1 Various [coll]: Love's a Real Thing
1 Aesop Rock Fast Cars,Danger,Fire & Knives
1 Sole Live From Rome
1 Invisible Cities S/T
1 Rara Avis S/T
1 Remo'conscious Thought Criminal: Journal...
1 Dalek Negro Necro Nekros
1 Various [coll]: Masters of the Scene
1 Former Friend Foreverago
1 Battleship Presents Princess
1 Nurse with Wound/O'rourke Tape Monkey Mooch Angry Electr
1 Various [coll]: Xiu Xiu Vs Bunkbed
1 Atmosphere Headshots SE7EN
1 Edo G & Masta Ace Make Some Noise
1 Semi.Official Anti-Album, the
1 Skye Klad Music Ofcupid's Orkustra.., Th
1 Simon, Joe Power of Joe Simon, the
1 Sunburned Hand of the Man S/T
1 Icebreaker Extraction
1 Pozor Vlak Shell Beach
1 Noggin Two Violins
1 Skozey Fetisch Spectral Freight
1 Stinking Lizaveta Caught Between Worlds
1 Infusion, the Red Horse
1 Music of the Ashanti of Ghana S/T
1 Phantom Limbs, the Random Hymns
1 Various [coll]: Sunroof/Vibracathedral
1 X Plastaz Maasai Hip Hop
1 Various [coll]: Panicsville/I.A.B.
1 Chasalow, Eric Left to His Own Devices
1 Mare S/T
1 M.I.A. Arular
1 Gosfield, Annie Lost Signals and Drifting...
1 Skygreen Leopards Life&Love in Sparrow's Meadow
1 Coachwhips Peanut Butter and Jelly Live
1 Dj Hell Listen to the Hiss
1 Food Last Supper
1 Coleclough, Jonathan Makruna/Minya
1 Jmstwghrpr Intuitive American Esoteric V1
1 Ora Morgandammerung
1 Spider Compass Good Crime Band Plaid Plasma N' Pipes
1 Gretchens, the Cover Your Ears
1 Radio India Eternal Dream of Sound, the
1 Various [coll]: Teen Age Fair 1963
1 Merzbow Merzbird
1 Aloha Here Comes Everyone
1 Various [coll]: Roots of Orchis Remix
1 Spider Compass Good Crime Band Callispian Fallopian...
1 Mummies, the On the Planet of the Apes
1 Fall, the Live at the Witch Trials
1 Danny and the Nightmares Natzi
1 Robert Ashley Automatic Writing
1 Sake Sake
1 Screamers Demos 1977-78
1 Bernstein, Steven Jesse Prison
1 Deadbolt Zulu Death Mask
1 Miranda July Binet-Simon Test, the
1 Reeltime ______________________________
1 Various [coll]: Russ Meyer's
1 Neither Neither World ______________________________
1 Purse "Purse Does Junk: Keith Richar
1 Nekromantik Der Todesking Soundtracks
1 Lavey, Anton Strange Music
1 Crass Penis Envy
1 Butt Trumpet "

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