KFJC tops for week ending 04/28/1999

13 Waits, Tom Mule Variations
12 Twilight Circus Sound System Horsie
10 Godspeed You Black Emporor! Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada
10 Emperor Penguin Shatter the Illusion Of...
9 Sunroof! Delicate Autobahn Construction
9 Trans Am Futureworld
8 Isotope 217 Isotope 217 Mixed By....
8 Atman Tradition
8 Willis, Wesley Greatest Hits, VOL.2
7 Iso 68 Reihenhausmusik 3
7 Sweep the Leg Johnny Tomorrow We Will Run Faster
7 Lonesome Organist Cavalcade
7 Ticklah Polydemic
7 Make-Up Born on the Floor
7 Overhang Party Overhang Party 4
7 Nosferatu (soundtrack) (Played By Popol Vu)Fantome De
6 Pablo, Augustus Valley of Jehosaphat
6 Euphone Calendar of Unlucky Days, the
6 Microphones, the Bass Drum Dream
6 Realistics Realistics
6 Tear Ceremony Film Decay
6 Kim Fowley Kim Fowley
6 Spin 17 ______________________________
6 Light Bright Highway Moon Glory and the 7TH Sun
6 Necessary Evils Sicko Inside Me, the
6 Zmrzlina Zmrzlina
6 Friends of Dean Martinez Atardecer
6 Small Fish with Spine Ultimate Sushi
6 Rotten Piece Incarcerated Dwarf Heiress, th
6 Spaceshits, the Misbehavin'
6 I Want to Live (soundtrack) (Soundtrack)
6 Alphane Moon Echoing Grove, the
6 Skatalites, the ...Meet King Tubby
6 Avengers, the Died for Your Sins
5 Jimpster Messages From the Hub
5 Novotny/Vierlinger/Nagl Musik Fur Einen Kirchenraum
5 Poem Rocket Universe Explained in ..., the
5 Transitional Not Even the Most Condescen...
5 Various [coll]: Dj Spooky/Alan Licht
5 Various [coll]: Misc
5 Cul De Sac Portland Cement Factory...
5 Gunga Din, the Introducing the Gunga Din
5 Patterson, Don Seady Comin' at 'ya
5 Damnations Tx, the Half Mad Moon
5 Ass Baboons of Venus Go Go Telescope
5 Mile Wide Grey, the Superior
5 Seven Percent Solution Gabriel's Waltz
5 Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden Bella Neurox
5 Kreidler Appearance the the Park
5 Ontj Watashi
5 Contagious Orgasm In My Heart
4 Agoraphobic Nosebleed Pcp Torpedo
4 Tusken Raiders Bantha Trax VOL.2
4 Various [coll]: Skam 10
4 Paul K and the Prayers Saratoga
4 Various [coll]: Seeds Turn to Flowers.
4 I-Roy Welding
4 Badawi Heretic of Ether
4 Brown, Clarence "Gatemouth" Blackjack
4 Di'jital Mind of the Master, the
4 Various [coll]: Modulation &Transforan
4 Nutley Brass, the Play the Ramones Songbook!
4 Q-Bert Wave Twisters
4 Lolita NO.18 Yalitamin
4 Crown Royals, the Funky-Do!
4 Various [coll]: Studio ONE*SHOWCASE,V1
4 Zodiac Cosmic Sounds, the Zodiac Cosmic Sounds, the
4 Ferial Confine Full Use of Nothing, the
4 Chicago Underground Trio Possible Cube
4 Ravenous (soundtrack) Ravenous
4 Doctor Explosion Subnormal Revolution, the
4 Latin Playboys Dose
4 Squarepusher Budakhan Mindphone
4 Michelle Gun Elephant, Thee Gear Blues
4 Funto Freeman Loops
4 Protrudi, Link and the Jaymen Hit and Run
4 Frankie Teardrop Frankie Teardrop
4 Mother Mallard 1970-1973
4 Virginia Dare Baby Got Away
4 Blazing Haley Sleeper
4 Coil Winter Solstice
3 Thoth, S.K. Tone Poems of the Festad
3 Cash, June Carter Press on
3 Various [coll]: Kristian, David & Lowf
3 Wiese, John Catwoman Is a Cat Vampire
3 Jones Crusher Jones Crusher
3 Clone Not Feeling Quite Like Yourse
3 Mocket Un-Man/What Do Babis Want(Remi
3 Perry, Jean-Jacques Good Moog
3 Various [coll]: Four Elements
3 Hemphill, Julius Blue Boye
3 New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars Fresh Out of the Past
3 Valvola Teenagers Film Their Own Life
3 Known in Bakersfield Retinal Ma Should Win
3 Starr, Edwin 25 Miles
3 Mogwai Come on Die Young
3 Ponga Ponga
3 I-F I-F
3 Bolzbolz ______________________________
3 Fonn Untitled 2 X 12"
3 Silk Saw This Time It's War
3 Hamilton, Chico - Quintet Drumfusion
3 Metrotone Th Lss You Hve Th Mre You Are
3 Nelson, Beaver Last Hurrah, the
3 Totalitar Sin Egen Motstandare
3 Skeme Team Con Artists
3 Bonnie 'prince' Billy I See Darkness
3 Various [coll]: Land of the Sufis
3 Dwarves Lick It
3 Jacobites God Save Us Poor Sinners
3 Dylan Group, the More Adventures in Lying Down
3 Antimatter Transfixtion
2 Various [coll]: Reproach
2 Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys Radio Favorites
2 Guberman, Morgan Torpor
2 Leyland, Carl "Sonny" I'm Wise
2 Kuroi-Mori Schwarzwald
2 We Ragazzi Suicide Sound System
2 Yaphet Kotto Killer Was in the Govt. Bl, th
2 Lilly Brothers and Don Stover Have a Feast Here Tonight!
2 Coe, David Allan Recommended for Airplay
2 B.G.K. A Dutch Feast
2 Robinson, Jeff Trio Getting Fixed
2 Anthology of World Music Laos
2 Bardot, Brigitte And God Created the Woman
2 Il.Ek.Tro Two
2 Dj Krush & Toshinori Kondo Ki-Oku
2 Ernst, Max & Freunde ______________________________
2 Product Music Hooray for Human Engineering
2 Yellow Machinegun Spot Remover
2 Khan & Walker Simplex
2 Cantuaria, Vinicius Tucuma
2 Deerhoof Come See the Duck/Sadness of H
2 Gas Konigsforst
2 Wells, Junior Blues Hit Big Town
2 Murphy, Jimmy Electricity
2 Custom Made Scare Greatest Show on Dirt
2 Vas Deferens Organization Idiot Parade, the
2 Black Sabbath Riot Milwaukee 1980
2 What We Live Never Was
2 3 Hur-El Hurel Arsivi
2 Leadbelly Sings for Children
2 Various [coll]: Mind Expan/Animatd Egg
2 Various [coll]: Destroying Southern Tr
2 Solid Eye Fruits of Automation
2 Taraf De Haidouks (Un/Self-Titled)
2 Chavis, Boozoo Who Stole My Monkey
2 Swift, Rob Ablist, the
2 Etant Donnes Bleu
2 Gilbert, Bruce and Ron West Frequency Variation
2 Pole 2
2 Wormhole Effect Bastard Musicians of Mesmer, T
2 Douglas, Dave Convergence
2 Industrial Bass Machine A Taste of Armageddon
2 All Natural No Additives, no Preserv(Xtra)
2 Various [coll]: Dancing with the Dead
2 Country Teasers Destroy All Human Life
2 Scaramanga Seven Yees Seven Horns
2 Photek Special Forces
2 Ratos De Porao Carniceria Tropical
2 Bop Sh'bam Une Lumiere Contemporaine...
2 Various [coll]: Dj Kicks: Kemi & Storm
2 Movere Workshop Movere Workshop
2 Tin Hat Trio Memory Is An Elephant
2 Family Fodder Savoir Faire : the Best of
2 Johnny Cool (soundtrack) Johhny Cool(Music By Billy May
2 Kemeny, Gabor Chain Bridge/Lanchid
2 Various [coll]: Sanfrancisco Songcycle
2 Hellbound Hayride Sinner
2 Soledad Brothers, the S/T
2 Mitchell, Roscoe Quartet In Walked Buckner
1 Hazlewood, Lee Cowboy in Sweden
1 Allen, Terry Salivation
1 Bergman / Lake A New Organization
1 Koerner, Ray & Glover Return of ...
1 Carter Family, the On Border Radio, VOL.3
1 Casiotone for the Painfully .. ______________________________
1 Seventh Sons, the 4 A.M. at Franks
1 Various [coll]: Lomax, Alan Collection
1 Charles River Valley Boys, the Comin' From the Ball
1 Trinity & Bambino (soundtrack) Trinity & Bambino
1 Wobbly Radio
1 Smith, Paul Devil Eat the Groundhog
1 Maya Y Cantu El Primero Conjunto Norteno
1 F-Minus Failed Society
1 Various [coll]: Trummerflora 2
1 Howell, Peg Leg Peg Leg Howell & His Gang
1 Sidesaddle California Hills
1 Blonk/Lonberg-Holm/Zerang First Meetings
1 Ano Moa Non, the Summer Never Ends
1 Salome Zero 2 Infinity/Rise Up
1 Tinkler, Scott Sofa King
1 Various [coll]: Caribbean Voyage: East
1 Gone Orchestra, the No Price Too High
1 Dunn, Trevor "Debutantes & Centipedes"
1 Broggs, Peter Progressive Youth
1 Stanley, Ralph I11 Listen to My Hammer Ring
1 Brooks, Roy Free Slave, the
1 Dissecting Table Life
1 Hillyard, David & the Rockstea Playtime
1 Barrett, Aston "Familyman" Cobra Style
1 Evora, Cesaria Mar Azul
1 Various [coll]: Russell, Tom
1 Slaughter's Big R (soundtrack) Slaughter's Bi...(James Brown)
1 Shadow Huntaz Screams Medic
1 Various [coll]: Chants Chamanique..
1 Schlammpeitziger Erdrauchharnschleck
1 Dunmall, Paul & Octet Bebop Starburst
1 Gorman, Skip A Cowboy's Wild Song to His ..
1 Mccook, Tomy & Super Sonic Top Secret
1 Christian Daniel Christian Daniel
1 Sons of the San Joaquin Horses, Cattle and Coyotes
1 Hillbilly Idol Town and Country
1 Various [coll]: Alphonso/Briscoe
1 Nema Bring Our Curses Home
1 Jezamenco Djangobangn
1 Bran (Another Plight of Me, th Partial Refund Anxiety Disorde
1 Camera Obscura ______________________________
1 Wimme Gierran
1 Brandsdal, Kjetil D. Rogalands Lydigste
1 Crooked Jades, the Going to the Races
1 Metabolismus Spriebwartsdrall
1 Various [coll]: Celebrities at Their..
1 Stillman, the Go! Go! Go!
1 Big Breakfast Why Do You Touch Things That..
1 Various [coll]: Moonlanding
1 Amber Asylum Songs of Sex and Death
1 Okra All-Stars, the Okra All-Stars, the
1 Frogs, the Now You Know You're Black

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