KFJC tops for week ending 05/14/2003

8 Various [coll]: Ambient Cookbook Ii
7 Coil Live Four
7 Omit Rejector
6 Various [coll]: Japanese Avant Garde
6 J, David Mess Up E.P.
6 Crack We Are Rock Crack We Are/Wolf Eyes
6 Set Fire to Flames Telegraphs in Negative/Mouths
6 Evolution Control Committee Plagiarythm Nation
6 Spacious Mind, the Live Volume One
6 Various [coll]: You Can Never Go Fast
6 Angels of Light, the Everything Is Good Here/....
6 Beneath the Lake Inside Passage
5 Splinter Group Splinter Group
5 Low Flying Owls S/T
5 Arcana Inner Pale Sun
5 Cul De Sac Death of the Sun
5 Beequeen A Touch of Brimstone
5 Radulovich, Marcelo Titcacaman
5 Kinski Airs Above Your Station
5 Various [coll]: Pelican City Vs. Scann
5 Emulsion Sounding Rockets
4 Xerophonics Copying Machine Music
4 Mira Calix Fig 1. Nunu
4 Xiu Xiu A Promise
4 Blithe Sons, the We Walk the Young Earth
4 Ludicra Hollow Psalms
4 Various [coll]: Jesuschrist Surferstar
4 Troum Darve Sh
4 Dungen Stadsvandringar
4 Fleischmann, B. Toru Okada
4 Saft, Jamie Breadcrumb Sins
4 Fahey, John Red Cross
4 Sparo, Frankie Welcome Crummy Mystics
4 Paradise Island Get Up
4 Concaves, the Warning! Heavy Surf Advisory
4 Deutsch Nepal A Silent Siege
4 3D Vibes: Didjeridoo Music
4 Various [coll]: Vim & Vigour of Alv...
4 Various [coll]: (Soundtra (soundtrack)
4 Six Eye Columbia Frowny Frown
4 Quails, the We Are the Quails
4 Various [coll]: Sons of Winded Armies
4 Topaloglu, Birol Best of Hayamo & Aravani, the
4 Creekbird Fish Sticks
4 Ricky Skaggs & Ky. Thunder Live at the Charleston Music..
4 Zeigenbock Kopf I.D.M
4 Climax Golden Twins Lovely
4 Frith, Fred Prints
4 Mirror Solaris
4 Kills, the Black Rooster
4 Dean Martin Golden Greats
4 Thunders, Johnny Que Sera, Sera
4 Calexico Feast of Wire
3 Trumans Water Singles 1992-1997
3 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Latin J
3 Prozack Turner Restaurant Quality Lemonade
3 Vlatkovich, Michael Parlor Games
3 Various [coll]: Killed By Finnish Hard
3 Various [coll]: Wild in t (soundtrack)
3 N.O.I.A. Unreleased Classics '78-'82
3 Various [coll]: Downbeat the Ruler:Bes
3 Trad Gras Och Stenar Djungelns Lag
3 Dj Spooky Dubtometry
3 Grace Period, the Mod Killer
3 Shell Gimme Shell
3 Chinatown (Sdtk) (soundtrack) Chinatown
3 Johnny Paycheck Soul and the Edge, the
3 Cash, Johnny Johnny C. Is/Boom Chicka Boom
3 Legendary Shack Shakers Cockadoodledon't
3 Antipop Consortium Antipop Vs Matthew Shipp
3 Zorn, John Masada Guitars
3 Tone Alhambra
3 Adult Anxiety Always
3 K2 In the Monotonous Flowers
3 Mr. Dibbs 30TH Song, the
3 Prefuse 73 One Word Extinguisher
3 Townes Van Zandt In the Beginning
3 Knievel, Evel Evel Speaks to the Kids
3 MX-80 Sound Live at the Library
3 Gotan Project La Revancha Del Tango
3 Bukowski, Charles Bukowski: L.A. 1980
3 Tigersmilk Tigersmilk
3 Bendian's Interzone, Gregg Myriad
3 Ali, Mehar and Sher Ali Qawwali Jam: Islamic Gospel
3 Dj Quest Mutation Mann
3 Various [coll]: Trojan Dub Box Set V2
3 Octopus Project, the Identification Parade
3 Carney, Ralph This Is!
3 Nelson, Willie Essential Willie Nelson, the
3 Sharrock, Sonny Monkey Pockie Boo
3 Warmdesk Guero Variations
3 Shinjuku Thief Witch Haven, the
3 Various [coll]: Making Singles ...
3 Junghans, Steffen Basho Rivers and Bridges
3 Douglas, Dave Freak in
3 Fifty Tons of Black Terror Unt
3 Rolo Tomase Plan B
3 Trad Gras Och Stenar Mors Mors
3 Ape Has Killed Ape Mattricide
3 Dirty Three She Has no Strings Apollo
3 King Tubby and Prince Jammy Dub Gone 2 Crazy
3 This Heat Live Krefeld 1980
2 Dopestyle 1231 Size Double D
2 Grassy Knoll, the Short Stories
2 Davis, Reverend Gary If I Had My Way
2 Planet/Point Line Plane, the Point Line Planet Ep, the
2 All Scars Lunar Magus
2 Various [coll]: Ten Hail Marys
2 Album Leaf/On!Air!Library! A Lifetime or More
2 Dub Syndicate Murder Tone
2 Various [coll]: Playtime
2 Black Eyes S/T
2 Guilty Connector First Noise Attack
2 Ueh S/T
2 Check Engine S/T
2 Peter Rowan & Don Edwards High Lonesome Cowboy
2 Billy Joe Shaver Freedom's Child
2 Mushroom W/ Gary Floyd Mad Dogs & San Franciscans
2 Various [coll]: Scratch Attack VOL.3
2 Sonna Smile and the World Smiles..
2 Klip Trio Herman Sunny Blount
2 Public Nuisance Gotta Survive
2 Jaylib Red, the
2 Lucinda Williams World Without Tears
2 Gossip, the Movement
2 Hella Bitches Ain't Shit...
2 Florida Girl on the Escalator, the
2 Various [coll]: Dropdead/Totalitar
2 Bottles and Skulls Born in a Black Light
2 Atlantics, the Next Generation, the
2 Epoxies S/T
2 Various [coll]: Floralia, Vol. 4
2 Carter, Daniel & Radding, Reub Luminescence
2 Life Without Buildings Any Other City
2 Motorama No Bass Fidelity
2 Various [coll]: Who Bombed Judi Bari?
2 Various [coll]: Kid 606/TECH Level 2
2 People Like Us Stifled Love
2 Polyphonic Spree, the Beginning Stages Of...
2 Ka-Spel, Edward Lilith and the Rose
2 Overhang Party (Untitled)
2 Various [coll]: Thee Plague of Gentlem
2 Wolf Eyes Mugger
2 Hubbard, Ray Wylie Growl
2 Holcomb, Roscoe An Untamed Sense of Control
2 Neuhaus, Max Fontana Mix-Feed
2 Sunburned Hand of the Man, the Jaybird
2 Freeform Human
2 Various [coll]: Dabke
2 Monroe, Bill Rca Country Legends
2 Various [coll]: Ju-Jikan: Ten Hours of
2 Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow
2 Flatt, Lester R.C.A. Country Legends
2 Filthmilk Mutually Assured Destruction
2 P.A.L Play at 2:00 Am
2 Porter & Willie Unplugged
2 From Ashes Rise ______________________________
2 Tsahar, Asif & Zoanthropic Orc Embracing the Void
2 Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds Nocturama
2 Listing Ship Dance Class Revolution
2 Montefiori Cocktail Raccolta no 2
2 Sun Ra Arkestra Mayan Temples
1 New Pornographers Electric Version
1 Various [coll]: Funky Music Is the Way
1 Various [coll]: Bloodstains Across U.K
1 Dj JS-1 & Dub L License 2 Ill
1 Various [coll]: Frz/Blue Baboon/ Eec
1 Todd Snider Near Truths & Hotel Rooms
1 Head Hits Concrete Hope Fear and Terror of Dreams
1 Various [coll]: Jesuschrist Surferstar
1 Speedball Jr. Whiplash
1 Billy D Heart, Don't Fail Me Now
1 Subotnick, Morton Sidewinder
1 Subotnick, Morton Silver Apples of the Moon
1 Various [coll]: Senza Tregua
1 Dead Meadow Howls From the Hills
1 Various [coll]: Tomorrow Will Be Worse
1 Painted Faces S/T
1 Various [coll]: Klicks
1 Petty Booka Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian
1 Conrad, Tony Fantastic Glissando
1 Bootsy S/T
1 Left Rights, the S/T
1 Guy, Buddy Blues Singer
1 Dalaba Frith Glick Reiman Kihl Dalabafrithglickreimankihlsted
1 Chase (Sdtk) (soundtrack) Chase
1 Mausim ______________________________
1 Reed, Lou Raven, the
1 Mcpherson, Donald Bramble
1 Baptism Beherial Midnight, the
1 Smith, Steven R Kohl
1 Akrobatik Remind My Soul
1 Impressions, the Times Have Changed
1 Mendoza Line, the If They Knew this Was the End
1 Kills, the Fuck the People
1 Kosmonaut Desert Song
1 Cubby Creatures Three Sides of Cubby
1 Robochanman Remote Control Militia
1 Yonkers, Michael Band Microminiature Love
1 Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Make Love, and War: the Wedloc
1 Chromatics Chrome Ratz Vs Basement Rutz
1 Gotan Project Santa Maria (Remixes)
1 Oneness of Juju African Rhythms
1 Oakland Interfaith Gospel Chor Great Day
1 Ascione, Patrick Primitive....
1 Majesticons, the Beauty Party
1 Lupine Howl Bar at the End of the World
1 Haazz & Company Unlawful Noise
1 Marduk World Funeral
1 Smog Supper
1 Scene Creamers I Suck on that Emotion
1 Various [coll]: Before the Revolution
1 Impossible Shapes, the Current, the
1 Stoltz, Kelley Antique Glow
1 Roerhedds Breeds
1 Black Renaissance Body, Mind and Spirit
1 Ja-Man All Stars In the Dub Zone
1 Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ens. Conspiracy Nation
1 Brother Ali Room with a View
1 Free Moral Agents Lay Down
1 Under the Influence Rob Swift
1 Various [coll]: Black Market Fetus/Bod
1 Hypnotic Iv High Octane California Surf
1 Hypnotiv Iv, the Go Baby Go
1 Swiv-O-Matics, the Charm City Surfer
1 Tom Russell Modern Art
1 Omid Distant Drummer
1 Nmperign + Dorner, Beins ______________________________
1 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Indagine Su Un Cittadino Al Di
1 Tolkien Ensemble, (soundtrack) At Dawn in Rivendell
1 Magas Friends Forever
1 Godstomper Emo Attitude Sucks
1 Malade De Souci Mmmm-Bbaa
1 Franciscan Hobbies Caterpillars of the Oak Beauty
1 Repeat ______________________________
1 Soledad Brothers Steal Your Soul and Dare Your
1 One Am Radio, the Hum of the Electric Air!, the
1 Ikagen S/T
1 Guru Guru Essen 1970
1 Hint Hint [Sex Is Everything]
1 Rogers Sisters, the Purely Evil
1 Blueprint for Disaster ______________________________
1 Various [coll]: Terrorism/Embal
1 Various [coll]: Rep Seki/Usurp Synapse
1 Stitches, the Four More Songs From...
1 Hafler Trio, the La Chanson Dada
1 Apes, the Street Warz
1 Spectre Psychic Wars
1 Musica Transonic Hard Rock Transonic
1 Hookers, the ______________________________
1 Bonnie Prince Billy Master and Everyone
1 Grand Ulena Gateway to Dignity
1 Hecate Vs. Lustmord Law of the Battle of Conquest
1 Technology Scum [Coll]: Digital Hardcore Recor
1 Boom Bip Seed to Sun
1 Various [coll]: To Spirit Back the Mew
1 Legendar Stardust Cowboy, the Tokyo
1 Tommy Hancock & Supernatura Lost in North Austin
1 Various [coll]: A Gift From a Garden
1 Nilovic Janko (soundtrack) Impressions Vol 2
1 Karminsky Experience Inc. Power of Suggestion, the
1 Boyscouts of Annihilation Self-Titled
1 Crack We Are Rock Live! in Africa
1 Fall, the Telephone Thing
1 Ikara Colt Chat and Business

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